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Germany is following the French example of banning non-existent Turkish groups | Instant News

Germany’s federal parliament has approved a motion proposing a ban on Turkish organizations linked to the so-called Gray Wolf movement, following a precedent set in France, reports said Thursday.

The Bundestag issued a motion entitled “Against nationalism and racism, suppressing the effects of the Gray Wolf movement” prepared by the united parties of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) and the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU), as well as the German Social Democratic Party ( SPD), the Free Democratic Party (FDP), and the Green Party.

The motion included taking action to prevent and suppress the spread of the Gray Wolf movement in Europe, the German government tracking its activities, banning associated associations and opposing online propaganda to inform the public and institutions of the movement’s goals.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs, which has the prerogative to close down organizations and associations, has not yet commented on the matter.

Earlier this month, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry criticized France’s controversial move to ban the group, saying there was no such organization or movement.

France’s “imaginary decision”, as if such a movement existed, was “the final manifestation of the country’s contradictory psychology,” the ministry said.

However, he added, it is unacceptable to ban cultural symbols used in many countries of the world, which are very common and have no illegal dimension.

About 6 million Turks live in European countries.

Germany, a country of more than 82 million people, has the second largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France. Among the country’s nearly 4.7 million Muslims, 3 million are from Turkey. Germans of Turkish origin have been a part of German society for nearly three decades. In 1961, Turkey and Germany signed a recruitment agreement, allowing Turkish citizens to work in Germany as guest workers.

These Turks, mostly descendants of the country’s “guest workers” who came to help with the post-World War II development boom, often complain of racist attacks and a lack of follow-up in police investigations for such incidents.

Germany has seen an increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes in recent years fueled by hate propaganda by right-wing parties.

The number of attacks targeting the Turkish minority in France has also increased recently. Last month, members of the Armenian community injured four Turks demonstrating on the A7 highway connecting Lyon and Marseille.

Rising Islamophobia, racism and xenophobia in Europe threatens the safety of some 5 million Turks living in European countries, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kıran.


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Aleem Khan appealed to residents to follow the Corona SOP | Instant News

LAHORE: Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan appealed to citizens to take precautions against coronavirus and follow SOPs to protect themselves from the second wave of the pandemic.

In his exclusive speech, Abdul Aleem Khan said that with a responsible attitude like in the past, this time also Corona can be avoided because we have to face this challenge. He said that the participation of the business world is very important for controlling the corona effectively. He said that normal activities will recover as soon as the situation returns to normal. The minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision had helped tackle the coronavirus and Pakistan had adopted a much better strategy than many developed countries which were also recognized globally. Aleem Khan said that all steps the government is taking are to protect citizens and everyone must play a responsible role and cooperate fully in this. The Senior Minister expressed hope by saying that God willing, this time the country could also overcome this challenge and get rid of this corona wave as soon as possible.


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Kiwi cruise companies are looking for adventure guides for Antarctic trips | Instant News


Kiwi lovers and hikers alike can take this opportunity to visit Antarctica. Photo / Provided, K Ovsyanikova

For adventurers and nature lovers, this can be a dream summer job. A New Zealand cruise company is looking for an outdoor expedition leader to join them on a special Kiwi journey on the most distant Sub-Antarctic islands.

After being granted permission to sail New Zealand’s sole season, cruise company Heritage Expeditions is looking for crew and guides to join them from Fiordland to the Auckland Islands this summer.

“We are looking for extraordinary individuals who have a passion for New Zealand, its wildlife and its stories,” said commercial director and expedition leader Aaron Russ.
Applicants will need a sense of adventure and be able to balance multiple responsibilities on Spirit of Enderby’s 50-passenger icebreaker.

“The oceans can be very temperamental – you have to be able to think, and stay on your feet,” explains Aaron. But for those who can afford it, this could be your ticket to one of the most interesting and difficult to reach places on the planet: Antarctica.

Enderby will set sail with a week-long itinerary around Stewart Island and a 13-day trip to the Subantarctic Islands before embarking on a guest expedition to New Zealand’s claim to Antarctica at the Ross Dependency.

Spirit of Enderby has been granted special permission for the New Zealand Antarctic season.  Photo / Awarded, T Bickford
Spirit of Enderby has been granted special permission for the New Zealand Antarctic season. Photo / Awarded, T Bickford

The company says knowledge of the area’s history, flora and fauna would be a plus, but it would be suitable for anyone on research, hospitality or adventure travel who is looking for a challenge.

“We are looking for extraordinary individuals who have a passion for New Zealand, its wildlife and its story,” said Aaron.

“New Zealanders are renowned for providing the next level of service with a smile when under pressure, and this is an excellent opportunity to tap into some of the local talent who may be looking for an exciting career change.”

For more information or to submit an application, the company can be contacted via [email protected]

Last month the Spirit of Enderby also known as Professor Khromov was granted entry to New Zealand. The ice-fortified research ship and its Russian crew were trapped outside New Zealand waters by the country’s shipping ban until it was granted a special exemption for the Kiwi-only season to the Southern Ocean.

Now considering the trip, Aaron says this southern itinerary will appeal to Kiwis who have “their wings cut by Covid”, want to “mark that wish list adventure and explore the furthest reaches of our amazing backyard.”

After a 14-day quarantine period, 22 Russian crew members have started their 29-day voyage to Bluff.

For more New Zealand travel ideas and inspiration, visit newzealand.com

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LHC will follow Judge Isa, issuing a notification to PM Imran Khan | Instant News

LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) chairman Qasim Khan said Thursday that the Center is meddling in provincial affairs and Supreme Court judge Qazi Faez Isa was right in issuing a notification to the prime minister.

This was conveyed by Judge Qasim during the trial for the construction of Jalan Kartarpur, which was submitted by the Shakargarh Bar Association. Judge Qasim said the LHC would also send a notification to the prime minister. He questioned how the federal government completed the Kartarpur project. He said that if the congregation decided to leave for Kartarpur from Lahore, the road conditions would be poor.

The Chief Justice asked how the federal government acquired this project and whether the Center had transferred funds to the provincial government for this purpose. The Chief Justice asked a representative of the Ministry of Communications how this had happened. The representative said he knew nothing about it.

“This means that the Center is interfering in the affairs of the provincial government,” said Judge Qasim Khan. He observed that prime ministers and chief ministers spend billions of rupees in their districts, but none of them are spent on roads that benefit the general public. The court adjourned the trial until 29 October.


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PM wears pink ribbon to join breast cancer awareness movement – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in October 01, 2020 10:40 p.m.

PM wears pink ribbon to follow breast cancer awareness movement

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday wore a pink ribbon as part of a month-long breast cancer awareness movement that aims to prevent disease through early diagnosis and break lingering taboos.

The Prime Minister’s Office also shared an image showing the prime minister with a pink ribbon pinned to his vest at the initiative of First Lady Samina Arif Alvi to create mass awareness about the disease in the country.

The pink ribbon was presented by President Dr Arif Alvi, who in his letter asked the prime minister to wear it on October 1 or throughout the month, if possible, to give a message to the public to defeat the deadly disease.

The President views that Pakistan has a high prevalence of breast cancer which has been identified as the most common malignancy among Pakistani women, with young girls also being affected now.

“This alarming situation demands our immediate attention to raise awareness about self-examination and early detection to save lives,” said the president, who also informed the prime minister of the First Lady’s awareness efforts to help save thousands of precious lives.

The president said October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help focus attention and support for awareness, and asked the prime minister for support for a noble cause.


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