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Many travel to see loved ones, despite CDC warnings | Instant News

TAMPA, Florida – As Thanksgiving travel season is in full swing, many are heading to their loved ones, despite calls from health experts concerned about the spread of COVID-19. What You Need to Know Thanksgiving Airline Travel to Tampa is Half the Amount Last Year Travel Dip 97% CDC in March, Health Care Professionals Recommend You Do Not Travel During Spring Break holidays. said Kathy Bellar, who flew to Tampa International Airport from Dayton, Ohio. “On the plane, we lined up in rows, there was no one rushing to get off, so it was pretty cool,” she said. “I wanted to see my family,” added Bellar. So are John and Cindy Smith. On Wednesday, they were preparing to board a flight to Houston, the third stop on their vacation trip. #HolidayTravel appears to be down significantly from last year, but people are still visiting relatives for Thanksgiving. This couple from Oregon visited a family in Chicago, Tampa and are now heading to Houston. We had their thoughts on travel and the pandemic. @ bn9 pic.twitter.com/nE66arRzeY – DaveJordanBN9 (@ DaveJordanBN9) November 25, 2020 “We actually flew from Oregon to Chicago to be with family,” Cindy said. “From Chicago to Tampa to be with the family.” Most health experts would encourage people not to, and for good reason. Coronavirus cases are on the rise in nearly all fifty states, with some regions reporting higher infection rates than at the start of the pandemic. This sobering fact is not lost on the Smiths. “We are nervous. Were scared. We have the feeling, “Are we doing the right thing? Are we stupid? “John said.” We are very worried. “This level of apprehension among passengers like the Smiths is evident at the airport. Officials opened a COVID-19 testing site last month, which sees up to 200 passengers per day.” Typically when you open the site in the morning, you already have a queue. people who try to take these tests before they fly, ”said Emily Nipps, a spokesperson for Tampa International. Nipps said air travel for Thanksgiving was about half of what it was last year. In March, at the height of the pandemic, travel fell 97%. As for Kathy Bellar, she admits she thought about staying home due to the pandemic, but ultimately felt it was worth the risk. Bellar. “COVID is not going anywhere soon and I would rather have a quality of life than a quantity of life.”


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St. Petersburg Creates a Food Policy Council for Food Insecurity | Instant News

COVID-19 has caused a dramatic increase in food insecurity in the US, but it has become a problem in Pinellas County and St. Petersburg long before the pandemic came to our shores earlier this year.

There are nearly 124,000 Pinellas County residents who are food insecure, according to data from Feed Tampa Bay.

City Council of St. Petersburg is now taking proactive action to tackle food insecurity, backing last month’s resolution to create a Food Policy Council.

What you need to know

  • Food Policy Council St. Pete will take steps to tackle food insecurity
  • That includes addressing the “desert food” problem.
  • Nearly 124,000 Pinellas County residents are food insecure

“I started studying food policy boards that have been set up in other cities around the country, and did some research and found that it was very effective to bring people with different backgrounds in food together to work together on a variety of issues related to resilience. food and urban agriculture, ”said Board Member Gina Driscoll, who is leading the council’s efforts.

Based on foodsecurity.org, there are more than 100 such councils across the country.

The Food Policy Council will work independently from the City Council of Sts. Pete and will be facilitated by the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg.

Julie Rocco, senior community engagement advocate for research and evaluation for the Foundation, said that during a series of focus groups and online surveys in 2019, community members made it clear that they wanted the Foundation to focus on food insecurity in the Pinellas Region.

“St. Food Policy Council. “Petersburg is the number one boldest aspiration and inspiration idea for our community,” he said.

There are “more than 20” formal stakeholders who are members of the Council vote, said Rocco, including representatives from the St. Free Clinic. Petersburg, which runs a very busy food kitchen.

“We are pleased to see what kinds of policies might develop that address the overall food insecurity in St. Petersburg. Petersburg, but also nutritional insecurity, which is an important component in overcoming food insecurity, “said Jennifer Yeagley, CEO of St. Free Clinic. Petersburg.

3rd The Avenue North entrance to the drive-thru clinic soup kitchen is clogged with cars in line that keeps dropping 8th Street N on the day before Thanksgiving. Yeagley said that before COVID, his organization served about 170 families every day. Now it’s about 350 families a day, and that figure rises to nearly 600 the day before Thanksgiving.

“I am so grateful from God that there are people like this who provide free food supplies,” said the resident of St. Petersburg Albert Sanluis on Wednesday. “One hundred percent help because my salary is not enough for me to live properly.”

“Having only a little food to eat is another blessing,” added the resident of St. Petersburg, Nathaniel Oliver.

The Food Policy Board organizers would also like to discuss desert food at St. Petersburg. It is an area that lacks access to grocery stores with affordable and nutritious food. One such area is in South St. Pete, where Walmart moved in early 2017 exited its location at 22ndSouth Way.

Driscoll also said that getting a grocery store in town would be a “fantastic addition” to tackling food insecurity and food deserts.

“It is also an economic development opportunity for many people who may not be able to start their own small business or open a grocery store, but as a group they have the power to carry out that collective effort,” he said.

Rocco said he hopes the Food Policy Council will see “incremental changes and changes that will foster opportunities for individuals to purchase healthy foods”. He specifically referred to those capacity constraints, including land use policies, lack of transportation and limits on spending on SNAP benefits (that’s short for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – better known as a food stamp program).


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Mom is concerned about the impact of vacation travel on schools | Instant News

ORANGE COUNTY, Florida – The number of COVID-19 cases in Orange County public schools has increased rapidly since October, and now some families fear that if people are not safe during the holidays, it could take away precious days of learning. What you need to know CDC data shows asymptomatic people believed to be responsible for 50% of COVID-19 transmissions Orange County mother fears people returning from vacation trips could introduce the virus into schools doctor says young children are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus Orange County Public School Health and Safety Manual (.pdf) “We are staying home and making these choices to keep our family, ”said Orange County mother Brianne Griffis. “But we don’t know what everyone is going to do. She says that with her children back in physical schools, she fears other families taking precautions will cause more class and school closures. “But these two weeks ago, and although it’s only two weeks, it’s very important for a job as a healthcare worker and first responder to have them in a daycare,” she says. Akinyemi Ajayi, a pediatric lung specialist, says despite holiday traditions, now is not the time to get together as a family. “The number of people dying from COVID-19 every day is increasing, not decreasing.” Ajayi said. “The vaccine is not here yet, although it will be soon.” This is why everyone, including school district leaders, are all recommending unless you are wearing masks and that you do not wear social distances, not to organize a large gathering for Thanksgiving. Even if you or your guests have no symptoms. According to a recent update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asymptomatic people are estimated to be responsible for 50% of COVID-19 transmissions. “The reality of young children who travel is that they are also more likely to be asymptomatic carriers than anything else,” Ajayi said. But he also says. that once the children return home, it may not lead to significant spread in schools. As long as districts maintain security measures against COVID-19. “Because the truth is that these measures really stop the spread,” Ajayi said. Griffis says with the pandemic state in the air thi the holiday season, they will cross that bridge to go back to school when they get there. “Just try to enjoy the family,” she says. “And know that whatever happens on Sunday night or Monday morning will be what it will be. And Orange County Public Schools told us on Tuesday that they intend to continue to follow all of their COVID-19 health and safety procedures, which include a mandatory face mask policy for all “students,” employees, visitors and vendors “and frequent hand and hand washing. use of disinfectant for students. .

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Recommendations given for those traveling abroad or locally | Instant News

STATEWIDE – This is usually the time of year when travel starts to pick up over Thanksgiving and the holiday season. What You Need to Know If you are traveling to another country, be aware of restrictions the CDC advises to avoid large family gatherings RELATED Stories: But those numbers are expected to decline in 2020 due to the pandemic. The weekend before Thanksgiving is usually busy here at Tampa International Airport and although it gets busy it’s a bit slower than usual. If you are traveling within the country or abroad, there are certain restrictions to keep in mind. Here are some examples. The Bahamas, a popular destination in Florida, allow travelers, but you must take a negative COVID test five days beforehand and purchase health insurance for your trip. Bermuda is open but you must get tested before and after arrival. For Mexico, non-essential travel is permitted by air, but health check-ups are organized upon arrival. In Europe, Ireland and the UK allow Americans, but only necessary travel is recommended and you must be quarantined for 14 days. Keeping all of this in mind that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you spend Thanksgiving at home with those you live with. Dr Anthony Fauci says even extended family gatherings lead to infections. “Do I want to take this risk now or do I mean that the prudent thing to do right now is to just step back and keep her in the family unit you live with, instead of doing enter people from the outside. I’m not saying everyone should do this, but at least think about it, ”said Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. If you are traveling, the CDC suggests that you should review travel restrictions before you go. They also recommend getting the flu shot and wearing a mask in public places like the airport. .

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The CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank is worried about food shortages next year amid the pandemic | Instant News

Food insecurity has increased significantly across the country after the coronavirus pandemic left millions of Americans jobless.

Nonprofits, such as the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, have done what they can to help people who need food, but supplies are running low.

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CEO Dave Krepcho joins host Justin Warmoth on “The Weekly on ClickOrlando.comTo explain the increasing demand for thousands of Central Florida families in need with Thanksgiving right round the corner.

“In the first quarter of 2021, we may face a huge food gap in terms of supply,” said Krepcho. “We don’t know how long the community can continue to support us.”

If you want to donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, just visit FeedHopeNow.org.

Watch the full interview on Sunday at 7:30 am on News 6.

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