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Rolling food truck park to downtown Gary with breakfast burritos and BBQ | Northwest Indiana Business Headlines | Instant News

“We plan to expand the menu as soon as the opportunity arises,” said Yonover. “We encourage everyone before work or after work to stop by. We are open for business and look forward to feeding all of Gary.”

If the first two stationary food trucks worked well enough, they hoped to open a brick oven pizza truck and a taco truck as well. Future additions could include a hot dog truck and a donut truck to create a sort of outdoor food court, said Krause.

“There are a lot of people here, a steel factory, a lot of hard workers and not much food,” he said. “We have been working hand in hand with the city to feed the people who will work every day.”

The food truck park concept will allow them to try different dishes to see what tastes good and what doesn’t.

“It’s like a blank canvas where we can do whatever we want with it,” said Krause. “Hopefully, people come out and support us.”

5th Avenue Food Stop focuses on take-away meals, emphasizing fast service so steel workers can enjoy a meal and start work on time. But it also has a picnic table provided by ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen for anyone who wants to eat there.

“We try to buy and make purchases locally, whether it’s a hardware store, an auto parts shop or getting chickens from Pastor Curtis (Whittaker Sr. of the Progressive Community Church, who runs the ranch in Gary). We try to do that much locally who we can and source our goods locally, “says Paul Yonover. “We want to be an integral part of the city of Gary. We know that retaining employees is important. We know that shopping locally is important. We will do all of that.”


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Apartments in Maddie’s food truck court saw early success at Greeley | Instant News

From elevated grilled cheese sandwiches to tacos and barbecues, Greeley’s newest outdoor dining experience offers guests a wide variety of choices.

The food truck court at Apartments at Maddie which is managed by Richmark Companies opened last week with Yolk’n Around and Ay Dios Mio Burrito participating in the first Food Truck Friday event.

Christine Ostrowski, Richmark’s real estate partner and asset manager, says a food truck court is not a new idea for the company. It actually included a place for the food truck in the original design plan.

“This is just a fun idea that will help connect students to the city center and have other outdoor activities and dining spaces for the community and great tenants,” says Ostrowski.

COVID-19 delays opening, but trucks are busy. Smokin ‘Bros Barbecue, Cheese Love Grill and Taco Man are hosting this Friday week’s event.

“It was always something we wanted to do, be part of a food truck park, so we were really excited about it,” said Caitlin Osborne, co-owner of Cheese Love Grill, based in Englewood.

Osborne said his partner, Jeremy, started the company three years ago after deciding to start a grilled cheese business while he was at Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend.

GREELEY, CO – OCTOBER 02: Chef Jeremy Osborne packs grilled cheese in his food truck Cheese Love Grill during the weekly Food Truck Friday event outside Boone at Maddie Apartments in Greeley 2 October 2020. The event is open to the public and features outdoor seating as well as some food trucks to choose from. (Alex McIntyre / Staff Photographer)

Cheese Love Grill is scattered all over Colorado, says Osborne. They’ve been to Greeley, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Buena Vista. The duo isn’t sure how the truck performs with the other trucks, but the customers keep pouring in late into the night.

“This is very nice. We are very busy. For us, being next to barbecue and tacos is scary because everyone wants barbecue and tacos, “said Osborne. “I’d go for barbecue and tacos over grilled cheese, but I think our menu is so different that nobody eats it. We didn’t really know what to expect. “

Greeley residents Deanna Montoya and William Jordan, who live near the apartment, attended Food Truck Friday together. They see the signs on the apartment, search them online and decide to see what they are all about.

“This is good. We’ve tried (Smokin ‘Bros Barbecue) before, so now we are trying new things and helping this small business,” said Montoya. “We happened to see this and, with time now, you should be out helping people.”

GREELEY, CO – 02 OCTOBER: Caitlin Osborne, right, takes orders to hand over to customers at the Cheese Love Grill truck during the weekly Food Truck Friday event outside Boone at Maddie Apartments in Greeley 2 October 2020. The event is open to the public and has seating outdoor as well as multiple food trucks to choose from. (Alex McIntyre / Staff Photographer)

Jordan agrees and says he wants to see burger trucks in the future too.

When asked if they planned to return, Jordan’s answer was definite: “Oh, yes.”

The apartment in Maddie will focus on Food Truck Friday, Ostrowski said, but the end goal is to create a year-round food truck court with vendors on site every day. It already has attendees scheduled for the second week of November and will soon feature bistro lighting, outdoor heating and bringing in local musicians.

Guests can also expect small events and contests. Ostrowski said customers attending Food Truck Friday on October 23 can pick up pumpkins – with a limit of 30 attendees – engrave them and share the designs on Instagram for a chance to win a $ 100 gift card.

GREELEY, CO – OCTOBER 02: Caitlin Osborne, left, talks to a customer outside her husband Jeremy Osborne Cheese Love Grill’s food truck during the weekly Food Truck Friday event outside Boone at Maddie Apartments in Greeley October 2, 2020. The event is open to the public and has outdoor seating as well as several food trucks to choose from. (Alex McIntyre / Staff Photographer)

“This will just be another part of the revitalization as we get more commercial tenants on 8th Avenue. We just want to be a part of that relationship, “said Ostrowski. “It brings more activity and another place for community members to go.”

Upcoming truck schedule

Friday, October 9: Yolk’n Around, E&R Tasty Tacos
Wednesday, October 14: Brightside Coffee
Friday, October 16: Brightside Coffee, Salty Dog
Wednesday, October 21: Brightside Coffee
23 October: Salted Dog, Ay Dios Mio Burritos
Wednesday, October 28: Brightside Coffee
Wednesday, November 4: Brightside Coffee
Wednesday, November 11: Brightside Coffee

All Food Truck Friday events run from 4pm to 8pm
The morning coffee event runs from 7am to 10am


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