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Federal, Sindh government urges to ensure water, electricity supply for all citizens of Karachi | Instant News

Participants in the protest organized by Shehri Awami Mahaz (SAM) have demanded the federal government and Sindh to cancel the privatization of K-Electric, close illegal hydrants operating in Karachi, and provide basic electricity and safe drinking water for the residents.

As part of its first protest, announced by SAM, a recent alliance of labor, human and social rights groups in Karachi, held a protest at Singer Chowrangi in the Korangi Industrial Zone on Monday, where participants criticized the utility electricity and water supply. for their failure to ensure an uninterrupted supply of basic facilities.

SAM will arrange the next protest at Sher Shah Chowk in West District today afternoon. Zehra Khan and Rehmat Ali, two known trade union leaders, led a large number of protesters, including people from the workers’ settlement. Protesters hold banners and placards against power cuts and water theft and chant slogans against the electricity and water mafia.

Rehmat Ali said the city’s first big problem now was drinking water shortages. “Factories in the Korangi industrial area have taken hundreds of illegal connections from waterways provided to residents of the suburbs of Karachi, especially Sharafi Goth, which greatly affect water supply to this residential area,” he said, adding that the elected city representative did not solve the problem for their own benefit. Their attitude towards people is very embarrassing while factory owners also threaten if there are complaints or protests against water theft, he said.

Comrade Gul Rehman, chairman of the Workers’ Rights Movement, said another major problem in these areas was the power outage without prior notice. “Workers in this area don’t have electricity for 10 to 12 hours because people suffer mental anguish and lose their jobs.”

Khan, who is the secretary general of the Home Workers Women’s Federation, said that under a carefully thought out plan, working class settlements were short of electricity and water.

Shabbir Khaskheli, leader of the Chashma Goth Welfare Society, said that drains in Chashma Goth and other areas had been laid, but the water did not flow mainly due to illegal connections to the main water pipes. He said there were hundreds of buffalo pens near the main water channel which had hundreds of illegal connections that prevented water from reaching residential areas.

Abdul Basit Jagrani, a leader of Garment Textile, General Workers Union, said that despite severe cargo terminations, complaints about overpayment were common. When unemployment is at an alarming stage, rising electricity prices speak volumes about the indifference of the authorities.


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The federal government brought the performance two years before the nation – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 21, 2020 7:28 p.m. night

The federal government brings performance two years before the nation

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The Federal Government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to bring the performance of the government two years before the nation.

According to sources, the success of the federal government in national policy and foreign relations will be announced. The problem of providing assistance to those in need under the Ehsas program will be brought to the fore.

Sources said that people will be briefed on progress in economic targets, debt repayment, sugar and the gasoline crisis.

With a timely and correct government decision, the problem of controlling the Coronavirus epidemic will be brought before the people.

According to sources, the state media team raised the issue of bringing the next two years’ performance of the cabinet.

The proposal will be considered for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approval.


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Why government debt and budget deficits are here to stay | Instant News

Disaster, according to them, tore the curtain from the problem that was lurking below.

But they can easily be used to hide the same suppurating wound.

When Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe makes his annual speech tomorrow to the Anika Foundation, he will return to the two most pressing problems facing the nation and the global economy: unemployment and swelling government debt.

While it’s never wise to predict the RBA governor’s speech, a betting player can do worse than poking at the idea that the central bank will urge Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to be careful of the wind on Thursday, when they renew the country in position Budget, and keeping work support payments flowing.

At times like this, there are very few alternatives, especially because the RBA has run out of conventional economic weapons and is reluctant to carry out radical experiments like negative interest rates.

While Mr. Lowe is usually a little wiser, even nuanced, you might be able to summarize his message to the government as follows: Forget debt and deficit disasters, at times like this, debt and deficits don’t matter.

He has already won the first point. The 2013 election memes have long been abandoned after national debt doubled under his supervision even before the current crisis.

But the second point is a bit more problematic.

Although he never fulfilled his promise in 2013 to provide a surplus in “every year” from his first term, completely discarding the idea of ​​a surplus for the future, many senior members of the government were nervous.

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The Federal Treasurer confirmed that Australia was in a recession

After all, it spent half a century preaching the crime of deficit and the sanctity of surplus.

But are there choices?

The decline began to spread

The last few weeks have seen significant softening in rhetoric.

After insisting that payment of work benefits – Job Seekers and Job Seekers – will be shut down at the end of September, the Prime Minister and his senior colleagues have talked about “target” support, especially for workers in industries that are slow to recover.

It is now clear that without continued support, unemployment will skyrocket and consumption will decline, harming profits and threatening the survival of many businesses.

It will turn a terrible situation into a disaster, prolong the recession and ultimately lose more production.

Already, we are beginning to see the broader employment impact of the economic crush inspired by COVID-19.

The number of jobs in June last week may have shown a big swing in hiring, with 210,000 jobs created. But they are all part time. Around 38,000 full-time jobs evaporated, indicating that companies that were not initially affected by the closure are now feeling a pinch of wider decline.

However, there are indications that the Government will provide an optimistic recovery assessment on Thursday, even though it did not win enough like Back in Black extravaganza last year.

The investment bank UBS anticipates the Economic Statement will only be slightly less bullish – the brown line in the chart below – than the most optimistic scenario of the Reserve Bank delivered in May – the dotted red line.

Even if that is the case, pandemic costs should be noted. The thin black line is where the economy should head before closing. Even with the brightest projections, it will take more than one year to return to where we are.

If that bright projection becomes a reality, growth will probably tell the story of a speedy recovery. But the total amount of production and work will be long, slow and painful.

Graph showing real GDP in Australia
The thin black line is where the economy should head before closing.(Australian Bureau of Statistics, Reserve Bank of Australia, UBS Australia)

Debt, debt, and more debt

So far, the Commonwealth has committed only $ 150 billion to sustain the economy. Add in state expenses and incoming bills of around $ 185 billion. Then there is a further $ 26 billion in tax cuts, brought by the Treasurer in an effort to increase spending.

For the financial year that just ended, UBS chief economist George Tharenou gave a tip of a $ 81 billion deficit and for this year it was $ 194 billion.

The only way the government can fund it is through increasing debt.

For decades, our government debt was almost non-existent, despite hysterical claims from Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey ahead of the 2013 elections.

No longer.

Total government debt, including states, is likely to rise from 52 percent of GDP two years ago to more than 80 percent of this financial year.

While Australia will still be on the low side globally, it is because most other countries started this pandemic with a much higher level of debt than us.

How do we pay it back?

This is not the first time we have to mess up our future to get out of the hole.

Debt levels surged during the Great Depression of the 1930s and after the war, Australia found itself very deep, reaching 120 percent of GDP. That is far greater than the forecast we will see from the Ministry of Finance on Thursday.

Fast payments in the 1950s occurred mainly because of inflation. The postwar boom saw rapid economic growth and expansion. This is a simple mathematical phenomenon.

If you measure debt in terms of the size of your economy, then the problem disappears as your economy grows.

Debt charts as a percentage of GDP.
The postwar boom saw rapid economic growth and expansion which meant the debt problem disappeared as the economy grew.(Australian Bureau of Statistics)

At present, we don’t have that luxury. Inflation has been stuck in the slow lane for the best part of a decade and for the past four years at a level well below the 2 percent target set by the Reserve Bank.

But we have two factors that benefit us.

The first is interest rates. They have never been lower in the course of human history. The US, the world’s largest economy and reserve currency, has an official rate of zero. It makes debt affordable, at least for now.

And the second, apart from recent events, is that we remain one of the least indebted countries on the planet, especially because every other country has increased its loans to overcome the shutdown caused by a pandemic.

Australia remains one of only 11 countries with a triple A credit rating. Even the US does not have it. That is why, when the Australian Government last week went to global investors to borrow a further $ 17 billion, it was almost crushed.

International investors cannot get enough Australian Government Bonds. They want to lend us money.

Our real debt problem

That doesn’t mean we don’t have debt problems. We do. It’s just that it’s not government debt.

Our problem is household debt, with you and me. Collectively, we are forced into our eyes, mostly to cover our real estate purchases.

Combine that with the weakest wage growth in history, and that far explains why the economy stuttered long before the pandemic struck.

That is the reason why the Reserve Bank cut interest rates three times last year, using most of its ammunition in the process.

That is the reason Dr Lowe last year urged the government to do it abandon his ambitious ambitions and start shopping for infrastructure.

That is the reason why the economy is in danger long before the pandemic kicks out of the global economy.

And that is the reason why the Australian government might be forced to play a much bigger role in the economy in the future. A period of minor reigns, surpluses and tax cuts may be behind us.


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Redwood Empire Food Bank, the agency joins for food prizes | Instant News

There is food.

With the impact of a pandemic that greatly swelled the ranks of people who could not feed consistently for themselves and their families, Redwood Empire Food Bank brought a lot of food to be distributed free of charge.

One of the many drive-thru food sharing events took place Friday afternoon in the parking lot of a church on Piner Road.

Drivers wearing masks take turns heading to the distribution site behind Calvary Chapel The Rock. Well-protected food bank workers carry their luggage or backseat into a tasteful choice of high-quality food.

Most of the food comes from the federal government’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

Through that, the Ministry of Agriculture is trying to help farmers and ranchers who are struggling because of closing or reducing a large number of restaurants and hotels, and at the same time helping people in a financial crisis and unable to keep food on the table.

Redwood Empire Food Bank uses money donated by supporters to transport and distribute large quantities of food purchased by the USDA from producers.

People queuing on Friday receive cartons of fresh vegetables, large roast pork and a box of food that is not perishable. The Santa Rosa-based Redwood Empire Food Bank also distributed meat and dairy products provided by the federal aid program.


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638 people were illegally recruited in the federal government, the PM said | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan was informed on Tuesday that more than 600 people were appointed in various ministries, divisions, and federal government departments for violating established procedures.

The Prime Minister sought details of illegal recruitment in various ministries and 27 divisions and departments of the federal government after the authorities submitted a list of 638 people who were appointed for violating established procedures.

This was stated by Minister of Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz while briefing the media about the decision taken at a federal cabinet meeting held in Islamabad Tuesday with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair.

“The rest of the ministry has been directed to submit details of illegal recruitment within one week,” he said. He said action was being taken against illegal recruitment from August 2016 onwards.

Shibli Faraz said the cabinet had also formed a committee under the leadership of Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan to prepare a legal framework for outsourcing state airports so that they could be brought to the level of international standards.

The PM directs the permission of all media contributions circulating before Eid

He said all ministries had been given a one-week deadline to submit reports on illegal appointments in their respective ministries and departments. Cabinet meetings were also briefed on extraordinary contributions from media organizations. Meanwhile PM Imran khan directed ministries and departments to pay extraordinary contributions from media organizations before Eid.

The cabinet meeting also discussed issues relating to the handing over of airport management to the private sector and a special Committee had been designed to outsource the airport. All legal requirements regarding airport outsourcing will be completed by 30 June 2020.

The Minister of Information also said the federal cabinet discussed to improve the Telemetry System to ensure fair distribution of water between provinces according to their share. Responding to questions, the Minister said the commission’s inquiry report on the sugar scandal will be released soon.

Responding to other questions, he said the work of airport employees would be secured. He said the oppressed segment of society was a very important segment for the Prime Minister.

Answering the question, the Minister said Prime Minister Imran Khan would address the World Economic Forum tomorrow, via video link. He said Imran Khan would talk about his initiative to reduce global debt.

Syed Shibli Faraz said the cabinet had also approved the export of surplus protective equipment produced locally related to COVID-19. He said the cabinet also approved the appointment of public welfare attaches in various countries to facilitate Pakistanis overseas there.

The minister also said that members of the health care commission for Islamabad had also been completed.

Special packages are announced for residents who live near the control line.

Meanwhile, a special package was announced for the country’s agriculture sector adding that a subsidy of Rs. 37 billion was being made in fertilizer prices. The minister also said that nine billion rupees had been repaired to reduce agricultural loan debts. Rs2.3 billion rupees was set for cotton seed subsidies, said Info Minister. Rs6 billion has also been set for pesticides to secure cotton crops from pesticides, while Rs.2.5 billion has been allocated for tractor subsidies.

The PM promises Rs4 for every rupee donated at Covid-19 Relief Fund



Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday reiterated that the government had committed to donating Rs 4 for every rupee donated in the Ehsaas Emergency Money category to victims who lost their jobs under the PM Covid-19 Relief Fund.

In a tweet, the prime minister also referred to the ceremony of launching the disbursement of cash amounts among the first wave of victims yesterday where he met with recipients of Category IV Emergency Cash Ehsaas for workers who were laid off from work due to the coronavirus pandemic. “For every rupee donated, the government will give 4 more. Ehsaas data & transparency rules apply fully. The application was opened at https://ehsaaslabour.nadra.gov.pk/ehsaas/, “he further tweeted.


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Only the federal government carries out development projects in Karachi: PTI MNA | Instant News

The federal government, through funding provided to the MNA, has played a role in developing Karachi and completing stalled development projects over the past few years, Pakistani center leader Tehreek-e-Insaf Aftab Siddiqui said on Thursday.

Siddiqui, a member of the National Assembly, was speaking while inaugurating road construction work with MNA funds in the Line Area, which fell in his constituency.

PTI Karachi President and MPA Khurram Sher Zaman, MNA Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain, PTI leader Imran Siddiqui, Tauqeer Ahmed and others attended the occasion.

Siddiqui said the federal government had begun development work in the city by spending large funds for MNA. “Through federal government funds, dirty waterways and other schemes are being carried out on NA-247,” he said.

“The main problem in this city is the delay in the completion of development projects due to the inability of the Sindh government. We demand that the Sindh government complete the incomplete project as soon as possible, “he said.

He said Karachi was not given a proper portion of water. “The Mayor must be given power so he can do whatever he wants,” he said.

MPA Zaman said all promises made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to Karachi were being fulfilled. “The Pakistan People’s Party provincial government has destroyed Karachi. It can’t even give birth in rural Sindh, “he said.

He claimed that all development work in Karachi was being carried out by the federal government at this time. A big water crisis is happening in the city and OPD is closed in hospitals, he added. “Where will the patient go for treatment? The maternity center was also closed, “he said.

MAN said that around 750 billion rupees had been spent on the health sector in the past 12 years in Sindh, but “even anti-rabies vaccines are not available in Larkana and other government hospitals in the province”.

“We will ask the chief minister and the minister of health about the health system and funds,” he said.

MNA Hussain said the Prime Minister “Imran Khan’s army can be seen not only on TV but also working on the street”.

He said the provincial government had failed to load a “coronavirus with a second wave coming to the province”.

Then, Siddiqui and Zaman distributed rations in the No. Orangi Town area. 14. On that occasion, Zaman said that the people of Orangi City had chosen PTI in large numbers.

“Various efforts are being made to overcome their problems based on priorities. The biggest problem here is the provision of water that we will soon finish, “promised Zaman.

Vowing to solve the problem of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) to the Bihari community who live in the city, Siddiqui said his government had planned to resolve this problem permanently.

“To resolve their problem, Nadra will immediately contact the authorities and send van Nadra to their area,” he said.


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NAB now follows federal minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: NAB has now begun following the Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan. Additional Director (Staff) for NAB Director General Muhammad Saleem Ahmad Khan recently wrote to the Rawalpindi Administration to provide details about the characteristics of the federal minister and his family.

According to the letter, NAB is currently in the process of verifying complaints against Ghulam Sarwar Khan. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Rawalpindi, has been asked to provide “records relating to agriculture, residential / commercial property / land / plots, bought / owned / sold” on behalf of Ghulam Sarwar Khan and his family members.

The “secret” letter also contained the names of five family ministers along with their identification card numbers. The Rawalpindi Administration has been notified to provide the necessary information through Patwari to the Investigation Officer, NAB Rawalpindi.

This development will disappoint the Imran Khan government, which has been told that the NAB is also gathering some information about Punjab senior minister Aleem Khan, who was imprisoned by the Bureau and recently returned to the provincial cabinet. Aleem Khan spent several months in prison and was released on bail by the LHC.

Although at the federal level, some PTI leaders and even ministers are in the focus of the NAB, the Bureau has so far shown restraints to arrest anyone of them. Opposition parties complain that the NAB saved government ministers and ruling party leaders while targeting opposition party leaders by involving them in wrong cases. The opposition also alleged that there was a relationship between the government and NAV.

However, the fact is that NAB has opened files of alleged corruption against several ruling party leaders and ministers. In general, politicians, bureaucracy and the media question the credibility of the NAV and its work, but the Bureau claims that it works on merit and according to the law.

NAB also conflicts with being used for political victimization. The superior judiciary in some of its observations and orders also stated its disbelief in the work of the NAB and even spoke of the alleged use of institutions for political engineering.

In fact, there are many in the PTI government who express their objections to the work of NAV. It is feared that if the NAB law is not amended, the Bureau might be used one day against the Imran Khan government.

Lately, government coalition partners, including PML-Q leaders, have criticized NAB for opening decades of investigation into Chaudhrys from Gujrat. Not only did the PML-Q leadership approach the LHC against the alleged abuse of NAB power, but they also asked their senior government partner – PTI – about who used the NAB to fight them.


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Passengers in Switzerland get compensation for train delays, cancellations | Instant News

(MENAFN – Swissinfo) Passengers in Switzerland receive compensation for train delays, cancellations

May 13 2020 – 18:45

The federal government on Wednesday adopted legal provisions allowing travelers to seek a partial refund of full payments for disrupted train and bus trips in the country.

Starting in 2021, delays in public transportation lasting more than one hour will be subject to at least a partial refund of the ticket price. The minimum return is set at CHF5 ($ 5). At present the transportation company is not obliged to compensate passengers for extended delays. Under the new provisions, passengers who cannot complete their trip due to delays or cancellations will have several options, including canceling their trip before departure and receiving a full refund. Depending on the situation, compensation will range from a minimum of 25% of the ticket value for a one hour delay to a minimum of 50% for a two hour delay. Refunds will be paid within 30 days, even in the case of force majeure, such as a landslide.

For delays lasting more than 60 minutes, the transportation company must offer passengers’ drinks and food if possible. They must also notify passengers if there are delays or cancellations and provide information or complaint services.

Travel pass holders will also be entitled to compensation in conditions that will be determined by the company.

The new federal provisions carry passenger rights in Switzerland in accordance with European Union regulations.

More money for railroad infrastructure

Also on Wednesday the government decided to give the railroad companies in the country a total of CHF14.4 billion for infrastructure improvements between 2021 and 2024. That was CHF1.2 billion more than that provided in the previous period. Nearly half of this amount will be used for the Swiss Federal Railroad. The funds will include work on railroad and access lines, bridges and tunnels, safety installations and environmental protection measures.



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Deutsche Telekom: Big deal for T-Systems in Switzerland | Instant News

  • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) outsourcing development and operations

  • T-Systems Multimedia Solutions supports the SBB application itself

  • The contract is worth around 170 million euros in ten years

T-Systems has received orders from Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) worth around 170 million euros.

T-Systems has received a major order from Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) for application development and operations services. The contract will run for ten years. A subsidiary of T-Systems, Multimedia Solutions develops and operates software for SBB. Among them: Web and cloud applications, cellular applications and geographic information systems. The contract is worth around EUR 170 million or 180 million Swiss francs.

“Digitalization is the answer to many challenges in public transportation, both local and long distance,” said Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems. “Customers expect more, costs increase. In return, public funds and personnel are becoming increasingly scarce. We are happy to accompany SBB on its journey to future mobility ‘.

For this purpose, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions is establishing a new department in Dresden with around 100 employees. Specifically, they will manage applications in sales and service systems aimed at customers and partners. For this purpose, experts will take over existing applications or develop them from scratch. Management consultants from the T-Systems subsidiary of Detecon Switzerland will support the project on location in Bern from a strategic perspective. The first project will start in the summer.

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen AG, in short SBB, is a Swiss national railroad company. With around 32,000 employees, the group has a turnover of 9.65 billion Swiss francs by 2018.

About Deutsche Telekom: Company Profile
About T-Systems: T-Systems at a glance
About T-Systems Multimedia Solutions: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions company profile


Deutsche Telekom AG published this content on May 13, 2020 and is fully responsible for the information contained therein. Distributed by the Public, not edited and not modified, on May 13 2020 10:14:07 UTC


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The Federal Cabinet agreed to further ease locking restrictions – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when May 05, 2020 7:06 a.m.

PM, cabinet member, minister to donate their one month salary to the Corona PM Relief Fund

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The Federal Cabinet on Tuesday agreed to ease restrictions.

The decision was made during a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad.

It was also decided that the prime minister and members of his cabinet, including all federal ministers, chief advisers and special assistants, would contribute their one-month salary to the PM Corona Relief Fund.

Then, while briefing the media in Islamabad about the decision taken at a cabinet meeting, Information Minister Shibli Faraz said that the National Coordinating Committee meeting will be held in Islamabad tomorrow to take decisions regarding relaxation in locking after Saturday.

He said the four ministers would attend the meeting to discuss the next strategy.

The minister said the cabinet decided to donate one month’s salary to the Prime Minister’s Aid Fund for COVID-19, adding that the movement had been carried out given the usual situation and the difficulties faced by the people.

The cabinet allows the export of hand-made domestics. Shibli Faraz said Planning Minister Asad Umar gave a comprehensive presentation to the cabinet regarding the COVID-19 situation in the country.

Shibli Faraz said relaxation in locking would still require people to take precautions. He said the war against the corona pandemic could only be won by staying at home.

He said the Prime Minister listened to the advice given by various cabinet members.

The Information Minister said the prime minister wanted the election process to be transparent and trusted by people. To ensure this, the Ministry of Law has been directed to prepare a report on the holding of elections on transparency.

The prime minister directs the Interior Ministry to take steps to improve the situation of the police station.

Shibli Faraz went on to say that the cabinet discussed the issue of banning imports of goods from India, except for life-saving medicines, adding that PM Imran was directed to ensure that there were no violations of this ban.

The forum also gave its approval for the restoration of the National Commission for Minorities.

Coronavirus case, death in Pakistan

Pakistan has reported 24 more deaths than new coronavirus because the number of deaths in the country has reached 486.

The national COVID-19 count of patients jumped to 21,501 while 1,315 cases were reported within 24 hours.

According to the latest figures by the National Command and Operations Center, Sindh remains the worst-hit pandemic province followed by Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

To date 8,103 corona virus cases have been confirmed in Punjab, 7,882 in Sindh, 3,288 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 1,321 in Balochistan, 464 in Islamabad, 372 in Gilgit-Baltistan, and 71 in Azad Kashmir.

The number of patients recovering from Coronavirus now is 5782.


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