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Behind Alber Elbaz’s Return to Fashion | Tim’s Take, Opinion | Instant News

Five years ago, Alber Elbaz was so far from being in love with fashion that “What’s next?” burden him. An industry executive heard he was planning a move to electronics. Elbaz burst out laughing at the thought. “I have no technology sensitivity,” he zooms in at me. “And I don’t even have a driver’s license so I can’t be a taxi driver.” Even a minus that choice, what else could he do but face the fact that he needed to find himself again in the only business he knew about?

Boredom was Alber’s best friend on the return journey. It made him think, took him to a new place. He admits that he is working on nearly 50 different ideas, but potential investors always ask about business plans. The only person who didn’t ask was Johann Rupert, the head of luxury conglomerate Richemont. After three hours of conversation, he gave Elbaz the green light about his biggest and brightest idea. The world can see what happens on Tuesday night with the virtual premiere of “The Fashion Show”, a doctorate celebrating the revival of Alber’s love affair with fashion under the label AZ Factory. A handmade invitation arrives home with a bag of spirulina popcorn. I settled down.

AZ Factory Spring / Summer 2021 at Paris Couture Week. AZ factory.

AZ The first and last letters of the name. Is it A-Zed or A-Zee? He suggested AZ. And “Factory” because, “No. me, that we. I like factory, simplicity, honesty. I love that they bring sandwiches from home. I like the engine sound. “There are 20 workers and 10 interns at the AZ Factory.” There is no ego, we are in as a start-up, “said Elbaz.” We all have to quarantine. I’ve never even met them without a mask. ” beside his sense of release. “I don’t want it to be around 400 SKUs, 600 SKUs. I can’t do that anymore. We will tell one story at a time. The idea is to start with something a little simpler. Which is difficult for me because I like so many things. But here I have to be a creator and a curator. “

The AZ factory was created as a solution to some pressing fashion problems. Is it necessary? Is that relevant? “And is that at a turning point,” Elbaz asked himself, “or is it just my question?” He didn’t want to go back to his own past, but when he saw couture’s, he was surprised by how designers always wore white coats, like doctors or scientists. “That’s the reason why I allowed myself to perform during couture week. I’m not showing dresses in 50 meters of fabric – it’s more like 1.5 meters – but couture stands for laboratory experimentation and individuality. Which is also the launch pad for Factory AZ.

A trip to Palo Alto prompts more questions and Eureka! moment. “Can technology and fashion coexist? Can emotions and intuition live with a world of data and algorithms? Can designers and CEOs live in peace, or is it war? The best success comes when the two are together, yin and yang. “

The first story Elbaz chooses to tell with AZ Factory is the right foundation: “I wanted to engineer something anatomical, a new knit dress that could shape your silhouette.” In the end, there are 10 dresses, made from a new type of jersey: smart fabrics with 13 different elasticities in different parts of the body, hugging where they need to be, releasing where they shouldn’t. Also, ergonomic arms; perforation so that the cloth breathes; the girdle bones are moved from front to back for support. And a collar like a necklace for a zipper that extends all the way to the spine, so that a woman can stand on her own. There’s a large bow option to mount on the back, for some couture pizzazz. That’s the package that will launch Factory AZ in e-commerce. In the following weeks, it will be colored with red (for Valentine’s Day) and rainbows (“Selfie friendly,” said Elbaz).

AZ Factory Spring / Summer 2021 at Paris Couture Week.  AZ factory.

AZ Factory Spring / Summer 2021 at Paris Couture Week. AZ factory.

The second story is the real kicker: three skirts, two tops, two jackets, one jogging suit. It’s been a year to wear comfortable, comfortable clothes. “Everyone wants clothes for stretching and jogging, but how can you go from casual clothes to more fabulous clothes?” Elbaz mused. Answer: You can stick with sneakers and jog, wear a satin duchesse (recycled yarn) skirt and you’ll be New Balance to Balenciaga in no time. Her marriage between athletics and couture is bold but irresistible. Double-breasted tuxedo jacket in duchesse black, satin balloon skirt, that doesn’t match enchant along with sportswear. Not to mention the sneakers that Elbaz shows with everything, pointy, pump-like, because he keeps hearing that women miss the way pointy toes lengthen the leg. She calls them “Sneaky pumps”, and “The Show Fashion” does a great job of promoting their versatility.

He also worked with graphic artists (including cult London ceramics expert John Booth) on pajama set designs. “I wear it a lot, lose hugs more than anything, so one print is all about cuddling. I miss kissing, so we made a cloth talking about kissing. You can wear it with a tuxedo at home. There are prints of all the dancing women. Pull the large ball of fuchsia duchesse over it. I sketch a love story [I’m thinking it’s Jean Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina in Jean Luc Godard’s Une Femme est une Femme but I could be wrong]. You can wear it with a duchesse skirt or pants. AZ Lazy, you wear it at home, AZ Crazy, you go out. “

The third story challenge is to take the microfiber nylon used in active wear and turn it into high-end fashion fabric. Elbaz takes the fiber from a laboratory in Spain that produces it to a startup in Amsterdam that is given a new dimension of luxury. If the mock-doc of “The Show Fashion” is a bit over the top and curvy at times, her visit to the fabric factory is mesmerizing, if only to underline that Elbaz is doing something that feels quite unique, not in a pretty way, but in a spirit of research-based pragmatism. leading to a post-Covid future.

And consider this: all sizes XS to XXXL, and prices between € 230 and € 1200. “I like fashion ideas that suit everyone,” says Elbaz. “More than beautiful, goals are important to me.” Yes, the goal is persuasive but it is the beauty (and cheeks) of AZ Factory that is seductive. The turning point indeed.

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Alessandro Dell’Acqua x Elena Mirò Capsules Bow in February – WWD | Instant News

MILAN Marking a new path for the brand, Elena Mirò asked Alessandro Dell’Acqua to design a capsule collection for the fall of 2021, which will be unveiled in Milan Mode Sunday next month.

Under the Italian Miroglio Mode umbrella, Elena Mirò is intended for women who do not always fit the size of a model and Dell’Acqua enjoys the opportunity to design for real customers. “I created the capsule with beautiful women in mind who wanted beautiful clothes, not size,” says Dell’Acqua. “I was very happy with the results, very interesting for me and I found a very good group of tailors to work with, everything came out exactly the way I wanted.”

He admitted that he was surprised when the Italian fashion group contacted him, because the designer did not expect his clothes to match this style Elena Mirò team. However, changing gears is the company’s goal.

“We are developing a brand, which over the past few years has moved away from fashion, and we are working to revitalize its image with high-end initiatives and additional collaborations,” said brand director Fabio Assecondi. “Elena Mirò is never over the top, it’s casual chic and timeless yet contemporary and I couldn’t think of a designer better suited to starting her new program,” she said of Dell’Acqua.

Assecondi was very interested in “Dell’Acqua’s interpretation of femininity, a great love for knitwear, which is not easy to find in a designer, and he is Italian. It’s also an important element, a solid starting point, and we share a common culture. The design comes from the heart. “

Director of the brand Elena Mirò Fabio Assecondi.
courtesy image

“I’ve always started with a confident beauty concept, with the aim of conveying a precise identity that features a strong personality,” offers Dell’Acqua. “Femininity and seduction are core elements of my personal interpretation of ready-to-wear.”

Named Alessandro Dell’Acqua x Elena Mirò, the capsule will consist of 40 and 45 pieces of clothing and will be distributed online, at Elena Mirò stores and on her grocery account, which includes El Corte Inglés, for example. The company counts 100 stores in Italy and 10 in France and Russia.

“It will be a brand jewel in the crown, with only the best fabrics to represent the best labels,” said Assecondi, noting that prices were still adjusted.

Dell’Acqua declined to provide details about the collection at this time.

The designer started his career in 1995 with a knitwear line called AA Milano, which later turned into his signature line. After losing the use of the name and creative control of his brand in 2009, he returned the following year with the N21, a premium contemporary product named after his December 21 birthday.

He also designs for Pearl, Borbonese, Malo, Brioni and Les Copains, and in 2018 created one-time capsule collection for Tod’s.

He was before Rock‘women’s clothing creative director. During her six years in office, she renewed her couture legacy with a distinctive blend of glamorous jewelery and graphic tailoring, showing her final collection in February 2020.

Asked for comment on the industry’s increasing focus on inclusiveness and diversity, Dell’Acqua, a longtime film fan and inspired by big Italian actresses such as Monica Vitti and Silvana Mangano, said that working with Elena Mirò “was like being on a set, with real, beautiful women. I really enjoyed it.” He said he would look to the next size in the N21 “and have more freedom.”

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LVMH shares rose after the fashion group reported solid fourth quarter results | Instant News


Apple Expected To Join A $ 100 Billion Revenue Club When The Earnings Are Released

Did someone say $ 100 billion? And then some? Wall Street analysts do. A consensus sees Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) as joining the crowd of cleared companies that hit the $ 100 billion quarterly revenue figure when it opened the books on Wednesday in fiscal Q1. That’s an AAPL record, of course, and may have been helped by holiday sales of its new iPhone 12. But it is one of a series of new peaks AAPL has reached in a year – which the company admits is rocked by adversity on many fronts. . Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said the strong results in the last quarter report were driven by “our unrivaled customer loyalty”. That may or may not be true, but when AAPL reports earnings, investors will also listen to how well AAPL is playing the market share game. The work from home trend, fueled by the pandemic, looks like it might be a game changer for AAPL, according to Morningstar analysts who believe it is supporting sales of iPads, desktops and laptops. All of that could be overshadowed in fiscal Q1 by the holiday sales of the iPhone 12, which it’s probably safe to say will get its fair share of attention on Wednesday afternoon after the closing bell. AAPL has always been a draw for attention when revenue season rolls around, and now, with a market cap of $ 2.34 trillion and hitting new highs, it looks like AAPL is sure to take its place under the limelight even when it’s up against a number of other high profile tech stock earnings yields. this week. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) reported the same afternoon. Wall Street Numbers analysts expect AAPL’s revenue to jump 12% year-on-year to an estimated $ 103 billion, according to FactSet. But some companies, like Loup Ventures, are looking for a stronger figure: up 19% to $ 109.5 billion. From an income perspective, Street has reached a consensus of $ 1.41 per share. Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) is also forecasting on the high consensus side, eyeing revenues of $ 108.2 billion and earnings per share of $ 1.50. “Our recent talks show investors expect Apple to release solid, but not great, December quarter results,” Morgan Stanley analysts wrote in their recent report. “We disagree and believe that Apple is likely to report its all-time record quarterly earnings and earnings. “In our view, the iPhone 12 has been Apple’s most successful product launch in the last five years,” they said. More on that later. However you look at it, the numbers look strong. The AAPL Innovation Engine stopped providing guidance last year – like many other companies unsure of the consequences of COVID-19 on their sales. In March, no one knew what the ricocheting effect of the pandemic would have or how long it would last. We still don’t know all that yet, but we’ve found that city and state mandated quarantines and an overall fear of being in public are helping to accelerate many of the already rising trends. Digital transformation is accelerating, and it looks like AAPL is in the right position for that. While the iPhone 12 might get the most of the attention Wednesday, think back to the last quarter when CEO Tim Cook set an all-time record for Mac and Services. While he doesn’t offer guidance for this past quarter per se, he does suggest double-digit gains across all product categories except for the iPhone 12, which he thinks will hit single-digit gains. FIGURE 1: INDEX OF APPLE LEAVES IN DUST. Over the past year, Apple shares (AAPL – candlestick) easily surpassed the Nasdaq-100 Index (NDX – purple line). Apple shares are rising rapidly in 2021, with investors appearing enthusiastic about the outlook for tomorrow’s Q1 earnings. Data source: Nasdaq. Chart source: TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim® platform. For illustration purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Mighty 5G iPhone Launch Despite all the excited talk about fiscal Q4 earnings, weaker-than-expected iPhone sales offset the excitement and pulled stocks down nearly 6% in the first few days following the release of October earnings. They have recovered. AAPL reported iPhone sales of $ 26.4 billion in fiscal Q4, below the $ 27.73 billion expected by Street. Much of that shortfall is attributed to AAPL’s decision to push the iPhone 12 launch into this latest quarter, a move that many believe may have caused consumers to wait for an upgrade before they buy. Back then, some analysts said the move to 5G could be a draw for the iPhone 12 with sales promotions and subscription service bundles. That, combined with the important holiday shopping season that is about to start, could lead to a swift start for new phones. We’ll see now if they are right. Analysts are mostly bullish on their iPhone sales expectations, with some saying the delay may have driven iPhone sales by about $ 4 billion through the December quarter of the Q3 fiscal quarter. The Street Consensus last hit $ 59.58 billion, up more than 6% on a year-over-year basis. But according to Loup Ventures it is conservative. It’s looking for sales to jump 16% on a year-over-year basis to $ 64.9 billion, jumping to 59% of total sales compared to the typical 50% iPhone sales. It’s unclear if that will actually be the case, but if it will reverse the trend in recent years towards iPhones that fall short of AAPL’s total revenue. The company has emphasized growth in services. Remember, we are only two years away from January 2019 when Cook sent a letter to AAPL investors warning about the shortfall in fiscal Q1 revenue due in part to weak iPhone sales in China. How things change. AAPL’s Earnings and Options Activities AAPL is expected to report adjusted EPS of $ 1.41, up from $ 1.25 in the prior year quarter, according to third-party consensus analyst forecasts. Revenue is projected at $ 103.01 billion, up 16.4% from a year ago. The options market has forecast an expected 6.2% share price movement in either direction around the earnings release, according to the Market Maker Move ™ indicator on the thinkorswim® platform. Looking at option expiration January 29, the put has been active on strikes 125 and 135. But it has been dwarfed by upward activity, heavy call volume at 145 and 150 strikes. The implied volatility was at the 34th percentile on Tuesday morning. Note: Call options represent a right, but not an obligation, to buy the underlying security at a predetermined price over a specified period of time. A put option represents a right, but not an obligation, to sell the underlying security at a predetermined price over a specified period of time. Home Work and Its Appliances The work and study from home phenomenon helped drive Mac and iPad sales last year, and analysts widely expect the trend to continue into the first fiscal quarter. A number of bells and whistles were added to the new iPads and iPad Airs, and new computers with the AAPL custom M1 chip that replaced the Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) chip also entered the market. AAPL is also reportedly working on a new iPad Pro which is expected to be released in mid-March. There is also talk on Wall Street that AAPL may have patented a new version of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. In light of Cook’s comments about “the most productive product introduction period”, analysts are widely looking forward to hearing about another new product to be launched. The MacBook Air update is one of those possible developments. AAPL is working on a thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air, Bloomberg reported late last week, citing “people with knowledge of the matter. Analysts said they wanted to know if a release planned for the second half of this year went according to plan. Analysts at Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co. expects AAPL to explain some of its new products and services, including how sales will reach $ 549 AirPods Max over-the-ear headphones and an Apple Fitness + subscription, plus a way to combine services together for a discount. “In our view, Apple’s portfolio is better positioned than ever ahead of the recent holiday season, while product and service updates position Apple’s Planet well in 2021,” the team wrote. And Many More Among the many reasons why AAPL’s revenue is a magnet beyond the product. Other factors that underline the company’s progress range from privacy concerns to app developer fees to government intervention and the economy as a whole. AAPL has done a lot to address many of these problems, but every quarter it tends to introduce fresh crops. In November, for example, AAPL said it would cut commissions charged to small developers who sell software through the App Store in half and generate sales of under $ 1 million. AAPL’s original 30% takeover has long sparked complaints from developers, users and governments over its dominance in the digital world. A cut to 15% calms some but not all stakeholders and analysts hope the company will discuss how the cut took place in the early weeks. Another question leading to revenue is AAPL’s cash position. Total cash assets totaled approximately $ 192 billion at the end of the company’s fiscal 4 quarter, with approximately $ 112 billion in debt and slightly more than $ 79 billion in cash. AAPL returned nearly $ 22 billion to shareholders in the form of buybacks and dividends. Investors can expect to continue to see more of that in the future, according to Loup Ventures, which estimates an additional $ 73 billion will be returned in the coming years. TD Ameritrade® comments are for educational purposes only. SIPC members. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Please read the Standard Option Characteristics and Risks. Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash See more from Benzinga Click here to trade options from BenzingaBoeing Ahead’s Earnings: Aiming for Workforce Cuts, Aerospace Spending, and the New 737 MAXEarnings “Not Grounded” Continues With Johnson & Johnson, 3M Early, Followed By Microsoft Later © 2021 Benzinga .com. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

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‘What looks good and why? Many aspects of great fashion ‘ | Instant News

Funny isn’t it, the way some people have natural skills when it comes to fashion and color, while others don’t? And that has nothing, or very little, to do with beauty. It’s very difficult to determine what makes everything work for some and not for others, but I imagine good fashion designing skills have a lot to do with that.

Of course, the demands of the fashion industry have a big role to play. They need to popularize the “trend of the year” in order to stay in business, and the designer who comes up with the best ideas makes the most money.

You only have to look back to British designer Mary Quant in the 1960s to see how an excellent design idea doesn’t have to be expensive to succeed. In her case, it was nothing more than cutting 15cm off the length of the skirt and calling it a “mini”, and there were millions of her firsts! He’s also fortunate that he produced his designs immediately after World War Two, when all the young things he designed tended to be lean (largely due to recent rationing restrictions). The Mini requires long, slender legs to succeed, and a life of comparative greed that we all suffer from now is still a few years into the future. Miniskirts, coupled with the famous ‘page-boy’ hairstyle, were just a necessary luxury at the time, and she made the most of it.

Thinking about it, I guess people who are taller, slimmer, both sexes, have a better chance of looking good in clothes, although I really don’t know why that should be. Maybe for the subconscious mind, higher means healthier or some other prehistoric message! Of course, shorter people have a much harder time trying to achieve that secret ‘oomph,’ and they often seem to rely more on personality to create some sort of impression with their peers. Have you ever noticed how many famous actors are often short when you see them ‘in person’?


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Reddit Effect Coming to Fashion Stocks | BoF Professional, News & Analysis | Instant News

The Reddit stock frenzy started with GameStop, but it comes to fashion.

Residents of the site’s WallStreetBets forum were behind a campaign that helped boost shares of a struggling video game retailer nearly 650 percent higher in the past two weeks. Their plan is simple: small investors pile up into unloved stocks, causing billions of dollars in paper losses to hedge funds and other large investors who bet their value will sink lower.

The short sellers haven’t canceled their bets on GameStop so far. But Wall Street analysts predict that Redditors will try the tactic at a number of other struggling retailers. Express, a flagship mall, has seen its share price more than double this week. J.Jill and Chico’s were also mature targets, analysts said.

The rewards for Reddit’s crew remain elusive: in theory, short sellers would have to buy stock to get out of their money-losing positions. So far, only a few have done so, no doubt betting they could outlive their attackers. Some of the new shareholders in GameStop, Express, and other very short stocks said they had genuine confidence in the future of physical retail, or that these companies could undertake a digital transformation that revived sales.

We’ve never seen anything like this before.

For a fashion brand caught in chaos, fluctuations in stock prices will have little impact on operations. But in many ways, the dynamics of small investors facing market giants – and perhaps winning – is uncharted territory.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Jen Redding, retail analyst at Wedbush Securities. “It’s historic because you’ve never had a retail investment platform that could move shares like that so big.”

Express shares surged after Will Meade’s Twitter personality drew parallels between the clothing chain and GameStop. He speculates that Express could make a turnaround for e-commerce and cites a recent cash injection of $ 140 million from Sycamore Partners and Wells Fargo. Express shares jumped from $ 1.79 late last week to $ 4.44 on Monday – the highest stock value since the start of the pandemic – before giving up part of the gain to finish Tuesday at $ 3.04.

Express did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

For brands, a spike in stock prices does not artificially affect the health of the business, nor is it an accurate reflection of its market value. But institutional investors should pay attention to what is happening through Reddit and other social media platforms because their shares can be changed significantly when thousands of ordinary people decide to band together, said Redding. Corporations must also be transparent in explaining to shareholders why their shares see sudden movements.

The trend of amateur investors setting stock stamps on social media is likely to persist as GameStop continues to surge, said B. Riley FBR analyst Susan Anderson.

“Until these people are burned, they will continue with this tactic,” he said. He said certain fashion retailers are attracting attention from Reddit because they have a low market cap, and therefore require less money to get on the exchange to increase their value. J. Jill, which avoided bankruptcy in September after agreeing to restructure its debt, is worth $ 40 million, for example.

One WallStreetBets user told the BoF that they are betting that physical chains can increase digital sales and that one day the market will value them like e-commerce stocks.

That’s an optimistic scenario to say generously, analysts say. Express, for one, is “the money pouring out” as the pandemic reduces the demand for work clothes, Redding said in a recent research note.

“Some of these companies don’t even target [e-commerce] at that level, “he said. In the end, this is a speculative thesis.

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