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Start with this week with a little rain in the forecast | Instant News

The week starts in a beautiful tone with temperatures rising to the 60s under a mostly sunny sky. Tuesday starts the same way, but some rain may fall during the day and enter Wednesday.

The next round of bathing may take place on Thursday before cold air enters on Friday.

The sky will stay clear throughout Monday night as high pressure crosses the region. Overnight temperatures will drop to the upper 40s.

Tuesday will start with lots of sun and the temperature will rise until the mid 60’s. The cloud moves in the latter part of the day as the system moves quickly approaching from the midwest.

Some showers may take place Tuesday night and may linger until Wednesday morning. The east wind will develop, guarding the clouds during the day. Maybe there are some sun breaks in the afternoon and that can help raise the temperature to below the 60’s.

Other cold fronts will move on Thursday, giving a chance for a better shower. It will be a gloomy day along with temperatures that are expected to last until the 50s.

Behind the system, the sun will come out, but the wind will blow from the north on Friday. Windy conditions will make many areas in the 40s during the afternoon. For cities, estimate the altitude to be around 50 degrees.

For the Easter weekend, the temperature will begin to recover. It seems to stay dry with most of the sky mostly sunny. Highs will rise from the mid-50s on Saturdays to around 60 degrees for Sundays.


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