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The multi-million dollar master returns to South Australia | Instant News

South Australian Tourism Commission

In another coup for the state, South Australia has secured the rights to host the 2023 Australian Masters Games – attracting participants from around the world for an eight-day sports festival that is expected to inject more than $ 12 million into the state’s economy.

More than 70 venues across the state will host some 45 sports and 9,000 athletes, providing a boost to local businesses.

AMG is Australia’s largest multi-sport participating event. South Australia has hosted the event seven times since 1989. The State Government, through the South Australian Tourism Commission, is the main sponsor of AMG 2019.

“This event has previously yielded good results for South Australia, with the 2019 Olympics providing an economic gain of $ 11.9 million for our state, and bringing thousands of competitors to South Australia,” the Prime Minister said.

“This is yet another event that will put our state on the map globally, and showcase all that South Australia has to offer.

“This game will also provide a much needed boost to local businesses, inject millions of people into the economy and support our recovery from the global Corona virus pandemic.

“Nearly 70 percent of AMG 2019 attendees come from states and abroad, with competitors coming from all states and territories. We also have participants from 25 countries, and even though it is still a few years away, we hope to keep attracting visitors from abroad. “

AMG provides sports competitions and social interactions for people over the age of 30. AMG is open to anyone who meets the age requirements for the sport of their choice.

It does not impose qualification standards, with the aim of encouraging life-long participation in the sport. In addition to a busy sports schedule, the Olympic program includes a wide range of social events, providing a festival and lively atmosphere for Adelaide competitors and visitors.

“We know the participants come here to have fun competing, playing on team sports, or eyeing PB in their sport of choice, but they both like to get out and explore roadside bars, wineries, restaurants, and exciting outdoor activities. fun. “

The president of AMG event owner, Confederation of Australian Sport, Mr Rob Bradley said he was thrilled that Adelaide was hosting the 2023 Australian Masters Games.

“South Australia has hosted AMG more often than any other state and is arguably the spiritual home of Masters Sport in our country,” he said.

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Workers urged not to travel during Spring Festival to stop virus spread | Instant News

Residents remain at home for quarantine in a medium-risk community in Chengdu, Sichuan province, December 10, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua]

Supportive policies have been rolled out to encourage employees to stay in the city they work in for the Spring Festival holidays, in an effort to avoid the rush to travel and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Some cities are also encouraging employees to continue working during the holidays from February 11 to 17 and to avoid traveling to their hometowns to help their businesses meet their production goals. Incentives include payment of overtime and subsidies for remaining employees who work during the holidays, free food and accommodation, free tickets to local tourist sites and organized vacations for another time of the year. During the annual Spring Festival travel rush, which begins January 28 and ends March 8, the country experiences the world’s largest human migration as people travel to their hometowns for meetings of the family. Chinese railways are expected to carry 407 million passengers during the However, people are starting to reconsider their travel plans due to recent cases of the coronavirus. Hebei Province said on Sunday it had nearly 400 patients with COVID-19 and asymptomatic carriers. Many local governments issued notices last week, calling on people not to take “unnecessary” trips to their hometowns to avoid the spread of the virus. Some cities have advocated family reunion dinners of less than 10 people and urged that greetings be sent online or over the phone. Cold chain workers import food industry, where there have been a number of infections, have been encouraged to report their plans in advance. Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, told a press conference on Saturday advising people to stay in their work city and reduce travel for the holidays as a precaution against the spread. virus. He also encouraged staggered travel periods and said people should shop online if possible. Public events such as conferences should limit the number of participants, while large holiday gatherings such as scenic tours should limit and control the flow of people, he added. Working Overtime Zhejiang province issued a notice on Thursday, urging cities and businesses to encourage employees to stay at work during the holidays in order to stabilize production and help improve the economy this year. Companies can offer grants, improve catering conditions, and organize short cultural tours to encourage non-local employees to stay in the cities in which they work. She also urged companies with large orders to increase production in the first quarter, so that employees have enough work during the holidays. Han Jilin is the production manager of Ningbo Xiasha Precision Manufacturing Co, a gear manufacturer from Zhejiang. He decided to stay in Ningbo for the Spring Festival because the number of orders this year is higher than last year. “A series of welfare and stimulus policies provided by our company also made me stay,” said Han, who is from Yanbian, Jilin Province. He had originally planned to return to his hometown to visit his parents over the holidays, but staff shortages and uncertainty about preventing the outbreak forced him to cancel his travel plans. The company, located in Zhenhai District in Ningbo, has more than 800 employees, including 560 outside the city. As of Sunday, nearly 500 employees decided to stay in Ningbo during the Spring Festival holidays. “Each employee who chooses to stay for the holidays will receive a grant of 1,000 yuan ($ 154),” said company general manager Xia Ting, who added that returning home after the travel rush was also encouraged and that the company would pay for their travel costs. Many companies offer similar policies. The Ningbo Economics and Information Technology Bureau said that since many companies in the city have a large number of foreign trade orders to fill, a closure during the Spring Festival would result in huge losses of business. income. “The measures to encourage workers to stay in the factory during the Spring Festival are aimed at maintaining production capacity after the holidays,” said Wu Huaquan, director of human resources department of Dongguan Sumida (Taiping) Electric Co , Guangdong province. Sales of the Dongguan-based company – invested by Sumida Group, a global manufacturer of high-quality inductive components and modules – rebounded sharply in the second half of last year, Wu said. Workers staying in Dongguan during the Spring Festival will each receive 900 yuan in subsidies, with an additional 100 yuan per day to work during the holidays, Wu said. Nearly 30% of the company’s workers will return to their hometowns for family reunions during the holidays, according to the company. “Encouraging workers to stay in Dongguan will help reduce the flow of passengers during the holidays, which is of great importance in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic,” Wu said.

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Norman Medieval Fair to pair a food truck with virtual entertainment | News | Instant News

NORMAN – An annual living history exhibition celebrating medieval and renaissance culture through shows, craftsmen and games will be virtual this year, except for food.

The Medieval Exhibition Department will host its annual event nearly April 9-11 at Reaves Park, with a must-bring food event on the same weekend as the virtual Medieval Fair.

MFD made the decision in December to include a food truck event to pair with a virtual event, which will include artists, art exhibitions and musical performances.

The Medieval Fair has been an annual event for more than four decades. After last year’s exhibition was canceled, the department started work on planning the 2021 event.

During that time, Ann Eckart, Coordinator of the Department of Medieval Fair, said that various forms of drawn and painted art, digital art and photography had been displayed.

Eckart said they plan to feature multiple sketches at the event, which are small script that captures a specific time period.

“We have a little bit of everything,” said Eckart. “Some of them have strong Celtic talent, some of them are strong fantasies, and some of them are realistic. Medieval exhibitions were much to many people, and the art was very diverse. “

The exhibition stream will be a combination of pre-recorded events and live broadcasts of various performers, many of whom have provided entertainment in previous years.

To host ready-to-eat events during the pandemic, Eckart said participants will be asked to follow the COVID-19 protocol, including wearing masks and social distancing.

“We have a lot of local artists, but we also have several artists from all over the country,” said Eckart. “We look forward to showing some videos from our jousters and from bands like Tullamore and Brizeus.”

Eckart said the department plans to show videos of craftsmen making their wares, such as potter on wheels and blacksmiths in workshops.

“Two of our groups who are strong advocates of the content at the exhibition – the Arthurian Order of Avalon and the Society for Creative Anachronism – are brainstorming to see what kind of educational entertainment they can provide us,” said Eckart.

Although Medieval Fair will provide virtual entertainment, the absence of face-to-face parties for this year’s event means Norman’s income is reduced.

Dan Schemm, executive director of VisitNorman, said the Norman Medieval Exposition was Oklahoma’s third-largest event and the state’s biggest weekend event.

Schemm said the festival typically attracts an average of more than 240,000 visitors and generates about $ 4 million in direct sales for restaurants, shops and gas stations.

According to the Economic Impact Calculator report, the event generated over $ 193,000 in local taxes.

Eckart said it was important to host ready-to-eat events whenever possible because many people came to the fair for food.

For more information, visit facebook.com/MedievalFair.


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Aditi Rao Hydari wearing a red organza silk sari is the fashion hero of the week to freshen up the festive inspiration – fashion and trends | Instant News

Always the person we fall in love with the elegance of fashion and easy royal appearance, Aditi Rao Hydari once again making heads turn as she refines this timeless beauty and the season of marriage in a red organza silk sari. It turns out to be our fashion hero this week, the Padmaavat refreshing festive inspiration from the actor looking smart and sophisticated and that’s all we needed to put the winter gloom aside.

In the photos that have now gone viral, Aditi is seen channeling her desi vibes while stunned by the six yards elegance. Dressed in a raw mango ‘Hazari’ silk sari in red, the Bollywood actor paired it with a multi-colored ‘Bilal’ Varanasi silk blouse inspired by the lines seen on the ‘Jamawar’ scarf.

The red saree features tiny floral butis embroidered through the intricate ‘Aari’ and ‘Zardozi’ shapes. Accessing her appearance with her Kishandas & Co. heritage jewelery, Aditi is seen wearing a pair of kundan earrings and a kundan necklace, both of which are studded with uncut diamonds, polka dots, and emeralds.

While pulling her slender hair half in a low bun decorated with red roses, Aditi is wearing nude lipstick, flushed cheeks, lashes full of mascara, and filled brows. She completes the elegant ethnic look with a little black bindi and we can’t take our eyes off the fashionistas while waiting to recreate the look.

As usual, Aditi was arranged by Sanam Ratansi. With her classy looks, Aditi has often proven to be the epitome of beauty and elegance, be it in relaxed boho-chic looks, royal satin silk garments or festive gharara and other ethnic ensembles.

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Festival drug warning: Testing group says MDMA replaces ‘dangerous’ catinones | Instant News

Summer festival attendees are warned about a growing number of “very dangerous” substitutes at MDMA being tested.

Know Your Stuff has reported in drug-screening clinics over the past few months an increased incidence of what people thought would be pure MDMA, either turning out to be just a catinone or just enough MDMA to “cheat” the test.

Synthetic catinones, also known colloquially as “bath salts”, have a euphoric onset similar to MDMA but wear off more quickly causing people to reduce them, having problems.

But other effects are stronger, and can cause anxiety, paranoia, stomach upset, seizures, or respiratory failure.

Mephedrone, the common cathinone here, has been linked to a number of deaths in the UK and Europe.

The discovery comes after the toxic industrial chemical methylenedianiline was discovered this month and sold at MDMA’s Auckland premises.

Know Your Stuff warns that the chemical has been linked to several cases of poisoning in Auckland where patients suffered liver damage.

Cathinones are a family of stimulants that are often sold as replacements for MDMA.

Know Your Stuff deputy manager, Dr Jez Weston, said it was likely used as MDMA simply because it was available on the black market.

They have found replacements in precise testing across the country, and they’ve seen more than last year, said Weston.

They found catinones in pill and crystal form.

The more common ones found in New Zealand include N-ethyl pentylone, mephedrone and eutylone.

Occasionally methylone, mexedron, 4-methylmethcathinone, MDPV, and Alpha-PVP have also been found.

Cathinones are usually stronger than MDMA, so what people perceive as a manageable amount can be dangerous.

The catinone effects last between two and five hours, but the side effects – including difficulty sleeping – generally stay on your body for between six and 24 hours.

Reducing it will prolong this side effect.

One person who thought they had weak MDMA and took multiple doses experienced what they called “48 hours of hell” of what turned out to be eutylone.

There’s no way to clearly differentiate, and Know Your Stuff recommends that people visit their testing site whenever possible, or buy their own testing reagent.

“Cathinones are very dangerous, and we’d rather see you regularly in a summer screening tent after summer than in a hospital once,” said Weston.

“We will be busy this summer at festivals across the country and hope to be more open and public about what we are doing.”

Pill testing laws

Health Minister Andrew Little’s Drug and Substance Checking Bill was passed earlier this month.

The bill amends two laws – the Drug Abuse Act and the Psychoactive Substances Act to allow people to take drug tests at festivals without charge and allow event organizers to host testers.

The bill will automatically expire in 12 months, with Little committing to bringing in permanent changes that will go through a full parliamentary process before then.

The legal change came too late to allow Know Your Stuff to test our summer festival effectively.

Wendy Allison told RNZ that there wasn’t enough time to import the specialist spectrometer equipment needed to test at all the festivals.

The organization only has three sets of equipment, meaning they can only attend three festivals at once, Allison said.

“There are more events than happened, especially around the New Year period.”

He said there were other spectrometers in New Zealand, but they were hidden in the laboratory.

“The ability to cut all that bureaucracy in the time we have will be very limited.”

The spectrometer was manufactured in Germany, and took six weeks to arrive when the organization ordered it last year.

“That is of course before Covid and not during the holiday season. So I predict, if we order spectrometers tomorrow, they will arrive as early as February.”

Allison did not blame the Government for the delay in the law, instead putting it to outside influences such as Covid-19 and other political parties that opposed last year’s law.

He said the law would help improve the services they could offer, as it allowed volunteers to handle the substance, making it more efficient.

Prior to the law, the group had to instruct festivalgoers to test the drug themselves, fearing that volunteers would risk prosecution if they handled the substance.

“This is not a total wash. We are limited in the number of events we can attend, but we will be able to help more people at the event.”


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