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Latest: Biden praises Philip’s public service for decades | National news | Instant News

Reactions from around the world to Prince Philip’s death at age 99:


WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden say they kept Queen Elizabeth II and her family in their hearts after Prince Philip’s death.

In expressing condolences on behalf of the United States, the Bidens said in a statement that the impact of the prince’s decades of public service was evident in the causes he supported. Bidens cites Philip’s involvement in environmental, military and youth issues.

They added that Philip’s legacy will live on not only through his family, his children and grandchildren, but in all the charitable endeavors he helps form.



Prince Philip, the grumpy and stubborn husband of Queen Elizabeth II who spent more than seven decades supporting his wife in a defining and limiting role in her life, has died, Buckingham Palace said on Friday.

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LONDON – The British government says all official flags, including the Union Flag, will fly at half-mast across British government buildings until 8 a.m. after Prince Philip’s funeral.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports issued a flag-raising arrangement.

He suggested that any non-official flag, such as the flag of the Armed Forces, should be removed and replaced with the Union Flag flying half-mast. The national flags of the four constituent countries of Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – can be flown.


VALLETTA, Malta – The prime minister and president of Malta, a British Commonwealth country, expressed their sorrow over the death of Prince Philip, who was stationed in Malta at the start of his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Philip, who submitted official independence documents to the prime minister of Malta in September 1964, ended 165 years of British rule.

Prime Minister Robert Abela remembers the prince “made Malta his home and came back here so often. Our people will always treasure his memory. Our condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and @Royalfamily “.

President George Vella extended “heartfelt condolences to Your Excellency.” He included in his tweet a photo of the Queen and Philip during a 2015 state visit to Malta.


Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a telegram of condolences to Queen Elizabeth II that Prince Philip is respected at home and around the world.

“Many important events in the modern history of your country are attributed to Your Majesty’s name,” said the message, according to the Kremlin. “He deserves to enjoy respect among British and international authorities.”

The Russian Embassy in London also posted a message of condolences, noting that Philip was the great-grandson of Czar Nicholas I. Russia.


HARARE, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa sent condolences to the British royal family over Prince Philip’s death in a tweet.

“My condolences to the people of Great Britain and @RoyalFamily for the death of His Excellency Prince Phillip. May his soul rest in eternal peace. “

In Tanzania, new President Samia Suluhu Hassan said, “I offer my sincere condolences. We stand with you during this difficult time of loss and sorrow. “

In Somalia, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed said, “He led an extraordinary service life and had a great influence on British society.”


NEW DELHI – The Indian prime minister expressed his condolences for the death of Prince Philip.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a tweet: “My thoughts are with the British people and the Royal Family about the passing of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He has had a distinguished career in the military and has been at the forefront of many public service initiatives. May his soul rest in peace. “


BERLIN – The German president said Prince Philip will be remembered as the man who helped fight Nazi tyranny.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s head of state, delivered a message of condolences to Queen Elizabeth II. He said it was “great fun” to experience Philip’s sharp humor first-hand at the meetings in London and Berlin.

“We Germans mourn the personality of the victor who made an important contribution to the reconciliation of our country after the horrors of the Second World War,” said Steinmeier.

“As a member of the Royal Navy, Prince Philip fought for the liberation of Europe from Nazi terror,” added Steinmeier. His contribution to democracy and peace will remain in our memory.


TORONTO – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the royal family had lost their beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather with the death of Prince Philip.

Trudeau said he was “a man of great service to others,” first as a respected naval officer and later as a leader in philanthropy.

Trudeau said he had a special relationship with the Canadian Armed Forces and noted that he was appointed honorary general of the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force, as well as an honorary admiral of the Royal Canadian Navy. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state in Canada, a member of the former British Commonwealth of England.


LONDON – British politics has been suspended after news of Prince Philip’s death, with figures from all sides expressing condolences and expressing sympathy for the queen.

The main parties are suspending campaigns for local and Scottish elections next month in a sign of respect.

House of Commons authorities said lawmakers would be called back a day earlier from their Easter holiday on Monday so they could pay their respects.


LONDON – Leaders of all political divisions in Northern Ireland have joined forces to mourn Prince Philip’s death.

First Minister Arlene Foster, whose Democratic Union Party strongly supports Northern Ireland’s status in Britain, said Philip’s death represented “a sadness that I know will be shared by many in Northern Ireland and around the world.”

First Deputy Minister Michelle O’Neill, leader of Sinn Fein, who supports the union of Northern Ireland with Ireland, also offered condolences to Queen Elizabeth II and her family.


LONDON – Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has offered condolences for Prince Philip’s death, praising her role as royal consort and her charity work.

Blair described Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, as being far ahead of his time in fighting for environmental protection, interfaith reconciliation and in creating programs to help young people.

“Our entire nation will unite in sorrow over the passing of Prince Philip,” Blair said in a statement. “She will naturally be best known for her extraordinary and unwavering support to the Queen over the years. However, she too should be remembered and celebrated. in his own right as a person of foresight, determination and courage. “


DALLAS – Former US President George W. Bush praised Prince Philip’s devotion to noble causes and to others in a statement issued on behalf of himself and his wife, Laura.

“He represents England with dignity and brings unrestricted power and support to the sovereign. “Laura and I are fortunate to enjoy the charm and intelligence of her company, and we know how much she will be missed,” Bush said.

He added that he and his wife extended their sincere condolences to Queen Elizabeth II and the entire Philip family.


PARIS – French European Minister, Clement Beaune tweeted, “Prince Philip is the great figure of this century for Britain,” after his death at the age of 99.

“Thoughts and friendship towards the British people,” added Beaune.

News of Philip’s death was trending in France but immediate reaction was silenced in this staunch republic.



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Latest: China grapples with virus outbreaks in northeast | National government and political news | Instant News

Despite the substantial daily increases, Health Minister Salvador Illa insisted on Monday that the measures taken by each of Spain’s 17 regions were sufficient to stem the increase, ruling out a total lockdown. Spanish sanitary, Fernando Simon, said the country could be at the top. ROME – For the first time in three weeks, the daily number of known coronavirus infections in Italy fell below 10,000 on Monday, with figures from the Ministry of Health showing 8,825 more cases since Sunday, bringing the total number 2.4 million confirmed infections since the start of the pandemic. Sicily has the highest daily workload in the country. Italy recorded 377 deaths for second day in a row.The national death toll of 82,554 from COVID-19 is the second highest in Europe.MADRID – The small British colony of Gibraltar says it has lost more people to the coronavirus since the beginning of the year than for any other cause during the last century. Gibraltar, with a population of around 34,000, has recorded 38 deaths since January 1. “Even in times of war, we have never lost so much in such a short time,” Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said on Monday. .

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Latest: China grapples with virus outbreak in northeast | Business | Instant News

Despite the substantial daily increases, Health Minister Salvador Illa on Monday confirmed that the steps being taken by each of Spain’s 17 regions were enough to quell the increase, ruling out a complete lockdown.

Spain’s head of health emergencies Fernando Simon said the country may be on the cusp of its latest spike or getting closer to it.

ROME – For the first time in three weeks, Italy’s daily caseload of known coronavirus infections fell below 10,000 on Monday.

Health Ministry figures reported an additional 8,825 cases since Sunday, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 2.4 million since the start of the pandemic.

Sicily has the highest daily caseload in the country. Italy recorded 377 deaths for the second day in a row.

The country’s known COVID-19 death toll of 82,554 is the second highest in Europe.

MADRID – The small British colony of Gibraltar says it has lost more people to the coronavirus since the start of the year than any other single cause in the past century.

Gibraltar, with a population of around 34,000, has recorded 38 deaths since January 1.

“Even in war, we have never lost that much in this short amount of time,” Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said on Monday.


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The Day – The Italians of Norwich celebrate the family on the rededication of the statue | Instant News

Norwich – The descendants of second, third and fourth generation Italian immigrants who gathered on Saturday at the Chelsea Parade for the rededication of the Italian Heritage Monument do not talk about Christopher Columbus’ journey, or the man himself.

They remember ancestors who arrived by ship starting in the 1890s, often spoke no English, and settled in cities close enough to the sea to remind them of the Italian villages or towns they left behind. Italians have emigrated to Norwich from Bologna, in the north, to Sicily, in the south, and many places in between.

Italian Americans say their parents or grandparents learned English, often from their children who learned it at school, and ended up only speaking Italian when they didn’t want their children to know what they were talking about.

Many worked as laborers and masons, while others were skilled in arts, education, science, medicine and agriculture.

Of course, they also carry their love for food.

Leaders of the city’s Italian heritage group acted swiftly last summer when a statue of Columbus was vandalized or toppled in other parts of the state and country by protesters linking it to slavery and genocide.

The name and image of Columbus were removed from the statue, which was erected with private funds in 1992 on the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage.

The newly unveiled carving, which had been covered with a tarp, and later the Italian flag, depicts the Italian and American flags and their dedication to the Italian immigrants who settled in Norwich. The project costs between $ 7,000 and $ 9,000 and is paid for by private donations.

It was never really about Columbus, said many of the 60 or so people gathered on the green. It’s about family, as indicated by the engraving that says, “Onorate i vostri gentori” or “remember your parents.”

“Today we are re-dedicating the monument to our loved ones,” said Art Montorsi, president of the Italian men’s Club of America. “It was never meant to honor explorers, politicians or scientists.”

It’s also not meant to offend anyone of any skin tone, says Montorsi.

The 400 real names of Italian immigrants, whose ancestors were paid $ 300 for inclusion in the statue in 1992, remain, and are read out on Saturdays. About 60 people or so gathered on the green listening to patriotic music from both countries and waiting to hear the names of their ancestors and hometowns.

Three generations of the Jacaruso family are on the green to celebrate rededication. Frank Jacaruso, president of the Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee, has spearheaded renovations and hosted the event. His mother’s name, Adeline Jacaruso, is on the monument. Jacaruso’s two children, Jon and Maria, were present with their children.

“We explained to them from the start that it’s about honoring the sacrifices people make to make our lives better,” said Jon Jacaruso.

Paul Chinigo, a lawyer, spoke of growing up in a three-story apartment house occupied by his parents, grandparents and other family members, being the first person in his family to attend college.

Nancy DiPietro talks about the block of houses on Pond Street her parents can buy for their five daughters, about visiting her aunt every Sunday after church and about a competition to see who can make the best red sauce and meatballs.

They say their ancestors were sometimes mistreated, denied job opportunities and called various derogatory names, but were also welcomed by others and eventually learned the language and became part of the city’s structure.

The revelation of the reconfigured statue was postponed as the Italian company providing the marble was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Monsignor Anthony Rosaforte of Sts Cathedral Patrick blessed the statue with holy water after offering thanks to the Italian ancestors who came to Norwich for a better life.

“You have given us the ability to blend in with the US, but also to maintain our excitement in our heritage,” said Rosaforte. “We are proud to be Americans. We are proud of our Italian ancestors. May God bless Italy. May God Bless America. And may God bless each of you.”

Several critics of Columbus’s removal from statute witnessed the opening, then spoke when the meeting broke up.

Lori Hopkins Cavanagh, who says that his mother emigrated from Senigallia, said that Columbus was a hero and had his image removed from the statue for fear that members of the Black Lives Matter movement would destroy him.

“This is fanatical and vile,” said Cavanagh. “Columbus never brought a slave from Africa.”

The only blacks in the small crowd were also against renovations.

“I don’t see it as a positive thing,” said Getch Dires, who said he came to the US from Ethiopia 17 years ago and considers himself a historian. “The real history is being erased and replaced with a revised history.”

But for many, the move was seen as a sign of unity in a city inhabited by people of all backgrounds.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Richard Longo, whose wife, Diane, was standing nearby, nodding. “It brings people together and shows unity among all races.”

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