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PTI accused JUI-F of receiving funds from Libya, Iraq | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: PTI has filed a foreign funding case against JUI-F at the Election Commission of Pakistan.

PTI member Farrukh Habib has submitted a petition.

This includes a transcript of a TV interview with former JUI leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, in which he said that Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam had received foreign funding, Habib said.

Habib said former JUI-F leader Maulana Khan Muhammad Sherani should be summoned.

Habib said, in his petition, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed admitted that JUI-F Chairman Fazlur Rehman took funds from Libya and Iraq.

MNA has asked the ECP to summon Maulana Fazl and ask about funding.

The ECP has summoned 19 parties, said Habib, suggesting Fazl should hand over the receipt to the ECP.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed government spokesmen to expose the Opposition’s propaganda and said those who tried to frame PTI in a foreign funding case were trapped alone.

The case for foreign funding has now become high on the agenda for the anti-government campaign of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), which they believe will help them bring down Imran Khan. Opposition parties demanded the ECP not to delay the case any further.


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