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The socially distant haunted house helps raise money for the Galveston Food Bank | Instant News

CITY OF TEXAS, Texas – The Galveston County Food Bank provides a social distancing haunted house experience that also helps those in need of a hearty meal in Galveston County.

“It’s giving to the community,” said Jennifer Burns, the parent of several children who attended the attraction in Texas City on Saturday evening. “The tickets we paid were for the community and it was fun, fun but with a safe distance.”

Haunted house fundraising is a safe alternative to trick or cure. It requires everyone to wear a mask and social distancing.

“A lot of people I know usually do trick-or-treats, they don’t have trick-or-treaters coming to their homes,” said Laveda Mack, another parent.

Donnie VanAckeren, president and CEO of Galveston County Food Bank, said each ticket sold represented about 40 meals.

“It all comes back to a different program for our parents, our kids,” VanAckeren said. “We do cellular distribution and things like that.”

VanAckeren said it was unclear how the ticket money was sold during the two-day event, but he estimates it is closer to a thousand.

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Galveston local residents, tourists react to the closure of the beach | Instant News

Galveston, TX – The closure of the beach due to issues coronavirus being the Island of Galveston is a bit different this weekend.

Josie Walker, owner of the Italian restaurant Gino & pizzeria said, “This will hurt a lot of businesses, you know, because some people don’t get away of course.”

For many businesses on the island, the fourth of July weekend usually means a big boost to their bottom line.

Walker explained: “I’m sure it would have been much better than it probably will be, but I mean, like I said, safety first.”

Megan Plasek, with Texas pit stop BBQ said, “I mean it’s a huge weekend. I know this will upset many people. But we just have to do what we have to do.”

But with city leaders recently announced, the beaches will be closed to help stop the spread COVID-19, it’s hard to know how good business will be this weekend.

“This has never happened before and we just have to respect the situation and are doing everything we can,” said Plasek.

Walter Kitchen, who is visiting from Louisiana said, “We came here just to hang out for the fourth of July weekend, and we can’t.”

Tourists and local residents react with mixed feelings regarding the closure of the beach.

“That’s why we’re here,” said kitchen. “We can’t go to the beach, so we have to find other things to do.”

Local resident bill Bryant said, “Watch this. It’s a beautiful day, and no one can be on the beach, but you can go to IKEA and shop. Just doesn’t make sense to me.”

While some are disappointed that they cannot visit the beach, they also say, with a growing number of cases of coronavirus, they understand the move by city leaders.

Lashanta Williams, who also came from Louisiana said, “I think a lot of people think it was a joke, I think, in the first place. But they need to understand the seriousness of the situation”.

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