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Building Legacy and Creating Icons in Fashion and Beauty | Instant News

British Vogue May 2021 Covers

British Vogue May 2021 Covers
Photo: Mikael Jansson

Long before she became a world famous actress, something was taken from the woman we know for a long time as “Thandie Newton” –– “W” in her name. It started when he was in school and continued when his name was misprinted in the credits of his debut role, Seduction; now, he took it back. “That’s my name. It has always been my name. I’ll take mine back,” he said recently Glamor magazine.

From Beloved to Mission Impossible to Westworld, Newton has endowed screens with elegance, poise, and great talent for decades – and has also graced the cover of British Vogue This May. There, he also pondered over his name, correctly spelled “Thandiwe,” and its meaning, the legacy and story behind the fall of “W.”.

English red thread Vogue The May issue is “legacy”, and Newton blessed not one, but two covers. Customer cover found her bathed in red light and perched cautiously on a bench, wearing a gleaming bow top and ruffled miniskirt by Isabel Marant and a pair of fine woven Messika bracelets. Her long nails and long hair were styled to complete the smoky and sultry look of the shoot.

Another legacy precious moment? Newton was the first to wear it Kim Jones’s debut fendi couture collection on the cover. Black silk cady dress featured a pearl embroidered bodice, macramé sleeves and micro beaded detail around the waist. The dress’s side panel features a dainty floral wreath inspired by past women who inspired Fendi’s spring / summer 2021 haute couture collection.

Newton reflected on her acting past and the psychological impact it had as a young black woman in the industry. She explained that she started her career in dancing, often being ignored and neglected by her peers and instructors because of her skin but after a back injury thwarted her career, Newton turned to acting. “I can’t wait to get away from myself, really, I have low self-esteem. Acting is where I feel whole, ” he revealed.

After struggling for four years in an early and abusive relationship with Australian director John Duigan, recovering from an eating disorder and while continuing to act and earn titles, Newton found his light and voice. In addition to being a prominent actress and a mother, Newton has earned the nickname “icon” and continues to build on her legacy as a staunch force against sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood. Prior to the #metoo and Time’s Up movements, she “challenged the great wall of silence” surrounding sexual violence in the industry and beyond. His daughter, Nico, has been acting for four years, most recently taking the lead at Disney Dumbo. “I go to every shoot with him,” Newton said. “[I}f there was an issue with a photographer, if there was inappropriate language, I was on it, didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought.”


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The Biggest Runway Removal in Fashion History | Instant News

As the couture runway runs through the week, we feel inclined to revisit history and compile a short list of catwalks that don’t necessarily make for the nimble ambulation our models are accustomed to. Even the most grandiose of steps, and the most skillful of steps can overcome mistakes. Check out this as a cautionary warning because this week has just ended, we hope the Prada Spring / Summer 2009 show scene will stay in the beginning, and that their entire catwalker roster has taken some time to recover.


Naomi Campbell, Vivienne Westwood Fall 1993

Dating furthest back on our list, Naomi pioneered the path for fellow modeling, and showed all of us no downsides we couldn’t go back.


Catherine Loewe, Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2015

Loewe reappeared four times after missing a move or two. In a Gaultier outfit, it could always be worse.


Karen Elson, Zac Posen Fall 2008

With a clever trick, Elson closed the show with an unforgettable spill under the mound of tulle, and walked unscathed.


Bella Hadid, Michael Kors Spring 2017

Almost gliding flawlessly down the runway, young Bella Hadid regained her pace with the elegance and ease of a true showstopper.


Abbey Lee, Rodarte Spring 2009

While Abbey has had some graceful runway moments, Rodarte’s 2009 departure included a quick spill in the middle of the Spring / Summer microdress.


Tiiu Kuik, Oscar Fall 2004

Oscar de la Renta should think twice about furry trouser hems.


Lindsey Wixson, Versace Spring 2012

Dressed in supernal silk recedes and golden frivolity not often seen on Versace runways, Wixson drowns it all in one fell swoop.


Karlie Kloss, Fendi Spring 2011

Barely injured, Kloss closed the catwalk in a dive, adding a dash of vibes to Spring 2011.


Candace Swanepoel, Givenchy Spring 2016

The collective responsibility of the vanguard for Candace’s downfall must truly be a prerequisite for occupying the coveted seat.


The Entire Roster, Prada Spring 2009

Hard to look at, Muiccia Prada took the heist on a wooden sole that was probably better left in the box.


Caida Ming Xi, 2017 Victoria’s Secret Show

Even angels fall sometimes but that doesn’t take away from its beauty.


Kamila Wawrzyniak, Vivienne Westwood Fall 2006

Years later, we are once again reminded of Naomi Campbell’s iconic runway crashing onto the same catwalk.


Nina Porter, Burberry Fall 2010

Sometimes being in a model’s “shoes” is not as smooth as it seems.


Jessica Stam, Chloe Fall 2006

Jessica Stam made it out of this very painful episode with a smile.

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How Fashion Celebrates the Year of the Ox in 2021 | Instant News

2021 Lunar New Year will begin on February 12, marking the start of the Year of the Cow. Chinese urban myth has it that those born in a certain zodiac year must wear red to ward off bad luck every day of Chinese New Year, believing that they will face more problems than usual in their zodiac year of birth.


In FendiThe Lunar capsule, comfortable RTW staple pieces such as cardigan, twilled jersey and knitwear, all printed in red and pink, embellished with the emblem of The FF in red and black. And Maison’s signature accessories are filled with cheerful cherry blossom prints at RedPink, with variants on standout pieces such as Peekaboo, Baguette, hairpins, and even mask covers. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE

Nicholas Kirkwood

Photography: Hugo Comte

Chinese New Year Capsules with Andy Warhol? Footwear maestro Nicholas Kirkwood make it happen but with a whimsical twist on minimal parties. Featuring two of the brand’s signature styles – Casati Combat Boot and Beya Loafer – each pair is covered in an animated monogram of the artist’s legendary cow motif. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE


Ugg go to the flower path for Chinese New Year. Some of the brand’s signature styles include the Classic Mini Boot and Ansley Slipper embroidered with cherry blossoms while soaked in softer reds and pinks, and the brand’s Reverie track set now wears a festive, symbolic red canvas. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE


MCM Get into the bull action while celebrating the auspicious Red prism in all parts, with a special addition of an adorable cow mascot combined for charm. Desired items such as shoulder bags, multi-purpose backpacks, crossbodies and all kinds of leather goods boast the classic Visetos MCM now available in Viva Red. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE


With denim at its core, Diesel ‘Capsule s combines athletic wear and techno music, featuring university jackets, hoodies, tees and an array of accessories covered in bold patterns, woven with various bull zodiac motifs, especially in the inscription “BRAVE CNY 2021”. The “worn” abrasive effect and skin patches of the visible Buffalo icon light up the collection. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE


KOIO decided to present us with a Capri Lunar New Year staple with his laser-embossed bestselling shoe with a super kawaii animated graphic of a zodiac baby cow on the heel. Its tongue is accented bright red and its hand-painted edges complement the luxurious white leather shoes. SHOP HERE


GucciThe CNY capsule is Doraemon’s fantasy come true. The cult manga character, now disguised as an ox, is the centerpiece featured in every RTW collection and accessories, often over the backdrop of the GG logo. The new GG monogram starring Doraemon in full screen takes on challenges ranging from shoes, bags, hats, to small leather goods, all decorated with red leather details. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE


Get red dye for a bold hue of red in almost anything here Nanushka a collection of gorgeous gorgeous silhouettes and sparkling textiles: satin-clad skirts, dresses, and tops, blazers, and shirts that glow in vegan leather – not to mention oversized sweaters and heavy puffer jackets. Time to get RED for shit. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE


A line of sporty differences enhanced with the latest Versace-amplified prints include Medusa-shaped LPs. Standout pieces include a gold-black (literally lunar) wrapped half moon bag, and an exclusive edition of Ilus sneakers wrapped in a reinforced monogram. A lively pastel trail also finds its way onto the track set, exuding a playful and upbeat flair. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE

Salvatore Ferragamo

The Italian leather brand reinterprets the tale of the Cow arriving second at the imperial court to buy women’s flats, bow bags and satin scarves. For men, Ferragamo keeps classic embossed Gancini leather in black and gold, appearing on sneakers, loafers, and wallets. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE

Photo courtesy of brand

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Archetypes of clothing are so long, personal styles are here to stay | Instant News

TikTok also provides space to promote body positivity, racial awareness, and gender fluid style community. Popular accounts of this kind include Denise Mercedes, Gabi Gregg, Sir Carter, and others. After many top brands were criticized via social media last summer for a lack of diversity in staff, models and customers, it’s no surprise that this more progressive fashion account will garner a large following. Today’s customers, especially Generation Z, are embracing their personal identities and expect designers to do the same. This makes the ideal “man” or “woman” print ineffective. Today’s consumers of fashion may not even identify as male or female. And with platforms like Pinterest and a community of TikTok cultivators empowered by reaching out to their own wardrobes to develop flavors personal style or even design it yourself, the brand has to stretch to survive.

Beyond the seasonal men’s and women’s clothing collections that are featured during fashion month, designers are expanding their offerings to suit the fashion tastes of a wider audience. With a capsule collection, brand collaboration, and diffusion lines, high-end fashion labels create a fashion ecosystem so everyone can find a style that suits them. Even with these commercial successes, however, there has been a move to the center of diverse narratives, rather than encapsulating them in one-time collections.

So it’s clear why Kean Etro the latest menswear show presented a future realities of self-adjusting customers. And why Silvia Fendi believes the future of design will be based on capturing a variety of personalities. They take a longer look at their audience and direct their call to be more inclusive. This is to hope each brand doesn’t follow the appropriate steps.


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Demi Moore hits the Fendi runway at Paris Fashion Week | Instant News

From Hollywood to haute couture.

On Wednesday, Demi Moore surprised the Paris Fashion Week crowd with a catwalk cameo during Fendi’s Spring 2021 show.

That 58 year old actress opened the presentation with a dangling shoulder jacket and matching wide leg pants, along with a pair of geometric earrings that make a serious statement.

While the actress “Ghost” featured with mesh and lace during last fall’s Savage X Fenty Rihanna fashion show, the Fendi show marked her runway debut.

The presentation in Paris was also a first for Kim Jones, Fendi’s recently appointed artistic director of womenswear says British Vogue Her debut collection is, in part, a tribute to “strong women, smart women, who know what they’re doing in their lives.”

This is not the first time Moore has collaborated with Jones; She also posed for portrait books in 2019 wearing her design suit.

The actress was good friends on the Fendi catwalk, as supermodels including Naomi Campbell, Cara Delevingne and Christy Turlington also took part in the show.

Kate Moss, 47, and Lila Moss, 18, appeared as mother-daughter at the Fendi show.
Kate Moss, 47, and Lila Moss, 18, appeared as mother-daughter at the Fendi show.
AFP via Getty Images

Kate Moss and her 18 year old daughter Lila also appeared on the star-studded runway, marking the younger ‘Moss’. second fashion show appearance.

“What I love most about Kim is her ability to take the family with her wherever she goes,” British model Adwoa Aboah told Vogue UK about casting options. “He keeps so many people around him – artists, musicians, young people, everyone – which is why his work continues to be so relevant.”


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