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Florida teen attended Church two weeks before the party COVID-19 death | Instant News

The participation of the teenager in Florida who died from the coronavirus in the Church 100 people in just two weeks before her death, said Monday.

Carsyn Lee Davis, 17, of Fort Myers, was in a Church last month where the “she’s not wearing a mask [and] social distancing was not followed”, – is spoken in Miami-Dade County report of the medical examiner of her death.

The teenager, who had several diseases, died on June 23 after testing positive for COVID-19.

The medical examiner’s report received the Fort Myers news-pressthe details of how the girl’s family treated it like home, with unproven drugs, almost a week before taking her to the hospital.

She struggled with health problems for many years, including a rare nervous system disorder, which resolved when she was five years old, obesity, and autoimmune disorders, says the report.

Her mother, Carol Brunton Davis, also said in a Facebook post that her daughter is a cancer survivor, The news-press previously reported.

The coroner found that the girl’s mother a nurse and her father, the physician assistant, gave her Azithromycin — an antibiotic is being studied as a potential COVID-19 treatment — as a protective measure against the virus, news-press reported.

June 13, a few days after the Church event, the girl developed a headache, pressure in sinuses, and mild cough, which the family took was the result of sinusitis, the report said.

Then on 19 June, the mother, the teenager noticed that she “looked grey” during sleep, and gave her an unspecified dose of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug seen by some including President trumpas a possible treatment for COVID-19.

On hydroxychloroquine drug is indicated for the pharmacist in Provo, Utah.
On hydroxychloroquine drug is indicated for the pharmacist in Provo, Utah.Reuters

FDA warned people not to use medications beyond the controlled parameters of the hospital because of possible side effects.

Earlier this month, the Agency pulled its emergency use authorization for the drug as a treatment for the virus in hospitals, citing a lack of evidence, she was working and that the risks outweigh any potential benefits.

Then the parents tried to put a teenager on an oxygen tank to use her grandfather, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Then they finally took her to the medical center the Gulf coast in South Fort Myers. The teenager was transferred to children hospital of Indianapolis, who confirmed that she COVID-19.

In the hospital, her parents chose for her to obtain plasma treatment, refusing to allow her to be intubated. It didn’t work and the girl later still intubated, the report said.

Later she was transferred to children’s hospital Nicklaus in Miami, where she died.


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A patient infected with a rare brain-eating amoeba in Florida and healthcare professionals | Instant News

Hillsborough County, Florida. – The patient, in the County of Hillsborough and catch rare and usually deadly brain-eating amoeba, known to be due to Naegleria fowleri, according to the Department of health of Florida.

The amoeba is often found in fresh water and infects people when contaminated water enters the person’s nose.

From there, it travels to the brain and causes primary amoebic meningoencepalitis, which causes the patient’s brain tissue must be destroyed. The disease is usually fatal.

Infections are rare with only 37 cases in Florida since 1962. These infections mostly occur in July, August and September, when water in rivers, ponds and canals, lakes, and warmer.

“Because Naegleria fowleri is found in many warm freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers in the United States, but more common in the southern States. The low number of infections makes it difficult to understand why a few people have been infected compared to the millions of others who used the same or similar waters in the United States,” a press release from the FDOH to read.

The health authorities urged swimmers to observe the following precautions in case the amoeba is present:

  • To avoid activities related to water, in bodies of warm freshwater, hot springs, and thermally polluted water such as water around power plants.
  • To avoid activities associated with water in warm freshwater during periods of high water temperature and low water level.
  • Hold the nose shut or use nose clips, participating in water activities in bodies of warm freshwater, such as lakes, rivers and hot springs.
  • Avoid digging in or activation of sediment, taking part in activities associated with the water in the shallow, warm freshwater areas.
  • Please note exposure to the amoeba may also occur when using Neti pots to rinse nasal cold/Allergy-related congestion or conducting religious rituals with tap water. Use only boiled and cooled, distilled or sterile water for rinsing solutions of the sine of the teapot or perform ritual ablutions.

They also suggested to seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms after swimming:

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Disorientation
  • Vomiting
  • Stiff neck
  • Cramps
  • Loss of balance
  • Hallucinations

The disease is progressive, so early intervention is key.

The health authorities did not provide any information about the patient, where they were infected or their prognosis.

To learn more about amoeba, hit here.

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California has a record surge in COVID-19 cases, Arizona clamps down | Instant News

Los Angeles (Reuters) – California record a surge of new COVID-19 infection on Monday, Reuters calculation showed, as the Los Angeles said the “disturbing” one-day jump, which put more than 100,000 cases.

Medical workers prepare for intubation of coronavirus (COVID-19) the patient with the disease at the Medical Center of the memorial’s syndrome (COVID-19) of intensive care unit in Houston, Texas, USA, 29 June, 2020. Reuters/Callaghan O’hare

Los Angeles became the new epicenter of the pandemic, as the cases of the syndrome, and hospitalization splash is, in spite of strict orders to the Governor of California Gavin Newsom, requires bars to close and residents to wear masks in almost all public places.

“The alarming rise of cases, the positivity rates of hospitalizations and signals which we, as a community, must take immediate action to slow the spread of COVID-19,” Barbara Ferrer, Director of the Department of public health County of Los Angeles, said in a statement announcing a sharp increase. “Otherwise, we are rapidly moving towards the overwhelming of our healthcare system and seeing an even more devastating disease and death.”

The mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti announced a “hard pause” when the movie theaters, theme parks and other entertainment can resume. County of Los Angeles is the largest market for cinema in the United States.

County of Los Angeles said his beaches will be closed for the Independence Day weekend and fireworks will be banned.

A positive test state for COVID-19, respiratory illness caused by a virus has grown by at least 7,418 in California on Monday at about 223,000, the largest one-day increase since the start of tracking. County of Los Angeles, with a population of 10 million, has recorded 100,000 cases.

California is among several U.S. States, including Florida, Texas and Arizona battling a new wave of infections as the people coming out of weeks clamp-downs on residents and businesses.


The Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey on Monday ordered the closure of bars, night clubs, gyms, cinemas and water parks for at least 30 days. Duke also delays the start of public schools until at least Aug. 17.

“We expect that next week our numbers will be worse,” said Duke on the day of the press conference. Vice-President Mike Pence will travel to Phoenix on Wednesday to discuss efforts to combat outbreaks.

Texas and Florida ordered to close all your recently open bar on Friday.

The Governor of new Jersey Phil Murphy said on Monday the cafeteria will resume Thursday as scheduled and will be postponed indefinitely.

In Kansas, Governor Laura Kelly imposed a state mandate requiring the wearing of masks in public places, which she said was necessary to avoid another shutdown.

Beaches in Broward Florida, the County and the County seat of palm beach will not open for the July 3-5 holiday weekend, officials said Sunday, a blow to residents was hoping to celebrate Independence Day. Miami-Dade also announced the closure of the beach for the holiday weekend.

AMC, the largest U.S. movie theater chain, on Monday said it was pushing back the reopening of the theatres on July 30 with July 15.

In June, 22 States showed a record rise in new cases of the disease, often several times, including Alaska, Arkansas, Montana, new Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, and Utah.

Face covering orders have become a political issue with which Americans, many of them supporters of President Donald trump, calling them unconstitutional.

The city of Jacksonville, Florida, where he held the framework of the Republican nominating Convention in August, said on Twitter it would be requiring masks in public starting later on Monday.

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Press Secretary of the White house, Kayleigh McEnany said Monday that trump “has no problem with masks and do all that your local jurisdiction requests”.

The new York times reported Monday that 43% of deaths in the US from COVID-19 was also associated with nursing homes and institutions providing long-term care. The article cited its own database for tracking.

Reporting Dan Whitcomb in Los Angeles and Maria Caspani in new York; additional reporting Susan the week as a whole in a green and Doina rescue in Washington, Nathan lane, Wilton, Connecticut, Lisa Shumaker in Chicago and brad Brooks in Austin; writing Grant McCool and Dan Whitcomb; editing by Howard Goller, German DAX got stronger by Cynthia Osterman and Leslie Adler


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MLB Rejects 114-Game Player Proposal | Instant News

NEW YORK – Major League Baseball rejects player proposals because 114 games are scheduled in a pandemic-delayed season without additional salary deductions, telling unions that the team has no reason to consider 82 matches possible and will now discuss even less.

Players make their proposals Sunday, five days after the initial economic management plan. The opening day is June 30 and the regular season will end on October 31, almost five weeks after the September 27 conclusion that the MLB proposal was held back from the season’s initial schedule.

Management has said it will discuss a schedule of around 50 matches, which will result in players receiving around 30% of their full salary under an agreement for prorated payments agreed by the union in March.

“You confirmed to us on Sunday that the players were united in their view that they would not receive less than 100% of the salary of their diprator, and we had no choice but to accept the representative,” Deputy Commissioner Dan Halem wrote in a letter Wednesday to chief negotiator Bruce Meyer obtained by The Associated Press.

“Based on that position, the position supported in your counter proposal, the significant health risks of extending the regular season last September, and the fact that we missed our June 1 deadline to resume spring training before June 10, we have no reason whatsoever. to believe that a negotiated solution for the 82 season match is possible, “Halem wrote.

“Despite this, the commissioner is committed to playing baseball in 2020,” added Halem. “He has started discussions with ownership about staging shorter seasons without fans.”

He ended his letter by telling Meyer, “We are ready to discuss any ideas you might have that might lead to an agreement to continue the game without regular fan access in our stadium.”

MLB did not want to play after October for fear that the second wave of coronavirus could disrupt the postseason and jeopardize $ 787 million in broadcast revenue. Halem quotes an MLB infectious disease consultant, Dr. Ali Khan, Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Nebraska.

“It is not in the mutual interest of the club or the player to start the 2020 season and then be forced to suspend or cancel it before the completion of the postseason,” Halem wrote. “Dr. Khan and his team have told us that to minimize the risk of delay or cancellation of the next 2020 season, we must try to finish the season and postseason as early as possible in the fall. … In addition, your proposal ignores the reality of the weather in many parts of the country during the second half of October. If we schedule the entire game at the end of October, we will be disturbed by cancellations. “

The team and players hope to start the season at the ballpark without fans, and the team claims they will suffer huge losses if salaries are not deducted more. The two parties agreed on a March 26 agreement in which the players received a diprator salary in exchange for $ 170 million in advance and a guarantee that if the season was canceled, each player would get 2020 service time in accordance with what the players obtained in 2019.

The deal called for negotiations of “good faith” to play in an empty stadium or on a neutral site. The union said no additional cuts could be accepted.

The MLB proposal on May 26 will reduce 2020 salaries from around $ 4 billion to around $ 1.2 billion, not including signing bonuses, termination payments or option purchases. There will be a $ 200 million bonus if the postseason is finished.

The plan will form a sliding reduction scale. Players with a minimum of $ 563,500 will get around 47% of their original salary and those above – led by Mike Trout and Gerrit Cole at $ 36 million – will receive less than 23%.

The union offer will have a total salary of around $ 2.8 billion, leaving each player with around 70% of his original salary.


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