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The floating island brings a new type of public park to Copenhagen | Instant News

Australian Architect Marshall Blecher and Danish design studios Focstrot has launched plans for a new type of public space in the heart of Copenhagen – “park” floating island. Dubbed the Copenhagen Islands, this non-profit initiative follows the success of CPH-Ø1, the first prototype island to be launched in 2018 and anchored in various parts of the city’s harbor. The Copenhagen Islands plans to launch three more man-made islands by 2020, with more planned in the future.

Moving, floating and free for public use, the Copenhagen Islands concept was created as a way to revitalize the forgotten parts of the city’s old harbor while introducing green space for the benefit of the local population, fauna and flora. Like that CPH-Ø1 The prototype, which is a 20 square meter wooden platform with a lime tree in its center, all of the Copenhagen Islands will be built by hand using traditional techniques in the shipbuilding yard at the southern port of the city.

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boat rendering near tree-covered islands

The islands will function as platforms for various activities ranging from swimming and floating zones sauna to the garden and screen cafe. Endemic plants, trees and grasses will grow above the island to provide habitat for birds and insects, while the space under each island is ideal for seaweed, fish and mollusks. These islands can be moved seasonally between parts of the port that are underutilized and newly developed to help encourage urban growth. In winter, the islands can join together to create a “super continent” for special events or festivals.

a ship near a driftwood bridge

“The islands are reintroducing wilderness and imagination to a rapidly changing port and offering ever-changing and generous green spaces in the city center,” the architects explained. “The project also hints at a new type of climate-resistant urbanism, which is inherently flexible in its use and uses only sustainable sources recycled material. “The Copenhagen Islands have received the Taipei International Design Award for Public Space as well as the award for Social Design.

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Image by MIR through Marshall Blecher


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Marshall Blecher & Studio Fokstrot Imagine Floating Island in the Center of Copenhagen | Instant News

Marshall Blecher & Studio Fokstrot Imagine Floating Island in the Center of Copenhagen