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NASA Fitbit assists astronauts and mission-critical employees in raising COVID-19 vigilance-Technology News, Firstpost | Instant News

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is using Fitbit and Fitbit’s Ready for Work system to conduct a pilot program for the space agency’s 1,000 employees.according to statement The company’s Ready for Work solution is part of an effort to help employees make informed decisions to work on-site during the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement added that in the program, 1,000 NASA employees performing mission-critical work at six locations in the United States will receive Fitbit Charge 4 devices and will be able to gain Fitbit’s “ready to work” daily sign-in experience.

The daily check-in function in the app allows users to record their symptoms and body temperature as well as key health indicators of the rack, and receive aggregated COVID-19 guidelines according to CDC guidelines. The Fitbit Ready for Work daily check-in function allows users to observe key health parameters, such as resting heart rate, respiration rate, and heart rate variability, which are tracked by their Fitbit device.

Prepare the working procedure. Image: Fitbit

Fitbit said that among the people participating in the NASA-Fitbit project, 150 astronauts and employees of the agency are critical to future space flights. The plan aims to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, which can spread to astronauts during the critical pre-flight period.

According to the company, the goal of the Fitbit pilot program is to help NASA and its employees prevent the spread of COVID-19, while also supporting their overall health and well-being.

According to Amy McDonough, managing director and general manager of Google Fitbit Health Solutions, the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the key role that Fitbits plays in supporting people’s better lives through proper sleep, eating habits, and overall control of themselves. . Improve their health to get a healthier lifestyle.


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Apple Watch can detect Covid-19 long before symptoms appear | Instant News

Currently, doctors mainly use swab tests to test individuals for Covid-19. But soon, there may be another method that can be used for early detection of coronavirus: a method involving smart watches.

Now, two studies conducted by the Mount Sinai Health System in New York and Stanford University in California show that the use of Apple Watch Early detection of Covid-19 patients.

The first study conducted by the Mount Sinai Health System found that the Apple Watch was able to detect subtle changes in an individual’s heart rate within 7 days before Covid-19 symptoms appeared or tested positive for infection. The study analyzed the heartbeat changes of nearly 300 medical workers who used Apple Watch from April 29 to September 29.

“Currently, we rely on people saying they are sick and feeling unwell, but wearing Apple Watch does not require any positive user input and can identify people who may not have symptoms. This is a better way to control infectious diseases,” Rob Hirten, assistant professor of medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, told CBS MoneyWatch (by 9To5Mac).

The second study conducted by Stanford University researchers used Apple’s smart watch, Fitbit and Garmin. This study found that these fitness equipment can indicate changes in patients’ resting heart rate 9.5 days before symptoms appear.

The team also created an alarm system that will warn the wearer if the wearer’s heart rate rises for a long time. “Regular fluctuations do not trigger alarms-only major, continuous changes… This is important because it is reminding people not to go out and meet people,” said Michael Snyder Stanford University, who led the research. The professor said to the publication.


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Completed the acquisition of Google-Fitbit, MacBook Pro, WhatsApp privacy policy, etc. | Instant News

This is an interesting day in the tech world. We saw Microsoft showed off a list of all exclusive games for Xbox, experts were talking about bypassing Android and iOS encryption, and WhatsApp made a major decision. So this is the company that made the headlines in the past 24 hours.

Google will continue to protect the privacy of Fitbit users, Fitbit CEO sends an open letter

Google’s $2.1 billion Acquired Fitbit Has been completed. Although investigations into this acquisition are still being conducted in Australia and the United States, Europe has eliminated it. The main concern for Google’s acquisition of Fitbit is that through this acquisition, Google may prevent Fitbit competitors from connecting to mobile phones running Android.

WhatsApp delays its new privacy policy update and will not delete your account on February 8

Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp is delaying After users worried about the messaging platform’s weakening of its privacy policy in the process, it attracted the attention of users, and the update was designed to increase business transactions on the platform.

This is the way to bypass encryption, locked Android and Apple phones

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University Published a report It highlights all the vulnerabilities in the encryption of Android and iOS smartphones and explains how law enforcement agencies use these vulnerabilities to gain access to locked devices.

Apple analysts said the upcoming MacBook Pro, MagSafe support and tablet case design without Touch Bar

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Reveal some new Detailed information about the upcoming MacBook Pro laptop. In his latest report, he claimed that the next generation MacBook Pro will be the first major redesign of a laptop in five years. It will represent a major upgrade to the 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019.

Microsoft announces full list of Xbox exclusive games in 2021

Microsoft has Reveals the whole This year will be a list of games released exclusively on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One X and One S consoles. Microsoft’s Will Tuttle said in a blog post: “Of course, no matter how long it is, it is related to games.” This is the list.


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Google closed the Fitbit deal as US and Australian investigations continued | Instant News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Search and advertising giant Google closed its deal to buy fitness tracking firm Fitbit, it said on Thursday, even as US and Australian competition regulators said they were continuing to investigate a $ 2.1 billion transaction.

The Justice Department, which sued Alphabet Inc’s Google in October for allegedly violating antitrust laws in its search and search advertising businesses, said it “has not yet reached a final decision on whether to pursue enforcement action” over the Fitbit deal.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims said “depending on the results of our investigation, we will consider whether to take legal action on this matter”.

Google said it “complied with the extensive DOJ (Department of Justice) review over the past 14 months, and the agreed waiting period has ended without their objection.”

“We are in constant contact with them and we are committed to answering additional questions,” the company added.

Google did not immediately respond to Sims’ statement.

Large transactions are rare without antitrust approval.

Google won EU antitrust approval last month for a Fitbit bid after agreeing to restrictions on how it will use data related to customer health.

Australia rejects similar restrictions proposed by Google, expressing concerns that it might block Fitbit rivals from connecting to phones running Google’s Android operating software.

Fitbit makes watch-like devices for measuring physical activity that compete with Apple Watch and others. Google says it is buying the company to compete in this market.

“We are working with global regulators on an approach that protects consumer privacy expectations,” said Google in a blog post, which said Fitbit had 29 million active users.

“(It includes) a series of binding commitments confirming Fitbit users’ health and fitness data will not be used for Google advertising and this data will be separated from other Google advertising data.”

Although Alphabet is known for its free service, its search engine, it owns many other businesses, including online advertising services, audio devices and thermostat maker Nest, YouTube video streamer, and self-driving car company Waymo.

Google’s plans to buy Fitbit raised concerns when it was announced at the end of 2019 due to its already rich data set about people, what they buy, where they travel and more.

Fitbit fitness trackers and other devices monitor user steps and calories burned. They also measured floors climbed, heart rate, and how long and how well people slept.

Alphabet shares closed around 1% on Thursday. The company is expected to retain 1,800 Fitbit employees.

Reporting by Diane Bartz in Washington and Munsif Vengattil in Bengaluru; Additional reporting by Paresh Dave in Oakland, California; Edited by David Gregorio and Christopher Cushing


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Australian regulators have rejected Google’s attempts to assuage competitive concerns over the Fitbit deal | Instant News

December 22 (Reuters) – Australia’s antitrust regulators on Tuesday rejected a behavioral action offered by Alphabet Inc’s Google that seeks to address competitive concerns over a planned $ 2.1 billion acquisition of fitness tracker maker Fitbit.

The Australian Competition and Consumers Commission (ACCC) voiced concern in June over the deal, warning Google’s acquisition would overload people’s data, potentially hurting competition in the health and online advertising markets.

Google has sought to address the issue by offering enforceable court decisions that Google will behave in a certain way towards competing subjectable device manufacturers, not use health data for advertising and, in some circumstances, allow competing businesses to access health and wellness data . (Reporting by Rashmi Ashok in Bengaluru, Editing by Chris Reese)


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