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Conman is behind the fraud which cost £ 21 million to be hunted by police in Brazil | Instant News

The boss driving a Ferrari behind a fraud that cost £ 21 million was hunted by police in Brazil.

Anthony Jon Domingo Armstrong-Emery disappeared when 850 investors who usually paid £ 23,000 were eliminated.

They raised money into the Ponzi scheme run by EcoHouse Developments Ltd.

It is claimed to sell affordable social housing in South America. But nothing was sold and after Brazilian police stepped in an investment company – based in Richmond, South West London – it went bankrupt.

Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Armstrong-Emery, who has links to Gibraltar, and his sister, Gabriela Madeiros.

Londoner Armstrong-Emery, 41, was banned from running the company for 14 years last year.

He is thought to have made his fortune by selling homes to expatriates in Spain.

Fraud police in Brazil hunt for Ferrari boss boss Armstrong-Emery, who is behind the fraud which cost £ 21 million

In Monte Carlo he was known for driving a red Ferrari 458 Italia for £ 175,000. And on a visit to Brazil he was ushered in 4×4 with armed guards.

EcoHouse is claimed to be part of a legitimate government project called Minha Casa, Minha Vida (My House, My Life), which aims to move families from slum cities to homes with water and electricity.

British lawyer Charles Valentine Fraser-Macnamara is a director at the company, which was founded in May 2010.

He was shocked after the Attorney Regulations Authority ruled that investment was a fraud.

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Headlines from Mirror Online

Only £ 5 million was paid to investors – often approached via a timeshare mailing list. They expect their money back plus 20 percent profit after one year.

Victims were alerted in 2013 when concerns were posted online.

Brazilian police moved and EcoHouse ceased operations in November 2014.

That was put into liquidation after a statement filed at Companies House in January 2015 recorded a debt of £ 21.4 million.

Tory MP Nigel Evans has written to the Attorney General and Attorney General asking for help for investors.


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How does the FIA ​​deceive innocent citizens and involve them in fake cases | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: In a surprising move, an internal investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) itself has revealed how an agency official turned a business agreement between two private parties into a human trafficking case and involved innocent citizens in a false case.

Raja Muhammad Ishaq – an inspector of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) stationed at FIA AHTC Islamabad conducted a raid at a business outlet located in Sector I-8, Islamabad on February 27, 2019. The inspector seized eight passports and arrested two residents, Hamame. Abbasi and Saqib Abbasi – who according to the inspector – is allegedly involved in human trafficking.

Both defendants were cruelly tortured. Abbasi Hameed – one of the defendants – claimed that due to the brutal torture by FIA officials, he lost his mind and they had to accept him at Pims. He was held in the hospital for two days and then sent to Adiala Prison with a judicial detention. After two months of detention, the court acquitted the two defendants on bail when the two parties involved in the case reached an agreement.

Hameed Abbasi then approached the Director General of the FIA ​​and requested a departmental investigation of Inspector Raja Ishaq. The Directorate General of FIA ordered an investigation of the inspector. Meanwhile, Jahangir Abbasi and two other partners who filed complaints against Hameed Abbasi filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court against DG FIA’s order to begin the investigation. According to this petition, “Hamasi Abbasi and Saqib Abbasi who under clothing provide foreign jobs in Australia obtain a large number of applicants and prepare false documents but never arrange foreign work or visas etc. Meanwhile, the accused approached the petitioner and others. affected persons, consequently a compromise is made between the parties and on the basis of compromise, the guarantee of the suspect is permitted …. “

“During the investigation process, many others were also found to be affected by the behavior of respondents Hameed and Saqib and they also complained about their complaints before the OI and their opinions were found genuine,” said the petition.

After receiving a call from the FIA ​​office about appearances in front of the inquiry panel on this issue, the applicant (Jahangir Abbasi) approached respondent No. 3 (Raja Ishaq) to find out about the authenticity of the call and he was surprised when they learned that a re-investigation had been ordered by respondent No. 1 (DG FIA) illegally and against the law.

“This is a talk in the city that respondent No. 1 (DG FIA) is a relative of the defendant and they all come from the same region ie Murree has the same relationship and by using their personal relationship, they manage the words mentioned above – the question in the case where the accused accept their responsibility and also make certain payments in exchange for it, “said the petition.

The IHC then issued its order on 12 February 2020 which said, “… The points raised need to be considered. Notification to respondents, with directions for submitting reports and para-wise comments within two weeks.”

The FIA ​​then submitted a para-wise response before the IHC who confirmed that Inspector Raja Ishaq involved innocent citizens in a false case of human trafficking. “Given the case law above, instant petitions cannot be defended and can be canceled. The reason is that the respondent who answered No 1 (DG FIA), the PSP’s most senior officer had directed the Director of the FIA ​​Islamabad Zone “to a fair question,” to a complaint dated 17.12.2019 from one of the respondents Hameed Ahmed No. 4, strongly opposed that Inspector Raja Ishaq has involved him and his nephew in the FIR case No. 09/2019 of PS FIA AHTC Islamabad by fabricating false evidence.

The FIA ​​in its response further said, it was proposed that the complaint mentioned above from respondent No. 4 was marked for respondent No. 2 Syed Shahid Hassan, Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Circle, FIA, Islamabad, which recorded the statements of 23 people (including respondents) No. 4 and 5 ) while three applicants are not currently joining the investigation process despite repeated calls. The investigative officer thus prepared a Secret Final Report (CFR) with the following findings and recommendations. After examining the records and statements of all relevant persons, the findings signed below are as follows:

“Aetbar Abbasi, Jahangir Abbasi and Maqsood Abbasi have invested their money with Aqib Abbasi and they are in dispute over the money. After the above, private people failed to recover the amount they had with the help of Inspector Raja Muhamad Ishaq fabricating an attack on the complainants Hameed Ahmed and Saqib Abbasi to extract their money through fake cases. King Muhammad Ishaq, the Inspector planted fake passports and documents through Jahangir Abbasi and also prepared fake Isteghasa and recovery memos with fake signatures from the FIA ​​Constable. The technical expert’s report has set a fake signature on the recovery memo, “said the FIA ​​response delivered before the IHC.

“Records submitted by Hameed Ahmed show that King Muhammad Ishaq asked him to spend money to prepare a fake title like his opponents did when he could carry out raids on Aetbar Abbasi and the others he had done with him (Hameed Ahmed). King Muhammad Ishaq abused his authority and registered a false case against the complainant and his nephew to take business money from individuals. In the process, he not only committed fraud, forgery and criminal offenses but also damaged the reputation / name of the organization, “the FIA ​​said in its official response to the IHC.

“In view of the above, it is recommended that the FIR can be registered with Inspector Raja Muhammad Ishaq and his accomplices for fraud, falsification, fabricating false evidence and criminal offenses u / s 193, 420, 268, 471, 109 PPC r / w 5 (2 ) 47 PCA. It was further recommended that the FIR titled be proven registered with the intention of the male fide being ordered to be canceled through a court order ”, the official FIA response to the IHC said.

After the investigation, on April 29, 2020, FIA Assistant Director (Investigation) Muhammad Tahir Tanveer registered the FIR – a copy was available with News against Inspector Raja Ishaq (Inspector of the FIA) and three other defendants. “Consequently after investigation No. 225/2019, it was learned that on 27.02.2019 King Muhammad Ishaq was assigned as Inspector of FIA AHTC Islamabad, raided the Unique Property Advisory office located in Sector I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, active relations with his accomplices Aetbar Abbasi S / o Abdul Aziz Abbasi, Jahangir Abbasi S / o Isam Dad Abbasi and Maqsood Ahmed Khan Abbasi S / o Niaz Ahmed maneuvered the invasion by planting 8 passports and fake documents to extract money invested from the complainant, M Hameed Ahmed S / o Isam Dad and his nephews Saqib Abbasi and Aqib Abbasi. The inspector had prepared fake Isteghasa and recovery memos with fake signatures from FIA Constable and arrested the complainants and Saqib Abbasi mentioned above and brought them to PS FIA AHTC where he intentionally turned business deals into human trafficking matters and involved them in a false case against the complainant and his nephew for extorting the investment of Aetbar Abbasi, Jahangir Abbasi and Maqsood Abbasi with their help. Prima Facie, a case was made against King Muhammad Ishaq, Aetbar Abbasi, Jahangir Abbasi and Maqsood Abbasi for commissions of violations, forgery and criminal offenses u / s 193, 218, 344, 420, 468, 471, 109 PPC r / w 5 (2 ) 47 PCA. The role of others, if any, will be destroyed during the investigation. I will investigate this case. A copy of the FIR is sent to the relevant office, “said FIR.

When contacted FIA Assistant Director Tahir Tanveer said it was true that Inspector Raja Ishaq was involved in involving innocent citizens in a false case.

“We have carried out several raids to capture King Ishaq and his accomplices but have not been successful. Hopefully we will arrest them as soon as we conduct raids on several hiding places, “Tahir Tanveer said.


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IPP scam investigation can take 6 months: Sh Rasheed | Instant News

LAHORE – Pakistan Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said that an investigation into IPP fraud could take five to six months because the investigative commission had not been established,

Speaking at a press conference at PR headquarters on Saturday, he said that India could try to hatch a conspiracy against Pakistan, adding that brutality in Indian-occupied Kashmir was on the rise. He condemned the atrocities committed against Muslims in various parts of India.

However, he said, “It would be a big mistake for Indian prime minister Narendra Modi if he ever underestimated Pakistan”. For a question, Sheikh Rashid said, “Credit is given to Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet which shows imports of illegal drugs from India.”

The minister said that Pakistan’s role would become more prominent in the region after the coronavirus pandemic because of changing global scenarios and also world politics.

He assured the country that Prime Minister Imran Khan would never set aside the perpetrators of crimes involved in any fraud, adding that he (PM) would never set aside the perpetrators of sugar and flour fraud after the declaration of a forensic investigation report. In this context, he said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) would focus on bringing looters from every political party to justice without discrimination.

He said that PML (N) leader Shehbaz Sharif once again wanted to escape, but this time he was unable to do so because he failed to answer NAB’s questions about illegal assets.

For questions about the investigation commission to investigate IPP fraud, he said that it could take five to six months because the investigative commission had not been formed.

He said that Train Pak is ready to start railroad operations with 30 trains and the federal government has also agreed to the resumption of railroad operations, but some provinces have doubts about it so that the resumption of rail services has been delayed.

“We operated 142 trains before they were locked, but now we are ready to continue operations with 30 trains initially in the first phase,” he added.

For other questions, he said that decisive action against the senior officer concerned, not junior staff, would be taken in the event of a train accident in the future.

He said that the railroad would install electricity meters from the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) in the railroad colonies until December 30, adding that it would benefit workers and trains.

The minister said that the PR had decided to reduce shipping costs by 10 percent for the transportation of coal, fertilizer, cement and other products because the sales tax rate had been reduced. He added that the cost of shipping Rs 5,000 per container wagon would be reduced after this decision.


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Arrest of housing fraud accused of being extended | Instant News

LAHORE: The Accountability Court on Saturday extended a 14-day judicial detention of suspects in housing fraud.

The court adjourned the hearing on May 23. NAB has submitted a temporary reference to the accused and he is likely to be charged at the next hearing. The Homeland Housing fraud is very interesting because in this case NAB has also arrested former Barki Station Officers (SHO) Naveed Azam on corruption charges and provides protection to the defendant Nadeem Ahmad. The former SHO allegedly provided protection to his accomplices by keeping him locked in a police station for more than two years.

The former SHO was allegedly taking Rs 3 million and landed, worth millions of rupees who were entitled to his wife and other relatives for locking Nadeem in the police station. In addition, Azam has prepared a luxurious room for Ahmad in the police station. Victims of the housing community fraud are looking for Nadeem to get their money back and start legal action against him, but they cannot do so because he is in SHO protective custody. Interestingly, it has also been accused that SHO’s actions are the knowledge of senior police officers.

Temporary bail: District court and additional hearings on Saturday extend temporary bail for alleged cyber crimes.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested Riaz Ahmad on charges of uploading photos of a lewd girl on social media. The defendant after his arrest moved the court because of a guarantee stated that he was innocent and the agent had arrested him without evidence. Then, the court gave him a temporary guarantee.


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Request for two car dealers in Rs3b fraud extended | Instant News

LAHORE: The accountability court on Thursday extended the judicial detention by 20 Gujranwala car dealers for their alleged involvement in a Rs3 billion investment fraud.

The authorities did not bring the defendant to trial because of the coronavirus situation. The court has also directed NAB to submit a reference to the accused as soon as possible.

According to the Lahore NAB, the defendants, Javed Muzaffar Butt and Malik Usman Riaz, the owner of the Gujranwala motorcycle company, were allegedly involved in receiving illegal investments from different people, promising huge profits.

It is said the two suspects launched the showroom business in 2006 and began ordering new vehicles for delivery, whereas, since 2015 the suspect collected more than Rs 3billion from various investors.

NAB Lahore said that about 700 people affected by investment fraud, including Pakistanis abroad, have so far approached him to recover their numbers.

postponed: The district court and an additional hearing on Thursday were adjourned on May 20 by hearing a case against a woman accused of murdering her three children.

The court adjourned the hearing without progress due to the Coronavirus situation. As per the details of the case, the police have ordered Aneeqa and her boyfriend Husnain Mustafa on charges of killing three of Aneeqa’s children, including nine-year-old Zainul Abdin, Kaneez Fatima, six, and Ibrahim, four.


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