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On April Fool’s Day, Ford jabbed the automaker for the joke of “Do Not Disturb” | Instant News

Many automakers have issued announcements that seem strange immediately before people see that these dates are not true at all. Yes, automakers are very keen to celebrate April Fools’ Day, but when Dodge joked that SRT models will adopt a “do not disturb” mode, Ford quickly pointed out that its Mustang already has similar features, and it was joking.

Dodge has stated that its SRT model will use a mode that reduces the noise level of these cars-even more roar. The engine and exhaust marks of the Dodge SRT model are one of the iconic highlights, but this can be a problem in a quiet neighborhood. Therefore, Dodge said that this time the situation has been eased. It said on Twitter: “We finally listened to your neighbors. The new SRT(R) do not disturb mode was introduced. There are no more noise complaints.” However, the hashtag #AprilFools in the same tweet has been Give it up all.

Ford got up and did not leave.

Ford product communications manager Mike Levine (Mike Levine) emphasized on Twitter that Mustang has actually had a similar pattern since 2018. “The Mustang has had a similar pattern since 2018. Not #AprilFools. This is the #GoodNeighbor pattern,” he wrote.

Levine refers to a mode that uses an active exhaust system to reduce decibels in pipes. There is also a timer that can be programmed so that the average machine can be quiet at the scheduled time.

With the development of muscle cars and high-performance cars, sound plays a key role in the experience of driving and even entering the car. The grunt meets some of the expectations of enthusiasts, but it is also true that relatively quiet areas may encounter problems. However, this may be a thing of the past in the case of hybrid and/or full battery powering in upcoming cars, regardless of whether it is silent or not.


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New Zealand Country Games celebrates a record-breaking weekend | Instant News

Steve Hollander, Riki Paewai, Kris Richards and Margaret Kouvelis. Photo / Provided

Te Marae o Hine Palmerston Square North hosted the record-breaking event during this weekend’s New Zealand Ford Ranger Country Match.

About 42,000 people attended the three-day event where athletes competed in a variety of rural sports, including chopping wood, shoveling coal and shearing sheep.

However, it was the boot throwing and egg throwing and catching that ultimately broke New Zealand’s record.

Riki Paewai and Kris Richards set a new record for New Zealand Throw and Catch at 66.3m – the first time it was broken since 2016.

The pair surpassed the 2016 record of Brent Newdick and Luke Wainui of 63.7 m with a large 2.6 m.

Meanwhile, New Zealand women’s shoe-throwing champion Kristin Churchward beat her Kiwi record by throwing 36.88m.

The previous record was 34.45m, which was set in Queenstown in 2016.

New Zealand Country Games founder Steve Hollander said it was a “fantastic” weekend for country sports.

“The sun was shining all weekend, and we were lucky enough to see two New Zealand records being broken.”

The weekend also succeeded in introducing this year’s focus on introducing young people to rural careers and sports, said Hollander.

“As of Friday, we have 420 students attending the Westpac Agri Futures inauguration, and another 240 students competing in the Allflex Clash of the Colleges. We want to introduce a youth focus on encouraging young people in rural careers and rural sports.”

The Stihl Timbersports Championship is also held over the weekend, with women, men and rookies competing to represent New Zealand in international championships.

“It’s great to have more wooden sports competitors at the Olympics, especially young and female competitors alongside men – the public can see a high level of professionalism in this sport’s code,” Hollander said.

A one-hour television program will air on TV3 on March 27 at 5 pm.

Curly Troon and Kristin Churchward.  Photo / Provided
Curly Troon and Kristin Churchward. Photo / Provided

New Zealand Ford Ranger Country Game Results

Stihl Timbersports

• 1st Men’s Championship: Jack Jordan – 75 points

• 2nd Men’s Championship: Kyle Lemon – 62 points

• 3rd Men’s Championship: Jason Wynyard – 58 points

• 1st Women’s Championship: Kylea Heaton of Hamilton

• 2nd Women’s Championship: Raewyn Windley of Hamilton

• 3rd Women’s Championship: Emma Shaw of Leeston

• First Newcomers Championship: Brad Pako from Dunedin

• 2nd Rookies Championship: Cleveland Cherry of Spinuru

• 3rd Rookies Championship: Michael Trow of Hamilton

Speed ​​Fence

• First Championship: Tony Bouskill

• 2nd Championship: Team Garrick

• 3rd Championship: Bradley Fountain

• First Fighter: Jared Nicolson

• 2nd shooting: Hayden Walton

• Battle 3: Troy Brooky

Teenage Secondary Shooting

• First team: Rathkeale College

• 2nd Team: Feilding High

• 3rd team: New Plymouth Boys

• First Individual Quality Barber: Michael Buick, Rathkeale College

Sam Strahan’s Memorial Sheep Dog Trial Challenge

• First team: Jo Waugh, Bex Scragg, Kathryn Oliver, Robyn Stephens

• 2nd Team: Paul Evans, Guy Peacock, Bruce Parkinson, Matthew McMurray

New Zealand Skellerup Gumboot Throw Championship

• Men’s 1st prize: Kieran Fowler – 47.31m

• 2nd son: Stu McNie – 46.63m

• 3rd son: Craig Manson – 46.50m

• 1st daughter: Kristen Churchward – 36.88m – New Zealand record

• 2nd daughter: Dell Adams – 31.62m

• 3rd daughter: Janey Harrison – 29.94m

New Zealand Catch and Egg Throw Championship

• 1st place: Riki Paewai and Kris Richards – 66.3 million

• 2nd place: Jeremy Price and Jacob Smith – 45m

• Third: Robbie Hollander and Jack Taylor – 40m

Battle of the Sexes Speed ​​Tree Climbing

• First team: Women – Stephanie Dryfhout, Sami Baker, Nicala Ward-Allen, Chrissie Spence – 310 points

• 2nd Team: Boys – Dom Ritter, Sam Smith, Sam James, Jack Taylor – 296 points

• Footlock First Man: Sam James – 13.7s

• First Women’s Footlock: Nicala Ward-Allen – 15.4s

• First Person Workclimb: Sam Smith – 66.33s

• First Women’s Workclimb: Chrissie Spence 68.00s

Southern Hemisphere Highlands Championship

• First: Craig Manson

• Second: Ruben De Jong

• Third: Andrew Wain

Shearing Speed

1st Jack Fagan: 47.34 (two sheep)

2nd Jimmy Samuels 49.52 (two sheep)

• 3rd Paerata Abraham 20.04 (one sheep)

Coal Shovel

• First team: Worn Out Old Buggers – 11.65s

• Men’s Doubles 1st: Royce Green and Wayne Keown – 15.09s

• Women’s Doubles 1st: Dell Adams and Kristen Churchward – 19.86 seconds

• Men’s Singles 1st: Royce Green – 24.63

Getting ready

• First: Penny Boyle

• Second: Andre Poutama

• Third: Melissa Lammas

Speights – Bill Tapley Memorial Cow Pat Throw in collaboration with FFNZ Manawatu Branch

• 1st son: Riki Paewai – 42.22m

• Both Sons: Luke Wainui – 40.12m

• 3rd son: Tangaroa Walker – 36.03m

• 1st place under 12: Camden Bolton – 26.35m

• Second place under 12 years of age: Rupert Smith – 25.85 million

Cow Pat Throw – Saturday

• 1st son: Luke Wainui

• 2nd son: Jeremy Price

• 3rd son: Riki Paewai

• 1st daughter: Maddie Bell

Human and Mutant Race

• First: Luke Watts and Max from Whanganui

• Second: Josh Wilkinson and Lilly from Fitzherbert

• Third: David Reesby and Bo from Marton

Russian Egg Roulette

• 10.00: 1st Michelle Smith, 2nd Jacob Smith

• 12.00: 1st Christina Gee, 2nd Toot Hotel

• 14.00: 1st Brandon Brooks, 2nd Dylan Muidie

Allflex Clash of the Colleges

• Juniors 1st: Palmerston North Boys High School Team 51 – 92 points

• Junior 2nd: Feilding High School Team 17 – 90 points

• Juniors 3: Feilding High School Team 8 – 89 points

• Senior 1: New Plymouth Boys Middle School Team 44 – 112 points

• Senior 2: Wairarapa College Team 23 – 108 points

• Senior 3: Build 7 Middle School Team – 105 points

• The best team to throw Gumboots: Palmerston North Boys High School

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With thousands facing layoffs, Brazilian unions are pushing for temporary jobs at Ford | Instant News

The two main trade unions leading negotiations with Ford on halting its operations in Brazil urged workers to return to work next Monday, February 22, in clear signs of their adherence to the automaker’s profit interests. Despite knowing that they will soon be laid off, the workers must return to the factory to meet the company’s demand for spare parts.

Workers line up against Ford’s closure in São Paulo in 2019

The re-imposition of work comes amid pressure from Ford dealers who have expressed concern about a shortage of parts for cars still on sale. The announcement of factory closings triggered an immediate decline in sales of Ford vehicles in Brazil. In January, the company’s sales were cut by half compared to December, which only sold 8,100 units nationwide. It was the biggest drop among car manufacturers in Brazil.

According to a UOL Carros website report, the Brazilian Ford Distributors Association (Abradif) warned Ford in late January that parts were scarce. In their documents submitted to Ford, the organization stated that its members had received notification from the Consumer Protection Agency (Procon) due to the absence of a maintenance component on the official network.

Of the three plants Ford owns in Brazil, only one in Horizonte, in the state of Ceará, continues to operate. It is expected to be closed completely by the end of this year. Two other factories, in Camaçari, Bahia and Taubaté, São Paulo, which employ more workers, have been completely closed since 11 January, the day the automaker announced a halt to production in Brazil.

After a few weeks, however, Ford began to retract part of the workforce in Camaçari and Taubaté. The workers were notified individually by telegram or phone calls from their superiors but despite direct intimidation did not respond to the calls.

In an interview with Or Balloons the newspaper, the president of the Camaçari Metalworkers Union, Julio Bonfim, has reported: “Ford sent a notification, but zero adhesion, everything was stopped, nobody left. The factory was forced to rent a warehouse because it was in the Simões Filho area [the neighboring municipality] there is no one here in Camaçari to unload the 90 truck drivers. “


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Brazilian unions clamped down on workers’ opposition to mass layoffs following Ford’s closure | Instant News

One month after Ford announced the closure of its three remaining plants in Brazil, another company linked to its production chain laid off its workers, unleashing a wave of layoffs affecting various sectors of the auto industry. According to research by the Interunion Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (DIEESE), the 5,000 layoffs announced by Ford mark the potential for destruction of another 118,864 jobs, resulting in an annual wage loss of 2.5 billion reais (US $ 465 million).

Based on this perspective, one can predict the waves of opposition among Brazilian workers. On January 26, about 800 workers at the Arteb parts factory, located at the ABC industrial complex in São Paulo, went on strike to protest the 200 layoffs. Founded in 1934, Arteb produced headlights and headlights for major automakers, and blamed the layoffs on Ford’s closure in Brazil. Workers were fired by mail.

The strike was led by the ABC Metalworkers Union (SMABC), which is affiliated with the Workers’ Party (PT)-controlled CUT federation, and ended in just two days. The union acted swiftly to keep the strike isolated, without calling on other workers in the area who would soon face a similar situation. Linking layoffs to the company’s previous financial problems and the “normalized” high unemployment rate in the industry, the secretary general of SMABC, Moisés Selerges, proposed ending the strike.

Ford assembly. Photo by: Sam VarnHagen / Ford Media

“The situation is complicated. It’s not just Arteb’s problem, but the industry as a whole. The industry is submerged in water because this government does not have an industrial policy, ”Selerges said when meeting workers. “As I told you at the start, the union is working on a possible deal. So here’s a possible deal that we reached. “

The “may” deal reached by the union received 200 layoffs. Even in the face of obvious defeats for these workers, the union is still trying to boast that the negotiations have “guaranteed” severance pay, extended medical benefits to September and payment for strike days.

The announcement on the SMABC website on January 21 has warned of the general nature of the “Ford effect,” as evidenced by the recent cutbacks in working hours at factories in the ABC region that used to serve carmakers.

“With the announcement of the closure of Ford, we are concerned about the domino effect on auto parts in our region, as several companies supply products to auto manufacturers, including auto parts factories,” said another union official, Genildo Dias Pereira. “In São Bernardo, for example, we have Samot, Fiamm, Rassini, ZHS, Mahle, Selco, among many others. Not to mention that Arteb has closed the Camaçari factory [in the state of Bahia, where Ford had one of its factories] after the decision. “


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Brazil bans Ford from carrying out mass layoffs when it closes factories | Instant News

Two Brazilian labor judges have banned US carmaker Ford from carrying out mass layoffs for closing its manufacturing facilities in the country.

The two decisions were issued on Friday evening, according to Brazil’s Agencia news agency.

The ban is in effect until negotiations with the union are successful, according to the report.

Judges at Taubate in Sao Paulo state and in Camacari in Bahia state imposed fines of up to 100,000 reais (about $ 18,626) per employee affected by the violation. Ford can appeal the ban.

The carmaker recently announced it would stop production in Brazil and close its three remaining plants there, after more than 100 years of operation in the country.

Ford ever consecutive losses in recent years, which would lead to a pretax deduction of about $ 4.1 billion, the company said in January.

Chief executive Jim Farley said it was a “very difficult but necessary” decision.

Brazil’s Ministry of Economy said it regretted Ford’s decision, which it said went against the strong recovery seen in most of the country’s industrial sectors.

Thousands of employees were affected, according to reports on Brazil’s G1 news website.

Factories in Camacari and Taubate will close soon, while production at the Troller subsidiary in Horizonte in Ceara state will resume for several months.


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