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Karachi has 14 new fire stations: administrators | Instant News

Fourteen new fire stations will soon be established in Karachi under a public-private partnership, Karachi Administrator Laeeq Ahmed said Monday.

Last week, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation received 48 fire-fighting tenders and two water bows from the center. KMC distributes 24 fire tenders in different industrial zones.

“The remaining 24 fire bows and two bows are included in the KMC fire fighting fleet,” said Ahmed.

The KMC Fire Department now has 46 fire bows, three water bows and one snorkel in its fleet, according to administrators. It has 24 fire stations.

KMC awarded two fire tenders each to the Korangi Trade & Industry Association, North Karachi Industry & Trade Association, Federal Area B Trade & Industry Association, Sindh Industrial Trade Area, SITE Superhighway, Landhi Trade & Industry Association, Export Processing Zone Authority and Association Bin Qasim Trade & Industry.

Two fire tenders were awarded to Saylani Welfare Trust and Pakistan Rangers. Individual fire tenders were submitted to the Korangi Creek Industrial Park, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry, and Bin Qasim Industrial Park.

KMC drivers and staff were dispatched for this well-equipped fire brigade tender, said Ahmed. Industrial estates are responsible for keeping these fire tenders functioning, he said.

The induction of new fire tenders will reduce response times in the event of a fire incident, added the Karachi administrator.


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The port of Karachi received a new fire fighting vehicle, bow water | Instant News

Under a federal government initiative, 50 new fire tenders and two water arcs have reached the Karachi port of China which will take two days to unload the ship, on Tuesday.

A total of 50 fire brigade tenders and two water tankers reached Karachi port today on the initiative of the federal government.

The fire engine was purchased at a cost of Rs1.4 billion under the financial package announced by the federal government for the metropolitan city.

According to the source, Prime Minister Imran Khan is likely to visit Karachi in mid-January. The fire fighting vehicles will be handed over to the Sindh government during the prime minister’s expected visit to Karachi.

In addition, the entry of new fire fighting vehicles will increase the capacity of fire fighting services in the metropolitan city as only 14 fire fighting units in Karachi operate out of 44 vehicles.

Earlier on January 2, Sindh Infrastructure and Development Company Limited (SIDCL) reportedly received a letter from the Karachi port authority confirming the arrival of a ship carrying 50 fire brigade tenders and two water tankers.

It is important to mention here that the state-of-the-art fire fighting vehicle is provided by a Chinese company and is different from traditional fire brigade tenders which can only spray water.

A demonstration of the vehicle’s function was carried out during the delivery ceremony, showing a high-pressure water gun putting out the flames.

The new fire truck product will greatly increase the fire fighting emergency rescue rate of Karachi municipal government and provide strong technology support for citizen safety.


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Corrective action underway to repair the damaged fire extinguishing system in Karachi: Minister LG | Instant News

The provincial government took emergency corrective action to repair the damaged fire engines and address the shortage of staff in the Karachi fire department, said the Minister of Information and Regional Government of Sindh Syed Nasir Hussain Shah on Friday.

“During my recent visit to the Central Fire Station near the Karachi Civil Hospital, I learned about the alarming situation that only 14 firefighters out of a total of 44 operate in Karachi, while the city fire department is also facing an acute staff shortage. Only two out of the five snorkels available with them were found to be functioning, ”said the local government minister while addressing the 10-2020 Fire Safety & Security Convention as the main guest. The National Forum for Environment & Health organized the convention in collaboration with the Pakistan Fire Protection Association (FPAP).

He said Sindh’s chief minister had ordered action to immediately repair damaged fire engines and snorkels and also to address the city’s fire department staff shortages. He said the Sindh government was in the process of procuring more fire and snorkeling tenders for the city.

He said fire engines were also being taken to other cities in the province. The minister said the Sindh government recognized its responsibility to ensure fire safety and protection in all cities in the province.

He said the Karachi fire department will get a new fire department tender from the federal government as well. Nasir said the provincial government would ensure that the right resources were available to operate and maintain fire engines for the Karachi fire fighting system. He said the Sindh government would also set up a fire station in the industrial area of ​​the city.

He paid tribute to the martyred firefighters who gave their lives while performing their duties. Minister LG acknowledged that municipal firefighters who completely neglect their own safety are carrying out their emergency duties despite insufficient resources and equipment.

He assured FPAP that the provincial government would ensure the implementation of fire safety provisions in building codes. President of the Korangi Trade & Industry Association (KATI) Saleem uz Zaman said KATI will meet the operational and maintenance costs of the two fire tenders that will soon be obtained from the federal government to deal with fire emergencies in the Korangi industrial area.

FPAP Secretary General Tariq Moen said that the relevant civilian bodies, including the Sindh Building Control Authority and the regional council, must ensure the implementation of the Fire Safety Provisions-2016 as part of the building code for commercial safety and tall buildings.

FPAP’s Imran Taj said programs such as the Convention on Fire Safety & Security were helpful in encouraging commercial companies, industrial units and real estate companies to adopt appropriate fire safety arrangements to protect their valuable human resources and infrastructure.

He said FPAP will continue to collaborate with the government and relevant non-governmental organizations to conduct training and awareness sessions to help promote a culture of fire safety in the country.


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The statue of the Saint was flown over the city after the procession ban | Instant News

Annual religious processions were canceled due to COVID-19.

When covid-19 causing the cancellation of an annual procession in honor of Saint Barbara, patron of the city of Rieti in central Italy, residents are disappointed to think this is the end of the trouble.

But the firefighter, whose patron saint was also S. Barbara, had another idea.

Firefighters tied a statue of a saint to the side of the fire helicopter and flew into the sky above the city so that the residents below could honor their saint.

An unusual sight occurred on December 4, the feast of the saint, a popular event that usually attracts hundreds of visitors from near and far.


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Karachi’s flames devour the women, injuring three others: Resuce | Instant News

KARACHI: A fire was reported on Monday in the Surjani City area of ​​the central Karachi district where at least one woman fell to burn injuries, ARY News reported.

According to details so far reported about the incident by rescue authorities, the injured woman received medical treatment at the hospital where she was transferred after suffering severe burns at the scene.

Apart from the woman who died, three more people suffered severe burns after a house caught fire in the city of Surjani today.

Cause fire breakout and total damage has not been reported by the fire department.

READ: Three people died when a fire broke out at a factory in Orangi Karachi

Separately earlier last week, at least three people were killed in a fire that broke out at a factory in the Orangi Karachi neighborhood.

According to the police, the fire broke out at the factory which is located at Orangi No. 4. Receiving information, a team of police and fire engines arrived at the location and started operations to extinguish the blazing fire.

The fire had been put out while the cooling process was underway, police officers said.

Three firefighters take part in fire fighting operations. The cause of the fire has not been determined. The people who died in the flames were identified as Akram, Shahid and Ismail.




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