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Boxing: Joseph Parker retaliated after taunts from heavyweight rivals | Instant News


The two fighters Joseph Parker hoped to next publicly mocked him after his defeat to Junior Fa at the weekend, but the Kiwi heavyweight suffered nothing.

Parker, the WBO number three fighter, beat the Fa by unanimous decision on Saturday night, even though many viewers thought the Fa deserved more points than the jury eventually awarded him.

The fact that the fight went so far, after Parker’s team admitted before the match they needed an early knock-out to make a statement, has opened New Zealand’s top heavyweights to criticism. And it is the potential opponents who score the goals first.

Even before Saturday’s bout, Parker was eyeing Derek Chisora ​​and the winner of the title fight while Oleksandr Usyk and Joe Joyce WBO are believed to be scheduled for later this year.

“I’m open to fighting anyone,” Parker told Sky Sports News. “But with talks from my promoters, Eddie Hearn and Matchroom and with [manager] David Higgins, they’ve got a clear path for me this year.

“Take care of Junior, then against Chisora, then against the winners Usyk and Joyce.”

Looking at Chisora’s social media accounts, this ever-present British competitor is in no way constrained by prospects.

Post on Twitter immediately after the end of the fight, Chisora ​​posted a photo of herself and Parker as well as their career statistics; however Parker’s head has been replaced with a chicken and the hashtag #chisoravchicken has been posted on the side.

Derek Chisora ​​takes down the provocative Joseph Parker.  Photo / Twitter
Derek Chisora ​​takes down the provocative Joseph Parker. Photo / Twitter

Chisora ​​confirmed with Sky Sports UK that the two sides are in discussions to fight and that he is not at all impressed with the Auckland game.

“The fighting is not good,” said Chisora. “The simple reason is they don’t train much. They are not fit, they are not training hard enough. There is no fear factor for either of them.”

As soon as Parker saw Chisora’s post, he immediately replied; labeled the British as “donkeys” afraid to fight outside Great Britain, let alone New Zealand.

“Come to NZ if you think you’ve got what a donkey needs. I’ll get this done anywhere,” Parker wrote on Twitter as he tagged his manager David Higgins, British promoter Eddie Hearn and Chisora ​​promoter, David Haye.

This isn’t the first time Parker and Chisora ​​have exchanged verbal blows. In 2019 Parker promised to send Chisora ​​into retirement with a knockout defeat in front of his London supporters – if he ever gets another chance.

“I told him beforehand that I would retire him and I would be his last fight. Locked in the fight, I will put on a good show. He will get the money he wants, but I will make him retire. He has a good career,” said Parker. to Sky Sports UK at the time.

Meanwhile, Joyce also took to Twitter after watching the Parker-Fa fight to say she wasn’t threatened by what she saw either.

“Either of the two, it doesn’t matter,” he wrote.

For Parker, Chisora ​​will now likely be the first of those fighters in a hugely popular bout in London where both fighters have huge fan bases, and then, perhaps, a mandatory challenge to the WBO belt he once held against Joyce, or Usyk.


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UFC: Dispute between Rugby and UFC New Zealand over image of silver fern deemed a ‘miscommunication’ | Instant News


Eugene Bareman and Israel Adesanya speak to the media. Photos / Photosport

The dispute between UFC and New Zealand Rugby over the use of silver fern in Kiwi fighters kits has been resolved quickly, with miscommunication at its heart.

Eugene Bareman, who coaches six UFC fighters including Israeli middleweight champion Adesanya at City Kickboxing in Auckland, said the UFC had been contacted over trademark issues surrounding the use of a silver fern design that appeared on UFC fighters’ pre-fight sleeves and hoodies.

“The UFC banned us from using silver ferns because they had been contacted by the All Blacks and asked not to use them because they had a trademark,” said Bareman.

“The UFC called me and said we were changing the symbol,” said Bareman. “They said ‘how are you, Eugene?’ It’s a great day, we’ll just change the symbol on your sleeve that you wear to battle ‘.

“We wear it on our uniform, we wear it with great pride, and it doesn’t matter whether you were born in Nigeria or Samoa, no matter where you are from.

“This is very important to us. It is something we represent.”

Rugby New Zealand denied the claims in a brief statement, saying they had no contact with the UFC regarding the use of the logo, while representatives from All Blacks contacted City Kickboxing to clear things up after Bareman and UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya commented on the matter.

There has been a dispute over the image of the silver fern being used in battle gear by the UFC.  Photo / Getty Images
There has been a dispute over the image of the silver fern being used in battle gear by the UFC. Photo / Getty Images

The matter was quickly resolved, with City Kickboxing releasing another statement in the afternoon.

“The problem has been resolved,” the statement confirmed. “All Blacks management were contacted this afternoon to let them know that no one on their legal or management team has had any contact with the UFC.

“It appears there has been a miscommunication between the UFC and the attorney from the same law firm that safeguarded the All Blacks trademark rights.

“The All Blacks have been very friendly in this situation and assured us that they are very supportive of our UFC New Zealand team and other New Zealand sports teams that go abroad and that is exciting for us.

“We also want to reiterate that we are staunch supporters of the All Blacks and what they are doing for our country.

“We are pleased to say that we will walk into the stables as proud Kiwis with silver ferns on our shoulders, as we have for the last five years.”

Bareman has previously acknowledged that the image the UFC used was probably a copy and paste of the All Blacks, but said if that was the case, the image could be redesigned rather than replaced.

The timing of the complaint is odd, considering the UFC has been using the image on their New Zealand fighting kit since 2015.

The UFC has yet to comment on the situation.


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Rugby league: Former New Zealand Soldier James Maloney framed Israel Folau with gay pornography | Instant News


Israel Folau (L) receives a unique welcome for the Catalan Dragons from James Maloney. Photos / Photosport

Israeli rugby league star Folau was bombarded with gay pornography by infamous pest James Maloney when he signed with the Catalans Super League club last year.

After a turbulent week in which Folau was linked with a return to the NRL with the Dragons, the club pulled the rug from underneath as they turned around just 24 hours after first admitting interest in the former Wallabies defender.

The club’s board of directors was reportedly forced to turn around after a tsunami of anger following the pursuit of the 31-year-old.

News reports of Folau’s desire to return to Australia, despite remaining under contract with the Catalan until the end of 2021, have flooded into Australia this week.

But none of those stories will raise an eyebrow like playmaker Maloney’s rave reviews for the triple code-hopper.

When Folau signed with the Catalan 12 months ago, he reportedly got more than he bargained for when he joined the players’ private WhatsApp group.

According to rugby league reporter Andrew Webster, Maloney spammed Folau with gay pornography in a group message thread.

Webster told SEN’s Morning Glory with Matty Johns on Friday: “When he first joined the Catalans, he joined the WhatsApp group of players.

“And Jimmy Maloney, God help him, couldn’t help himself and started bombarding him with gay porn. And then he gave up.”

Folau appears less offended by hazing – signing a one-year contract extension with the French club in June.

Maloney said this week Folau would actually be a smart signing for any NRL team, despite the fact Folau has not played at the NRL since he left the Broncos in 2010.

The former NSW State of Origin star has even revealed that Folau told his teammates via the same WhatsApp group that he was exploring options to leave the team and return to Australia.

Maloney told the Sydney Morning Herald the Catalan players respected Folau’s decision to return home following news his mother-in-law had fallen ill.

“I think he will be good for this game, and you want the best players to play in the competition. He will only make NRL better,” he said.

“All the boys got along with him here, and when he told us why he didn’t come back we all understood.”

Folau’s return to NRL now appears to be dead in the water, but he is reportedly looking to explore other opportunities in the league, according to NewsCorp.

He hasn’t played at the NRL since leaving the Broncos in 2010 and in 2019 his contract with Australian Rugby was torn for making homophobic comments on social media, ending his notorious Wallabies career.

Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) chairman Peter V’landys previously said Folau’s views on homosexuality were not accepted at the NRL.

“The game is inclusive. Israel’s comments are not inclusive,” V’landys said in October 2019.

“When I was a kid and the kids got hit a lot because they were different, I used to go and defend them. And a lot of them, it’s because their role model or their friends made them like that.

“I have zero tolerance for people who put the lives of others (at risk) or (who commit) violence. This is a big statement to make. With respect for Israel, what he says, young people listen. He is role models.. They act on that. And when you were a kid at school and you were insulted because you were different, I didn’t think that was a good thing. “


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Lockheed Martin delivers the next three F-35Bs to the British Royal Air Force | Instant News

The three F-35B Lightning II short takeoffs and subsequent vertical landings left the Lockheed Martin production facility recently for the UK.

In a release Friday, Royal Air Force Group No 1 Command Air Officer Allan Marshall said the new stealth fighter jet would increase Britain’s fleet to 21 F-35s.

“Looking forward to their arrival in England in the coming days,” added the message.


According to the UK’s Royal Air Force website, the F-35B Lightning fighters are currently in service with the Typhoon. A multi-role machine, the Lightning is capable of simultaneously conducting air-to-surface, electronic warfare, intelligence gathering and air-to-air missions.

The fifth-generation fighter jet combines advanced sensors and a mission system with low-observation, or ‘stealth’ technology, which allows it to operate undetected in enemy airspace. Integrated sensors, sensor fusion, and data links provide pilots with unprecedented situational awareness. Pilots can share the information the jet collects with other platforms using secure data links, and / or use that information to use weapons or electronic means.

The Lightning’s short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) capabilities allow it to operate from new ‘Queen Elizabeth’ class carriers and allied state ships, as well as short airstrips.


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Airbus and Germany want to enter the Swiss market | Instant News

After winning a contract for 38 Eurofighter fighters for the German air force Airbus and the German government submitted a Eurofighter bid to Switzerland

Airbus Eurofighter for Switzerland

Airbus is working hard to win a contract that Switzerland will make to replace its F-5 and F / A-18 fighters. The Swiss government’s plan to purchase new fighter jets was approved by referendum last September.

Airbus and the German government submitted their official bid for the sale of Eurofighters to the Federal Office of the Swiss Armamants (Armasuisse) on November 18. The offer, which is in line with the requirements of the new Swiss fighter aircraft procurement process (Neues Kampfflugzeug-NKF), as stated by Airbus, is prepared in collaboration with other countries participating in the Eurofighter project, and with companies Leonardo and BAE Systems.

Eurofighter Quadriga

«With the acquisition of Eurofighter, the Federal Republic of Germany offers Switzerland the opportunity to deepen its existing military partnerships, especially with regard to joint training of the two air forces. With the Eurofighter, Switzerland will gain complete autonomy in the use, maintenance and application of data from its aircraft. Just a few days ago, Germany itself signed a procurement contract 38 Eurofighters from the newest Tranche 4 and offers Switzerland the opportunity to lay the groundwork for closer political, economic and security cooperation by procuring the same aircraft type. »Airbus notes.

A few days before the bid to Switzerland, Germany itself signed a procurement contract for 38 Eurofighters (30 single-seater and 8 twin-seater). This stage 4, which is called the «Quadriga», includes a new electronic radar, and his technical abilities « will enable full integration into the European Future Combat Air System FCAS “. The variant destined for Switzerland matches the Quadriga order configuration.

Industrial cooperation

The offer to Switzerland included a proposal for Industrial Cooperation. «By providing construction data and other important information, Switzerland will be given complete and independent control over the Eurofighter, ensuring complete transparency. With more than 200 suppliers in the Confederation, Airbus has become a strong partner for Switzerland, and we look forward to expanding this partnership even further “said Dirk Hoke, CEO of Airbus Defense and Space.


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