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Committee formed to improve the conditions of the graves: Administrator | Instant News

KARACHI – Karachi administrator Laeeq Ahmed said on Monday that a management committee was being formed to improve burial conditions in the metropolitan city.

“The involvement of social and welfare organizations in cemetery management will improve the overall situation,” the Administrator expressed this view while speaking at a meeting at the cemetery where representatives from various Karachi social and welfare organizations participated.

He said that in the first phase, work would start on the six cemeteries which would be expanded to the whole city gradually.

Senior Coordination Director Khalid Khan, Director Land Tariq Siddiqui, Cemetery Director Iqbal Pervez, Senior Manager Al-Khidmat Manzar Alam, JDC Secretary General Zafar Abbas, Yahya Attari from Faizan Global Foundation, Rehan Yaseen and Faheem Anwar from Alamgir Welfare Trust, Arif Jamali and Sajjad from Chhipa Welfare President of Sunni Ittehad Council Khalid Noor and others also attended the occasion.

Laeeq said a management committee should be formed to oversee funeral affairs. The committee will also formulate procedures for issuing certificates, he said.

Committee members will provide services to every citizen without discrimination and will provide all possible facilities to citizens who come to the cemetery for the burial of their loved ones and relatives, he said.

The first six graves include Sakhi Hassan Cemetery, Mohammad Shah Karachi North Cemetery, Issa Nagri Cemetery, Colony Model Cemetery, Tariq Street Cemetery and Al-Noor Cemetery where the situation will radically change once the management committee takes over.

Ahmed said efforts would be made to persuade residents not to insist on burying their loved ones in the cemetery where the bodies were already buried.

In the debriefing on this occasion, the Director of the Tombs Iqbal Pervez said, there were 203 graves in the city, 89 other public graves, while 39 were registered and 50 were not registered. Among the graves listed are 11 in the Central district, two in the East, 13 in the West, 9 in Malir and 4 in Korangi.

Pervaiz said: “Even though most of these graves are full, his relatives insist that burials should take place in a specific cemetery. The situation has changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and an increase in the death rate. “

The Karachi administrator said that apart from the construction of a new grave, the condition of the existing cemetery must also be improved because it will solve many problems for the residents.

Ahmed said that it is very commendable that the social and welfare organizations working in the city have reached out to help improve the conditions of the graves.

“These organizations are aware of the burial situation in different parts of the city. Their cooperation in this work will be important, “he said.

The administrator warned that the mafia would not be allowed at funerals, adding that citizens have the right to a place at the cemetery at a fair price for the burial of their loved ones. One window operation is introduced in this case.

He said that the issuance of a certificate after being buried in a grave is also an issue that will be worked out through the executive committee to formulate a strategy, in which all rules and regulations will still be considered. Ahmed hopes that the work, which started with 6 cemeteries in the city, will gradually expand to the rest of the city and people will not face any difficulties for the burial of their loved ones in the future. “This is one of the main responsibilities of local agencies to manage funeral affairs and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) will fulfill all of its responsibilities in this regard,” he concluded.


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War zone streamer Nick Murch showed off the “OP” gun that no one used | Instant News

If you like to watch the main content creators Call of Duty: War Zone, You will most likely be familiar with Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff. Faze Clan’s streamer has been one of the most successful “Call of Duty” creators in the past few years, so he has a lot of ideas about the game.One of Kolcheff’s recent ideas for fans is to deal with current weapon variants War zone, Which led him to reveal what he thought was a secret “OP” gun.

Share in one of them Upload the latest video to his YouTube Channel, Kolcheff believes there are guns in it Call of Duty: War Zone That’s a little sleepy.And most players who often War zone Today, I believe that FFAR is the best gun in the game. Kolcheff said that he believes that Groza is quickly becoming one of the more usable assault rifles. Although Groza often doesn’t like MAC-10 better than many people, Kolcheff said he believes everything depends on how it is used.

“People swear, honestly, this is really not a good gun. If you use it correctly, it’s a damn OP.” Kolcheff said of Groza’s concerns. Use Groza slightly. In my opinion, it is better than MAC-10, and it will certainly replace all other SMGs. It shoots very fast, kills very fast, and damages very high at close range. It has a big magazine. It’s not better than FFAR, but it’s almost there. “

As Korchev said, Call of Duty: War Zone Meta is still centered on FFAR, so if you want to determine the enemy you want to kill, it must be your priority gun. However, if you can’t happen to find FFAR, it sounds like you can be sure that if you can use it correctly, Groza will work well.

Which weapon do you happen to think is the best call-of-duty: Battlefield at this moment? Be sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments or on Twitter on Twitter. @ MooreMan12.

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PK-US relations will improve under Joe Biden’s administration, Tahir Javed | Instant News

LAHORE – Pakistan-born American Democratic leader and well-known businessman Tahir Javed said that Pakistan-US relations will improve below Joe Biden the administration and restrictions imposed on obtaining US visas will soon be easing. Responding to an event, the recipient of the Pakistan Medal of Difference said that Imran Khan is the only person who can bring the country out of the crisis. He said the volume of trade between Pakistan and the United States was so low that it needed to be increased. Tahir Javed said that the United States could become a market for Pakistani products in the coming days which would increase Pakistan’s exports and increase its foreign reserves. He said that working for the prosperity of the homeland was also his duty. On the occasion, the Chairman of FEDMAC Mian Kashif Ashfaq said that Tahir Javed is a positive face of Pakistan and now Pak-US relations will improve and the difficulties faced by Pakistanis in the past will end. Former Nazim District Chaudhry Muhammad Ashfaq congratulated Tahir Javed on being awarded the Medal of Distinction and said he was a Pakistani identity. He hopes Tahir Javed will become the voice of Pakistan in every forum. Chaudhry Mohammad Ashfaq also gave a warning shield to Tahir Javed for being awarded the Medal of Distinction. US Democrat Tayyar Javed inaugurates the Sui Gas Project in his hometown of 308 GB. He announced that he would cover all the pharmacy costs.

According to the PU spokesperson, the previous date ended on March 22, 2021.


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The amendments to the constitution are required to create a provisional province GB: NA Speaker | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s commitment to bringing transparency to the electoral system after winning a vote of confidence, a parliamentary body will be formed to introduce constitutional and election reforms this week.

A parliamentary body with equal representation from the opposition and members of the government will jointly discuss electoral reforms. “Transparency and fairness in elections especially in the Senate elections will revive public confidence in the electoral process and their representation,” said National Assembly Chairman Asad Qaiser during a meeting with Prime Minister Advisor for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan.

It has been discussed that this committee will provide input on bringing in constitutional amendments to grant Gilgit-Baltistan, temporary provincial status while taking into account the aspirations of GB’s public representatives.

PM Adviser for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan said that electoral reform and making GB a temporary province in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision will strengthen democratic norms.

He also proposed Chairman Asad Qaiser to head the parliamentary body. He said the committee would discuss the pending electoral reform bill and make GB a temporary province.

It can be noted here that the incumbent government has signaled to bring electoral reforms to ensure transparency in the electoral system sooner rather than later. They also plan to engage with Pakistanis abroad so they can cast their votes.


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“The weak side can only develop by playing against stronger opponents,” said Karishma Ali | Instant News

Footballer Karishma Ali. – Photo by author

KARACHI: Footballer Karishma Ali said that experienced teams scoring dozens of goals against weaker teams in the ongoing National Women’s Championship will encourage young girls to perform better next time.

Talk to News, following the Highlanders vs Nawansheher match in the National Women Football Championship on Wednesday, the 22-year-old insisted the weaker team will only improve when they play against stronger teams.

“You will still be mediocre if you continue to play between the mediocrity. It will not give you the motivation to raise or lift your standards, “he said.

At least 86 goals were scored in the first eight championship matches played in Karachi.

While some viewed this score as discouraging and embarrassing to young people, Ali felt that this should motivate them to raise their standards.

“When new players or young players play seniors and experienced players, they will get inspiration as they learn. For them, this (defeat like that) should encourage them to be better and work harder so that they can compete with the better side, ”said Ali who is also known for his activism promoting women’s sports.

Answering a question, the young footballer – who featured in “Forbes 30 under 30” last year – said he was delighted to see the team and new players at the tournament.

“It is very encouraging to see girls from all over Pakistan participating in this tournament, it makes me feel that things are going in the right direction and if things keep moving forward like this then the time is not far when we will be playing international football for the country. , “He said.

“But it’s also important to have more [these] activities, as one event a year won’t help. You need to invest at the grassroots level and player development, “he added.


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