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‘Her heart is so pure’ – Richarlison defends Brazil’s most vulnerable people | Instant News

From providing medicine and housing to opposing murder, Everton’s attackers have found the confidence to face injustice.

Richarlison always cuts a shy figure from the soccer field.

That Everton and Brazil Star is more comfortable letting her feet do the talking than standing up to voice her opinion through the microphone and camera.

But his emergence as a Premier League first-class player and a regular at the Selecao has given him the confidence to speak his mind, especially off the pitch. So much so that he became one of the most eloquent voices in Brazilian football.

The 23-year-old forward has been involved in several social issues over the past few months.

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He announced demands for justice during the Pantanal fires, the alleged rape of influencer Mariana Ferrer and in the murder of two black men: Joao Pedro, a 14 year old young man who died in a botched raid by Rio de Janeiro police and Joao Alberto Silveira, who was beaten to death by security guard outside a Porto The Alegre supermarket, sparked mass protests and accusations that the attack was racially motivated.

Finally, Richarlison took the stage following Brazil’s 2-0 World Cup qualifying win Uruguay, in which he opened the assessment, to ask the authorities to explain the lack of electricity in the Amapa area. He took the stance, as he told reporters, to “ask for electricity for the suffering people.”

“Unfortunately the people of Amapa can’t see my goal today because they haven’t had electricity for two weeks,” he continued, “they are going through difficult times and I hope they find a solution. I want to dedicate today’s goal and win to all of the Amapaenses. “

“There has not been a specific ‘click’ or decision to change attitudes,” admitted a source close to Richarlison. “He’s slowly building up his confidence and then starting to direct the values ​​he’s always held externally.”

Many of Richarlison’s critical traits are nurtured in rap battles. As a child, he learned to use words to deal with difficult situations in his own life, as well as injustices.

His upbringing in Nova Venecia, Espirito Santo state, also sheds light on the striker’s empathy. She often went hungry, and from a young age started working selling ice candy to help Vera Lucia’s mother support the family.

He lost friends to criminal activity and even, at one point, had a loaded gun aimed at his head, confused by a drug dealer.

Despite being a rap fanatic and having worked in other fields, including in the car wash, Pombo, as he is also known, was destined for football, where he built a ‘family’ as soon as he turned professional: veteran Brazil coach Abel Braga, ‘ his father ‘; and Marco Silva the ‘godfather’.

“Everything he does, every day, is with the ball in his hand. He never let go, ”Braga recalled Destination from his youth stint at Fluminense, which he coached in 2017.

“There you can see that he wants us to understand: ‘Football is the answer to my life, this ball. I need to treat it with love, it is my greatest symbol ‘. He will always show that. It’s a strong sign that, after all his struggles growing up, he needs football.

“He is a spectacular child, his heart is very pure. I am very proud to see him defend several social causes. He had stepped forward and gave an audible voice. In my recent memory, he is the most active player looking for the change that is much needed. He has been our ambassador to Europe. “

Silva, who handled Richarlison under his wing Watford and, when he changed clubs following the Brazilian’s debut season in the Premier League, EvertonIt’s no wonder the attacker continues to thrive under the tutelage of Goodison’s successor, Carlo Ancelotti.

Richarlison Brazil GFX

“The progress he’s made is no surprise to anyone, on and off the pitch,” explained Silva to Goal. “It’s been great to have an impact on his career, we have a relationship that will last forever.

“The adaptation is not easy, because he is very shy. He still. We explained to him the importance of learning English. Despite the hardships, he agreed and he grew more and more comfortable in the country.

“He is a very respectful boy. He has accomplished a lot, but he will only get better. He’s not easy on anyone, he’s always at his best. He studied and worked hard with great humility. I felt like he was getting more confident in himself, so he started to make his opinion heard.

“What he does off the pitch reflects what he does on it, he fights for fundamental values. He did not forget the disaster, because he used to be on that side. “

Richarlison has been encouraged by Everton to participate in social activities, especially those related to young people. Not that the striker, who is passionate about his work in the sector, needs a club permit. He often participates in community activities, such as hospital visits, and lives by one rule: greet all fans outside Goodison Park, regardless of the club outcome.

In Brazil he has bought houses for nearly all of his closest relatives and is close to launching a training center in his hometown, while also distributing 1000 treatment packages in the region in 2020 alone.

Not to mention his individual actions that generally go forward without publicity, such as helping elderly cancer patients in Barretos, Sao Paulo.

In May, Richarlison signed a partnership with the University of Sao Paulo and became the face of the ‘Tabelinha de Craque’ campaign, which hopes to raise funds (R $ 5 million / US $ 900,000 to date) to fight disease, particularly Covid-19.

Since then, and even more so after his intervention in the above very public cases, he has continued to be a target of politicians.

“There are a lot of people in politics who are trying to get involved, at least 50 politicians have supported it in the last few weeks. He made a point of remaining independent from any party. He has his own reasons for defending or being empathetic, ”a close friend explained.

Between video games, box sets, English classes, training and matches, Richarlison every day tries to keep the old promises he made to himself, when he sees Antonio’s father, then suffering from depression, humiliated by landlords, who don’t want to see him fishing. on its properties: fighting for the right reasons.


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How Thiago Silva defies age and expectations to take a leading role at Chelsea | Instant News

The Brazil international has taken a holistic approach to life in the Premier League, making many adjustments to help extend his top level career.

The end, when it came, was fierce.

Thiago Silva, Paris Saint GermainCaptain, ended up as a loser last season Champions League lastly, knowing it would be his last game for the club.

Will be 36 years old and with sporting director Leonardo had originally intended to reduce the average age of the squad, his time was running out.

There was one final intervention on Leonardo’s side to try to convince his defensive leader to stay, but that proved too little, too late. Silva’s mind was made up.

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Chelsea would be the aim, although there are many questions about the wisdom of signing an out-of-contract defender at an advanced age.

The Premier League is widely regarded as not only the best league in the world but also the most physical, and Silva comes from a PSG team that used to dominate every game in the world. League 1.

Silva backed himself into the game and, most importantly, so did Frank Lampard, who bided his time before deciding to sign an experienced defender.

Chelsea’s transfer ban has given them a long time to think about how to spend £ 220 million ($ 275 million) during the off-season, with Timo Werner, Ben Chilwell, Kai Havertz and Edouard Mendy having appeared on the club’s transfer shortlist for quite some time. .

Silva is more of a left field option; he was offered to the Blues ahead of the Champions League final and signed afterwards. Lampard wants his club to be decisive amid interest from Italy.

League could be a safer option. He could speak the language very well of his time AC Milan before moving to Paris.

But, after that PSG’s late offer was rejected, Chelsea accepted.

Lampard’s side conceded 54 league goals last season – the worst total since Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003 – and have therefore put much of their hopes on. Brazil international defenses are reversing.

The move, so far, has paid off.

Silva has been involved in six of the club’s seven clean sheets this season; The run that has seen Chelsea climb to the top of the table, sits just three points behind the leader the city of Leicester.

Mendy, Reece James, Silva, Kurt Zouma and Chilwell have secured previous weaknesses. And the speed at which Silva has adapted has taken some around the club by surprise.

The veteran has taken a holistic approach to moving and has settled with his family in a mansion close to the Cobham Training Center. The building houses recovery facilities for extra work in what has proven to be a busy season for club and country.

At times, Lampard has proven willing to pull Silva into a break – as he did before Krasnodar left in the Champions League – and the Blues use high-tech applications to monitor the fitness of the players behind the scenes.

Part of her recovery from the game is based on diet and sleep while a long-term commitment to not smoking or drinking only helps her cope with her age.

“He places great emphasis on diet and exercise,” says his wife Isabelle Silva Destination. “He’s very professional. Whenever he wants to reach a goal, I do what I can; I try to eat naturally like him, we don’t drink soda.

“We did training together at home; he helped me too. Nothing extraordinary; it was just simple things, he trained a lot with the club. He only did light training at home.”

His wife manages a team of staff to help him off the pitch, with a personal physiotherapist and performance advisor from London added on the advice of fellow Brazilians Emerson Palmieri and David Luiz.

“I have a personal team that have been with me for two years, more or less, and have managed to change my eating routine a little bit,” Silva said when he joined the Brazilian national team last week.

“I eat a lot of crap, especially after games, sometimes even before, and we know that in high-level football you have to take care of all sides. Preparation, prevention, training, I’m normal. Not part of the diet.”

There are also translators with the group during Lampard’s training session to facilitate communication, however Silva is studying English Monday to Friday to add to the four languages ​​he already speaks.

His current lack of fluency in English did not prevent him from connecting with his team-mates, who in turn quickly grew close to their new defensive leader.

In a 4-1 win for the Blues Sheffield United Ahead of the international break, the celebrations around Silva’s goal showed how much he has become a beloved man.

His family has been brought to London life, having days out to explore the city, while sons Iago and Isago both play at the Chelsea academy.

Silva’s long-term mission is to create Brazil’s World Cup squad Qatar 2022, and now it looks like it might.

His ‘O Monstro’ moniker is worthy of being a monster of mentality and physical battle to get Chelsea back to the top.


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Three goals in three games: Coombs proved his worth among USWNT Man City stars | Instant News

Having scored one more goal, against Manchester United in a derby, the midfielder appears to be on the right track after a bizarre start at City.

When Manchester City win 2-0 against Manchester United on Saturday, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting there aren’t any fans at Leigh Sports Village.

As Laura Coombs aimed the ball into the top corner, a ‘Coombsy, Coombsy’ shout rang out from the back of the dugout, with the City bench acting as the midfielder’s own little fan club as he bagged his third goal in three games.

While City were less celebrating coming full time, as United made an eager comeback to draw 2-2, the game itself is another reminder of Coombs’ outstanding performance over the past few weeks.

Despite the arrival Sam Mewis and Rose Lavelle, the duo of World Cup winners the United States, the first Liverpool The star has risen to the challenge of increasing competition in midfield, despite starting only one Women Super League games throughout last season.

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“Laura is a good footballer with real composure,” head coach Gareth Taylor said Saturday.

“He’s comfortable with the ball, very smart, takes good positions on the pitch and he’s also adding goals to his game now.

“He’s got his place in the team and there is a lot of competition in his field of play. It’s probably the highest competition we have, an attacking midfield position.

“But he can adapt, he can also play in a defensive position. A good player can play anywhere and he’s a good player. “

Coombs’ form is all the more impressive given the chaotic start to his City career. The 29-year-old was brought in last summer by former head coach Nick Cushing, but will not start league games for his new club until December, due to injury.

The way Cushing manages his new players, he tends to lighten them up too, so his chances don’t come as fast and as fast as he’d like once he’s back fully fit.

“It takes time for the players to understand the rhythm of how we work tactically,” Cushing explained in January, speaking of Coombs’ limited playing time. after he starred in the Continental Cup win over Sheffield United.

“He missed a lot of games and he then got injured when he played well.

“For him, now training is to get consistency in performance, in understanding, trying and getting more games.”

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which would end the 2019-20 WSL season prematurely, limit how much he can take on the challenge, and as the new season rolls around, Coombs has a new manager to impress, with Cushing leaving in February to join New York City FC in MLS.

When Taylor’s new boss bringing Mewis and Lavelle into strengthening a midfield department that Cushing has called “tough” to break, the challenges are increasing. But Coombs has risen with it.

A few days after winning his first trophy with the club, the Women’s FA Cup, Coombs scored a stunning goal in the Continental Cup against former club Liverpool in early November, flicking the ball over his own head with his first touch before lifting it over the keeper with his second touch. Since then, he hasn’t stopped scoring goals.

Against City of BristolIt was his goal that put Taylor’s side 2-1 up and on their way to an 8-1 win, after Bristol had equalized with an equalizer in the 11th minute.

It was a goal that showed what he was too – a lunging run from deep to create chances, before a resolute finish followed.

After two great goals in successive games, Sunday’s goal in the Manchester derby didn’t disappoint either. When Mewis’ effort is blocked, Coombs is the player who is alert for a loose ball, locks it and hits it into the top corner from the edge of the box.

It may not help City get the results they want, but it is another step in the right direction for a player whose City career has stopped-and-started for a variety of reasons.

“I came here to be better and I know it will probably take some time. I’ll be patient with it but I’m not here to make up the numbers, ” Coombs said back in December 2019, in an exclusive interview with Destination .

“I really want to get a place and help the team where I can. The weeks go by, I just want to make sure I feel fitter and become a better player. “

It’s been almost a year on, but things seem to have finally happened to Coombs at Manchester City.


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Firmino Klopp’s Dilemma: The Liverpool boss needs a Brazilian colorless to rediscover his mojo | Instant News

With Diogo Jota and Xherdan Shaqiri struggling for a place in the team, there may be increased pressure on the center-forward who rarely scores.

As the board went up, Roberto Firmino looked surprised.

He’s not the only one.

As it rained on the Etihad, Jurgen Klopp made his move.

With games in balance, a 1-1 draw with more than half an hour remaining, the Liverpool the boss feels the need to change. Xherdan Shaqiri was summoned, stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Manchester City leave. The big one. Go and make an impact, son.

Firmino is the one to be replaced. The Reds’ number 9 was usually made for games like this; A game that requires tactical acumen, a definite touch and a constant discipline of position and work rate, but the race this time took place in 59 minutes. When Liverpool sought control, the Brazilian was sacrificed.

Klopp had insisted on Friday that Firmino remains the “difference maker” for the Premier League champions, and that critics who suggest his influence is waning, or that modest goal returns are a problem, should be ignored. “I can’t help those people,” he said at his pre-match press conference.

Her actions supported her words. Firmino, who was not included in the starting line-up against Atalanta earlier this week, is back against City, with Klopp also retaining the trio that did the damage in Bergamo – Mo Salah, Sadio Mane and the hat-trick hero Diogo Jota.

It was certainly a bold approach – even Pep Guardiola looked a little taken aback when asked about it before kick-off – but it threatened to pay off as Liverpool arranged an early swap. Sharp and direct, the Reds’ terrifying team of four put Guardiola’s side under threat from the first whistle.

They took the lead in 13 minutes, Salah converted from the penalty spot after Kyle Walker fouled Mane. That translates to eight goals in eight league games this season for the Egyptian; A start that only Fernando Torres (2009-10) and Robbie Fowler (1995-96) could match for Liverpool in the Premier League era.

Firmino felt his goals were a little harder to come by, of course. His last 31 appearances in all competitions have yielded just three goals, with only one in 12 games so far this season.

This is also shown. He hesitated when he saw the goal in a minute against City, opting to try and get around Ederson and screw him up. In the second half, he squandered a fine opening, shooting well over the bar when an option was available.

In front of goal his confidence seemed lacking, and there were too many careless touches in general. The space was there, he didn’t use it well enough, often enough.

Klopp is right to talk about all the other things that Firmino brings – his intuitive pressure, his ability to connect play, to attract defenders and make space for others – but there is a reason the questions are being asked.

Perhaps this decline – and this is the decline – is to be expected. Liverpool are perhaps the most intense team in the world, and Firmino is the player who has played for them the most.

The workload is enormous. Since the start of the 2017-18 season, he has made 166 appearances. Only Salah, at 165, comes close to that number.

Throw in the World Cup and Copa America, where he started every game Brazilvictory campaign, and it’s sure to add up. Some of the top footballers, if any, are giving as much as they do, week after week. And he was 29 months ago.

Klopp knows that. Firmino, in form or not, remains at the heart of his plans. Doubts don’t even arise in it.

“I don’t have to say a word about Bobby, and how important he is to us,” he said last week. “I don’t waste my time with it.”

Maybe not, but with Jota – seven goals in 11 appearances since joining Wolf – adapting well, and with Shaqiri back fit and looking bright and hungry, at least Klopp has the option of rotating forward, which may not have happened in recent seasons.

For Firmino, that could be good news. After all, if anyone deserves a weird break from time to time, it’s him. And if anyone has enough credit in the bank to pay them through a slump, that’s it.

Klopp, however, will hope the spark returns soon. And when that happens, Liverpool will stop.



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Juventus are the Serie A champions again – but they are not the best Italian team | Instant News

The Bianconeri have won the ninth Scudetto in a row, but they lack the talent and fluency of Atalanta, which is why Maurizio Sarri is under pressure

How Atalanta must disturb Andrea Agnelli.

The president of Juventus had previously questioned whether Bergamaschi was worthy of playing in the Champions League.

People wonder if he now hates their presence in League.

Juventus might have been named champions on Sunday, but Atalanta are considered the best team Italy right now. Even in a club that was founded on the belief that ‘Winning is the only thing that counts’, which must be praised.

However, Agnelli is becoming increasingly busy with appearances, which is why he is willing to pay € 100 million (£ 90 million / $ 115 million) to 33-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2018.

To turn Juve into a global brand, he needs a superstar team that plays attractive attacking football. As much as possible to win another league title is no longer acceptable.

So, while Juve has extended the Scudetti record to nine, this record is the most unsatisfactory victory for them to date.

The Bianconeri should not have won this season alone; they should have done it in style, which is why Agnelli hired Maurizio Sarri last summer to bring changes to the Old Lady.

The banker who turned into a coach has changed Naples to one of Europe’s most aesthetically pleasing sides; his hope was that he would replicate that success in Turin, even in spite of the rejection of his method in his previous position, at Chelsea.

Juve, however, still has a lot of work in progress; caught somewhere between Napoli and Chelsea. There is a desire to change at Juve but also skeptical of Sarri.

The riots have not yet reached the “F * ck Sarriball” level, which we saw at Stamford Bridge, but #Sarriout has been a regular trend on Twitter in Italy in the last few weeks.

Even before Monday’s match against Lazio, sporting director Fabio Paratici must reject talks about a coach who was dismissed. How strange this season.

Sarri has admitted himself that Juve are a confusing team; which only plays in patches and is very vulnerable to total blackouts, especially in the back. Indeed, this is Juve’s worst campaign in terms of conceding goals (38) from 2010-11, when they finished seventh.

As if, everything was fine from an offensive point of view.

Ronaldo is the first Juventus player to score 30 goals in Serie A since John Hansen in 1952, while the team has scored at least twice in 11 consecutive games for the first time in club history before a 2-1 defeat on Thursday Udinese.

However, if you study a little deeper, these numbers are not as impressive as they seem. Context is the key. Ronaldo’s tally has been significantly boosted by a record 12 penalties, and while Juve has scored 75 goals, Atalanta has collected 96 – the most in Serie A for more than 60 years.

As a result, Gian Piero Gasperini’s side – not Sarri’s – is heralded across Europe because of their fantastic free-flowing football.

Atalanta is currently preparing for a The Champions League quarterfinal with Paris Saint Germain, but have already qualified for the tournament next season, having broken their record points in Serie A (75).

Robin Gosens Atalanta Napoli Serie A

Most pleasing to those who are angry with Agnelli’s attitude towards small clubs, Atalanta made Juve look bad, especially when they visited Turin last week.

At one point, Juve were denied one touch in the Atalanta half for a staggering eight minutes and 11 seconds. It was a truly embarrassing game for Juve’s resource side.

Remember, the Bianconeri paid Ronaldo a net annual salary of € 31 million (£ 28 million / $ 36 million); Atalanta paid all of their troops € 36 million (£ 33 million / $ 42 million).

Juve got a 2-2 draw that night, thanks to some funny penalty decisions, but they were, convincingly, grateful for the points.

Leonardo Bonucci and Sarri were both trying to discuss the results afterwards, but, by doing so, they only highlighted their shortcomings.

Is the 10th largest club in Europe in terms of income really worthy of credit for resigning from the club with the seventh lowest wage bill in Italy?

Of course, one can argue that this is all irrelevant: Juventus have won the title, and that is the only thing that counts.

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Atalanta

Unfortunately for Sarri, it is not that simple. Winning the Scudetto was the least he did to save his job.

The main target so far has been the Champions League. So, it is very worrying that Atalanta now looks better to conquer Europe than Juventus. Moreover, Bergamaschi are unbeaten in all competitions since 20 January, while the Bianconeri have only won two of their last six matches.

Apart from being on the harder side of the Champions League draw, Sarri’s team has an alarming problem with high-energy teams that play short and sharp passing games, as underlined by Atalanta and even Sassuolo in the past few weeks.

So, even if their team has to reverse the 1-0 first leg deficit at home LyonJuve fans will hardly be close to a potential quarter-final match with Pep Guardiola Manchester City with full confidence.

The fit-again Sergio Aguero will be happy against Juve’s worst defense since the 2010-11 season, while Kevin De Bruyne is likely to riot in midfield, which is their main problem spot.

Juve are aware of their problems, of course. Arthur Melo and Dejan Kulusevski have been contracted for next season with the intention of adding more control and goals, respectively, to teams that often lose creativity.

Indeed, if it hadn’t been for Paulo Dybala who had bounced back, and the ridiculous handball rules, Juve would not have been able to seal the Scudetto with two matches remaining.

However, in the end, the title race went down to resources.

GFX A Series Table

Atalanta has a set of good players who were trained in an inch of perfection by Gasperini but, even with players like Luis Muriel, Mario Pasalic, Ruslan Malinovskiy and Timothy Castagne as reserves, they just don’t have the same strength in depth as the champions. At the start of the season, they struggled with the demands of Champions League football, and left themselves with too many reasons to be redeemed.

Delivery, meanwhile, cannot overcome playing every three days after the restart due to Antonio Conte’s intensive style, while excellent Lazio XI only succumbs to injury.

Indeed, when Roma traveled to Turin for what many people thought before the Coronavirus pause became the title decider, coach Simone Inzaghi was shaved off from the five-player first team permanent service and could only name eight players on the bench.

Instead, Juve have full strength thanks to their ability to play players. Even when they lost Gonzalo Higuain to a warm-up injury, Sarri only replaced him with Dybala, who played a crucial role in the unimpressive yet vital 2-1 victory that effectively won the title.

That only completes the point that Juventus has the best squad in Italy.

Just not the best team.


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