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I packed my bags to visit the real inspiration of Windows XP wallpaper | Instant News

I Don’t always think about the iconic Windows XP wallpaper, but when an article or video appears on my social media feeds that reminds me of it, nothing else is overwhelmed except happy memories.Thanks recently SFGate Article i think iYing in a bush The cool breeze is blowing across my skin.I can see the clouds forming the Windows logo and Hear Joyful piano melody When I pressed the power button of an old Fujitsu laptop in my head, the strings hummed.

Windows XP wallpaper pictures Photographer Charles O’Rear photographed the “Bryce” Mountain in Sonoma, California. He uploaded a photo taken in 1996, He helped co-found a photo agency.A few years later The stock photo agency was purchased by another stock photo agency (one that Microsoft often uses). TTo make a long story short, he eventually sold the photo to Microsoft for permanent use, and this is what the photo becomes Windows XP The default desktop wallpaper.

When I think of the rolling mountains and the vivid blue and green, two memories come to mind immediately.The first is an airport with my Fujitsu laptop sitting on my lap. There is a small wired mouse on the armrest. When I hold it, it is twice the size of a mouse pad. My phone leaned my phone against my left ear and sneaked on one of my Star wars galaxy Guild companions, we took the car to a tavern near Naboo.

Memory cascades with a domino effect. My first Windows XP device was a Fujitsu laptop, which I got as a high school graduation gift and will eventually be used in my four-year university.But before I went to college, I played nonsense Star wars galaxy All summer, even dragged my laptop to I am waiting for the flight to visit the airport where my friend is chatting with him. I will get up in the morning to be the assistant of the preschool teacher in the summer class, but before I leave, I will start the game and set some macros so that I can improve my entertainment level when I learn Windows XP.That was the good old days Before the real adult responsibility begins.

But the second, perhaps more important memory, Is Windows XP used to be My father is free Favorite Windows operating system. This is Microsoft’s first operating system for the consumer and commercial markets, so my computer engineer naturally likes it.He doesn’t like that halfBubble, halfThe blocky appearance of the start bar and its color match the “Bliss” wallpaper because it reminds him of Play-Doh, But other than that, he really only likes Windows XP.

For all the pleasant memories I and countless others have of that Bay Area hill, you’d think maybe I would’ve voyaged to find it—after all, it’s in the same state I live in. Maybe others have. And now that I know exactly where it is, I might just do it—and not just because I’m such a huge nerd I need to visit the real-life site that became the wallpaper for the operating system that helped define my college-era gaming years. (OK, maybe a little bit.)

You see, my dad wanted to be buried at sea. So we rented a boat that could take us to a quiet, serene spot off the coast of the Pacific Ocean to scatter his ashes. It was what he wanted. But that boat rental wasn’t cheap. It was worth it for his service, of course, but to go back to the same spot would cost the same amount. I haven’t found the right spot to go and really think about my dad in the same way I can visit other family members at cemeteries scattered across California.

Driving to the “Bliss” hill, though? That’s doable. To see a physical manifestation of the relationship my dad and I had? That seems like a good spot to visit.


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Ministerial 5G Tour, Data Protection Authority Announces Strategy, Right To Be Forgotten | Instant News

Welcome to this week’s gathering of Brazilian technology and innovation. Here are my top three developments in Latin America’s largest economy that you should be aware of: first, the Ministry of Communications’ global educational tour on 5G, and the announcement of an initial strategy for the Brazilian data protection authority. Going forward, Brazil talks about the right to be forgotten, something that does not reassure the technology sector.

Brazil minister’s 5G tour begins

On Tuesday (2), the Minister of Communications of Brazil Fabio Faria embark on a global journey with the aim of learning more about the 5G technology available in different countries. Apart from Faria, the delegation included representatives from the ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, two ministers from the Federal Court, as well as Jair Bolsonaro’s secretary for strategic affairs, Flávio Rocha.

The itinerary includes Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Japan and China, where the Brazilian delegation plans to meet with authorities as well as chief executives of major companies in the 5G technology sector. After arriving in Sweden on Wednesday (4), Faria had a chance to do a videoconference with Borje Ekholm, chief executive at Ericsson, and company representatives in Brazil, Eduardo Ricotta.

In addition, a delegation of Brazilian ministers met Marcus Wallenberg, whose family business empire includes ownership in Ericsson and AstraZeneca. Even though the meeting was primarily about 5G, Faria took the opportunity to ask the Swedish billionaire to convey Brazil’s need for more AstraZeneca doses. Covid-19 vaccine to the board of directors of a pharmaceutical company.

The agenda also includes a visit to the Swedish tech giant’s headquarters in Stockholm, followed by demonstrations and a visit to the company’s 5G prototyping center. In addition, the Brazilian delegation met with the Swedish Minister of Energy Infrastructure and Digital Development. Anders Ygeman.

Yesterday, the group left for Finland, to visit a Nokia facility in Helsinki and meet with the company’s chief executive, Pekka Lundmark. The agenda includes a meeting with the Finnish Minister of Communications and Transport, Timo Harakka, as well as the minister of Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari.

The entire list with the names of organizations to be visited was not disclosed by the communications ministry, but it is likely that the South Korean visit will involve a meeting with Samsung, and it NEC and Fujitsu must be on the list for Japan travel, too Huawei in China, which is the ultimate destination of whistlestop tourism.

According to Brazilian authorities, the lessons learned from the trip are expected to inform a faster process around the auction for fifth-generation technology, which is expected to be completed in 60 days. The visit comes right after Bolsonaro’s office released a number of requirements for the 5G auction, which includes the creation of a private government network, which was mentioned in a data collection last week.

The new private network request, to be launched by the winning bidder, was introduced as a way of dealing with Bolsonaro’s resistance to Huawei’s participation in 5G as an equipment provider for operators. Local telcos are taking up arms over the new requirements, which will add billions to the overall cost of implementing 5G in Brazil. However, Faria issued threats before departing on his global tour, saying the government could raise the price of 5G licenses if the company refuses to comply.

The son-in-law of famous Brazilian TV presenter Faria was sworn in in June 2020, when Bolsonaro reshaped the Ministry of Communications (which since 2016 has been part of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation), to focus on agendas such as the country’s upcoming 5G auction.


National data protection authorities announced preliminary plans

That Brazil’s National Data Protection Authority (ANPD, in Portuguese acronym) has announced its initial plans and strategies for the period between 2021-2023.

Published on Monday (1), the document outlines the strategic objectives of the authorities: the creation of a culture of personal data protection in Brazil, as well as the establishment of a regulatory environment for the protection of personal data, and improved conditions for compliance with the country’s General Data Protection Regulation, introduced in November 2020.

As part of the objectives around the first strategic objective, action will include the creation of an agenda for educational events and workshops around the theme, as well as guidance related to data protection and research, to be carried out through strategic partnerships.

In addition, the ANPD strategy will also include establishing procedures and mechanisms for handling data protection incidents and complaints, as well as structural measures for the authorities themselves, such as securing an “adequate and adequate” budget, as well as a physical office. and personnel.


Looking ahead: Brazil discusses the right to be forgotten

On Wednesday (3), the Federal Supreme Court continues the trial that can decide Brazil’s decision on right to be forgotten – a person’s right not to allow something that happens at any point in his life to be exposed to the general public indefinitely. This case centers around murder Aida stole it in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s, which was the subject of a Brazilian television program in 2004 that used his image, without his family’s consent.

The right to be forgotten, which also includes the right to remove information from online search engines, is in practice a controversial concept, as it involves different nuances of freedom of expression and the right to privacy, and also raises issues such as risk. censorship and attempts to rewrite history. Supreme Court Minister Dias Toffoli said the right to be forgotten was “not in accordance with the Constitution”, if it was linked to “facts or data that are true and legally obtained and published in analog or digital media”.

The Brazilian tech industry opposes a decision in favor of the right to be forgotten: the Brazilian Federation of Information Technology Companies Associations (Assessmentpro) has the view that the move could prompt a series of lawsuits, as well as issues surrounding forcing the platform to “blacklist” information that cannot be provided: the association believes that this will limit the right to access information. The trials will resume next week.


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IBM appoints a new country leader for New Zealand | Instant News

David Hook (IBM NZ)

Credits: Granted

IBM has appointed David Hook as its new country leader for New Zealand, replacing Mike Smith, who is retiring.

IBM says Hook is an experienced leader with more than a decade of experience in the technology industry and a deep understanding of New Zealand’s business and technology sector.

He joined IBM in 2019 as head of sales for the company’s global markets division.

He will now be responsible for all IBM business operations in New Zealand.

Prior to joining IBM, Hook served as sales director for Fujitsu New Zealand and Westcon-Comstor throughout New Zealand and Australia.


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Britain asks Japan for an alternative to Huawei on the 5G network | Instant News

The British government asked Japan to help build its 5G wireless network without Huawei Technologies, citing NEC Corp and Fujitsu Ltd. as potential alternative suppliers, the Nikkei business daily reported on Sunday.

British officials met with their counterparts in Tokyo on Thursday, two days after Britain ordered Huawei equipment to be cleaned from the 5G network by the end of 2027, the Nikkei said, without citing sources.

The move reflects Britain’s efforts to bring in new equipment suppliers to encourage competition and help reduce costs for the country’s wireless operators, he said.

British digital minister Oliver Dowden last week said Britain was working with its allies to push stronger rivals to Huawei, appointing companies from Finland, Sweden, South Korea and Japan.


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