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Waikeria uprising: Prisoners are still rioting at the Waikato prison | Instant News

Outside the Waikeria Prison today where inmates clash with guards. Photo / Michael Craig

Prisoners who have been strained with guards at Waikeria Prison are now believed to have full control of the wing.

The Herald understands all obedient inmates have been removed from the wing where 16 inmates have lit fires and hurled projectiles at guards who couldn’t get close enough to end the hostage taking.

The prison remains in isolation today, nearly 24 hours after a group of inmates mutinied and started lighting a fire yesterday afternoon.

It is understood that most of the wings were badly damaged by fire.

This morning’s correction said that four of the 19 inmates had surrounded overnight, but the prison was badly damaged and could not possibly be used to house any more inmates.

Drama started yesterday in the prison practice yard around 2pm, and then moved to the rooftop, where the inmates burned the mattress.

A source told the Herald that the rebellion started after the inmates were denied a haircut, but Correction was unable to confirm this until they spoke to “affected prisoners”.

Further information is expected to be released about the situation at a press conference this afternoon.

Correction said 16 detainees remained within safe limits on the roof of one building, the so-called “upper prison unit”.

One source told the Herald that the prisoners had thrown projectiles at prison guards – wood, metal and anything else they could tear from the damaged roof.

As a result, the police were too dangerous to get too close to the prisoners. So far no one has been hurt.

The source said there was a slight risk of the detainees running away because there were two guardrails – electric and wire – and those fences were being patrolled by correctional staff.

The weather was hot and sunny, so the source said it was hoped the prisoners would become “hot and hungry” and turn themselves in.

Correction said there were no fatalities or injuries to staff or detainees. NZ Fire and Emergency, Police and St John remain in prison and work closely with Corrections staff.

A Corrections spokesman said the damaged part of the building was still burning hours after the fire started. It was not safe to try to extinguish the flames while the rioting continued, he said.

“At this stage the fire has not been put out. Obviously we need to wait for the disobedient prisoners to be brought under control before we can send fire and emergency to fully assess the situation and control it,” he said. .

“We are not sure how widespread the fire is at this stage, but several parts were burned, including the mattress that was burned,” he said.

A faint stream of smoke could still be seen floating from one end of the prison facility.

While the condition of the building needs to be assessed, it is unlikely that detainees will be accommodated there again, Correction said in a statement. The facility was built in 1911 and replaced by a new prison scheduled to open there in 2022.

View of the Waikeria Prison where the inmates are on the roof mattress that had been burning since last night.  Photo / Provided
View of the Waikeria Prison where the inmates are on the roof mattress that had been burning since last night. Photo / Provided

Correction described the prisoners behind the rebellion as “disobedient”.

Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis declined to comment while the situation in prison remains unresolved.

Last night, 49 inmates were evacuated from the riot sector facility to another unit in the prison. Overnight 163 people were temporarily transferred to other locations within the prison, the spokesman said.

The flow of prisoner vans with tinted windows continued their exit from the facility this afternoon.

The Specialist Advanced Control and Control Team, made up of staff from various prisons, is in the prison, where the inmates have been out of control since Tuesday afternoon.

Photos emailed to NZME late at night showed huge smoke clouds visible from neighboring farmland.

Police, firefighters and St John confirmed that they were still at the scene as Correctional Officers continued to try to negotiate with the inmates and ensure the safety of everyone in the prison.

A spokesman said yesterday that 19 prisoners were seen on the roof of the building. This includes those who were involved in lighting fires in the courtyard today, along with several other people who were able to get out of their cells.

“Prisoners can access some parts of the building by penetrating the roof space, but their movement inside the building is restricted by internal gates, barriers and secure doors.

“There was a lot of smoke around the building, coming from the mattress the prisoners burned.”

“There are about 230 prisoners in total in the ‘top prison’ facility and we will not hesitate to evacuate further detainees if necessary to keep them safe.”

FENZ was initially summoned to Waikeria after inmates lit several fires in the prison’s practice yard on Tuesday afternoon.

About 20 prisoners were using the courtyard at the time.

The situation was thought to be under control before the nine detainees refused to comply with the instructions, Newshub reported.

The perpetrators allegedly removed the toilet door from their hinges and used it as a weapon against staff.

Correctional Association President Alan Whitley said the union is offering support.

“We are always concerned about people when situations like this occur, but we have a special team that has special training, they are professional people and they will do a professional job to control the situation,” Whitley told RNZ.

St John treated a number of staff and inmates for smoke inhalation. Earlier in the evening, it was thought that at least one inmate was bleeding after an argument with guards.

One detained inmate said riots in the prison were imminent, with inmates protesting for human rights. They claim there are problems in the prison, including toilet paper that is taking days, Newshub reports.

Last year, two Waikeria Prison Correction officers were punched in the face within days, while clashes between prisoners have also been reported.

An inmate punched an officer in the face and another officer was also injured when he stepped in to help.

The fight occurred after an officer was threatened and punched a few days earlier.

There have also been previous reports of inmates fighting amongst themselves.

The Waikeria Prison is one of New Zealand’s largest prisons, located on a 1,200ha site south of Te Awamutu in the Waikato region.

The “top prison” where inmates currently reside were built in 1911 and are the oldest part of the prison. It was replaced by a new facility under construction at the prison and which is slated to open in 2022.

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Rugby League: Former New Zealand NRL Warriors star Elijah Taylor reveals the full story after his manager misused $ 400,000 | Instant News

The first emotion for Elijah Taylor was disbelief. It was immediately followed by surprise.

The former Warriors star – and 11-test Kiwi – was sitting at Penrith’s Westpac bank, when an unbelievably cold reality began to dawn.

Accompanied by his wife, they looked back at the computer screen showing transactions from their personal accounts.

“I still can’t believe it,” said Taylor Heralds. “How could it be? How could someone do this – someone like my father. I really believed in him. I trusted him more than anyone in my life.”

Bankers present the printouts year after year, with all kinds of odd transactions.

“When you look at the trip to Fiji on your bank statement, you’re like … ‘What? I’ve never been to Fiji’,” said Taylor.

Elijah Taylor rose through the ranks of the youth in the Warriors - where he met Ian Miles.  Photos / Photosport
Elijah Taylor rose through the ranks of the youth in the Warriors – where he met Ian Miles. Photos / Photosport

Last month a court found Taylor’s manager, Christchurch-based Ian Miles, had misused nearly $ 400,000 of the Warriors, Panthers and Tigers forward over a four-year period, which Miles still denies.

Evidence shows that money was spent on holidays abroad, gifts for wives, motorbikes, flash hotels, restaurants, clothes and furniture.

What makes it worse is that their association goes far beyond the typical manager-athlete relationship. Miles has been a mentor to Taylor since he was a teenager.

“He even came on his honeymoon,” said Taylor. “We are very close. I trust him more than anyone, built on a long relationship.

“I never grew up. I wasn’t educated in any of this. Many players see their manager as a father figure because he doesn’t exist [else] they can ask for financial advice. I rely on Ian for that. He has worked with Olympic athletes, many sportsmen. I thought it was a no-brainer. “

Taylor meets Miles in the Warriors, when he is brought in to do mental skills training.

“Ian will always give me his opinion and advice,” said Taylor. “He was very kind and I felt he really cared about helping me.”

After leading the Warriors to the U-20 premiership in 2010, Taylor graduated to the NRL team, scoring a try in the 2011 grand final against Manly.

During that season Taylor turned down a substantial new contract – against advice from his (then) agent Stan Martin and his father – because Miles convinced him he was more valuable.

Elijah Taylor has played 11 tests for the Kiwi.  Photos / Photosport
Elijah Taylor has played 11 tests for the Kiwi. Photos / Photosport

The pair had discussed Miles being an accredited player agent and in late 2011 Taylor officially parted ways with Martin, delivered via email from Miles.

“I like Stan and I think he’s done a great job for me, but I’m really listening to Ian at this stage,” said Taylor.

Taylor signed an athlete and management contract with Miles, as well as a standard NRL management contract.

Taylor’s career improved; he has toured with the Kiwis and is a regular Warriors. In April 2012, Miles advised Taylor to open two BNZ bank accounts and the manager was given access to both. The business account will be used to pay for expenses Miles incurred on behalf of its clients.

“I assumed that this was normal for players and agents. I now know it is not normal,” said Taylor.

MIles’ profound influence on Taylor was highlighted when his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012. The disease was aggressive, and in August Ron Taylor had very little time left.

While the family remains vigilant at the hospital bed, Taylor is scheduled to fly to Townsville for the Warriors game, then joins Miles in Sydney to meet Panthers coach Ivan Cleary.

“Simon [Mannering] told me not to go, [coach] Bluey McClennan, [chief executive] Wayne Scurrah said ‘stay home’. My family doesn’t want me to leave, “said Taylor.” Doctors said he only had 24 to 48 hours left. I know if I fly to Townsville, I won’t see Dad alive again. “

Taylor didn’t want to make the trip but finally relented.

“Ian insisted I had to, said that’s what Charles Upham would do,” said Taylor. “I take Ian’s advice on everyone.”

His father died while Taylor was on a trip to Townsville.

In March 2013 Taylor agreed a lucrative three-year contract with Penrith, negotiated by Miles.

Elijah Taylor signed a lucrative deal with the Panthers.  Photos / Photosport
Elijah Taylor signed a lucrative deal with the Panthers. Photos / Photosport

Six months later, Taylor met Miles at Westpac Bank in Penrith, before relocating. Personal and professional accounts are opened, with Miles granted full access. Miles also arranged for a duplicate Earth Black credit card, with the same number that was given to Taylor.

“Everything has been prepared for me to sign,” said Taylor. “Ian would just say, sign this one, sign that one. I gave him access so he can manage future investments.”

Around that time Taylor received $ 19,000 for the Kiwi World Cup campaign. According to court documents, Miles agreed to put it in a time deposit for Taylor, but instead spent $ 8,000 on the motorbike and transferred another $ 6,000 for himself.

Once they moved to Sydney, the Taylors agreed to a tight monthly budget, as they were saving for a house. They cling to him, but there is friction. During their chase, Miles allegedly kept warning Taylor about his wife’s erroneous credit card issuance, which was estimated at $ 6,000 or $ 7,000 a month. His wife insisted he didn’t spend money like that.

“I object to the accusation,” said Poko Matapo-Taylor. “I will move back to Rarotonga.”

At the start of the 2016 season Taylor moved from the Panthers to the Tigers. When Taylor signed the contract, which was a significant drop, Miles was on vacation in Fiji, being paid by an Earth Black credit card.

By late 2016 Taylor’s wife became increasingly suspicious and managed to switch the checking account from Christchurch to Sydney. There is some evidence that Miles transferred money, although Taylor remains unsure.

“I basically ignored what Poko told me,” said Taylor. “I didn’t even think he would do anything fishy. I just assumed that wherever he put the money, it would be in my favor.”

But the grim reality came hard on 27 December 2016. At the urging of his wife, the Taylors family met their personal banker at Westpac. Within five hours, they began to notice the extent of Miles abuse.

“I couldn’t believe what I read,” said Taylor. “All payments to” The Zone ” [Miles’ company] and all transactions on the Earth Black credit card that I know Poko doesn’t make. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars missing. “

Elijah Taylor moved to the Tigers after his stint with Penrith.  Photo / Getty
Elijah Taylor moved to the Tigers after his stint with Penrith. Photo / Getty

There were 937 unauthorized transactions via Westpac accounts, totaling more than A $ 340,000 ($ 360,000) on holidays, expensive jewelery, gifts, express hotels, and motorbikes. According to court documents, the funds were also transferred to Miles’ wife and used to pay for mortgages on property owned by the trust.

Miles deducted from his account.

“He immediately texted me, saying ‘have you closed the card?'” Recalls Taylor. “I didn’t reply to him and I never heard from him again – after texting him almost every day, talking to him every two days for the previous six years. That’s the most obvious part.”

The Taylors considered police accusations, but dropped the idea after Miles, through his lawyer, agreed to meet in Christchurch in April 2017.

“His lawyer said both contracts I had signed with Ian, plus he was entitled to 50 percent of all travel expenses,” claims Taylor, who sat in disbelief as Miles denied wrongdoing. “Everything ended in 20 minutes.”

The encounter came at a terrible time for the Taylors’ family, as their daughter was hospitalized for two weeks with a life-threatening illness.

There were many delays over the next few years, as Miles cited various health problems. He turned down an offer to return the money in small installments and the suggestion of mediation.

The decision to involve the lawyer – after previously insisting that he would defend himself – caused yet another long delay.

The case was finally tried on November 12.

Miles had declared bankruptcy two weeks earlier and did not defend the case.

men New Zealand High Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue found Miles violated her NRL contract with Taylor in various ways.

He said Miles would be entitled to about $ 60,000 for his services – not close to the amount taken – but multiple breaches meant that the contract was declared null and void.

He decides Miles has used undue influence to make unreasonable bargains and has abused Taylor’s trust “again and again”, also trying to turn Taylor against his wife.

In addition to the $ 25,000 general damages and $ 28,750 in court fees, a total of A $ 340,112 and $ 17,909 were also awarded to the plaintiffs, although Taylor had little hope of receiving the money.

“You look at the amount you owe and you don’t get a cent,” said Taylor. “Someone is taking this kind of money, and he can leave as if nothing happened.

“That doesn’t make sense; it doesn’t seem fair.

“I don’t want this to happen to other boys in New Zealand, to fall into this trap.

“You can’t really think about it because it makes you sad.”

Miles provided a statement when contacted by Heralds. Despite overwhelming evidence, he still denies misusing Taylor’s funds. Miles said he has been suffering from several health problems over the past four years and is now in therapy. Miles stated that he left his defense on the advice of two doctors and a therapist.

Taylor, who has played 186 NRL matches, admits he is heavy on his shoulders, relieved to have been right.

“It wasn’t anger, more distrust,” said Taylor. “I felt let down, taken advantage of, hopeless after you trusted someone so much. Once my father died, he was the one I always relied on.

“It makes me distrust people.

“It makes me skeptical about everything.”


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Be on high alert as German ICUs reach full capacity with COVID-19 patients | Instant News

The coronavirus pandemic has weighed on the European health care system with many intensive care units (ICUs) in Germany reaching full capacity with seriously ill COVID-19 patients. There are currently 40% more COVID-19 patients in the ICU than in the first wave in spring, the head of the German Hospital Federation (DKG), Gerald Gass warned in an interview with Welt Am Sonntag. DKG said about 16,000 patients were being treated for the disease in non-critical care wards.

Intensive care specialists expressed concern last Monday over the situation in German hospitals and called on the wider population to observe the measures being implemented to contain the coronavirus pandemic. “We are in a total emergency that we have never seen in the history of intensive medicine,” said Gernot Marx of the German Association for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine (DIVI), as reported by Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa). He called for gatherings to be avoided during the festive season, saying this could help more people survive.

The number of coronavirus infections remains at high levels in Europe, prompting countries to impose further restrictions as holidays approach. Europe accounts for 40% of the new global coronavirus cases and half of new global deaths from the virus, the head of the European office of the World Health Organization (WHO) said last Friday.

US sees record cases

The virus has killed more than 1.5 million people and infected more than 65 million since emerging in China in December last year. In the United States, hospitalizations for coronavirus patients for the first time reached 100,000 for the first time on Wednesday, according to the COVID-Tracking Project, when Washington, which has suffered the highest number of viruses with more than 270,000 deaths, reported that it hopes to immunize 100 million people. against COVID-19 by the end of February.

More Californians than ever before are now infected and hospitalized with the coronavirus as the pandemic continues non-stop across the state over the weekend. With the number of cases historically high and showing no signs of abating, California officials are turning their gaze to the state hospital system, which they have long warned is at risk of being swamped by a wave of coronavirus patients. More than 19,600 Californians have died from the virus during the pandemic and if current levels continue, the death toll is expected to exceed 20,000 this week.

For the third day in a row, the US on Saturday recorded a record number of coronavirus cases in 24 hours, hitting nearly 230,000 new infections, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. In the same range, America recorded 2,527 COVID-19-related deaths, according to real-time data provided by the Baltimore-based university.

The US, the country with the most coronavirus cases and deaths in the world, has seen a dramatic resurgence in the epidemic in recent weeks. Health officials warned of a surge after millions of Americans traveled to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday last week despite requests from authorities to stay home. For two weeks, the US regularly hit 2,000 deaths per day, as happened in the spring at the height of the country’s first wave of outbreaks.


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Construction at full speed for the third SKMCH & RC in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Construction work for the new Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Research Center and Hospital, Karachi, was delayed at the start of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restarting in September 2020.

Work is ongoing at full speed and the project is expected to be completed in less than three years, at a total cost of Rs. 13 billion. In the press conference held on this matter, Dr. Muhammed Aasim Yusuf, Chief Medical Officer and Acting Chief Executive of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Research Center and Hospital (SKMCH & RC) in Pakistan, shared an update on this status. project.

Aasim Yusuf explained the urgent need for a more specialized cancer center in Pakistan. He said there are more than one hundred and seventy thousand new cancer cases in Pakistan every year and while “SKMCH & RC in Lahore and Peshawar continue to provide financially supported care to more than 75 percent of cancer patients treated annually, a very large number. cancer patients mean that we can only serve a fraction of those with cancer in Pakistan.

Cancer treatment is often a long and arduous process, with many patients having to repeatedly, and expensive, travel long distances to seek treatment. ****


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The PTI government is full of sugar, flour, gasoline scandals: Gilani | Instant News

MULTAN: Former Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said PTI is the government of sugar, flour, gasoline scandal and the masses are pulling back his government and Shaheed Benazir Bhtto.

Speaking at a workers’ convention on Jalan Bosan, Gilani said Imran Khan was humiliating the Prime Minister’s office by repeating the word “NRO” every day. “Imran’s daily repetition of“ NRO ”is unethical and goes against the courtesy of the Prime Minister’s office. Imran actually reduces his stature by repeating the same thing every day. “

Gilani said the PDM Multan meeting was organized by PPP whose activists had sacrificed their lives for democracy. “The Constitution and Parliament must win in this country. PDM meetings are a fight for people’s rights. The farmers were happy in the PPP era. If the farmers are happy then Pakistan will be stable. “

PPP financially supports women through the Benazir Support Program, she said. “The current rulers promise jobs and homes for the people, but the PTI-led government is only promoting the sugar, flour and gasoline scandals. People are fed up with it ”.

He said PTI had promised southern Punjab province in 90 days but had set up a helpless secretariat divided into Multan and Bahawalpur where all officers just sat and decisions were being made in Lahore. “South Punjab is an underdeveloped and underdeveloped area but the PTI is deceiving its people.”

He says Imran once said that he will give food and container for opposition. “Khan Sahib don’t give me containers and food, just allow a meeting”, he asked. “Imran has to let us have a meeting and he has to sit at home and watch. The media have been banned from our rallies while Imran Khan’s march has received full coverage in state-run media and private media. “Gilani said economic stability cannot be maintained without political stability.” Providing security at meetings is the responsibility of the government. If there is a threat of terrorism during a demonstration, what will government agencies do, “he asked.


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