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Job listing hints at an unannounced project from the developers of “God of War” | Instant News

Sony Santa Monica Staff

Despite having worked hard In the sequel of the 2018 smash hit Mars, Sony Santa Monica (Santa Santa Monica) seems to be gathering people to work with the company on a second mysterious project.

In two The official website of the studio with Twitter The vacancy opened in the studio for the full-time art director was revealed, and the vacancy specifically pointed out that this was an “unannounced new title.” Other positions that correspond to this position include vacant positions for major writers, game designers, and coders.

“Game studio making games” news, right? Of course, I heard it.But given the pedigree of Sony Santa Monica, and Mars On a technical and commercial level-it is exciting to hear that this talented studio has a brand new title in the work, hope it will capture the incredible of the epic adventures of Kratos and Atreus The visual design, immersive narrative and stunning gameplay.

The job advertisement indicates that Sony’s “God of War” studio is working on a second project [VGC]

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Pokemon snapshots still persist until 2021 | Instant News

I don’t regret buying the Wii U virtual console version recently

Many of you still have your original work Pokémon Toner cartridges, but for those who have never bought a 1999 photo capture derivative product (or have experienced it strictly during the weekend rental), it’s not too late to return to the present New Pokémon snapshots Bring the torch to Nintendo Switch at the end of April.

Inspired by the latest release date trailer, I took the Wii U out of the storage, wiped off the glossy GamePad covered with fingerprints, added $10 to my account, and purchased the original N64 that is still fresh in my memory-a low-key shocking experience , Because someone is very happy with them and tends to forget how fast the Wii U is, even if you are just bringing up the menu.

Yes, you can still download from Wii U eShop In 2021, this is not ideal, and I hope that more virtual console favorites can be transferred to the Switch. Their continued absence confuses me. That is, if you don’t have the original hardware, or your current TV does not have enough equipment to handle the old platform (latency, lack of input, etc.), this is an option. Playing on Wii U makes a lot of sense for my setup.

It will take a while to get used to the (intentionally) darker image quality of Nintendo 64 games running on Wii U, and I think many of these games feel the best on the originally designed controller, but I managed to do it anyway.And the ability to create saved states will definitely come in handy Pokémon.

I’m not trying to convince you that this is the best place to play Pokémon – There are obvious pros and cons – but I’m here to tell you it definitely holds. It is still the perfect “weekend” video game.

It is as short and easy-going as you want. Now, the puzzle that bothers me to become a blog-obsessed kid seems more intuitive. After doing all the environmental interactions in each area to the best of my ability, there is also the Internet-I don’t mind finding some more obscure solutions.

When you are trapped on a cross-border railroad track, watching Pokémon “perform” around you, it really has a pure theme park-like fun. Yes, the level is too short. Yes, many of your interactions involve throwing garbage all over the place, until you rise from these wildlife.

But the game is fundamentally feasible. The first time was fun-also the 30th. I still like it in 2021.

Gigpatch singing

even if Pokémon It is a game with too many scripts, with outdated graphics and simple premises, with enough fast-moving chaos to make you scramble. The control counterattack is enough. Feeling that capturing rare Pokémon from the perfect angle at the right moment involves the perfect combination of skill and luck. If this balance seems to disappear, it will be frustrating. The mood will change.

On the contrary, you will not true Before consulting Professor Oak, you should know your achievements in this field. I think the delayed judgment will have a huge impact on the flow of the game and the player’s motivation to continuously improve each hit. For better or worse, taking pictures is inherently enjoyable, and it’s not too harsh when you sort your submissions to find a lot of fools.

Does nostalgia work here? of course.What can be said about a batch of carefully selected iconic Pokémon from the original works red with blue The roster, not to mention the N64 as a console.But i also think New Pokémon snapshots Can succeed with those of us who have been successful. The footage in the last trailer clicked with me. looks nice.

As long as we can interact in the dark and enjoy a wide range of visual effects, we should try something special again. It’s been twenty years.I’m ready

I can’t wait to see tons of ridiculous Pokémon photography in my social media feed.

[Image Credit: LaunchBox Games Database]

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Nintendo continues to occupy the UK leaderboard for the new year | Instant News

As the COVID lock continues, the sales of physical games are rising

As the UK continues to indulge in poor planning and poorly managed lock-in legislation, sales of physical video games continue to grow.In fact, it is reported GamesIndustry.biz, The total actual sales volume increased by more than 25% over the same period last year, mainly driven by the large number of sales of various Switch versions.

Top 10 social simulations this week Animal Crossing: New Horizons Maintained the coveted number one for three consecutive weeks, followed by four years old Mario Kart 8 Deluxe And perennial holiday sellers “Just Dance 2021” rounding.

Special sellers, such as Take-Two’s Grand Theft Auto V, Activision Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, And electronic art FIFA 21 In the account, but Nintendo has come all the way, the top ten The ring is suitable for adventure, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Super Mario 3D All Star, with my world

UK video game sales rankings w/e: January 16, 2021
(The chart only reflects the physical sales in the store)

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons -Nintendo
2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe -Nintendo
3. “Just Dance 2021” -Ubisoft
4. Grand Theft Auto V -Two people interact
5. my world -Nintendo
6. FIFA 21 -Electronic Arts
7. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War -Activision
8. Super Mario 3D All Star -Nintendo
9. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe -Nintendo
10. The ring is suitable for adventure -Nintendo

British video game rankings [GamesIndustry.biz]


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Epic Games is studying the issue with Fortnite subscription service | Instant News

That’s it, it’s very simple

Played Fort nightSince its launch, our battle royale mode has proven to be a platform-based issue.

After secretly showing the world yes, Sony were able Doing cross-platform games many years ago, The game console giant acquiesced and opened the floodgates of real cross-platform games.this is Every Platforms (including mobile devices) work together, but not everything is perfect (due to the adversarial nature of console releases, this may never be the case).

Some known issues regarding V-Bucks did not appear on specific platforms. This seems to be due to market and rights issues (which may be controlled by Epic); but recent issues regarding new subscription services are centered on Xbox. Epic talked about this in their latest gaming blog post, He explained that the Xbox platform has problems with redemption of rewards, and there is an “early try” problem with cancelling subscriptions.

As a result, Epic (in addition to responding to help tickets and solving problems) also gave away free member-specific emoticons. According to the blog, “Past, present and new Fortnite Crew members will receive Emote at any time they log in from now until February 15, 2021.”

Epic has been experimenting with the live version of its subscription service “Fortnite Crew” for several months. The initial rescue involved the exclusive skin Galaxia, this month the focus is on the DC hero Green Arrow: both of these are monthly rewards for subscribers.You will also earn a net profit of 1,000 V-Bucks for subscription, which basically pays for your submarine and keeps you in Fort night economic.

At first, it sounded ridiculous-subscriptions were added to free games-but as with most things Fort night, It feels completely optional. For the past month, I have been trying to use it in the scientific field, and it is very easy to use (or get rid of it).

Fortress Team [Epic]


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Platinum “Hope” has more displays on Bayonetta 3 this year | Instant News

“And also provide some other unannounced project updates”

It’s this time of year again!When we heard the vague news about the 2017 announcement Bayoneta 3.

Platinum producer Hideki Kamiya recently said something that implies that the big reveal is a bit far away from us, so don’t put hope on the big reveal. Recently, while talking to the famous character Hamada Satoshi of the Hamster Arcade Archive, Kamiya played it again, and said that he “hopes” to show his latest news Bayoneta 3 this year.

He also explained that he wanted to update “there are also some unannounced projects”. As we said, these projects naturally flow around Platinum’s office (one of them is GG project). Again, it is vague, but this is an update.People yell every month and it’s nice to know Bayoneta 3 Still moving forward, it seems that there are no major problems.

I mean, I still can’t believe they announced this in 2017, but there is nothing worth showing: but it’s nice to know all of this.

Kamiya [Niconico via Nintendo Everything]


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