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News floating through NAB sources is a media trial: Marriyum | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Information PML-N Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb accuses Prime Minister Imran Khan of being behind every NAB case and references to the opposition, especially PML-N leaders.

Responding to the news about the new reference being prepared against Sharif’s family by the NAB, he said the purpose of hovering the anonymous news source was only to harass and insult through a media smear campaign. He said no matter how many fictitious references Imran Khan might write to Sharif’s family, his immense corruption cannot remain hidden behind such diversions.

A PML-N spokesman said the NAB-Niazi alliance had failed to construct false narratives by creating false references to Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and their family members. He said there had been an endless vicious campaign against Sharif’s family and despite all the power and records, the corrupt PTI led by Imran Khan had not been able to prove corruption against them.

He said the failure that began in Panama was reduced to cases of sewers, private property and now ancestral property. He alleged that the unholy NAB-Niazi alliance did not even feel ashamed when dragging a 90-year-old mother into their political victimization.

“The Accountability Bureau is blind to the court ruling on Banigala, to the Age of Park House produced by political ATMs, worth millions of flats at the Grand Hyatt, 23 illegal secret accounts, billions channeled to Imran Khan from questionable people and organizations.

A PML-N spokesman said the persecution of Sharif’s family by the NAB was very clear. “And when they cannot find anything to satisfy their grudges, they have bent to become victims of female family members and residences,” he said. But he said all this could not frighten and silence PML-N.


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