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Spotify desktop and web applications are refreshed and available for offline download | Instant News

Spotify announced earlier this week that it is revamping the home screens of Android and iOS. Now, it is launching a new look for desktop and web players. The redesign will be rolled out today and will reach all users around the world in the next few weeks.

This Spotify’s new look The “listener” function on the desktop and the web provides listeners with “a new and simple design, more controls and a more powerful new foundation.” Spotify said it spent months testing, research, and user feedback to update the interface of its desktop and web players. The biggest feature in the new update is that Spotify Premium users can download songs on the desktop app. This is a feature strongly requested by users, so it should be good news. It is already available on the Spotify web application.

Spotify is redesigned for web and desktop clients. (Spotify)

After making the changes, the search tool is now on the left side of the navigation page. Previously it was kept at the top of the main screen. The search bar has also been added to the playlist. Spotify also allows users to write descriptions, upload images, and drag and drop tracks into existing playlists.

Spotify playlist
Spotify playlist (Spotify)

After making the changes, the search tool is now on the left side of the navigation page. Previously it was kept at the top of the main screen. The search bar has also been added to the playlist. Spotify also allows users to write descriptions, upload images, and drag and drop tracks into existing playlists. |#+ |

Spotify also added top singers and tracks on the listener’s profile page. The new update also enables listeners to start a broadcast session for any song or singer broadcast by clicking on the “…” menu. Spotify India users You will also be able to access the synchronized lyrics on the web player. The desktop application already supports synchronized lyrics, but it will also be refreshed with the updated design.


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Final Fantasy 7 remake movie soundtrack is now available on streaming service | Instant News

This is a very important week Final Fantasy VII, To say the least.Not only Square Enix Announced New edition FFVII remake For PS5, Called Level conversionBut another The remake series has also been revealed to be moving to mobile devices. However, in many news, the best thing related to iconic games recently may be music.

Since the game’s release last year, Square Enix has announced the game’s official soundtrack after receiving requests from fans Final Fantasy VII Remake Now it will also turn to streaming services. In general, the total score of the game since then appeared on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited. Obviously, in order to listen to the soundtrack on any of these platforms, you must be a subscriber. Despite this, this version still gives music more access from the end of Square than ever before.

Final Fantasy VII For a long time because of its iconic music and brand new Remake Iteration has done an excellent job of bringing these songs into a new era.Have you played FFVIIR Last year or not, it’s hard to deny that Uematsu’s score was extraordinary. In fact, the original soundtrack has received such great acclaim that it won the best music award at the Game Awards only a few months ago.

The best thing about Retaken In addition to these services, it also joined other Final fantasy The soundtrack that already exists on the platform. Therefore, if you are a big fan of the series, now you are very likely to experience your favorite tracks from many different games. Now, we have to blame, and hope that this trend will continue into the future.

So what do you think Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack enters streaming service?Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments or at the top of Twitter @ MooreMan12.


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Spotify hopes to recommend songs based on users’ emotions: report | Instant News

key point

  • Spotify recently obtained a patent for a new technology
  • This new technology allows the app to analyze the user’s voice so that Spotify can make better recommendations
  • The patent is approved when users are worried about their privacy

Spotify has obtained a patent for a new technology that will enable Spotify to listen to and analyze users’ voice data so that it can make better song, album and artist recommendations.

This technology allows Spotify to monitor users’ voices and conversations and determine their emotions, Global music businessThe person who first discovered the patent reported. Then, it will narrow down the possible recommendations based on the data obtained. It is expected that this will produce better recommendations to suit the tastes of users.

of New patented technology Several prompts will be carefully observed to arrive at some potential decisions.

It will listen to the user’s voice and background noise that can be heard when the user is speaking. Then, it will use voice recognition technology to distinguish the user’s voice from other noises so that the voice content can be retrieved. The technology will simultaneously retrieve “content metadata” and “environmental metadata”.

The content metadata will include the emotional state, gender, age, and accent of the person who provided the voice at the time of recording technology. On the other hand, environmental metadata will indicate the physical environment around the user (based on noise), and the “number of people” around the user (also based on noise).

This patented technology will normalize the voice content, thereby eliminating “repetitions” or “repetitions” and “fillers” such as “uh”. Once deleted, the voice content will no longer contain unnecessary details. The technology then combines all this data with the user’s listening history and the preferences of their friends.

The result is that a large amount of data can be collected, which can be used to provide users with recommended tracks to be played next.

The patent “Identifying taste attributes from audio signals” was first applied for in 2018, but it was not granted until January 12. cross note.

Although this technology sounds really smart, it came out when people were concerned about their privacy.Large technology companies like Amazon, apple. Facebook, Google with Microsoft has a problem Regarding user privacy. Some of them have violated user privacy in some way. This should cause users to ask a question: After Spotify has this technology, will it ensure that user privacy is maintained?

This illustrated image shows the logo of the online streaming music service Spotify displayed on a tablet screen in Paris on April 19, 2018. Photo: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images


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Men with polio teach their students how to discover their abilities | Instant News

Wheelchair bound Amjad Ali, a 21-year-old polio sufferer, waits for his students to arrive at the education center he runs in his rented house on a muddy road in Fareed Colony, an underdeveloped neighborhood of Karachi’s Orangi City.

Ali does not have a higher education degree or sufficient experience in running an educational institution. All she had was a passion for teaching, so she helped educate the children around her. He also offers free tuition to students whose parents cannot afford it.

About 45 students under matriculation are currently enrolled at its education center. He usually charges each student between Rs150 and Rs250 a month for all subjects. Ten of them, three of whom were orphans, were taught free of charge.

“I hope to educate all the children who don’t have access to education, but I don’t have enough resources,” complained Ali. “Even as a person with a disability, I want to contribute as much as possible to the development of society.”

Ali was only eight months old when his parents took him to the hospital with symptoms of polio. He survived the ordeal, but he never learned to walk. “After surviving polio, whenever I thought about the future, I was always faced with a bleak picture. It is very difficult for one person to depend on another person, that too for life. The thought like that used to really grab me. “

But all that changed when he accepted the adage ‘The hand that gives is better than that which receives’. In 2018 he completed his secondary education and plans to enter university. Then he got a job as an accountant at a private school.

Now he also pays school fees for his younger siblings – two brothers and two sisters – and sometimes donates for the rent on a house, because their father works as a security guard for a private company and can barely make ends meet.

After completing his daily work, Ali ran his education center at night. He did not use traditional teaching methods. First, she helps her students revise the lessons they learn in school and then holds special classes to understand their individual learning curves.

“In formal education institutions, teachers only focus on exam results. They ignore the need to develop their students’ abilities, which tends to be my main focus. Sometimes children just need a little encouragement, and they can do the rest on their own. “

He believes that every human being has a special quality, and when they can find one, they can easily achieve all their goals. To explain his point, he said that many people without disabilities lead quite unsettling lives because they are not aware of their abilities, but on the other hand, many people with disabilities lead very successful lives because they know what they are capable of.

Discussing his future plans, he expressed his desire to set up a free school. However, he currently lacks the resources to make his dream come true, while the house that his father rented has limited space.

But at least one room in the house has been designated for an education center. “I want to enroll more children, but I don’t have enough space to fit everyone in a small room.” Apart from being a committed teacher, Ali has been a permanent member of the Wheelchair Basketball Association and the Pakistan Tennis Federation since 2017, and the Wheelchair Cricket Association since 2018. He has represented Karachi in many tournaments. However, he is committed to becoming a teacher. “Playing sports is interesting enough for me, but after a certain age, I won’t be able to continue. So, I prefer to focus on being an educator. “


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Racing: The key to determining the New Zealand Cup | Instant News


Cruz Bromac wins the 2019 NZ Trotting Cup. Race Photo / Image

Champion coach Mark Purdon found himself in an unusual position heading to Tuesday’s $ 540,000 New Zealand Cup in Addington – but he said it was true.

Purdon, along with training partner Natalie Rasmussen, have coached five of the last six New Zealand Cup winners and even that year they were beaten by Arden Rooney, the horse they used to train.

Even more clockwork than those who have Cup winners have Cup favorites, with superstars like Lazarus earning $ 1.40 when he won his second Cup in 2017.

But on Tuesday, the All Stars stable had to settle for having second and third favorites in Self Assured and Spankem, and Purdon said they both deserved to be behind Copy That north in the market.

“I don’t think this is one of those years that we can go into the race as confident, obviously not as confident as other years,” said Purdon, who will drive Self Assured.

“We had three chances to win (Ashley Locaz is the other) but none was better than Copy That.

“He races like our horses so he deserves to be a favorite.”

Copy That and Self Assured have a possible advantage drawn to the front line at 3200m stand start while Spankem starts from the second line.

That, along with Self Assured’s stellar run of the season, made him the best home opportunity, but his Achilles heel has been on display for all to see.

Self Assured missed the start more often than started this campaign safe and Purdon admits he’s running out of ideas.

“We’ve spent everything we know to make him go away,” said the Hall of Famer.

“So now it’s up to him. I would rate him 50-50 to stay away, okay and if he does, I think he can lead and win.

“But if he doesn’t then I think he will lose his chance of winning.”

The Self Assured riddle for the punter is that the richest career win came when he streaked and took the lead throughout the Auckland Cup last December.

If the passenger knows Self Assured will pack that courtesy in his gear bag, you can be sure he’s got a fair fight with Copy That. But if he misses it not only makes him miss the chance but also gives Copy That a chance to lead less as most of the other people on the front lines will likely give him the role.

That’s why on Cup Eve, Copy That was a TAB favorite that toned down $ 2.80 and Self Assured has slipped to $ 3.

Cup Day

What: The biggest day of harness racing in New Zealand.

When: Tuesday, first race at 11:55 a.m.

Where: Addington, Christchurch.

Who: New Zealand’s top pacers and trotters and 12,500 trackside fans.


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