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Large sinkhole opens in Italian hospital parking lot | Instant News

An aerial view shows the exhaust in the parking lot of the Ospedale del Mare hospital.

An aerial view shows the exhaust in the parking lot of the Ospedale del Mare hospital.
Photo: Ciro Fusco (Getty Images)

If you need more proof that we live in hell, a huge sinkhole opened in the parking lot of an Italian hospital on Friday. The gaping hole, 66 feet (20 meters) deep and 21,527 square feet (2,000 square meters) wide, engulfed at least three cars in the Napoli parking lot. It also disrupted hospital electricity and water supply, forced medical workers to close homes for people recovering from Covid-19 and relocated six patients. As of Sunday, the hospital was still using spare resources.

The shape of the sinkholes when there is no way for water to flow from the ground, and groundwater circulates thereby dissolving rock and soil. The ground surface can then collapse into a hollow cavity. In a statement Speaking to Italian TV channel SkyTG 24, Napoli’s chief firefighter Ennio Aquilino said the hole had almost certainly opened due to the recent heavy rains in the region. The province had experienced very heavy rainfall in the days before the hole appeared, and two weeks ago, heavy rains were accompanied by punishing strong winds and waves. ruin the city’s waterfront. Climate change increases the likelihood of heavy rains by warming the atmosphere, prompting them to retain more water that could fall into flooding.

Extraordinary, according to No one was hurt by the sinkhole to the Naples Police, and thanks to the backup system, most of the operations at the Naples Ospedale Del Mare, or Marine Hospital were able to continue. However, these wild events are a terrifying reminder that the climate crisis is a multiplier of threats.

When the Covid-19 pandemic first erupted early last year, southern Italy was one of the hardest-hit parts of the world. With the country’s health care system overwhelmed, Sea Hospital workers responded by setting up the Napoli 1 COVID Center, installing trailers in their parking lot to accommodate sick patients. However, it appears that the system is unable to withstand the extreme rain pressure and has resulted in a sinkhole.

The incident shows how urgent we need to be to ensure our city infrastructure can handle the effects of global warming, including the formation of sinkholes. Multiple lines research recommend that as climate change increases deposition, a lot more of this collapse will happen. That will put people and property are at immediate risk, and increase that possibility water supply can face contamination.

Apart from preparing the infrastructure to handle more rainfall, the government should regularly check water and pre infrastructurerepair the rusty pipe empathetically to ensure that water does not leak into the ground. That’s especially true in karst terrain, or topography consisting of porous-like rock limestone and carbonate rock which underpins most of Florida, which are more prone to drain hole formation. Several researchers too developing additives to inject into the soil in a susceptible area to support it from sinking. Of course, this adaptation plan must be accompanied by efforts to tackle the climate crisis by reducing our carbon emissions as quickly as possible, limiting the heavy rainfall we will see in the future. The last thing we need now – or in the future – is more of the so-important sinkholes infrastructure.


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Humid spell to continue | Instant News


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‘Britain agreed in principle to trade of the EU in Pakistan | Instant News

Karachi: in the United Kingdom have agreed in principle to preserve the tax benefits of the European Union intact Pakistan even after the departure of the 27 countries members of the bloc next year, a government official said on Saturday.

Shahriar Kamal, Advisor to the Department of trade development of Pakistan generalized system of preferences plus said that talks between Pakistan and the UK continues to achieve the same object that Pakistan is going through the EU GSP plus.

“The UK has no General terms of the new trade agreement, but agreed in principle on a similar level of convenience,” Shahriar said he, turning to the webinar.

“After the British exit from the EU on cross-border trade with the EU will not take place for the movement of goods in member countries of the EU. The UK has begun to review its MFN (most favoured nation rates) for all countries that will also benefit Pakistan.”

Pakistan gets from the standard GSP regime, the EU and exports to the EU were subjected to 20 percent less than the regular MFN duties levied by the EU from 2014.

Currently, trade between Pakistan and UK is happening in the EU scheme of GSP plus, which will end for the UK from 1 January 2021.

Aaisha makhdum, Secretary of the Ministry of trade of the UK

the Convention that Pakistan has ratified under the EU GSP plus.

Sultan Rehman, Vice-President of Federation of Pakistani chambers of Commerce and industry (FPCCI) said that the UK played a key role in the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Currently the trade balance between Pakistan and the UK is in favour of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s exports to UK amounted to $ 1.7 billion in the United States and Pakistan mainly exports fabrics, cotton fabrics, knitted fabrics, readymade garments, bed wear and rice in the UK.

Zakaria Usman, former President FPCCI said that Pakistani exporters have made huge investments in the textile sector in accordance with the requirements of the EU GSP plus“, which should not be affected by the withdrawal of great Britain from the EU”.

Asim Yusuf, Vice-President of Pakistan, the UK chamber of Commerce said that there are huge opportunities for the export of agricultural products, textiles and food products in the UK.

There is a need for an early development of a sales office in the UK to receive new orders from there.

Shaykh Muhammad Tariq, Chairman, Pakistan Britain Business Council FPCCI said more than 250 million

new customs Declaration must be submitted and processed after the completion of the quarter and month.

“Pakistan needs to meet the standards and sanitary and phytosanitary measures, as Britain imports 1.2 million tons of meat,” said Tariq.

He also stressed the need for the development of Pakistani business centre in the UK, as the UK is the creation of a business centre, where all countries set their offices.

Participants noted that the State Bank of Pakistan should sign an agreement with the Central Bank of England for trading in property in the UK on a collateral basis, as India is a signatory.

This agreement will also facilitate the transfer of remittances from UK to Pakistan.

The UK also has to follow the registered exporter system of certification of origin of goods based on the principle of self-assessment – after the British exit from the EU, which is ideal for Pakistani exporters, they said.


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Chan employees/GEO GROUPS continue to protest against the illegal detention of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world | Instant News

Rawalpindi/Lahore/Peshawar: jobs and Jang group, along with journalists organizations, civil society and political workers held demonstrations against the illegal and unwarranted arrest of editor-in-chief Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman Saturday and demanded his immediate release.

The protest of the workers of geo and Jang group has continued for the past four months (120 days). On Saturday protesting journalists chanted slogans and raised placards For the release of Shakeel-ur-Rahman, peace and media freedom in the country.

The protesters condemned the illegal and unwarranted arrest of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world. They said that they are one with their editor-in-chief and will continue to fight for media freedom in the country. The demonstration was attended by the Secretary General of PFUJ Nasir Zaidi, chief reporter Jang Rawalpindi Rana Ghulam Qadir, PML-N leader Imtiaz the Rawalpindi Taji, employees of Jang group Amjad Ali Abbasi, Malik Nusrat, Munir Shah, Laeeq Shawkat Kamal Shah and other employees of the Jang and the news.

In Lahore, senior journalists, civil society leaders, heads of media associations and trade unions, Zhang party strongly condemns the illegal detention of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world in a politically motivated case in the last 120 days.

They staged a demonstration at the Jang offices on Saturday in protest announced camp jobs, Jang and the news staff, set up on the call of joint action Committee and Jang employees Union for the release of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman at the 96th day in a row.

They expressed regret that those who claim to make Pakistan Madina-as a state prisoner of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman only to the prosecution, although there was no progress in the investigation of 34 years, the property exchange of the charges against him have no formal case was registered.

They demanded of the chief justice of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of gross injustice Shakeel-ur-Rahman world. They pledged to continue their protests until the release of Shakeel-ur-Rahman world. They warned the government against restricting freedom of the press. They threatened to launch anti-government movement across the country if the chief editor was not immediately released.

Those who participated in the protest camp included Chan works Union General Secretary Farooq Malik, senior journalist and news editor of Pakistan times, the Zahir Anjum, Chan, chief reporter Maqsood butt, Amir Taimur Malik, Awais Yaryk, Sher Ali Khalti, Amjad Farooq kallu, Naseem Qureshi, Riaz Hussain, Sohail Iqbal, Aziz Sheikh, Shahid Aziz, Munawwar Hussain, Muhammad Naeem, M. N., Muhammad Wajid, Wahab Khanzada, Akmal Bhatti, Hafiz Assad, Muhammad Ali, Afzal Abbas and others.

Anjum Zaheer banged PETITE authorities as a fascist and the worst kind of authoritarian regimes. He said that the government was bent on gagging the voice of independent media to prevent corruption and mismanagement from the public.

Maqsood butt said fake and fabricated case against Shakil-ur-Rahman, the world must be reversed and he should be released immediately.

Amjad Farooq kallu said that the arrest of Shakeel Mir was not only a conspiracy against geo and Jang group, but also the first step to disable all voices of independent media.

The participants chanted slogans against the PTI government and denounced the illegal and anti-media tactics that are used by the rulers via government agencies, including the National Bureau of accountability.

In Peshawar, media workers continue to protest against the illegal detention of Chan/editor in chief of the Group of companies geo-Shakeel-ur-Rahman world.

The protesters were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans to highlight requirements. They chanted slogans against the government and the National accountability Bureau (NAB). The protesters said the chief editor of the largest media groups in the country, was arrested for the last 122 days without any crime.

They said Shakeel-ur-Rahman Mir has been arrested, even if the investigation 34 years, it never ended. Speakers, including Arshad Aziz Malik, Shakeel Farman Ali, Shah Zaman and others have said, Shakeel-ur-Rahman “the world” has partnered with NAB and all the documents were in the possession of the Bureau, but still, he was deprived of justice.

They said that the government would be the responsibility of corrupt officials and those involved in mega-corruption scandals.


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Power cuts continue in Karachi, Lahore | Instant News

Ke says he is ready to meet with interested parties to resolve the power issues of Karachi. Photo: File

Long power cuts continue in Karachi on Friday with many areas of the city experiencing up to 15 hours of load.

Dalmia, Gulshan-e-Jamal, Abul Hasan Isphani road, Lasbela, Gulbahar, Liaquatabad, guru Mandir, Nazimabad, Malir, Saddar, garden, Soldier Bazaar, Kharadar and Lyari were among the areas, faces up to 10 hours of power cuts.

Residents of the area said that they face water shortages, with students complaining that they face difficulties in taking online classes with unexpected power outages.

Despite the route from dividing power to a power outage in the night time, the electricity supplier in the city, K-electric continued with intermittent load.

According to sources, KE is carried out 800 megawatts of power from transmission and dispatch company (NTDC). Sources added, the old delivery system was the main reason not enough power generated and power outages in the city.

“Kyo, using less fuel oil to generate electricity, despite receiving a sufficient amount of gas and oil,” the sources said, adding that the closure of two power stations in bin Qasim was adding to the power outages in the city.

In a letter to Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, said ke he was willing to meet with interested parties to resolve the power problem of the metropolis.

“We are ready to meet and talk about previous investments and plans,” the representative of the electricity supplier, he said, adding that they will also talk about the illegal street lamps and wires in the city.

The press Secretary added that they are working on a 900 MW plant for the last year, with the unit must operate in 2021. Kyo began to work on the unit as soon as they received the go-ahead from the national grid, he said.

In addition, the press Secretary said that they will inform the Governor about the preparations for the upcoming rainy season as well.

Sudden outages hit Punjab

In the most populous Pakistani province of Punjab, the residents of towns and cities are faced with the sharp increase in load as the temperature continues to rise across the country.

According to the Pakistan electric power company (historical) sources, citizens are faced with sudden blackouts in the last four days, despite statements of the government-there is no disruption in the supply of electricity’.

Historically, the sources said-load in the province increased due to less gas and oil supplied by energy companies. “Overall, the deficit increased due to the increase in temperature. Because of the heat, most of the networks were overloaded,” the source said.

Before Balochistan shortfall of 600 MW

In Balochistan, residents were without power for six to eight hours, and the temperature reaches 40C in some parts of the province.

According to Quetta electric supply company (QESCO), due to the low supply, there are shortages in the supply of electricity in the province.

The province is currently facing a shortage of 600 megawatts against demand of 1,300 megawatts, with the trough only through six hours of electricity.


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