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Merchants are assured of fast processing of refund claims | Instant News

KARACHI – President Commissioner, Federal Revenue Council (FBR), Corporate Tax Office, Karachi Dr Aftab Imam on Saturday assured exporters that FBR takes exporters’ tax issues seriously and believes in their swift return of money; which is actually an exporter’s investment.

The timely return of the funds will allow the export industry to further investment which will ultimately bring foreign exchange into the country and will also generate revenue for the country, he said during his visit to the PHMA House, said the PHMA release.

He said the FAST-plus system processes refunds within 42 to 72 hours, while the refund process has been improved with quick refunds in general.

However, the case of certain exporters and all the pending exporter issues at the end of the Corporate Tax Office, Karachi will be resolved on a priority basis.

Muhammad Jawed Bilwani, Chief Coordinator and former chairman of the center, Association of Hosiery Manufacturers and Exporters of Pakistan caught the attention of the Chief Commissioner of CTO-Karachi regarding the hot issue of exporters related to Sales Tax Refunds, Audits, Income Tax Refunds and Audits, Zero Value Certificates for tariff reduction electricity and gas and other problems.

He emphasized that after various consultation sessions and feedback from exporters over the past 16 months, the FAST return system has been improved and also changed to FASTER. This system is highly applicable because it efficiently processes refunds electronically up to 80 percent without human involvement.

The remaining 20 percent may have some filing problems which after resolution also have to be processed quickly.

He is of the view that due to the quick return of money, an increasing trend of textile exports can be witnessed.

He said several members had informed that there were still numbers that were missed and suspended in the FAST system which should be checked and fixed.

He proposed that the amount lost should be reflected in the MIS for Sales Tax Refunds.


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New Evidence Shows Not Only Americans Are Getting Colder | Instant News

Something seems to change the temperature of the human body in general, and it may be related to our modern lifestyle.

For years, it looks like people in the United States and the UK it is getting colder, with body temperatures dropping from the generally accepted 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius average.

New research on the Tsimane, a relatively remote indigenous tribe in Bolivia, shows that this trend is not accidental, nor is it simply a product of high-income living. In contrast, the disease occurs even in rural and tropical areas, where health care is minimal and infections are widespread.

When anthropologists first started working with Tsimane in 2002, the average body temperature among adults was an average of 37 ° C – exactly what it was measured in Europe two centuries ago.

In just sixteen years, that measurement fell to 36.5 C (36.53 for women and 36.57 for men), a rapid drop of 0.03 C each year.

“In less than two decades we are seeing the same rate of decline observed in the US for about two centuries,” the word anthropologist Michael Gurven of the University of California Santa Barbara.

The results come with a relatively high level of confidence. The analysis is based on a large sample of 5,500 adults and about 18,000 long-term observations, taking into account many other factors that may influence a person’s body temperature.

No matter how the researchers sliced ​​the results – even when they analyzed only truly healthy adults – the decline was still there.

Despite coming from a low-income population, these findings are largely consistent with recent US studies was found “People in high-income countries today have an average body temperature of 1.6 percent lower [36.4°C] than in the pre-industrial era. “

But the study among Americans was only in one population, and can’t explain why the decline occurred.

The anthropologists working with Tsimane were able to dig into even more detail. Researchers had access to the clinical diagnosis and biological markers of infection and inflammation for each patient in the study, meaning they could test for many different factors.

One of the main current hypotheses is that better hygiene, clean water and better access to medicines have reduced the number of infections that humans experience and thus lower their temperature.

While some of the infections among Tsimane were associated with higher body temperatures, the reduction in infections alone was not enough to explain the sharp drop.

“The decline may be due to improved modern health care and lower rates of mild infections that still exist today than in the past,” the word Gurven.

“But while general health has improved over the last two decades, infections are still widespread in rural Bolivia.”

In the end, the team couldn’t find a single explanation or “magic bullet” to explain the rapid drop in body temperature, and they said it was likely a combination of factors.

It may be that people are more conditioned today, and our bodies don’t have to fight as hard as they can to ward off infection. It may also have to do with greater access to antibiotics, vaccinations, or other medical care.

For more developed communities, it can even be attributed to modern luxuries, such as air conditioning or heating, which make it easier for our bodies to maintain internal temperature.

“While Tsimane’s body temperature changes with time and weather patterns, Tsimane still doesn’t use advanced technology to help regulate their body temperature,” admit Thomas Kraft, who studied ethnography at UCSB.

“However, they have more access to clothes and blankets.”

While clear cultural changes in how we heat and cool down can affect our average temperature, there is no doubt that much else is happening. We need more research on different populations around the world to find out exactly what is happening to our temperatures and why.

This study is published in Advances in Science.


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The Marshall Islands are gearing up to make waves in digital currency | Instant News

Peter Dittus, Sov Foundation

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean are the Marshall Islands – a small archipelago with a population of about 75,000 people. In 2018, his government passed a law that placed the Marshall Islands on the crypto asset map. The introduction of the Sovereign Currency Act allows the creation and issuance of a sovereign (sov) – a new blockchain-based unit of account that will be supported by the finance ministry.

Sov will be a specially created government-issued digital currency

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FOOD at a Glance: 10/03/2020 | Food | Instant News

Shopping event

GLEN ARBOR – Glen Lake Chamber to host SHOP this fall. People are encouraged to shop at businesses and eat at local restaurants. Collect receipts dated October 1-31 showing a minimum spend of $ 350. Bring the event envelope to the Pondok Bookstore or send the room by November 5 to enter the raffle.

Food drive

TRAVERSE CITY – Father Fred Foundation’s Fall Food Drive takes place October 3-10. Volunteers receive cash and food donations at Tom’s Food Market in East Bay, West Bay, 14th Street and Interlochen and Oleson’s on Long Lake Road and Hammond Road. Deliver the October 3rd item at Floor Covering Broker or Team Bob until the end of the month. Elks Club hosts a drive-through collection October 10.

Pumpkin show

ELK RAPIDS – The Friends of Elk Rapids District Library hosts the “Biggest Little Pumpkin Giving” from 11am to 2pm. 3. Take a set of pumpkins and paint for the kids and enjoy the cider and donuts from King Orchards.

Take home dinner

TRAVERSE CITY – One hundred dinners available to take home from 3-4: 30pm October 4 at VFW on Veterans Drive. This week’s treat is ham and toothed potatoes with roasted pumpkin, homemade bread and dessert. It costs $ 9 each.

Grazing class

TRAVERSE CITY – MSU Extension offers Early Pastoral Schools from 7-8: 30 Tuesdays and Thursdays in October. This online series is designed for farmers and livestock owners who graze milk, beef and small animals. The cost is $ 10 per session, or $ 65 for the eighth. Register no later than October 5. Further information: 989-426-7741; [email protected].

Water webinars

CADILLAC – The MSU Extension and Michigan Ocean Grants offer free Michigan Water Schools: Essential Resources for Local Officials from 3-5 pm Thursdays from October 8 via Zoom. Topics include water quality, finance, planning and policy issues. Register online. Question: [email protected].

Apple Activity

ELLSWORTH – Friske’s Farm Market hosts its Apple Festival from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on October 9-10. Families can enjoy donuts and cider, live music, cart rides, apple catapults and other activities. Pancake breakfast and lunch menu are available. The market is open until 7pm

Fall Fest weekend

HARBOR SPRINGS – Pond Hill Farm hosts an annual Fall Fest weekend on Saturdays and Sundays until October 25th. Activities include wine and beer tasting, outdoor dining, markets and hiking trails. Tickets cost $ 10 and include admission for 2.5 hours. Time slots: 10 am to 12:30 pm, 1-3: 30 pm and 4-6: 30 pm The farm is open 11 am to 6 pm

Beer release

FRANKFORT – Stormcloud Brewing Company releases its seasonal Harvest Triple, a Belgian style beer with freshly harvested local hops. The 2020 variety is brewed with Michgian Saaz hops grown by the Michigan Hop Alliance in Omena.

Donate the food program

PETOSKEY – The Bay View Association Campus Club Volunteer recently raised $ 8,500 for the Manna Food Project. This nonprofit aims to feed people throughout northern Michigan. Meijer plans to match donations of 2 to 1.

Breast cancer support

ELK RAPIDS – Short’s Brewing Company is holding a fundraiser until November 30 for the national non-profit organization The Pink Fund, which supports breast cancer patients. The brewery plans to donate $ 1 from each Soft Parade sold at the Bellaire and Elk Rapids locations and distribution locations. This drink is available in pint sizes, six or 12 packs and 16 ounce cans. Customers can share a photo of their receipt on shortsbrewing.com/pinkfund.


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PM Imran Khan wished Trump, Melania a ‘quick recovery’ from the corona virus | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump at the White House during the Pakistani prime minister’s visit to the US last year. Photo: Files

ISLAMABAD: Hours after Donald Trump announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, Prime Minister Imran Khan wished US President Donald Trump and his wife a “speedy recovery”.

“I wish President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a speedy recovery from COVID-19,” tweeted PM Imran Khan hours after Trump announced his test results.

On Friday morning, President Donald Trump said that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus and would be quarantined immediately.

“We will immediately begin the quarantine and recovery process. We are going through this TOGETHER!” tweets of the US president after getting his test results.

Trump is the latest world leader to contract the virus. British Prime Minister Boris Jonhson was the first major leader to be diagnosed with COVID-19 in March.

The US president was tested for the virus after one of his close advisers tested positive for COVID-19.

Hope Hicks, the president’s top adviser who has traveled with him on Air Force One several times this week, has contracted the virus, according to US media reports.

The president, who is tested regularly for COVID-19, has maintained a tight travel schedule across the country in recent weeks, holding demonstrations with thousands of people ahead of the November 3 election, despite warnings from public health professionals to oppose. have events with a lot of people.

Hicks’s positive test raises the possibility that others in Trump’s immediate circle and at the highest levels of the US government may have been exposed and should be quarantined as well.


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