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Court’s Fashion Forum – European Music Awards | Instant News

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Court’s Fashion Forum – European Music AwardsWe haven’t had many opportunities to appear on Court’s Fashion Forum lately (2020 and all), so when the Europe Music Awards closes on the weekends, Court takes the opportunity! Let’s JUDGY!

Show and Say – 9/11Courtney had a Show and Tell today, it’s Puzzle Huddle! They’re a local company whose product is on Oprah’s newest list of Favorite Things to Do!

Feed the Valley – River City Food BankDina Kupfer is in Sutter Health Park talking to Amanda McCarthy of River City Food Bank talking about the Food Bank “Feed the Valley” fundraiser.

Youth Songs – 9/11Tina is here with Teen’s Tune today! The theme is the recipient of the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award!

Feed the Valley with Rivercats!CBS 13, CW 31 and the Sacramento RiverCats team up for the “Feed the Valley” food bank fundraiser! Dina Kupfer is at Sutter Health Park with Chip Maxson and Dinger from Rivercats to tell us how you can help!

Woodworking By BenIt all started as an activity to keep busy during quarantine, but it turned into a thriving business for young Sacramento wood workers! Ben Cook-Appel joins our Lori Wallace to show off her creations!

Political Sign ArtOther elections have come and gone, but what to do with all the political signs? Julissa Ortiz is in Old Sacramento with artist Kip Bridges showing us what she does to make art out of those old signs!

Injured Soldier Virtual Veterans Day CelebrationVeterans Day is only a few days away, but with all that going on, the celebrations look a little different this year. Lieutenant General Michael Linnington, CEO of the Wounded Warrior Project, joined Courtney to tell us about this year’s virtual celebration!

Gather in Modesto – Vacation Event PlanningIt’s a place that can help you plan your next family event! Ann Endsley from Gather in Modesto joins Tina to tell us how!

Old Sacramento Christmas Tree Is Here!It’s starting to look like Christmas in Old Sacramento! Photographers Dave Grashoff and Scott Ford of the Downtown Partnership were there while the tree was being laid on Front Street!

Pfizer Says Initial Analysis Shows Covid-19 Vaccine Is 90% EffectiveDrugmaker Pfizer said on Monday a preliminary look at data from the coronavirus vaccine showed it was more than 90% effective – much better than expected efficacy if the trend continued.

Freeze Warning AppliesA freeze warning is in effect which will last until 9am Monday.

Sacramento Could Ban Certain Businesses Along Folsom Boulevard Deemed Unacceptable By ResidentsSacramento residents have complained that ever since light rail entered their area, dubious businesses have flourished on two sections of Folsom Boulevard near the College-Glen neighborhood of East Sacramento.


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An inside look at the future of food | 2020-11-02 | Instant News

NEW YORK – In Harlem, a husband and wife team has perfected a plant-based cheese for New York-style pizza. In San Jose, a father who cares about handling plastic waste, one by one. A pair of sisters in Minneapolis and Brooklyn, NY, created shelf-stable oat milk that uses whole grain organic, resulting in more nutrients and less waste.

These entrepreneurs were among dozens selected to participate in Rabobank’s FoodBytes! virtual field competition, which starts in October. This program offers opportunities for new brands around the world to network with investors and industry professionals representing some of the largest food and agricultural companies in the world. Hundreds of startups in the fields of food technology, agricultural technology, and consumer packaged goods are implementing the program. This year, an expanded selection of 45 startups accepting one-on-one connections with investors and company members and will permanently join FoodBytes! alumni network. In early December, 15 finalists will be invited to pitch to a panel of judges for cash prizes.

“We are redesigning FoodBytes Rabobank! a food and agriculture innovation platform for one reason: to build a powerful engine for collaboration and sustainable innovation between food and agribusiness actors who want to sustainably feed the world, ”said Anne Greven, head of food innovation and agribusiness at Rabobank. “We know we cannot achieve this goal alone, which is why we have brought together corporate members and investors who share the same vision.”

The 2020 cohort is the most diverse in the program’s five-year history. Fifty-one percent of startups are led or led by people of color, and 44% are led or led by women. The 45 startups came from 15 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India, Israel, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, and Switzerland.

“In the past we went from city to city trying to find the best and the brightest startups solving the food challenges around North America and Europe,” said Greven. “Our goal this year is to be more global because food is a global system and we are a global institution, and we see the challenges of a global food system.”

Innovating for good

The founders selected for this program develop sustainable solutions to address key challenges in the food system such as food waste, nutrition and food safety. Its concepts include recycled food and drinks, plastic reduction, cell-based meat production, natural coatings that extend product shelf life, and technologies that improve soil health, reduce water use, and combat labor shortages and worker safety issues.

“If we are truly going to solve the global food challenge, we have to work together, and we have to work together quickly, and that cannot happen if we all stay in silos, competing for market share,” Ms Greven said. “We must come together to adopt what we believe to be changes that can have a profound impact on all of us in the food system and make a difference for the future.

“I have a high-level mission that we want to be a beacon of food and ag innovation for all members, and that’s why building membership, broadening the startup base, building programs that foster connections and community is the way we believe we will. have the greatest impact quickly and for the future. “

Dinesh Tadepalli, co-founder of Planeteer

An environmentally conscious entrepreneur hopes to eliminate the need for single-use plastic servicing equipment. Dinesh Tadepalli, one of the founders of Planeteer, developed a machine for producing edible cutlery made of wheat, oats, green beans, brown rice and corn. The first offering is a protein-rich vegan scoop that stays firm in hot and cold foods. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, black pepper, oregano chili and Indian masala.

“My whole entrepreneurial idea emerged after my children were born, especially after my daughter was born, where I planned their financial future, and that’s when I realized what good it would be for me to save for them if they couldn’t enjoy and be safe on this planet. ? “Said Mr Tadepalli.

Planeteer plans to supply scoops to ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, restaurants and concert venues. Meanwhile, the company sells products online while developing additional forms.

“The spoon is only the beginning,” said Mr. Tadepalli. “We are working on edible straws and edible sporks … and edible chopsticks will be available soon.”

Several startups in the group focus on developing vegetable products. Kartik Dixit, co-founder and chief executive of Mumbai-based Evo Foods, is bringing animal-free alternatives to Indian consumers, starting with a nutritious liquid egg substitute formulated with chickpeas, green beans, and peas.

Kartik Dixit, co-founder and CEO of Evo Foods

“In essence we want to be Food Impossible from India,” said Mr. Dixit. “We started with eggs because we saw eggs as the ideal gateway product for the Indian market … Eggs have no religious boundaries, and the market is large.”

The pandemic has postponed companies’ plans to partner with restaurants to build brand awareness before entering the retail market, Dixit said.

“Restaurant in bad condition in India; lots of things trying to open up, “he said. “But at the same time, the cloud kitchen is growing rapidly, so we see it as an opportunity.”

Another plant-based solution comes from Willa’s, a company co-founded by Christina Dorr Drake and her sister, Elena Dorr Zienda, based on grandma’s recipe for oat milk. Both have previous experience in the food industry; Ms. Drake specializes in marketing, and Ms. Zienda has a background in chemical engineering.

Many other oat milks on the market contain additives such as chewing gum or sugar, but Willa’s original unsweetened oat milk includes only filtered water, organic whole wheat, organic real vanilla extract, and salt. The company’s unique milling approach uses whole grains. As a result, these products contain more fiber and protein and less sugar per serving than other varieties.

Willa oat milk“We chose to name the company after our grandmother because she was real, honest and uncompromising,” Drake said.

The brand was set to launch in coffee shops and co-working spaces last March, but when the pandemic scrambled early market plans, the founders quickly shifted to marketing and selling products online.

Like Evo Foods and Willa, many of the startups selected for this program have demonstrated resilience in adapting to the unexpected challenges of the COVID-19 market, said Greven.

“I am always amazed by the people who have taken this massive effort, for example if they are going to break into the restaurant channel and have to go straight to the consumer,” he said. “The amount of energy and passion they have and belief in what they are doing helps propel their ability to become resilient enough and make that change.”

Acceleration solution

At the end of October, FoodBytes! provides participating startups with various sessions and mentorship opportunities, addressing a wide range of issues from fundraising to marketing to scaling. Companies involved in the program include PepsiCo, Inc., Archer Daniels Midland., Barilla and Dole Food Co.

“I’ve been involved in many different incubators and accelerators over the years, and Foodbytes for this week! it surprised me, ”said Kobi Regev, founder of New York-based Pleese Foods. “I was amazed by the type of person who was present and who was able to speak on the panel and having the opportunity to meet some of them is just a compliment to be a part of this.

Kobi and Abev Regev, founders of Pleese Foods

Mr Regev and his wife, Abev, launched a business to fill a void in the plant-based cheese market for allergen-free options. Many of the non-dairy cheese products available are formulated with soy, whole grains, wheat or nuts. The first product from Pleese is pizza-style cheese made with protein from faba beans, potatoes, and coconut oil. The company initially sold to restaurants and plans to launch retail products next year.

“COVID has slowed things down for us, but not stopped us,” said Regev. “What we are realizing is the benefit of going down to the food service line, especially with pizza, is that pizza restaurants are open during the entire pandemic. I think we are very lucky in that. We want to make sure we develop slowly and steadily and smartly. There is a desire to have our products all over the country, but we need to ensure that we create a very strong infrastructure and we get our word out efficiently and that we can put together an amazing team to really grow this company. “

Another important area of ​​innovation, especially during a tumultuous year, is health and wellness. Moment, a plant-based drink brand, is inspired by meditation practice and designed to relieve stress with minimal calories and no sugar or artificial ingredients. Aisha Chottani founded this business with her husband, Faheem Kajee.

Aisha Chottani and Faheem Kajee, founders of Moment

“Most people find meditation quite scary; “It looks tough and takes more discipline to do it when you are really busy and stressed, when you need it the most,” said Chottani. “We created an exclusive blend of botanicals and adaptogens, scientifically shown to stimulate the same brain waves as meditation, helping you reduce stress, improve focus and increase creativity.”

The company was launched earlier this year as a direct-to-consumer business and sells beverages at several specialty stores in New York. A portion of the proceeds from sales support the provision of awareness programs for schools across the country.

“For us, it’s more than just a drink,” said Ms. Chottani. “We started with drinks because it was an easy way to access our customers and provide immediate value… We’ll be experimenting with other types of products and experiences going forward. Seven in 10 workers have identified COVID as the most stressful period of their lives, and even as the world is conquering how this pandemic will unfold, there will be other changes in the next few years in how we work, how we operate and how we live as a society. , and people will need support. “


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British snack maker plans to recruit new R&D officers | 2020-10-28 | Instant News

LONDON – Jennifer Moss has been appointed as head of global research and development at pladis, a biscuit, chocolate and confectionery company owned by Yildiz Holding.

In her new role, Ms Moss will focus on cutting-edge approaches to innovation to build new and exciting product lines to meet consumer needs.

Ms. Moss has worked at Campbell Soup Co. for the last 10 years, most recently as vice president of R&D for the company’s food and beverage business. He has also held R&D positions in Arnott’s corporate business in Australia and helped rejuvenate brands such as Shapes, Via-Weat and Tim Tams.

Prior to Campbell Soup Co., Ms. Moss is director of the regional design center and technical management at Unilever PLC.

He received a bachelor’s degree in industrial chemistry and a doctorate in chemical engineering at the University of New South Wales.

“We are very pleased to welcome Jennifer to lead our R&D team,” said Salman Amin, CEO of Pladis. “Innovation is at the core of our business, and Jennifer’s extensive experience and proven track record in innovation across product, packaging, sensory, culinary and nutrition will help us achieve our ambition. I believe Jennifer is the perfect addition to our team as we focus on growing our star brand globally. “

Formed in 2016, Pladis employs more than 16,000 people and operates 25 factories in 11 countries. The company consists of Godiva Chocolatier, a premium chocolate brand; McVitie’s, a biscuit brand with a heritage in Britain and Europe; Ulker, a biscuit and confectionery brand in Turkey and the Middle East; and DeMet’s Candy Co., creators of the Flipz chocolate pretzels and covered bean turtles group.


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Fashion Forum | Instant News

Change Hours This Weekend – Another Tina Haiku – 28/10Hits keep arriving with other haiku from Tina, don’t forget “Fall Back” on Saturday night! This one is specifically for GoodDay Angie the Tab Lady fans!

Change Hours This Weekend – Haiku Tina – 28/10In an ongoing effort to remind you to “Backtrack” this weekend, Tina has a haiku to help you remember.

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Floating Pumpkin Patch – Little Whale Swim SchoolGet ready to swim and let your kids look for the perfect pumpkin! Ashley Williams is at Little Whale Swim School in Sacramento to give us a tour and let us know how your little one can participate!

Show and Say – 10/28Cody had a Show and Tell today, fire ants are artists!

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Fourscore Coffee House – RosevilleCoffee, music, art and activism combine at the Fourscore Coffee House in Old Roseville. Ashley Williams was there to show us some of the changes they have made, and we met the artists whose work was featured in them!

Odd Tacky Open!A popular place for children to have fun has reopened, with limited capacities. Lori Wallace is at Rancho Cordova at Wacky Tacky to show us the changes they’ve made, and how your kids can get out there and have fun!

Practical Comedian: Dinner PartyIt’s been a tough year (huh?), So we can all laugh. Joe Gatto and James Murray from Impractic Jokers join forces with John to talk about how they make their comedy work, even when they can’t be together! We also revisit the last time those guys were on the show, and check the camera, Scott Z. to make sure he’s all right.

Holiday Makeup Tips with Sofia TilburyYour holiday party might look … different this year. But even if your party is Zoom’s party, you still want to look your best! Sofia Tilbury, Brand Ambassador for Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics, joined with Courtney (via Zoom) to give us some tips!

Trick-O-Treating with Kona IceJulissa shows how you can get Shaved Ice from Kona Ice for Halloween

Costanza is back!Ashley shows us that Costanza has opened up again and what changes they made during the pandemic.

Spectacular HalloweenLori shows us how you can be a part of the Spooktacular Halloween Drive Thru

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Photographer Dave Grashoff Celebrates Dodgers World Series VictoryIt’s been a long time coming but the Los Angeles Dodgers have finally won the World Championship again in 32 years! Photographer Dave Grashoff celebrates and pays tribute to the Dodgers World Championship. Look how he does it!

Abandoned Citrus Heights Florist Catches the FireFirefighters said a building that was once a Citrus Heights florist was damaged in the morning fire.


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