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Little Italy homes celebrate haunting season with 12 days of Halloween during the pandemic | Instant News

OTTAWA – After COVID-19 canceled most of the Halloween antics in Ottawa, Alain Nantel and his son Alexandre decided they wouldn’t let the pandemic put out their jack-o-lanterns.

With trick-or-treating and a party for 2020, they decided to build an animatronic look, which has been changing every day since October 19.

The 12 days of Halloween are their contribution to keeping the Halloween spirit alive in their Little Italy neighborhood.

“What is the purpose of Halloween? Is gathering candy or Halloween really about the spirit, about the atmosphere,” said Nantel. “The message I want to convey to my son is perspective. You can have a negative perspective, you can have a positive perspective, that’s really how you deal with obstacles.”

With limited space and unpredictable weather, they decided to bring outdoor decor in each night, which led to the idea of ​​changing the arrangement every day. Neighbors in the area now stop by every morning to see what new horrors await.

“We thought it was great! We just live around the corner, so every morning we come round the corner and don’t really know what we’re going to find,” said Colin Beckworth.

Nantel estimates he spent nearly $ 4,000 to create his horror masterpiece and has documented each day with posts, photos and videos on his Facebook page. The displays have become so popular that news has spread on Reddit and other social media sites, directing people who come from all over the city to see the spectacle.

“People from Gloucester, from Barrhaven were driving downtown because they had seen this, so I realized I had created a monster and had to commit to it,” said Nantel.

After this year’s success, Nantel planned to make this an annual tradition, even hinting that he would have something to celebrate this year’s Christmas.

Seeing the people visiting his front yard, Nantel’s son, Alexandre, had a big smile on his face as he pointed out where and why they chose each item.

“It makes me happy because people like that to them are cool to them, they know there’s a Halloween for them.”


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COVID-19 cases jumped to 16 cases in Middlesex-London, two new school cases | Instant News

MIDDLESEX CENTER, ONT. – The Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) reported 16 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, a stark contrast to the last two days.

The new cases brought the total in the region to 1,127, including 1,004 resolved and 60 deaths, leaving 63 active cases.

The spike follows two days of low single-digit numbers after another jump on Monday with 14 cases.

MLHU Health Medical Officer Dr. Chris Mackie said the jump was likely the result of a series of tests being processed in an Ontario laboratory.

He added that the average for the region over the past week or so has remained below 10 cases per day and he is “… pleased to have kept things relatively calm here and hopes it continues.”

Mackie also said the sources of exposure had remained consistent over the past few weeks, such as screening of health workers, close contacts and some via the school’s COVID-19 protocol.

In fact, the Thames Valley District School Board said Thursday that the health unit had confirmed two new school cases of COVID-19, at West Nissouri Public School in Thorndale and at AB Lucas Secondary in north London.

There was no indication whether the cases were students or staff members, but the board said affected families and staff had been informed.

The health unit will only reach people who have been in close contact with the affected person.

Both schools remain open and buses continue to operate.

More than 1,000 cumulative cases occurred in the City of London, while 210 were related to long-term care and nursing homes.

There are six ongoing outbreaks in elderly facilities, and two in educational settings, at Sir Arthur Currie Public School and at West University London Hall Residence.

This is where cases stand in other regions based on the most recent publicly available data, note no one has reported a new death in recent weeks:

  • Elgin-Oxford – five new, 17 active, total 317, 295 resolved, five deaths, two outbreaks

  • Gray-Bruce – nothing new, five active, 172 total, 167 intractable, no deaths, no outbreaks

  • Haldimand-Norfolk – three new, 32 active, 537 total, 468 resolved, 32 deaths, no outbreaks

  • Sarnia-Lambton – nothing new, one active, 369 total, 343 resolved, 25 deaths, one outbreak

  • Huron-Perth – nothing new, four active, 146 total, 137 completed, five deaths, one outbreak

Across Ontario 936 new infections were reported, as well as 10 new deaths related to COVID-19.


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Little Italy restaurant closed after 30 years | Instant News

OTTAWA – After more than 30 years serving customers in Little Italy, Allegro Ristorante closed its doors.

In a statement on Instagram, Allegro Ristorante said, “It is with a heavy heart today that we announce the closure of Allegro Ristorante. Saturday, October 24 will be our last night.”

“When we took over Allegro seven years ago, we never expected clients and staff to become friends, then family. It changed our lives to meet so many good people. We will miss sharing on your special day, being part of your celebration and be there for you through your grief. “

Toni and Angela Imerti own a restaurant on Preston Street.

Allegro Ristorante is the latest in a series of popular restaurants and bars that have closed in Ottawa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other Ottawa restaurants that have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic include Fish Market restaurants, Tuckers Marketplace, Highlander, StoneFace Dolly’s, Don Cherry’s Kanata, DiVino, and Wellington Eatery. Continental Bagel Company also closed its doors at the end of October.

“If anyone COVID teaches us, it is supporting each other – even over long distances. Don’t forget your family or friends, ”said Allegro Ristorante in his social media post.

“Strive to support your local restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacies and small shops. They are what make our community what it is. They are the ones who make you feel welcome when you walk in and they know your name. They care. They are the ones who need us now. more than ever. “


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The man who flooded the Little Italy apartment building was given probation | Instant News

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A man who flooded the eight floors of a Little Italy apartment building last year by opening fire valves on each floor, causing more than $ 2 million in structural damage, was sentenced to formal probation for three years on Tuesday.

Francisco Morales, 39, initially faced more than 50 charges for flooding an apartment complex at 1810 State St. just after midnight on February 25, 2019. Morales was arrested that night, not far from the soaking wet building.

Earlier this year, Morales pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and four counts of felony vandalism. San Diego County High Court Judge Robert F. O’Neill, who presided over Morales’ preliminary hearing, voted to impose a trial period and restitution that is still to be determined.

Deputy District Attorney Nereida Melgarejo unsuccessfully asked for the maximum possible state prison sentence of six years and eight months, noting “at least 40,000 gallons of water were released over several minutes.”

Damage to the 99 building units exceeded $ 2.1 million, separate from impacts and losses for tenants.

As well as massive property damage, Melgarejo said rising water levels on the building’s steps led many residents to flee believing they were going to die.

“To be honest, it is very fortunate that no one was seriously injured and no one died,” said the prosecutor.

Defense attorney Marie Maloney filed a trial, citing her client’s previous non-existent criminal history along with ongoing efforts to keep the prison population low during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the exact motive for the flooding remains unclear, Maloney said “the behavior in this case did stem from mental health issues.”

Maloney said Morales would never be able to pay full restitution in the case, and also could potentially face additional monetary penalties stemming from the civil suit filed against him in connection with the floods. The November 30 hearing is set for a restitution review, which Morales will not be required to attend.


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Franco-Italian floods: Macron warns villagers to rebuild it may take months as the death toll rises again | Instant News

Emmanuel Macron has warned villagers living in flood-stricken areas of France that it may take months to rebuild their homes and lives because he promised a € 100 million recovery fund.

The French president on Wednesday visited several areas of the Alps devastated by the recent floods that killed at least 13 people – five in France and eight in Italy. About 20 people are still missing.

Speaking from Breil-sur-Roya, a village of 2,000 people that has been turned to mud, rock and rubble, Macron praised the “courage” and “solidarity” of rescuers and residents, promising to send aid.

This includes a € 100 million emergency aid fund in addition to financing from the European Union and local authorities, he said.

His comments came as pictures of the catastrophe caused by flooding throughout the week circulated, including destroyed houses, roads and bridges.

The rushing water also found bodies in village graves – and, in some cases, had cleaned the bodies.

Several people in Tende, a village on the border with Italy told Macron how they had “lost everything” and were now worried about their future.

One woman, who broke down in tears while talking to the president, asked him “not to forget us,” adding: “We need help.”

Village mayor Jean-Pierre Vassallo, meanwhile, said a local shepherd had disappeared in a landslide with some of his flock.

His brother survived after successfully holding on to a nearby tree.

The village, which has been without electricity and communication for two days, and is blocked by a road.

“We are in trouble,” said Vassallo.

The helicopters now provide food and other supplies for the residents to stay safe.

The floods were most severe in the Alpes-Maritimes department of France and across the border in the northwestern Italian region of Liguria and Piedmont.

According to French Prime Minister Jean Castex, more than 900 rescuers, 500 police officers and several military forces are currently involved in the emergency operation.


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