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Margaret Mitchell: Who was the Google researcher who was fired after Timnit Gebru? | Instant News

Margaret Mitchell: After Timnit Gebru, was this new Google researcher fired? (
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In just three months, another outstanding ethics researcher in the field of artificial intelligence pointed out for the second time that Google had fired her. On Friday, Google researcher Margaret Mitchell pointed out that she had actually been fired from the company’s AI lab, Google Brain. She had previously led another group to directly study the ethical methods of artificial intelligence.

Margaret Mitchell (Margaret Mitchell) and Timnit Gebru (Timnit Gebru) co-led

According to one Wired articles, Her former team co-leader Timnit Gebru (Timnit Gebru) left Google as early as December. Gebru then pointed out that she was fired by refusing to delete her name from a specific research paper, which actually urged AI systems that process processed text (including the technology used in the Google search engine) to be cautious.

Gebru pointed out that she actually believes that because she is willing to speak out about Google’s harsh treatment of black employees and women, she may be disagreement to eliminate her. Then, Mitchell learned that he had actually been released via an email received on Friday afternoon. Then, within Google, a manager informed her previous team that she would not resume work from the actual suspension last month.

Margaret Mitchell’s allegations

According to reports, the wider world is the result of Mitchell’s frankly “I’m fired” when he tweeted two words. A Google spokesperson pointed out in a special statement that Mitchell allegedly shared some confidential, commercially sensitive documents and private data of other employees outside the company.

After Mitchell’s previous suspension last month, Google noticed that the activity in her account actually triggered certain security systems. A source familiar with Mitchell’s recent suspension pointed out that she had been using specific scripts to search for specific materials related to Gebru’s time at the company in emails.

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Margaret Mitchell contribution

According to reports, Gebru, Mitchell and their entire ethics AI team at Google have made outstanding contributions to the recent growth of research by certain AI experts who want to understand and mitigate the potential drawbacks of AI. According to reports, they subsequently contributed to the decision of Google executives to restrict some of the company’s AI products, such as disabling certain features of image recognition services, which are actually trying to identify the said in photos The gender of the crowd.

Jeff Dean, the head of Google’s AI research, previously pointed out that the research papers that caused Gebru to leave were actually of poor quality. However, he did not mention some work on methods to solve the defects in the AI ​​text system. According to reports, Google internal and external researchers questioned this particular characteristic.According to reports, there are more than 2,600 Google employees Signed a letter Protest against Gebru’s treatment.

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The former MQM worker was among the two shot dead | Instant News

Two people, including former workers of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), were shot dead in shootings in North Karachi and Baldia City on Saturday.

According to police, a man was shot and killed in a shooting incident that took place in North Karachi Sector 5A within the boundaries of the Khawaja Ajmair Nagri Police Station. The victim was shot once in the head and died on the spot. The victim was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for medical-legal formalities where he was identified as 37-year-old Rehan Farooqui, son of Qayyum Farooqui, a resident of Sector 5-M in North Karachi.

Police said witnesses told them that the man was shot and killed by an unidentified person on a motorbike. They said he had been linked with MQM in the past; However, he has no affiliation with any political party at this time. Police suspect the attackers summoned the victim in an abandoned place, where they shot and fled.

Police said they were trying to get the mobile data of the deceased for help in investigating the incident. A case has been registered and the investigation is continuing. Separately, a man was shot dead while he was sitting in a car in Sector A-3 in Baldia City.

The victim was taken to the Karachi Civil Hospital where he was identified as Asadullah, Habibullah’s son. Police said the man was summoned by an unidentified person, who also sat with the victim in the car and fled after shooting him. Police found four empty bullets from a 9mm pistol at the crime scene. The police have registered a case and started an investigation.

Mugging offer

Three people were injured in the shooting incident that took place at Janjal Goth under the authority of the Superhighway Site Police Station.

The wounded were taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for medical treatment. The victims were identified as Amjad Nizam, Roshan and Amjad Ibrahim. Police said the incident occurred when the three men turned down the offer of mugging. The case has been registered and the investigation is continuing.


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America’s Cup graphic: Sir Russell Coutts and Sir Ian Taylor of Animation Research in a copyright dispute | Instant News

Graphics used by Sir Ian Taylor Animation Research’s company during a pre-Christmas racing broadcast.

Sir Russell Coutts’ sailing interests have warned that if the graphics used by Sir Ian Taylor’s Animation Research for the pre-Christmas races were used in broadcasting the 36th America’s Cup, the High Court alleges copyright infringement would be filed.

The warning shots fired by two companies led by Coutts – Oracle Racing and F50 League LLC traded as SailGP – had consequences for how the upcoming Prada Cup and America’s Cup were broadcast.

A legal notice alleging copyright infringement during a pre-Christmas race over the graphics used in what is known as the LiveLine system of the augmented reality broadcast was sent to Animation Research Limited (ARL) and two other parties on December 23.

Taylor – most recently knighted for his work including pioneering the development of the world’s leading real-time 3D visualization for major sports broadcasts starting with Virtual Eyes for the America’s Cup – said he was “deeply disappointed” that his New Zealand counterparts served his company in a way violates copyright notices that could “seriously impact coverage of the upcoming Prada Cup and the Copa America itself”.

Sir Russell Coutts.
Sir Russell Coutts.

In response to the Herald’s question, Sir Russell Coutts said, “We are only trying to protect IP [intellectual property] which we’ve invested millions of dollars in developing over the last decade.

“We prefer not to be forced to protect our rights through legal process, but like all copyrighted material, it must be licensed for use by commercial entities.

“We have asked that the current Copa America organizers avoid breaches by revising their charts, or paying a license fee accordingly.”

Taylor claims the two Coutts-led companies claim copyrights based on the ARL image created in 1992 and which has been used at every Copa America since then – including in 1995 when Coutts famously created the “Cup of America, Cup of New Zealand”.

“We have submitted the chart for events where he also raced against New Zealand, starting with him winning the Cup from New Zealand with Alinghi (Switzerland) in 2003 and then winning it from Alinghi for BMW Oracle (USA) in 2010,” said Taylor.

Oracle Racing and SailGP believe that the intellectual property associated with Animation Research’s graphics has been transferred to event organizers at previous America’s Cup regattas.

Oracle Racing and SailGP are at the center of rival high-tech screen series, spearheaded by billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Coutts, the most successful helmsman in America’s Cup history.

Their goal is to use the LiveLine graphics – whose copyright they claim – during the series.

Sir Ian Taylor, founder of Animation Research.  Photo / Provided
Sir Ian Taylor, founder of Animation Research. Photo / Provided

Taylor confirmed to the Herald that he wrote to Coutts on December 7 last year detailing Animation Research technology that had been contracted to provide broadcasting of the 36th America’s Cup.

Taylor said he approached Coutts late last year offering to share the new technology ARL had developed. He said he didn’t hear back until shortly before the first pre-Christmas regatta began, during which Coutts advised he had some concerns about ARL’s plans, but didn’t share what those concerns were.

“Next we heard from him was an official letter arriving on December 23, just as we closed for Christmas, with a January 5 deadline for our response. It would be fair to say that made our plans a bit of a mess.”

Earlier, the record contender began talks with Coutts, asking about securing a license to use the LiveLine system in an upcoming American Cup series.

It was finally rejected by the challenger.

The Coutts-led company said that if Animation Research wants to continue using what it claims is a copied image, they are willing to discuss the appropriate license terms.

Taylor admits the LiveLine chart is a significant step forward.

Taylor claims what Coutts creates is based entirely on the universally acclaimed 3D ARL Virtual Eye graphic display as ultimately making sense for cruising.

“We were really surprised because it was one step forward in telling the story of the Copa America.”

Taylor said for the 36th America’s Cup, ARL is adapting its own package of augmented reality graphics that it uses in other sports, including golf and cricket, to bring the technology to screen as well.

“Technology has advanced significantly since 2017 in Bermuda.”

Taylor said the outcome of the action under threat was that ARL would now put forward the ideas they plan to launch around the Copa America defense and apply them to the Prada Cup, which takes place this weekend in Auckland.

“That means having to bring some of the team off their vacation but there is no way we want this Kiwi show in Waitematā to be compromised in any way,” said Taylor.

“My real hope is that we can forget about this and do something together that will benefit this sport that Russell has contributed so much to.”

Taylor and two others sent a lengthy response to Oracle Racing and SailGP on Friday evening after the original January 5 deadline was extended, but at this stage the matter has not been resolved.

What the Sir Russell Coutts company claims
LiveLine is an augmented reality system in the scope of racing, which involves the use of a field graphic overlaid on live footage of racing action on water, complemented by real-time data obtained from multiple sources including onboard sensors.
The system is protected by a US patent and the company led by Coutts has claimed copyright on a related graphics package that has the key elements: Off-track borders; ability to display written material within borders; a ladder or frame and a number placed under the parallel line to reflect the boat’s direction and distance to the next mark.

Sir Ian Taylor’s response
The company led by Coutts claims copyright to the three elements we use in our Virtual Eye graphics pack.
The first is a closed border, basically a playing field governed by the rules, the second is a grid of parallel lines showing where the boats are connected to each other and the buoy markers, and finally the sponsor’s name is lying on the water.

Sir Ian Taylor says the concept that Sir Russell Coutts claims to copyright claims is a concept that Animation Research shared with him in March 2010. Image / Supplied
Sir Ian Taylor says the concept that Sir Russell Coutts claims to copyright claims is a concept that Animation Research shared with him in March 2010. Image / Supplied

We’ve been doing most of this since 1992 and have done it at every Copa America since then.
Due to this threat we had to take our staff on a day off to implement a new package to be used for the Games. [the America’s Cup defence], but now we will introduce it for the Prada Cup so that the fans are not harmed by this action.


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The merchant was shot dead at Manghopir | Instant News

An abaya trader was shot dead apparently in the act of targeted killing in the Manghopir area of ​​Karachi, Khawaja police Ajmair Nagri said on Tuesday. According to police, two unidentified men were targeted when she went to her shop in her car with her son, Qasim.

The man died at the scene and his body was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where he was identified as 38-year-old Khudadad, Zahir Khan’s son, police said, adding that the deceased was a resident of Mughal Hazara Goth in Manghopir. and used to run an abaya shop in Bolten Market.

Police have obtained CCTV footage of the incident which shows the two attackers – one wearing a helmet and the other wearing a hat. Police said motorcyclists were seen chasing the car and targeting the victim. CCTV footage also shows several policemen present near the crime scene trying to intercept the suspect but they managed to escape after a brief encounter. Police said the motive behind the incident had not been confirmed.

However, condemning the incident, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen called it part of the “ongoing targeted killing of members of the Shia community”. The MWM spokesman said it was a sectarian-based targeted killing incident that took place in broad daylight. He said it showed “the criminal negligence of law enforcement and put a question mark on their performance”. The spokesman appealed to higher authorities to immediately pay attention to the incident and arrest the perpetrators behind the incident.

Car snatched

Despite increased rapid checks and police guarding, a group of six car hijackers grabbed a car at gunpoint in Gulshan-e-Iqbal on Tuesday.

The carjackers sat in the car and drove for a while, before dropping off Zubair Ansari, an officer of a multinational company, in the SITE area. The suspects also looted cash and other valuables from him before fleeing.

Gulshan-e-Iqbal police said the incident took place near Ansari’s office. The victim’s son, Omar Ansari, told police that the suspect sat in the car and told his father to deactivate the tracker before dropping it.


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Australia’s Black Summer bushfires herald a new ice age, say fire historians | Instant News

Players train at the Auckland ASB Tennis Center in January under an orange sky, due to smoke emanating from Australian bushfires. Photo / Jason Oxenham

The unusual nature of Australia’s Black Summer bushfires may have marked the beginning of a fire-fueled “ice age” and the world appears to have “crossed the threshold” into a more dangerous future, said a global fire historian.

Professor Emeritus Stephen Pyne at Arizona State University is a former firefighter in the US who has previously studied Australian fires for his 1991 book, Burning Bush: A Fire History of Australia.

Pyne said the 2019/2020 fires, which tore through 24 to 40 million hectares of scrub in several states and territories, marked the start of a global fire year.

“I think there will be a legacy because the fires are not limited to Australia, they continue to hit the western United States, they are in Europe and Siberia.”

Pyne said the scale of the Black Summer fires set it apart from fires in previous years.

“While there are no individual fires in Australia or elsewhere that are unprecedented, I think the scale is different because they come as a herd.”

Pyne previously thought the Black Saturday fires, which claimed the lives of 173 people in Victoria in 2009, had set a limit for what a single fire can do, but last year’s fire season swelled to months of continuous burning.

“What makes fires different in general is the large-scale swarm effect. It’s not two or three days apart outbreaks, they continued.

“I think of it as the ‘rolling thunder effect.’ When they come in a sequence like that, it just keeps expanding.”

A fire lights up in view of a Canberra suburb on January 31, 2020 in Canberra, Australia.  Photo / Getty Images
A fire lights up in view of a Canberra suburb on January 31, 2020 in Canberra, Australia. Photo / Getty Images

Pyne said California is also a spectacular example of this, with the state experiencing the fourth consecutive year of historic fires.

He said that not all fires have the same cause, the fires in the Amazon are also related to land clearing and those that occur in Indonesia are related to draining tropical peatlands.

“But everywhere, fire seems to be a manifestation of the broken relationship between humans and nature,” he said.

“I think we have the potential to cross the threshold this year.”


Pyne believes the way humans manage natural landscapes, combined with the treatment of fossil fuels, may have given birth to a new “ice age”.

“We take stuff from our geological past and burn it without understanding the effect, and this is released into our future.”

He said that the increasing severity of fire was a manifestation of this activity, which also changed sea levels and caused widespread extinctions of plants and animals.

“We are reshaping the planet directly and indirectly.”

In the same way that ice is seen as a physical manifestation of changes in Earth’s temperature during the Pleistocene era, fire can be a manifestation of a new era that Pyne calls the Pyrocene era.

“For the fires in Australia, it turns out to be what led to an extraordinary global fire year, and it can also be taken as an indisputable marker for what I think of as our new fire age.”

The fire line leaves a trail of destruction through the forests of Queensland.  Photo / NZ Herald
The fire line leaves a trail of destruction through the forests of Queensland. Photo / NZ Herald

Pyne believes that the smoke from fires, which obscure cities like Sydney and Canberra for days, could eventually get people to notice what’s going on around them, just as the dust storms of the 1930s sparked action in the dust bowl in America. .

He said action was being taken about agricultural practices when Washington DC began to feel the effects of massive dust storms spreading far from central US areas.

“This changed the discourse and suddenly it became a national issue. This gives extra urgency to many conservation programs and makes the issue visible to the public and Congress.

“My feeling is the smoke will do it for this last year’s fire.

“It makes visibility of impact clear to a larger audience and it can lead to change.”

Smoke from the Australian fires reached New Zealand and was reported to other areas around the world, while the smoke from the US fires was spreading to places people said were immune to fire, making it an unprecedented public health problem.

“I think people have a very high tolerance for fire images – they’re dramatic but limited to certain places, but smoke can spread widely,” said Pyne.

This way, the Black Summer fires can have a longer impact.

“I was tempted to think that it was a historical fire, but it might also be a fire depending on our response.”

Smoke and flames from wildfires run out of control over a 1500km edge across East Gippsland, in January.  Photo / Dale Appleton
Smoke and flames from wildfires run out of control over a 1500km edge across East Gippsland, in January. Photo / Dale Appleton

Pyne said that fire is in our future no matter what we do.

“We have to control the fossil fuel burning party but even after this stabilizes or reverses, there will still be a lot of fires and we have to do a lot more than we did before.

“They are not leaving… we have a huge debt and we also have to put a lot of fire back into the environment.

“Even if we stop burning fossil fuels and step up our action on climate change, there will be a lot of fires in our future.

“It can be wild or devastating, or it can be controlled and actually produce good benefits.

“But it won’t go away.”

With the US still facing the repercussions of the presidential election, which Donald Trump still rejects, Pyne said Australia was in a better position to take action.

“You are really at the forefront, you are equipped with world-class fire science and forest fire fighting skills,” he said.

“I hope Australia can make the move and start responding in an engaged and informed way, in a way that the US and even Canada cannot.

“This is something that Australia can really lead, can engage with landscapes and fires, and cultural discussions are an interesting part of that too.”

Pyne said it’s not just about doing one big thing to solve climate change and fix the problem, there are lots of little things that can be done too, and these actions may differ in many areas.

“We need to decide what the problem is in each particular place and what kind of treatment suite makes sense there.”


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