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Italian Grape Harvesting Make Up for the Dark Years | Instant News

After a year from hell, Nature offers Italian winemakers hope for a future.

After all the hardships and worries caused by the koronavrus situation over the past six months, Italian wine producers can count on one thing constant – their work in the vineyard.

This year, the phrase was most commonly heard among ItalyThe producers of their “hopefully” venture, a good consideration for these people who might want a successful harvest with a little more zeal than usual. Now that the harvest had lasted several weeks, it seemed that, despite some problems, 2020 was indeed going to be a good year.

Starting from the north, Paola Rinaldi from Francesco Rinaldi wine on Barolo Comment: “About the 2020 vintage we are excited.”

He reported that a green harvest is needed in August, especially for Barbera and Dolcetto, because the production level is too high. He believes freshly picked Barbera will have an alcohol content of more than 14.5 percent in the finished wine. As for Nebbiolo, he noted that the grapes were ripe well now, and would be picked after the first week of October, as long as there was no more rain.

In Mauro Molino in La Morra, winemaker Matteo Molino recently finished his Nebbiolo harvest, which he says “looks really good.” Noting the favorable weather, he commented, “we have just seen a four-day drop in temperature, which will be the basis for the aromatics and complexities of the 2020 Barolos”. Together with Barbera and Dolcetto, Molino is cautiously predicting that the quality of his 2020 red color “is very promising with strong styling and good acidity”.

In Valpolicella district in the Veneto region, from Paolo Galli Ragose in Negrar, noted that “the hot temperatures in the last 20 days and the large amount of water in the soil make us think that the acidity will be lower than normal”. He pointed out that the crop will be generous, despite the extra pruning this year. If not for that, Galli said that “the vines would break”.

In Ca ‘La Bionda near Marano, owner Alessandro Castellani noted the problems caused by heavy rains in August. “Unfortunately, many producers in lower Valpolicella are also exposed to hail and flooded fields … in some cases root problems stop the normal ripening of the grapes.”

Castellani predicts healthy acidity for wine, and believes that the 2020 vintage “is reminiscent of the 90s for Amarone, which will have extraordinary freshness”. For Valpolicella, “those who perform well, by thinning the plants to ensure perfect ripeness, are sure to reap the rewards and make a fine wine from fresh grapes.”

Slow start

Move to Tuscany, Tommaso Marrocchesi Marzi at Bibbiano Plantation in Castellina di Chianti in the heart of the city Chianti Classico zone recorded a ripening delay due to some atypical weather.

“We had cold winds at the end of March, the usual monsoons in mid-August followed later in that month, and summer weather usually breaks later, not early September.” While September is in his words, “a very hot and unusual month”, he admits that the harvest looks “very beautiful” this year, and thinks the 2020 grapes will “be more fruitful and more consistent, but not as complex as 2019. and 2018 “.

In Baron Ricasoli at Gaiole di Chianti in the southern part of the Chianti Classico, Francesco Ricasoli recalls some of the hail in several vineyards between April and May that hit him. Sangiovese. “There is good rainfall until June, but then the dry season in July and August makes the vines stressful. Thank goodness we had some good rains in early September.” He noted that the first Sangiovese was harvested in the second week of September, and that although things “looked great”, in his words, “there is still a long way to go.”

Alessandro Mori from Marroneto, one of the best manufacturers Brunello di Montalcino, indicating favorable weather this year, with low rainfall and moderate temperatures. He stated that, because he wasn’t following the trend of making lighter wines with lower colors, “we were waiting for the time when the wine would be ready for harves’, which this year will be October 5. He explained that by waiting,” the wine is full of acidity. , because we squeeze a lot of our skin. This is our kind of work, because we put a long seasoning on the wine to allow polymerization so that the wine becomes silky. “

In Campania, Antonio Capaldo, owner Feudi di San Gregorio, began harvesting Falanghina on 12 September and Greco and Fiano a week later; He noted that for the last two varieties, this was roughly 10 days earlier compared to the average. “To Aglianico, we predict it will start in early November, but it is still uncertain as it is raining now and a fresher climate is coming after the beautiful summer. “

He believes in style Taurati will be “diversified, given the hail around the city of Taurasi, while planting in the highlands will be much better”.

In Mastroberardino in Campania, Piero Mastroberardino will begin harvesting Fiano di Irpinia next week, noting that he expects his whites to offer “a little lower acidity, but with more structure”. Regarding Aglianico for Taurasi, he said that the wine has “a good balance between all components, very high polyphenolic acid and its aromatic potential. The 2020 Taurati style has all chances to be excellent, with balance and structure.”

Finally entered Sicily, Alessio Planeta from eponymous family estate, note that the best conditions on the island this year are around Etna, and 2020 offers “ideal conditions and for me, the best harvest in the last 10 years. Good acidity due to the hot summer … I fell in love with Nero d’Avola, Syrah and Frappato for reds, Grillo, Fiano and leather. aromatic white. But it is very difficult to choose in a good harvest. “


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Looking beyond China’s high-rise tech stocks? Try Brazil and India. | Instant News

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10 greatest AC/DC songs from Whole Lotta Rosie back in black | Instant News

Forty years ago, legendary AC/DC album Back in black came out – and there was a lot riding on it. On the one hand, it was the band’s first album with new singer Brian Johnson, who replaced Bon Scott after his untimely death only a few months ago. Destiny foretold that the group would never recover from this seemingly fatal blow, but a modest Geordie was the right choice. Back in black it was a triumph, the starting point for most, which was to come into hard rock and heavy metal.

Often played raunchy students, but often lyrically brilliant, AC/DC not too many have tinkered with their formula before or after Back in black. Inspired beating heart group Malcolm Youngand the anchor of Scott’s and Johnson’s yelping vocals, AC/DC with a huge rhythm section allowed Angus young full rein to bludgeon listeners with a finger shredding Solo, resulting in a raw, primitive, testosterone-fueled rock-and-roll that found his true calling in life. But everything is done with panache, humor, and love for their art, and how Alice Cooper say If they were more sophisticated, they will lose their advantage. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Back in black, this is my choice of best songs of AC/DC.

10) “Bells Of Hell” – Back in black, 1980
In 2000lb a-ringing a bell for Bon Scott as “the bells of Hell” opens the most important album of AC/DC’s career, and it’s a minute and a half until Brian Johnson’s scream was heard for the first time on AC/DC record. Indifferent of one of the greatest riffs of Angus young, Johnson immediately sets the marker (“I’m coming like a hurricane”), and any doubt that he couldn’t cut it dissipated long before the epic conclusion of the song.

9) “it’s a long way to the top (If you wanna rock ‘ n ‘ roll)” – T. N. T., 1975
Many acts chronicling the humiliation they had to endure crossing the thorny path of the music business – but it’s the only example I can think of that has a refreshing sound of bagpipes bagpipes. And this nod to the Scottish roots of AC/DC brilliantly mesh with the young brothers ‘ twin guitars on a minor hit single that had a lot of fans of the UK’s first acquaintance with the band.

8) “for those about to Rock (we salute You)” – For those about to rock, 1981
“For those about to rock” literally puts guns in the Arsenal of the orchestra, but it’s not a trick. This Thunderous rocker was a deliberate and very successful attempt to keep alive neispravnosti. He has long deserved the final status of the Encore and the title became the catch-all for all the hard rock genre.

7) “You Shook Me All Night Long” – Back in black, 1980
Brian Johnson, having easily passed the audition as the new vocalist in his inimitable manner (he could not be found at the appointed time he was on the ground floor were playing pool with the roadies), was tasked young brothers to come up with some lyrics for their upcoming album. So he wrote “You shook me all night” is destined to become the quintessential AC/DC anthem stadium and as sexually brazen as anything he Bon Scott wrote.

6) “Ride” – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, 1976
This is a gorgeous slow Blues song reminiscent of the beginning free, soft, AC/DC’s ear-bleeding standards and is as close to a ballad as they came. “Ride on” is Bon Scott reflecting on the loneliness of his alcohol-soaked, rock-and-roll lifestyle for the soul-bearing, darkly perceptive deep cut, full of regret a life not always well lived.

AC/DC in 1977 (Rex features)

5) “thunder” – Razor blade, 1990
Glory Back in black despite this, in the eighties was not the best decades for AC/DC, but they opened the nineties with a new intention. “Stunned” on the basis of the incident, when a plane carrying Angus young on Board was caught in the rain, turned back the clock with consummate ease, with the Almighty arpeggio of Angus, thumping GROOVE and a football terrace chant to proving irresistible.

4) “Whole Lotta Rosie” – Let There Be Rock, 1977
As unrepentantly non PC as they come, an ode to Bon Scott plus size fan, with which he one night remains in the list of favorites of the group AC/DC fans’. Like many AC/DC songs, it was made with one eye that makes it a living product and, accordingly, the Glasgow Apollo version 1978 If you want blood you got it it’s even better than the original.

3) “Let There Be Rock” Let There Be Rock, 1977
Never afraid to challenge the “sacred cows” and demonstrating that the text could be much more than sexual innuendo, Bon Scott adapted the creation story for boys much about how the Holy spirit of rock-n-roll happened. “Let there be drums/ let it be guitar let there be rock,” Scott rasps. Amen.

2) “highway to hell” – Highway to hell, 1979
The last album Bon Scott was the international AC/DC breakthrough with the production of mutt Lange smoothes part of the many sharp corners of the previous records. A group of raw, primal power remained, however, and the album fields with monstrous riffs. The legendary title track remains the final life on anthem way, with its opening riff, one of the most famous and the greatest in rock history.

1) “Back in Black” – Back in black, 1980
The title track of the greatest album as a tribute to Bon Scott (“forget the hearse cause ” I ” never dies”) and a loud statement of intent. Iconic opening riff and surprisingly unhurried groove disc “back in Black” and this song, on which Brian Johnson who wrote the emotional lyrics, really takes hold of the torch that was once owned by Bon Scott.


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MzGee Compliments Wendy Shay For The Cultivation Of Hard Skin | General Entertainment | Instant News

Journalist, MzGee showered with compliments on the singer Wendy Shea to develop a tough skin in the entertainment business.

In 2018, MzGee was sweet meeting with Wendy Shay after performance of the singer on FB [email protected] Concert Ghana Connect, which took place in the fantasy of the dome.

MzGee was unofficial conversation with Wendy Shay, where she asked “Who is Wendy Shay?”, but the singer, who did not understand the motive of the question peevishly replied, saying, “Who am I as Wendy Shay? So we can reduce this issue. Ugh this is a stupid question, isn’t it? Who Is Wendy Shay? I don’t want to do interviews.”

Wendy Shay also recently came out of the studios of Accra FM after the host pried into her alleged love relationship with her Manager, bullets.

The singer, who didn’t feel comfortable apologized to the listeners of the radio and moved out of the room.

According MzGee, she believes, in retrospect, the singer does not have the best understanding of show business, but she thinks Wendy Shay Mature, looking at how she conducts herself in television circles.

“Wendy so quickly and beautifully that this time, she even goes looking for a way to get people to attack her grew. She now freely speaks her mind. I think she was hard leather and it is wonderful to know that she can’t be bothered…I think that she understood the space and she now lives her life”, she said in an interview on channel Nkonkonsa on YouTube.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.kom

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not reflect Peacefmonline.com. Peacefmonline.com no responsibility legal or otherwise for their accuracy of content. Please report inappropriate content to us, and we rate it as a priority.

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Chatbots, motorcycles: HIV centres in Southeast Asia to adapt to the coronavirus | Instant News

Bangkok (Thomson Foundation Reuters) – five days after blocking coronavirus, introduced in Manila, charitable LoveYourself hired 20 former motorcycle taxi, gave them a Short course on HIV and sent them to life-saving medicine after signing a confidentiality agreement.

Restrictions on movement and lack of public transport in the city meant that many of the 6,000 clients of a charitable organization could not get into it centers for treatment, tests and other services, said LoveYourself senior program Manager Danvic Rosadino.

The center also added additional staff to perform “hot line” and social media platforms, provided chatbots, and launched a pilot self-testing programs so people at risk could get tested for HIV in their homes, he said the Fund Thomson Reuters.

“Everyone was anxious about obtaining COVID, and the lack of access to HIV medicines and other services. So we had to act fast so none of our essential services have been disrupted at this critical moment,” he said.

“At the same time, maintaining privacy is very important: a medication was packaged in a simple brown paper bags, the drivers are considerate and sometimes met clients outside their home if they do not want home delivery.”

Lock globally prevent people with HIV receiving treatment and possibly putting their weakened immune systems are at risk if they contract COVID-19, HIV/AIDS groups are concerned about the sharp increase in cases of the coronavirus.

They are also subject to harassment by authorities and fear that the collection of data on health status, in relation to the coronavirus will expose their HIV status and open them to discrimination.

“During the quarantine, people had to present identity documents and a certificate from the doctor to get his medication,” said Richard Bragado, program Director of the Center for people living with HIV in Manila.

“What made their HIV status public, and led to some cases of harassment and public condemnation,” he said.


Currently, about 38 million people worldwide infected with HIV, the AIDS pandemic killed about 35 million people worldwide since it began in 1980-ies.

In the Asia-Pacific region, approximately 5.8 million people living with HIV, with 3.5 million on antiretroviral (ARV) therapy, which reduces viral levels, so the virus is not infectious and to prevent full-blown AIDS.

Thailand last year about 470 000 people living with HIV, according to UNAIDS. The Philippines was visited by about 100 000 cases, while Indonesia reported 640,000 in 2018.

In lockdown and border blockades to stop COVID-19 affecting the production and distribution of medicines, leading to supply Problems and rising prices and stalling progress in the area of new infections, according to UNAIDS.

“In the last decade, the decline in the number of new HIV infections in the Asia-Pacific region stalled, although the fall was registered in some countries of South-East Asia,” said Eamonn Murphy, Director, UNAIDS regional support team for Asia and the Pacific.

“Key global targets for 2020 will be missed – COVID-19 risks to aggravate the situation.”

The loss of jobs and income partly responsible. According to the International labour organization, almost half of the labour force in the world is under threat of loss of livelihood.

Swing Thai HIV nonprofit for sex workers business, began to prepare for some of the estimated 200,000 sex workers who had no income during the lockdown, said co-founder of Sarang of Janjan. Many lost their homes, she said.

In a survey in April for young people living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific region, nearly half of respondents said lock resulted in the loss of jobs and income, especially for sex workers, daily-wage earners and those in the entertainment industry and hospitality.

Of those on ARV treatment, approximately half said the lock was set a difficult task in obtaining medication, with almost a fifth saying that they do not have liners on hand.

Many said that they also experienced delays or disruptions in access to HIV prevention services and psychosocial support.

The clinic pulse of Bangkok, which provides services for HIV, founder of the Dane Natthakhet Yaemim increased delivery of drugs and test systems, as well as Internet business.

A reputation as LGBT-friendly and provide high-quality medical care, many people living with HIV in the region come to Thailand to buy ARVs and tests, but was unable to do so because the borders are closed, ‘ said the Dane.

“People are stuck in countries where they do not have access to an HIV Centre and their treatment – including in countries where there is a big stigma in connection with HIV,” he said.

“But going without HIV medication even for a few weeks, or take another plan window is opened with drug-resistant HIV. We fear we will see a surge of infections after COVID-19”.


Earlier this month, the world health organization (who) said that 73 countries have warned that they risk missing ARVs as a result of the pandemic coronavirus.

Work on the modeling who and UNAIDS in may showed that the six-month interruptions in access to ARVs can lead to the doubling of the number of AIDS deaths in Africa South of the Sahara only in 2020.

In Thailand, the authorities cooperate with NGOs to reach vulnerable groups and people living with HIV, to convince them of the testing and drugs, said Taweesap Siraprapasiri, chief medical officer of the government.

Organizations in countries with a large stigma associated with HIV had to innovate.

In the Philippines, #OplanARVayanihan is a combination of art and Golf courses, or the General spirit – provides information about the nearest ARV centres and delivery options.

Some services such as home delivery and online business may remain even after the pandemic because they help to keep privacy and comfortable, said Murphy, UNAIDS.

“So there’s a lot to be demand for these to continue,” said he.

But for programs to improve the quality gates, HIV-positive activist who usually goes to Jakarta once a month to collect your medication, there is no substitute for companionship in the country, which have seen an increase in discrimination against LGBT+ people and people with HIV.

“I’m waiting to return to Jakarta to pick up her medication, so I have to do my inspections,” said gates, who receives medications in the mail to his hometown in Cianjur in West Java after the block began.

“I also prefer to meet people who understand me, because I’m afraid of stigma and discrimination in my city”.

Reporting Rina Chandran @rinachandran; editing by Belinda goldsmith; please credit Fund, Thomson Reuters, the philanthropic arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers the life of people around the world who are struggling to live freely and fairly. Visit http://news.trust.org


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