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Square Enix’s eShop promotion means it’s time to load the Final Fantasy game onto the Switch | Instant News

If you haven’t done so

A comfortable weekend with your favorite weekend Final fantasy The game on Nintendo Switch definitely sounds good. When we have been there and made purchases on other platforms many times, it is difficult to justify the purchase of reissues, so if you keep insisting on the inventory you want to sell, then I understand. Today’s day.

Square Enix is ​​running Nintendo eShop Promotion In a series Final fantasy Games and other RPGs.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo 3DS

Related to this, I can’t emphasize too much how helpful it is to set the transaction expiration date on each individual list in the eShop. This promotion will last until September 30 at 8:59 AM Pacific Time.

Disclosure robot: Just in case the editor ignores it, we will zero control at the beginning and end of the transaction. Sometimes the transaction may disappear within a few minutes (please don’t shoot the messenger). Attempting to trade links even hours after the time stamp of this article may result in automatic hole punching, so please add to our bookmarks Electronic game trading If you are looking. Also, needless to say, but some shopping links do directly support the author. If you find any inaccuracies, please Let us know as soon as possible.

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Megaton Musashi’s Tokyo Game Show trailer gives us the best game look so far | Instant News

Years of production

Megaton Musashi It was announced a long time ago, initially only revealed that it will be used in Nintendo 3DS. For reasons only the developer Level-5 knows, it has been pushed back and will now be installed on Switch and PlayStation 4. Since it was announced four years ago, we really haven’t had a good understanding of this game, but now, when Level-5 put a lot of trailers at the 2020 Tokyo Game Show, the situation has changed.

Well, that must have caught my attention. The trailer shows the story mode, which has the characteristics of high school students, and the reaction to my comments 13 Sentry: Aegis Any indication is that this will be a huge blow to many of our viewers. We also learned about the customization options in the game and its combat system.

Megaton Musashi There is still no release date, and if the release path of Level-5 Inazuma Eleven: The Way of Heroes It is any indication that it may take a while.

Megaton Musashi [Level-5]


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The “Age of Disaster” trailer unites the four champions of “Breath of the Wild” | Instant News

Admit that we all want to play Urbosa

The highly anticipated roster Hyrule Warriors: Age of Disaster Growing. In the Koei Tecmo live show at the Tokyo Game Show, fans saw the young Impa for the first time, and the developer released a new trailer focusing on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I can’t wait to compete like them, but I’m also excited about the Impa title. She looked like an absolute fool. During the live broadcast, the developers showed the first level of the game, where Link and Impa discovered a mysterious little egg guardian and defeated the evil forces that besie Hyrule.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Disaster It will be launched exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 20.


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According to reports, Final Fantasy XVI was in development before “Final Fantasy XV” was released | Instant News

“Coming sooner than people think”

Final Fantasy XV It was not a spring chicken when it was finally released. It is long and tortuous, the troublesome development is well documented, and the timetable has become a joke. In fact, that decade has been extended to the next stage of work Final fantasy According to reports fifteen.

in Three Strike Podcast This week (according to VGC), Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier revealed Final Fantasy XVI At this point it has been developed for four years. However, Square Enix will divulge this information carefully because it wants to avoid comparison with any information. Final Fantasy XVDevelopment cycle. Schreier added:[Final Fantasy XVI is] Earlier than people thought. “

Final Fantasy XVI Just Officially unveiled Last week, but it seems that Square Enix will not make people wait too long. However, this does not mean that the game level is launched as quickly as the stealth PS5. Square Enix plans to issue a “big information disclosure” sometime in 2021.

According to reports, “Final Fantasy 16” was launched earlier than people thought. [Video Games Chronicle]


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Post Redux will bring deadly chaos to Nintendo Switch next month | Instant News

Iconic shooting game’s long-awaited console debut

[This week Postal Redux sent us a check for $12 for our birthday. Here’s a quick note from our sponsor.]

It has been more than 20 years since the original postal When it appeared on PC, the infamous isometric shooter was making its debut through the Nintendo Switch port, and it was long awaited.

Developers running with Scissors have sought help from Polish studio MD Games for the transplant Post Redux -An enhanced version of the first game in the series-to be launched on the platform next month.

Post Redux Improved graphics, sounds, and controls, but not just remade directly. This special edition not only includes additional levels, but also provides a new endurance-based game mode called Rampage.

When playing the game in “Rampage” mode, players need to ride with as many bullets as possible. They will be rewarded for the damage they cause. The goal is to get a winning streak, waiting for results and points at the end of each mission.

“More than 20 years ago, we had no idea what the impact was postal Vince Desi, the founder of “Run with Scissors” said, “The postal service on SWITCH is our dream come true.” On behalf of everyone at RWS, we thank our fans for their support for many years. We have just started. “

Post Redux Will pass Nintendo eShop On October 16.

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