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India-made game FAU-G listed on the Apple App Store: details are here | Instant News

Fearless and play against the United States United Guard in India FAU-G Finally launched on Apple’s App Store. This new game is planned to compete with one of the most popular royal battle games of PUBG Mobile in India. The Android version of the game was available in the first week of February.

The new action game has been listed on the Apple App Store and the download size is 643MB. In order to play the game, players must be on iOS 10.0 or higher or iPadOS 10.0 or higher. Similar to the Google Play Store listing, the game has been listed as a free game.

The app is listed in the store and can be downloaded for free. However, the game will include in-app purchases.In the game, players can spend money 89 buy 30 coins or 899 represents 1200 coins.

In three days, the Android version of the game successfully achieved more than 5 million downloads on the app store. However, the game still only lists more than 5 million downloads, and has received a 5-star rating of 3.2 stars.

PUBG Mobile also plans to make a comeback in India because the company revealed its new strategy and investment plan in India. PUBG Mobile will get a special version made for India. The game will have some stricter time limits and gameplay changes to make it more suitable for younger audiences.

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FAU-G becomes the top free game; more than 5 million downloads recorded in the Google Play store-Technology News, Firstpost | Instant News

FAU-G It has attracted a lot of attention before its release. FAU-G It is a locally developed game made by nCore Games located in Bangalore. The game was released on January 26 and successfully caused a sensation.It has become the most popular free game Google Play Store And it has managed more than 5 million downloads a day. More importantly, the average score of the game is 4.1 Google Play Store.


Game developer nCore Games announced the news on Twitter and wrote: “#MakeInIndia won @GooglePlay FAU-G is now the number one free game. Thank you India! #JaiHind.”

The release of the game was originally announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar through his Twitter handle. The game was originally expected to be launched in October 2020, but managed to successfully launch in January 2021. Currently, the game is only available on the Android platform, and there is no news available on iOS.

The parent company nCore Games said that FAUG is said to receive a 5v5 team deathmatch, Royal Royale and more modes to be added. So far, no news about this update has been released.

FAUG has a single-player combat model based on a dispute between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley. Unlike similar games, this game does not have a “Battle Royale” game mode.

Gameplay FAU-G Depicts the lives of Indian soldiers and how soldiers fight at the border. The gameplay is similar to the Indian theme, depicting the Galvan Valley.

how to download FAU-G

step 1: go download FAU-G, Please go to the Google Play Store and enter FAU-G in the search

Step 2: turn on FAU-G Then click the install button

third step: After clicking the install button, wait for the game to download

Step 4: After the download is complete, click on the game application and start playing

according to Earlier report, The size of the game in the Play Store is 460 MB. Although it has not yet been released for iOS users, it is expected to be launched soon. Currently, the game only has the “Battle-Story of Calvin Valley” mode. Eventually it will get four other modes, including “Team DeathMatch” and “Free for everyone-everyone is himself”.


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Domestic game FAU-G launched in the Google Play store | Instant News

New Delhi: FAU-G: Fearless and Joint Guard, widely regarded as a popular local alternative PUBG mobile phone, Released on the Google Play Store on Tuesday. The company said it expects to launch an iOS version soon. The game was listed on the Google Play store in December, requires pre-registration, and has received more than 5 million clicks.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar announced in September that the game caused quite a stir due to its patriotic colors and Indian origin-it was developed by a company based in Bangalore gambling Start Studio nCore. The announcement also coincided with India’s ban on PUBG Mobile.

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FAU-G can be downloaded for free with in-app purchases and optional ads. It has a built-in store where players can buy weapons such as clubs, axes, pipes, and use the in-game tokens to recruit trained commandos in their teams. They can make money in the game or use real Money to buy.

The ban on PUBG Mobile created a vacuum in India’s Royal War and mobile e-sports. When many gamers turned to Garena Free Fire, PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile’s Korean creators have been trying to relaunch the game in India with a modification for India and a new name PUBG Mobile India. PUBG has also severed its relationship with Tencent Games, the Chinese publisher of Indian games.

At present, FAU-G has released the “Story of Galwan Valley” with the single-player campaign as the main campaign. It was based on a skirmish between Indian and Chinese forces that occurred at the LAC (Line of Actual Control) in the Galvan Valley from May to June, which resulted in the death of 20 Indian army personnel. The movement has narration and narration in Hindi.

The game also has two other modes, called “Team Deathmatch” and “Free for All”. Both will be multiplayer modes. The former is likely to function like CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), while the latter is expected to follow the royal battle mode of PUBG Mobile and other similar games (including Garena Free Fire).

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In the battle between PUBG and FAU-G, Ludo became the real king | Instant News

For Indian gamers, 2020 is a mixed year. The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile India in September 2020 as part of the “digital surgery strike” carried out by the Indian government on Chinese apps. The failure of PUBG Mobile India was a huge shock to gamers. However, expectations are built around the announcement that FAU-G (Fearless and Joint Guard) will be released on January 26 and some action games will be played. However, one game surpassed PUBG Mobile India, FAU-G. This is a simple board game that has been played for generations, but when it appeared on mobile devices, it had a huge impact. During the coronavirus pandemic, this game is a salvation for many people. That game was Ludo King.

The coronavirus pandemic has made Ludo King attract family, cousins, friends and people from all over the world to indulge in this super addictive game. The download volume of this board game worldwide has also exceeded the 500 million mark. With the new year, Ludo King has added new features to the game. Although it may seem like a sudden success, Ludo King has actually grown organically in the past four years. Most people already know this game because their family and friends are already playing it. The blockade provides people with a new opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, as well as with complete strangers online.

In this game, users in India, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia have also seen amazing growth. Countries such as Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia are also emerging as new markets.In an exclusive interview DNA, Vikash Jaiswal, CEO of Gametion Pvt. Ltd talked about how the idea of ​​bringing board games into the digital world caused them to feel like a quarantine.

What is the idea of ​​getting a childhood favorite like Ludo on your phone?

Ludo has played in every generation of their childhood. This is a simple board game, but usually has a strong emotional connection, especially for Indians. We are often nostalgic and remember the good time we spent with our family. At Gametion, we hope to make this experience a reality again. We believe that Ludo should be revived in the digital multimedia era and provide people with the Ludo experience they desire. This is the birth of the Ludo King multiplayer game concept. With Ludo King, application players can play their favorite games online with family and friends from all over the world.

Are you surprised by the rapid rise of Ludo King during the coronavirus pandemic?

The 2020 pandemic surprised us all, and the subsequent blockade made us unable to function. People must follow strict social distancing principles, be isolated at home, and have limited activities. During the isolation period, inactivity and boredom due to reduced social interactions began to increase anxiety. Ludo King helped many people here. They played Ludo online with friends and family to keep in touch with them.

In addition, the online interaction through the Ludo game is very interesting; a way of entertainment that avoids boredom and depression. Ludo King can connect people to the Internet remotely, which actually reduces the pressure of isolation, which is why a large number of Indians use isolation during the pandemic. It is no surprise that Ludo King has become the subject of quarantine in India.

How did you react when Ludo King broke the 500K download mark?

Since 2016, Ludo King has crossed multiple milestones and the app has been downloaded 500 million times worldwide, making it the most popular Indian game app to enter the mobile gaming league. In addition, Ludo King has ranked first in the Google Play Store for 3 consecutive years. Ludo King will become the number one free game in India in the Apple App Store in 2020.

Can you talk about the innovation of Quick Ludo and Six Game Ludo?

We launched a 6-player game so that users can enjoy a long game with more players and a longer audience. This is the most needed feature in the “Multiplayer” option. We introduced a fast Ludo mode to provide a fast Ludo game experience-a fast 5-minute game where players do not need to participate in a complete Ludo game. This mode can be played during commuting, quick rest, waiting in line or any time of the day.

Why do you want to use voice chat in Ludo King when there is already text chat?

We have brought the voice chat function to increase the fun of Ludo outside of text chat. In the past, people could only have custom text chats while playing games. However, through Ludo King voice chat, people can talk to each other, make jokes, share jokes, laugh and enjoy “good times” while playing Ludo games with friends and family. Voice chat enhances the Ludo King experience, and the game is more entertaining than ever.

What is the future of Ludo King?

We plan to add tournaments and many other game modes in the next year of 2021.


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