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Magnificent Dinner: A new First Family favorite | Instant News


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Here are the food trends you can expect in 2021 | | Instant News

(Meredith) – One of the biggest changes we’re experiencing in 2020 is the way we eat. Most of us no longer eat in restaurants, and we have learned to rely on take-out meals and cook our own meals at home.

In 2021, we can expect many food trends to continue – such as making breakfast more frequently and creating new cocktails ourselves.

Senior Digital Food Editor at Real Simple Betty Gold said that one of the biggest trends we will continue to see is cooking at home, especially when making breakfast.

“As a result of having a little more time in the morning, we still work remotely, we don’t have to go anywhere else, we can wear sweatpants all day, we have more time to focus on breakfast, and that’s very new. for many of us, ”said Gold. “So, I think this year, people will start Sunday lunch on Tuesday, for example.”

Gold also said he believes people will continue to be more ambitious with the types of dishes they make, but he hopes to see a strong emphasis on comfort food.

“Everyone is looking for an indulgent and delicious meal that makes them feel nice and warm inside. Nostalgic food is really popular, ”said Gold. “We also see a lot of Americans trying to cook a meal they might order at a restaurant that has indulgent types of dishes like french fries, chicken parmesan, like the delicious delicacies you might just order when you eat out. “

Hand in hand with comfort food, Americans are also enjoying alcohol in 2020. While Gold predicts this will continue, he also thinks people will re-evaluate their alcohol intake and try to choose lower alcohol, lower sugar options.

“While I don’t think anyone is really ready to go cold turkey, I would say that there is a fairly large-scale movement that I would call the ‘mindfulness’ movement, so I saw a lot of recent drops – alcohol, low sugar wine. on the market, and a lot of people make low-alcohol cocktails at home, ”says Gold. “I think the tough voters are not going anywhere, we’re just going to see more and more.”

When it comes to food trends to avoid, Gold advises avoiding fad diets and focusing on whole, healthy foods.

“Any kind of fad diet, if it sounds too good to be true, it must be,” says Gold. “Be careful with any product that seems too good to be true, because it probably is. You know, a candy bar is a candy stick, plant or not. “

For more food tips and recipes, visit realsimple.com.

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The State of Montana’s Bounty of the Bridgers is experiencing increased food insecurity due to the pandemic | Montana State University | Instant News

Montana State University’s food pantry, Bounty of the Bridgers, has seen an increasing need since the pandemic hit but has so far met that need through a number of local donations and federal assistance.

The student-led food kitchen, affiliated with the Gallatin Valley Food Bank, caters to the university’s students, faculty and staff. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pantry was helping 55 to 65 families per month on a regular basis. When the virus hit, the number increased to 75 families per month.

“When the pandemic hit, we saw an increase in the number of people using the kitchen,” said Marci Torres, director of the university’s health promotion office. “… As time went on, it became more than a problem.”

With universities entering their spring semester, Torres said they are starting to see numbers increase again but it is too early to have good representation.

He said the service industry was hit particularly hard when public health concerns forced many closures, hurting many people financially. Apart from those unemployed or with reduced working hours, there is another level of food insecurity from people who are subject to prolonged quarantine and are unable to access jobs or grocery stores.

“These people are becoming food insecure,” he said.

To help these people, the pantry allows friends to take food and deliver it at the door for people who cannot leave their homes.

Due to the pandemic, food pantries have also changed the way they work. Although it is still open during normal hours, people are asked to make an appointment in advance and workers pack food to be picked up at the scheduled time.

“Now that they have to make that promise and have to register beforehand, it might make it no bigger than it already is,” he said

Bounty of the Bridgers also in the second year of the food scholarship program, which offers dining room tickets to students who need it. In the fall semester, they received 208 applications. Five days into the spring semester application process, already received 159 applications. The last day to register is January 25th.

He said the increasing need was not something specific to Bozeman, but soup kitchens across the country were seeing more and more people experiencing food insecurity.

The number of people requesting Bounty of the Bridgers’ help has remained relatively consistent at high volumes since the start of the pandemic, Torres said. With the vaccine launch, he said there was hope the level of demand would return to normal soon.

He said some consistent donors, such as Northwest Farm Credit Services, increased their financial donations to help meet the growing number of food bank users.

Last year, the Bounty of the Bridgers also applied for federal CARES Act funding and received $ 12,000 to buy food, cleaning items, and gift cards for the City and State during the holiday season. Torres said the grant was helping to fund growing needs.

He received a $ 50,000 donation from the Mericos Foundation to purchase a refrigerated truck. The food bank also conducts “food rescue” every Saturday of three local grocery stores to collect food that the shops can no longer sell but is still good at. Torres said the refrigerated truck would help them collect food. It is also used to help deliver food to people in quarantine and isolation.

The food kitchen will also participate in the university Gift Day for the second time on 11 and 12 February.

The location of a food bank on campus is critical for reaching the people who need its services most, especially during a pandemic.

“When you have so many students on campus and families living on campus, it becomes easier for them to access these resources,” he said.

Torres said he was grateful for the continued support from the city and the university for soup kitchens. People interested in making a donation can find more information about the site.

“Sometimes it’s hard for people to find resources, but that’s why we’re here,” he said.

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Praise Temple in Shreveport delivers food to families who need it, on MLK day Public | Instant News

SHREVEPORT, La. – At Shreveport, tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the focus for church members at Praise Temple this Monday. They volunteer their time to provide food to those in need. During the day, cars line up outside the church.

“I think Praise Temple is doing a wonderful job helping to feed some of us,” said one woman who came to receive the food.

They distributed food to about 300 families.

“And for Dr. King, it’s very beautiful, “he said. More than 20 volunteers joined forces to make this happen.

“We are happy today for this day of service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, ”said Praise Temple Founder and Bishop Lawrence Brandon. “And of course, we respect Dr.’s legacy of life and love. King, but we also respect everyone who walks with him. Because if Dr. King is here today, he will tell you, he is not doing this alone. “

Young and experienced volunteers are there too, 10 year old Braylon volunteers often.

“It feels good because we have to work a lot, have to use teamwork, we have to work together, we have to use collaboration to get lots of people who need food and need help … especially during this pandemic. , “Said Braylon.

He also said he was happy to help provide food to the family.

“It’s just to make people smile, we have a lot of seniors in line for the cars right now. Because a lot of seniors have limited income, and of course, a lot of them are scared so what we do is just pick up and go. They don’t have to get out of the vehicle. We will open the back of their car doors, “said Bishop Brandon.

The food that is given today will help feed the families for the rest of the month.

Praise Temple is working with the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana to distribute food on holidays and every Tuesday at the Bossier City location (1760 E Texas Street) from 4-6 pm. The church also delivers food at their Shreveport location (4725 Greenwood Road) on Fridays from 4-6pm


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Food gifts help those in need on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. | Instant News

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (WNDU) – In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, free food gifts at the Benton Harbor Central Fire Station helped serve those in need on Monday.

“Every day is important for people to have access to food, but it is a day of remembrance and a day to recognize the most powerful individuals in our world,” said Anna Murphy, United Way of Southwest Michigan President and CEO.

City, Spectrum Health Lakeland, United Way of Southwest Michigan, and Feeding America are all working together to make this happen.

“We know that food insecurity is a problem, so every chance we can do to help is what we do today,” said Soroya Pierre-Vanartsen of the Spectrum Health Lakeland Foundation.

Volunteers such as the Lakeside Diversity Club help bag and distribute the food.

“Some of us live in this area, so we want to help our community, and we just want to do something good to represent our school and club,” said Lakeshore Diversity Club Member Emmanuel Muzumara.

People can drive, take out the luggage and stay in the car to get food.

“You see other people struggling, and they come out with smiles on their faces knowing they have the least hope for today,” said Benton Harbor 2nd Environment Commissioner Jerry Edwards.

The Feeding America truck is filled with about 7,500 pounds of food, and those who give it say they are happy to be a part of helping others this vacation.

“You would think it was cold, but people still need it. People still need food. So it doesn’t matter if it’s cold. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining. We are here and volunteer here to help, ”said Murphy.

“Being able to see people receive what they need, and also, this really helps us to determine that there is still a high level of need in our community, and there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Pierre-Vanartsen.

For more information on other food distributions taking place in Southwest Michigan this week, click here.

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