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Chicago Playground Fashion Designer Accused Of Taking Payment For Clothing Through A Cash App And Never Delivering It – CBS Chicago | Instant News

CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago fashion designer’s Instagram page has more than 20,000 followers – even images of celebrities wearing jackets they claim to have been designed.

But some customers say that fashion designers take their money and never give them the clothes they buy. They tell the CBS 2 McNicholas Team they want answers.

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Nyasa Henry ordered a jacket that was supposed to be a Christmas present for his sister, Africa Brown.

“Well, online my sister, African, had followed her for a few years before and the jacket was a bit expensive, so I kind of saved up for this year for the gift for her,” Henry said.

The jacket costs $ 400, which Henry sent via the Cash App in early November 2020. The payee is an Instagram-savvy fashion designer who works under the name Chicago Playground.

Henry and Brown said it all seemed legitimate because Chicago Playground prided itself on their celebrity online connections and appeared to have had no negative reviews.

“He’s peddling these pages to where if you say anything negative, it’s like you got deleted so fast,” Henry said. “It’s just a detour. I recently sent her another message two or three days ago. No response.”

Chicago Playground has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau due to very similar complaints over the past year and a half.

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Out-of-state cheerleading groups took to YouTube in late 2019 saying they paid Chicago Playground over $ 2,100 for a jacket they never got.

“Chicago Playground – he played us for 12 university jackets, and we want our money back,” the team coach said in the video.

We’ve tried emails, Instagram messages and phone calls over the past week, but Chicago Playground hasn’t reached us yet.

They did block one of our producers. Brown said they also blocked one of his pages.

“I just want people to know the truth. It’s my biggest thing just to find out, “Brown said,” and then to have the right choice if you’re dealing with this guy. “

They’ve given up on his jacket. Now they just want a refund.

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Experts say you should only use payment apps like Cash App and Zelle with trusted friends or family.


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In Covid-Era Travel Scam, Scammers Offer Fake Test Results | Instant News

In many parts of the world, travelers are required to test negative for Covid-19 before boarding a flight, but a number of recent arrests suggest not all results will be genuine. Indonesian, French and British authorities claim to have arrested the supplier of falsified coronavirus tests. “As long as travel restrictions remain in place due to the Covid-19 situation, it is highly likely that the production and sale of bogus test certificates will prevail,” said Europol, the EU police agency European this month. Allegations of Covid-19 test fraud are growing around the world. A man was arrested outside London Luton Airport in late January in connection with the sale of fake Covid-19 test certificates. In November, French authorities arrested seven people for selling false certificates to travelers at Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris. Police first learned of the fraud after discovering a passenger with a fake certificate on a flight to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. After the arrests, police found more than 200 fake certificates on suspects’ phones, which allowed people to steal abroad, according to French prosecutors. Airports in Paris and Singapore, as well as airlines like United and JetBlue, are experimenting with apps that verify travelers are not Covid before boarding. The WSJ goes to an airport in Rome to see how a digital health passport works. Photo credit: AOKpass At the end of January, police in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, said they had arrested eight people allegedly involved in a scam to sell fabricated negative test results to travelers. That month, Indonesian authorities arrested 15 people in a separate program, accusing them of offering false results for around $ 70 each. Police said a former employee of the health office at the city’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport got hold of an electronic copy of a negative test certificate and, from October, the used to print about 20 forged test results per day. In the Philippines, a government research institute affiliated with the health department warned last month that people posing as its employees were selling fake Covid-19 test results. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS What solutions could be implemented to ensure the authenticity of a Covid-19 test before traveling? Join the conversation below. Taiwan banned Indonesian migrant workers in December, saying it couldn’t trust the country’s Covid-19 test results. Earlier that month, four-fifths of Indonesian workers who provided Taiwanese authorities with test results showing they were not infected with the virus then tested positive for Covid-19 after being sampled in Taiwan . “These reports are increasingly inaccurate,” Chen Shih-chung, Taiwan’s health minister, said in December. “We really have no idea what kinds of problems they are having.” The Indonesian government agency that deals with the affairs of migrant workers has said it will step up monitoring of migrant workers’ tests to avoid false tests. The potential for fraud is pervasive in a patchwork of international travel restrictions that were enacted during the pandemic. “The results of the paper tests are not only available in different formats and languages, but they can also be easily manipulated,” said Albert Tjoeng, spokesperson for the International Air Transport Association, which represents around 290 airlines in the world. He said check-in officers should “try to determine the authenticity of several non-standard test documents that passengers present to them.” The problem has no simple solution. Some governments have warned against action. Singapore, for example, says travelers who produce fake test certificates will face restrictions on their ability to reside in the city-state in the future, while the Chinese government has warned of “liability. legal ”. Receive a coronavirus briefing six days a week and a weekly health newsletter once the crisis subsides: sign up here. CommonPass, a project supported by the nonprofit The Commons Project Foundation, where each country will be invited to share their testing and vaccination requirements for travelers, as well as the names of facilities to which authorities are trusted to administer Covid-19 tests. Designated facilities will then enter travelers’ Covid-19 testing and vaccination information into data systems accessible by CommonPass, allowing individuals to share that data with airlines and border authorities. “It’s a way to efficiently issue a certificate – a digital certificate, like a test certificate or vaccination record – but in a tamper-proof manner,” said Paul Meyer, general manager of the Commons project. This month, a passenger presents documents at a Covid-19 test center in the arrivals area of ​​Charles de Gaulle airport. In November, French authorities arrested seven people for selling false certificates to travelers at the airport. Photo: christophe archambault / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images The CommonPass was tested on several international flights last year, and Project Commons says it is coordinating its efforts with more than 20 governments. IATA says it is also developing a mobile app, called the IATA Travel Pass, which will allow passengers to share test results with authorities in a way the association says will make traveling with bogus nearly impossible. documents. But getting all countries to accept the same digital passes is a challenge, creating obstacles in an already difficult travel regime. “Without the ability to trust Covid-19 tests – and possibly vaccine registries – across international borders, many countries will feel pressured to maintain comprehensive travel bans and mandatory quarantines for as long as the pandemic persists.” said Bradley Perkins, Project Commons chief medical officer and a former director of strategy and innovation at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. —Lekai Liu and Sam Schechner contributed to this article. Write to Jon Emont at [email protected] Copyright © 2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8.

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Wirecard scandal: Germany will replace chief financial supervisor | News | DW | Instant News

Felix Hufeld, head of the German financial controller BaFin, was replaced as the impact of the Wirecard scandal continues to grow.

Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz announced the move on Friday, saying it was part of an effort to overhaul the agency.

“The Wirecard scandal reveals that Germany’s financial regulator needs reorganization to fulfill its supervisory role more effectively,” said a ministry statement.

Scholz thanked Hufeld for his years of service, adding that the personnel reshuffle was a “new beginning” for regulators.

The ministry statement did not identify Hufeld’s successor.

The news came after BaFin announced one of its own employees is suspected of insider trading connected to the Wirecard collapse.

Regulator under attack

Digital payments company Wirecard was a rising star in the fintech sector before becoming one of Germany’s biggest fraud scandals.

In June last year, the company acknowledged that € 1.9 billion ($ 2.1 billion) of assets had not been discovered. The company filed for bankruptcy just days after the announcement.

Initial investigations suggest that the company may have been cooking its books since 2015.

BaFin is under immense pressure over the scandal, with regulators accused of poor oversight and missing warning signs that have allowed accounting fraud to continue for years.

A parliamentary committee has been tasked with finding out who knows what and when. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of Finance Scholz will be criticized by lawmakers as part of the investigation.

rs / sms (AFP, dpa, Reuters)


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Fawad Ch 2.5 years term of government without fraud great success – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 29 January 2021 11:14

Fawad Chaudhry said the current cabinet is considered the cleanest in Pakistani history.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Friday called the two and a half years of rule without fraud a huge success and awarded Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Fawad Chaudhry took to Twitter and said the current cabinet is considered the cleanest in Pakistani history. He urged the judiciary and administration to follow the cabinet and make Pakistan free of corruption.

“Two and a half years without fraud. The government will definitely be a great success. The government, the cabinet is now considered the cleanest cabinet in history, sir. The judicial and administrative institutions must follow the Cabinet and free Pak from corruption,” wrote the minister.


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PM aims to end scam with people in illegal housing project – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in 28 January 2021 10:35 p.m.

PM aims to end scams with people in illegal housing projects

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed to take emergency steps to end fraud with people, especially the exploitation of Pakistanis abroad, in illegal housing projects and construction.

Chairing the weekly meeting of the National Coordinating Committee for Housing, Construction and Development in Islamabad on Thursday, he said an ordinary man was deprived of his lifetime income through an illegal housing scheme, which needed to be stopped immediately.

The Prime Minister said protecting the interests of citizens, especially the poor, in construction activities was the government’s top priority.

The Prime Minister was informed that a strategy for the Ravi City project had been formulated which could potentially generate around $ 7.6 billion in revenue.

Imran Khan was informed that Requests for Proposals from two large companies had been received and expected from four other companies.

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, Special Assistant to PM Dr Shahbaz Gill, Chairman of the Pakistani Naya Housing Authority Lieutenant General (ret) Anwar Ali Hayder, Chair of the Urban Development Authority Ravi Rashid Aziz, Imran Amin and others attended the meeting.

During a briefing on the progress of the project, it was informed that additional camps had been established to accelerate construction work.

The prime minister was also informed about the progress of the Central Business District project.

Was informed that the federal and provincial governments will benefit from the project. The Civil Aviation and Railways Authority of Pakistan is also likely to earn revenue from the partnership.

The prime minister said the country had relied on loans rather than exploiting the huge available resources and faced a huge burden of repaying the loan increase.

Those resources should be used to lift institutions that deteriorated during the previous administration, he added.


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