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How to assess if an airport is at high risk for COVID-19 | Instant News

Is your airport safe from COVID-19? Getty Americans have been hesitant to fly during the coronavirus pandemic, and many are wondering if it’s safe to get on a plane when COVID-19 surges across the country. Most air travel safety analysis has focused on specific airline policies – do they clean up the plane? apply masking? block the middle seat? – but you must also take into consideration the airports through which you will pass. MORE FROM FORBESU.S. Airlines Are Now Requiring Passengers To Report COVID-19 Symptoms And Contacts By Suzanne Rowan Kelleher Here are three questions to ask to help you decide if it’s a good idea to fly through a specific airport by this moment: hot spot? It stands to reason that if you travel in or through a place where the coronavirus spreads at an accelerated rate or out of control, you are exposed to a higher risk. You can answer this question using the Harvard Global Health Institute’s risk assessment tool, whose color-coded map gives each county and state a grade of green, yellow, orange or red, depending on the number of new daily positive COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people on a seven-day moving average. Counties colored red have an infection rate of more than 25 new cases per 100,000 population, which means that the community is “at a critical point” and should be subject to residence orders, according to researchers from Harvard. Major U.S. airports located in current hot spots include, but are not limited to: Miami Int’l – Miami-Dade Co., FL – 106.0 cases / 100K Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l – Broward Co., FL – 72.3 cases / 100K Orlando Int’l – Orange Co., FL – 60.4 cases / 100K Nashville Int’l – Davidson Co., TN – 52.5 cases / 100K Phoenix Sky Harbor – Maricopa Co., AZ – 49.0 cases / 100K Tampa Int’l – Hillsborough Co., FL – 46.0 cases / 100K McCarran Int’l – Clark Co., NV – 44.2 cases / 100K Dallas / Ft. Worth Int’l – Dallas Co., TX – 41.6 cases / 100K George Bush Intercontinental – Harris Co., TX – 35.0 cases / 100K Louis Armstrong New Orleans Int’l – Jefferson Par., LA – 34.2 cases / 100K Austin- Bergstrom Int’l – Travis Co., TX – 32.6 cases / 100K Los Angeles Int’l – Los Angeles Co., CA – 32.4 cases / 100K Charlotte-Douglas Int’l – Mecklenburg Co., NC – 31 , 4 cases / 100K Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta Int’l – Clayton Co., GA – 28.2 cases / 100K When was the last time a TSA officer tested in. sitive for COVID-19 at this airport? Since the start of the pandemic, more than 1,100 Transportation Security Administration officers have contracted COVID-19 and six officers have died from the disease. And just since the weekend of July 4, TSA agents at 51 American airports have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the agency’s data. In particular, each airport listed above has had at least one positive TSA officer test in the past two weeks. The TSA publishes daily updates to the COVID-19 data, so you can check if recently the last officer from a specific airport tested positive. Are face masks required inside the airport? Given the huge body of evidence that shows that wearing face masks helps stop the spread of COVID-19, this question is a good marker for assessing whether a particular airport is doing everything it can to keep passengers safe. passengers during the pandemic. The Airports Council International, which represents commercial airports, has requested a federal mask warrant at all U.S. airports, but so far that effort has been unsuccessful. In the absence of a federal face mask law, airports across the country have inconsistent standards for face covers and most airports are allowed to establish their own policies. If you are concerned about an airport mask policy, be sure to do your own research before booking your flight. You can usually view the airport policy online, but you may need to call the airport directly. MORE FORBES Aerial surveillance cameras can harass you if you don’t wear a face mask By Suzanne Rowan Kelleher In states where there is no face mask mandate, there may be a local mandate. For example, in Florida, the current epicenter of COVID-19 infections in the United States, Governor Ron DeSantis did not issue a mask warrant. Miami International Airport recently started forcing employees and travelers to wear masks, following a mandate from Miami-Dade County. Similarly, Orlando International Airport and Tampa International Airport now require the wearing of masks, thanks to executive decrees of the mayors. READ MORE .

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As the U.S. reopens, interest in private jet travel | Instant News

The coronavirus continues to disrupt modern life, but one sector is booming in light of the restrictions of Covid-19. Private jet charter. Amid coronavirus containment issues, many Americans are turning to private jet travel for … [+] for the first time. Getty Long was considered the bastion of business travelers and ultra-elite private jet travel is skyrocketing, as many Americans are concerned about the lack of health and safety regulations on commercial airlines. Charter flights regained 90% booking capacity in June 2020, according to GoGo Business, a provider of connectivity and in-flight entertainment for business aircraft. Industry leaders say the majority of recent bookings are from new customers. From evacuation to stop The road to acquiring new customers was not easy. At the start of Covid-19, charters were hired to assist with international evacuations, both for individuals and for aid companies and organizations. Companies like JetSuite saw a 20% increase in requests for new brokers in March, according to CondéNast Traveler. Likewise, Qatar Executive, their airline’s private flights company, recorded a 26% increase in requests compared to the previous year. But then the industry stopped because it was largely constrained by the same constraints as commercial airlines. Some companies fell back – JetSuite filed for bankruptcy in April. For those who have been able to continue operating, the industry is taking off now, as Covid-19 containment policies are decreasing around the world, but most commercial air travel seems scary. Increase in new customer acquisition for aircraft “We have seen a massive increase in incoming requests and new customer acquisition” in the past 90 days, said Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan. The private jet and charter company announced a 117% increase in customer acquisition for June. “There are approximately 8.2 million households in the United States with a net worth of two million or more. The majority of them have not been flying privately before, ”said Tivnan. “We are witnessing a huge change in this story now, it is a health and safety concern.” With some commercial carriers – like American Airlines AAL – refusing to close the intermediate seats, many people who generally fly with passenger airlines are simply not interested. In addition, private flying gives customers more control over their entire journey – from avoiding TSA lines to waiting in line for check-in. According to GlobeAir, chartered aircraft pose a 30-fold lower risk for Covid-19. Changing destinations for charter flights Instead of carrying business travelers or offering charters for landmark events like a birthday or a football game, private jets transport people to domestic destinations in the United States . Monarch Air Group, a private jet charter provider, has seen an increase in demand based on the total number of flights booked, which increased 125% year-over-year; compared to June 2019. And 52% of their guaranteed charter contracts from June 2020 came from new business. “We used to see New York at the Hamptons, now we see Florida at the Hamptons,” said David Gitman, president of Monarch Air Group. “People who shouldn’t normally charter charter.” Magellan has also reported an increase in flights to second home destinations like Jackson Hole, Boseman, Aspen, the Carolinas or Savannah. “Last year, the vast majority of trips would go to Italy or the south of France. We just don’t see that, ”said Gitman. “We see a lot of people going to their second home … These are people who usually travel for business. So either there is no theft or they are in a risk category. »Take Fido for the ride In addition to more charters to domestic destinations, animals are now being transported worldwide, as many commercial carriers have suspended their cargo for pets, making private the only means of transportation animals. Monarch Air Group reported that 10% of their flights had pets on board in the past three months. Traveling privately can mean more direct travel As commercial airlines limit their flights, private travel also becomes an easier way to travel between destinations. “It’s no longer just a three hour direct flight, you’re now talking about a full day of travel. Two or three congested airports, “said Gitman. Lower cost of charter flights Part of the boom in private jet travel could also be lower prices, said Gitman, as kerosene has bottomed out. In addition, the CARES law suspended a 7.5% federal excise tax or FET on air transportation until January 2021. For consumers, this means that private jet travel is about 15% to 20% below normal. “When you think of airlines, it’s a bigger problem than just the experience on the flight,” said Gitman. “For the moment, it is impossible to practice social distance on an airplane. Airlines need to understand this. ”

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VIDEO GLOWING SPHERES hovering over Brazil illuminates the UFO theory online – RT World News | Instant News

A number of videos that allegedly reveal spherical objects throbbing above the Brazilian sky have actually sparked many assumptions about worthy UFO discoveries.

Twitter is flooded with videos that claim to reveal unusual sensations in Mage, Rio de Janeiro’s exterior.

In one of the clips, a spinning blue ball is seen hovering above the city. The video clip was tweeted at Elon Musk.

“There are reports that something fell there in a lake … But it doesn’t seem like it’s a satellite,” Andre Di Mauro is made.

Another video clip reveals the 5 ball team blazing in the night sky – an unusual aesthetic sensation “Many people see,” according to a Brazilian who shared a clip. The other published a video of the red ball floating around, along with a strange flashing light in perspective.

According to records, the conditions “Witch” as well as “Pau Grande”– the area of ​​the city where the event was declared to be happening – the trend on Brazilian social networks on Wednesday.

Despite babbling online, authorities said they were not aware of any unusual types of events. The city issued a notice stating there was no information about the problem, local media reported, including that the Brazilian Air Force said it was not getting phone calls relating to the unusual items.

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