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Fashion Forum, 10 am – 23/11 | Instant News

Question of the Day – 23/11Tina is here with a question for Monday … Who would you like to sit next to an award show like AMA? Have a nice Monday, everyone! Be careful, and see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!

Teen’s Tune, 10 a.m. – 11/23Another Teen Song for Monday? YES! Tina had a winner from the American Music Awards last night!

Show and Tell – 11/23Cody owns Show and Tell today, a unique website that records people’s screams. Everyone had fun with it …

Fashion Forum, 10 am – 23/11Welcome the trial with the second edition of Fashion Forum today! Much more from the AMA because everyone gives us their opinion!

School Food Distribution – VacavilleThe Vacaville School District is working overtime this week to distribute food to students in need while they are on their Thanksgiving holiday. Dina Kupfer was at Jepson Middle School to tell us about the program.

Scarlata Farms Cellar – The Healthy Side of a VacationThe key to a complete holiday meal is making sure there are healthy options on your menu. Kim Scarlata of Scarlata Farms Cellar in Tracy joins Tina to show you the recipe!

Check It Out – Holiballs!Tina’s got some … great holiday décor at Check This Out today. They are Holiballs, giant inflatable ornaments!

Teen’s Tune, 8 a.m. – 11/23Tina is here with Teen’s Tune today, we haven’t done mash-ups in a while! Seven mini clips to sort through here, good luck!

Fashion Forum, 09.00 – 23/11The American Music Awards is Sunday night so it’s time to eat at the Fashion Forum!

Scarlet Cellar FarmsScarlata Farms Cellar offers a wide variety of specialty foods and award-winning olive oil. Tina Macuha talked to Kim Scarlata in person about building charcuterie boards!

Local Shopping, Roseville: Fig + IvyFig + Ivy is a size all-inclusive women’s clothing boutique founded in 2018. Julissa Ortiz keeps it local and visits her!

Trivia Toast – 23/11This is another game that is sweeping the nation! Courtney Dempsey is testing our knowledge on Trivia Toast today!

Contra Costa and Solano Food BankThis year, the need is greater than ever when it comes to keeping food on the table. Dina Kupfer visits Contra Costa and Solano Food Banks to see how they are preparing for the holiday wave.

Diane Lane – Let Him GoWe talked to Diane Lane about her new film, Let Him Go.

Good Day Rewind – 11/23If you missed it, we’ve rounded up some of the best moments on the day’s event at Good Day Rewind!

What is that? 09.00 – 23/11We’ve hooked up with Randy of Emigh Hardware once again for another gaming show sweeping the nation: What Is It?

What is that? – 23/11This is the nation’s newest URGENT gaming show (we have tons of it), time to join forces with Emigh Hardware’s Randy Aspinall for another round of “What Is It?”

Samantha Brown – Pandemic Travel AdviceMany people usually travel this time of year, but this holiday season will be different. Luckily for us, world travel guru Samantha Brown has some suggestions, and she’s joined forces with Cody to let us know!

NCIS 400th Episode! Sean Murray Joins Us …The popular CBS show “NCIS” will reach a big milestone with its 400th episode! One of the stars, Sean Murray, joined with Cody to tell us about the upcoming season!

“Terra Cottage” – Shopping in RosevilleJulissa’s Roseville shop local tour continues at Terra Cottage on historic Vernon Street in Old Roseville!

“An Iliad” – Prospect Theater Project in ModestoThe stories of the ancient and the modern world come together in a captivating theater experience. Jack Souza of the Prospect Theater Project in Modesto joined Tina to tell us about it!

Local Roseville Shopping: Sparrow 5Julissa Ortiz in Roseville is keeping it local and completing a shopping holiday at Sparrow 5!

John Says “Whip” Pt. 2John Dabkovich did the whip and nae nae.

John Says “Whip” Pt. 1John Dabkovich returned and was critical of the “H” in the word “whip”.


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Court’s Fashion Forum – 11/16 | Instant News

Question of the Day – 11/16Tina closes Monday’s edition of Good Day with a question: What was the last project you worked on? Have a nice Monday and thanks for watching! See you early tomorrow at 4:30 am!

FanPAWAstic News with Tina – 11/16A curious meerkat, a singing kitten, and a man who uses a cat to demonstrate how to bathe a baby (the cat seems to love it)! And as usual, a local animal joining in on the fun, Tina is here with FanPAWstic News today!

New Season “FBI” on CBSThe popular CBS show “FBI” is gearing up to kick off their third season! Cody had to settle for being the third most handsome man in the room today as he talked to stars Zeeko Zaki and Jeremy Sisto about the upcoming season!

Show and Tell – 11/16Cody presents Show and Tell, a website today. But not just any website, it’s arbysdeepfriedturkeypillow.com. What can you get at arbysdeepfriedturkeypillow.com? Arby’s Fried Turkey Pillow, of course! Limited supply (sold already), but you can get a lottery to win it … good luck!

Travis Air Force Base Military BandThe military band at Travis Air Force Base is still making music! In the Covid 2020 environment, they have gone from live performances to making music videos that fulfill their mission of connecting with the American public, inspiring excellence in supporting the US Air Force, and honoring Airmen and all members of the Forces and Veterans. Dina Kupfer is there in person for hands-on experience!

Get “Mo” WineThe Get Mo Wine program is a way to help consumers try different types of wine especially if you are unsure of what to pair with a particular dish. Focusing on the Modesto area, they put “Mo” in Get Mo Wine. Tina Macuha spoke directly to Pat Dodd, Wine Dodd to get more details and describe the theme.

Improve Your PicnicJulissa Ortiz keeps it local with a small business that can take your picnicking to the next level.

Court’s Fashion Forum – 11/16The People’s Choice Awards was held last night, so it’s time to rate Courtney and her Fashion Forum!

Jersey CollectionAlex “Capi” Caparelli is the equipment manager for Republic FC – or Kit Man. Throughout his professional football journey, he has been awarded players’ jerseys (or fixtures) by players, clubs and others. On National Jersey Day, Capi distributed small samples of his nearly 500 kits he had collected over the years. Lori Wallace checked the collection herself!

Good Day RewindOur ICYMI prepares you with a Good Day Rewind where we will show you some of our funniest moments.

Trivia Toast – 11/16This is a game show that “sweeps the nation!” Trivia Toast! Can you name the jersey?

Teen’s Tune – 11/16Happy Monday! Tina is here with Teen’s Tune: 80’s songs these days, and it’s getting a little weird towards the end …

Songlorious: Create Custom Songs for Any Occasion!This holiday season, don’t you dare send out traditional greeting cards! Ellen Hodges, co-creator of Songlorious, joins up with Cody to tell us how you can create a custom song made by a team of musicians! They wrote a song for Good Day!

“The Neighborhood” Season 3 Premiere on CBSSeason 3 of the acclaimed CBS show “The Neighborhood” premieres tonight on CBS 13, and the show is not afraid to tackle today’s tough problems with humor and heart. Stars Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainer join Courtney to talk about tonight’s episode!

Holiday Heartbreak – Social Distancing’s ImpactHolidays look different this year, and holiday heartbreak is a real thing that can be an unfortunate side effect of social distancing. Dr. Stephen Sinatra joins Courtney to talk about how you can deal with holiday heartbreak, and some tips to keep you and your family excited if they need it.

Local Shopping: Bless Your Heart Market – LincolnHandcrafted rustic signs, home decorations, and more! Julissa continues to shop locally in Lincoln, now she’s at Bless Your Heart Market to show us around!

Dry HandsCourtney Dempsey spoke with a local dermatologist through ZOOM about how to treat your dry skin now that the air gets cooler amid frequent hand washing and cleaning.

Local Shop: House MaroeJulissa Ortiz gets some early holiday cheer in Lincoln. House Maroe is dressed and ready for Christmas, and they have lots of holiday decorations, and gift items in store!

Factory Mobile TrucksMiridae Mobile Nursery brings native plants to the neighborhood through pop-up sales. They launched in May to help people carry out native gardening projects during the lockdown while spreading the word about how amazing the native plants are and bringing them to urban and suburban areas. The mobile nursery is run by UC Davis ecology PhD and landscape designer and Lori Wallace visited them for more information.

Dad Joke of the Day – 11/16Today ‘Dad Joke is a thinker!

Sing it To Me – 11/16Today’s “Sing it to Me” is a classic! Could you … “SING IT TO ME?”

7:10 Cheers – 11/16Cheers to Monday! It’s a toast at 7:10!

Dishin ‘with Tina – Q1227This is Southern home-cooked food with a twist, and the recipes have personal inspiration. Tina checked the menu at Q1227.

Bradley Ranch Movie NightHead to Elk Grove and enjoy a Christmas drive-in movie!


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California issues COVID-19 travel advisory ahead of vacation | Instant News

Friday Dance Party 11/13 / 2020Friday Dance Party 11/13/20202 hours agoQuestion of the day 11/13 / 2020Question of the day 11/13/20204 hours agoExploding Whale AnniversaryCody learns how people in Florence, Oregon are celebrating the big whale birthday that explodes! The Leftovers 11/13/2020 The Leftovers 11/13/2020 5 hours ago Artists in the Courtyard, Part 2Dina was in Sacramento with another look at a few other unique works of art on display 5 hours ago Say 11/13 / 2020Show and Tell 11/13/202020 5 hours agoArtists in the yardSculpture to paintings, local artists present their work at a big event. 5 hours agoBaker Girl 209If you are looking to get a personalized treat, this native Stockton has you covered! Cody learns about Alexandria’s cookies 5 hours ago Wild Horse Auction Two organizations come together to help wild horses get adopted! 5 hours agoGreatest Baker’s cookie creations by a local woman earned her a spot in a big baking contest! / 2020Choose your news 11/13/20202 5 hours agoOld School Pop-UpThis weekend is a great time to support small businesses and enjoy holiday shopping at the same time! Ashley checks pop-up market 6 hours ago California issues COVID-19 travel advisory ahead of vacation With COVID-19 continuing to resurface, California joins several other West Coast states in issuing forward travel advisory the holiday season. Toast 11/13 / 2020Trivia Toast 13/11/202020 6 hours agoGood Day Rewind 11/13 / 2020Good Day Rewind 11/13/20206 hours agoTunes with a Twist 8h 13 11/11/2020Tunes with a Twist 8h 13/11 / 20206 hours agoCassie’s brand Dulce VidaHer says “Love begins with the sweetest things”, and that’s exactly what it delivers. Cassie of Cassie’s Dulce Vida joined us from Lathrop 6 hours ago DIY Cheese Kit Personalized cheese boards are a growing trend for small gatherings and parties, and Julissa is learning more about them. 6 hours ago El Dorado Hills LaundromatEl Dorado Hills is home to a brand new Laundromat that offers a variety of amenities to its customers 6 hours ago NCIS New Orleans NCIS New Orleans is back for its seventh season with an intense two-part first season 6 hours ago Golden Bear Warm up with a delicious hot toddy from the Midtown Golden Bear! 7 hours ago Friday 11/13/2020 7 hours ago Corn Collection Over ten thousand acorns are being harvested this time of year as part of the seed-to-sow effort. 7 hours ago.

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Court’s Fashion Forum – European Music Awards | Instant News

M&M Brittany Gourmet Dog TreatsTina tells how we can get all natural gourmet dog food for your pup.

Trivia ToastDo you know about bones? Test your knowledge in Trivia Toast today

Free Range Turkey TrotJulissa shows us how you can virtually run a marathon this Thanksgiving while giving for a good cause.

Feed the Valley – River City Food Bank.Dina Kupfer is in Sutter Health Park talking to Amanda McCarthy of River City Food Bank talking about the Food Bank “Feed the Valley” fundraiser.

Woodworking by BenLori spoke with a 12 year old business owner where she used her woodworking skills to run her business.

Will DowningCourtney spoke with Grammy Nominated artist Will Downing about her current project.

Good Day RewindThis is what you missed on today’s show

GatherTina talks to our friend at “Gather”, a multi-business company in Modesto where they offer several different services to you.

The kitchen tableJulissa has a local business that is ready to welcome the holiday season

Question of the Day – 9/11Tina has a Question of the Day today: If you have a radio station, what is the format? Have a nice Monday and thanks for watching!

50 Years on Radio- Celebrating Joey Mitchell!Doing anything for 50 years is a great achievement, but 50 years in the radio business is really something to celebrate! Tina Macuha is on 101.5 K-HITS with Joey Mitchell, who is celebrating 50 years on radio! Congratulations!

Court’s Fashion Forum – European Music AwardsWe haven’t had many opportunities to appear on Court’s Fashion Forum lately (2020 and all), so when the Europe Music Awards closes on the weekends, Court takes the opportunity! Let’s JUDGY!

Show and Say – 9/11Courtney had a Show and Tell today, it’s Puzzle Huddle! They’re a local company whose product is on Oprah’s newest list of Favorite Things to Do!

Feed the Valley – River City Food BankDina Kupfer is in Sutter Health Park talking to Amanda McCarthy of River City Food Bank talking about the Food Bank “Feed the Valley” fundraiser.

Youth Songs – 9/11Tina is here with Teen’s Tune today! The theme is the recipient of the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award!

Feed the Valley with Rivercats!CBS 13, CW 31 and the Sacramento RiverCats team up for the “Feed the Valley” food bank fundraiser! Dina Kupfer is at Sutter Health Park with Chip Maxson and Dinger from Rivercats to tell us how you can help!

Woodworking By BenIt all started as an activity to keep busy during quarantine, but it turned into a thriving business for young Sacramento wood workers! Ben Cook-Appel joins our Lori Wallace to show off her creations!

Political Sign ArtOther elections have come and gone, but what to do with all the political signs? Julissa Ortiz is in Old Sacramento with artist Kip Bridges showing us what she does to make art out of those old signs!

Injured Soldier Virtual Veterans Day CelebrationVeterans Day is only a few days away, but with all that going on, the celebrations look a little different this year. Lieutenant General Michael Linnington, CEO of the Wounded Warrior Project, joined Courtney to tell us about this year’s virtual celebration!

Gather in Modesto – Vacation Event PlanningIt’s a place that can help you plan your next family event! Ann Endsley from Gather in Modesto joins Tina to tell us how!

Old Sacramento Christmas Tree Is Here!It’s starting to look like Christmas in Old Sacramento! Photographers Dave Grashoff and Scott Ford of the Downtown Partnership were there while the tree was being laid on Front Street!

Pfizer Says Initial Analysis Shows Covid-19 Vaccine Is 90% EffectiveDrugmaker Pfizer said on Monday a preliminary look at data from the coronavirus vaccine showed it was more than 90% effective – much better than expected efficacy if the trend continued.

Freeze Warning AppliesA freeze warning is in effect which will last until 9am Monday.

Sacramento Could Ban Certain Businesses Along Folsom Boulevard Deemed Unacceptable By ResidentsSacramento residents have complained that ever since light rail entered their area, dubious businesses have flourished on two sections of Folsom Boulevard near the College-Glen neighborhood of East Sacramento.


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Fashion Forum | Instant News

Change Hours This Weekend – Another Tina Haiku – 28/10Hits keep arriving with other haiku from Tina, don’t forget “Fall Back” on Saturday night! This one is specifically for GoodDay Angie the Tab Lady fans!

Change Hours This Weekend – Haiku Tina – 28/10In an ongoing effort to remind you to “Backtrack” this weekend, Tina has a haiku to help you remember.

Question of the Day – 28/10Tina has a question today: When will you start decorating for the holidays? Thank you for watching today, have a nice Wednesday!

Roman Spinale Magic – The Cleanest CardThe magic is back! Roman Spinale has joined forces to amaze us with another illusion! As usual, Cody, John, and Court were amazed!

Mullet Championship – The Result!Cody had a young guest last week participating in the Mullet Championship, now we can find out the results! Kevin Begola of Mullet Championships joined Cody to break the news for us, and they talked about other competitions coming up!

Good Eats Cooking Class – Online!Grab your chef’s hat, apron and ingredients, Good Eats has a cooking class you can take! Paulette Bruce of Good Eats with Tina shows us what to cook, and how you can join in the fun!

Floating Pumpkin Patch – Little Whale Swim SchoolGet ready to swim and let your kids look for the perfect pumpkin! Ashley Williams is at Little Whale Swim School in Sacramento to give us a tour and let us know how your little one can participate!

Show and Say – 10/28Cody had a Show and Tell today, fire ants are artists!

Roman Spinale MagicWatch Roman Spinale perform this INSANE magic trick … Can you explain it ??

Officer: Esparto Family House Destroyed by DUI Ganja suspectOfficials said the Yolo County family home was destroyed after a driver who appeared to be under the influence of marijuana ran over it Tuesday night.

Dolfo DonutsLori looks at (and tastes) the family-run donut business: Donuts Dolfo.

Fashion ForumCourtney and the cast gave their opinion on celebrity looks during the BET Awards. As an added bonus, John Dabkovich shared his impressions of Snoop Dogg. You don’t want to miss this!

Teen Songs – 10/28Tina is here with Teen’s Tune today … let’s go back to the mid 80’s!

The Way of the Scarecrow – LodiThere is a Halloween event happening in Lodi that the whole family can enjoy! The Scarecrow Stroll promises lots of fun, and Julissa Ortiz is here to give us a preview!

Fourscore Coffee House – RosevilleCoffee, music, art and activism combine at the Fourscore Coffee House in Old Roseville. Ashley Williams was there to show us some of the changes they have made, and we met the artists whose work was featured in them!

Odd Tacky Open!A popular place for children to have fun has reopened, with limited capacities. Lori Wallace is at Rancho Cordova at Wacky Tacky to show us the changes they’ve made, and how your kids can get out there and have fun!

Practical Comedian: Dinner PartyIt’s been a tough year (huh?), So we can all laugh. Joe Gatto and James Murray from Impractic Jokers join forces with John to talk about how they make their comedy work, even when they can’t be together! We also revisit the last time those guys were on the show, and check the camera, Scott Z. to make sure he’s all right.

Holiday Makeup Tips with Sofia TilburyYour holiday party might look … different this year. But even if your party is Zoom’s party, you still want to look your best! Sofia Tilbury, Brand Ambassador for Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics, joined with Courtney (via Zoom) to give us some tips!

Trick-O-Treating with Kona IceJulissa shows how you can get Shaved Ice from Kona Ice for Halloween

Costanza is back!Ashley shows us that Costanza has opened up again and what changes they made during the pandemic.

Spectacular HalloweenLori shows us how you can be a part of the Spooktacular Halloween Drive Thru

That Animal Rescue ShowCody spoke with Richard Linklater about 10 episodes of his new documentary featuring people in Austin saving animals.

Photographer Dave Grashoff Celebrates Dodgers World Series VictoryIt’s been a long time coming but the Los Angeles Dodgers have finally won the World Championship again in 32 years! Photographer Dave Grashoff celebrates and pays tribute to the Dodgers World Championship. Look how he does it!

Abandoned Citrus Heights Florist Catches the FireFirefighters said a building that was once a Citrus Heights florist was damaged in the morning fire.


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