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PM offers to partner Bill Gates to share his vision for the environment | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan after writing a letter to the Saudi King about his climate change initiatives has now written to Microsoft Chief CEO Bill Gates praising him for writing a book on climate change. The title of the book written by Bill Gates is “How to Avoid Climate Disasters”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his letter called the book very interesting and said it provides policy-oriented analysis on critical issues of climate change challenges facing the global community.

“Pakistan as you are aware is a country that is at the forefront of this challenge and is among the top countries that have been continuously affected by climate change over the past two decades,” the prime minister said in his letter.

The prime minister further said that the impact of changing monsoon patterns, strange weather events, melting Himalayan glaciers and rising sea levels – all add to our vulnerability.

He drew attention to Bill Gates that at the same time Pakistan is a very low contributor to this problem and noted it by saying that Pakistan adds less than 1 percent to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan while explaining the challenges faced by Pakistan said that, as a country, Pakistan seeks to move towards a climate-sensitive economic growth that relies on strong international cooperation and partnerships.

Praise Bill Gates for writing a book on climate change

He further observed that in this spirit his government has pledged to offer climate solutions to the world through “Nature-based solutions”, towards a climate-compatible growth trajectory.

The prime minister, when drawing attention to Bill Gates for his success in planting one billion trees in KP province from 2014-18, said that his government is now starting to plant another 10 billion trees across Pakistan including the restoration of more than one million hectares of degraded forest. forest and expansion of protected areas.

The prime minister said that these initiatives have shown that they not only protect nature and restore ecosystems to fight climate change, but also expand ecotourism and create thousands of green jobs for youth and local communities.

Prime Minister Khan says his government is committed to changing its energy mix to a clean, low-carbon direction.

“We are targeting 60% of our energy to be cleaned by 2030, which will require a massive expansion of solar, wind and water power plants in the country,” the prime minister said in his letter.

He told Bill Gates that recently his government had suspended two financially negotiated coal projects and replaced them with the inclusion of hydroelectric power which shows the strong political commitment of the government.

The prime minister said Pakistan was also transitioning the transportation section which targets 30% of vehicles to be electric by 2030.

He also said that at the same time the growing impact was forcing his government to adapt to climate change. “On this front, nature leaves us no choice,” he said.

The prime minister said that they must invest their economic resources to build early warning systems, the rapid deployment of climate-smart agriculture and improve the efficiency of a dwindling and increasingly unpredictable freshwater resource.

The prime minister offers Bill Gates results-oriented dialogue and collaboration between a team of experts from both sides, which he thinks can help each other advance our common vision.

Prime Minister Khan said that this could include developing partnerships towards accessing and disseminating the best available technologies for clean energy and electric vehicles as well as cooperation towards climate-resilient agriculture.

He said that the challenge of climate change is a challenge that requires white-scale collaboration, trusted cooperation and a shared green vision for development across the country.

“I believe that the world has no choice but to step on this path and define a new development paradigm for the 21st century through renewed international cooperation and partnerships,” the prime minister concluded in his letter.


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MoU signed for a single portal, GST returns on goods, services | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: In a major development to meet World Bank requirements, the Federal Revenue Council (FBR) and four provincial revenue authorities have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to move towards placing one General Sales Tax (GST) return / portal for goods and services.

Currently there are only three differences between FBR and province, including the definition of services, origin and purpose of services and all stakeholders reiterate that this issue will be resolved amicably. It was a milestone reached today between FBR and the province to introduce a single GST return on goods and services, they said. The officials said that the National Tax Council is working to develop consensus on the definition of goods and services and they have asked for proposals from four provinces, then the Center will also be combined to define goods and services clearly. They said it was hoped all outstanding issues would be resolved by consensus.

The top official source said that FBR and the province have agreed to put in place a unified portal and that returns and workable solutions will be found to facilitate taxpayers.

Taxpayers used to file five returns each month for GST on goods and services but now with harmonization, taxpayers will file single returns on one portal. GST harmonization is one of the main conditions of a World Bank loan but will also facilitate taxpayers to apply for only one GST return instead of five per month.

When contacted, the PM’s Special Assistant for Revenue Dr Waqar Masood said that PM Imran Khan’s vision is being implemented today. He said that all stakeholders have decided to develop a consensus on all issues for the improvement of the tax system in the country.

On behalf of FBR, the Memorandum of Understanding is signed by the chairman of FBR while all provincial revenue authorities sign the document on behalf of their respective departments. Representatives from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority (KPRA) and the Balochistan Revenue Authority (BRA) were physically present at the ceremony while representatives from the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) and Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) participated virtually via zoom.

While addressing the occasion, the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Revenue, Dr. Waqar Masood Khan said that the signing of the document was another step towards finalizing the prime minister’s vision of making the FBR fully automated. “This step will make it easier for taxpayers and will be very helpful in increasing the country’s position in the ‘Ease of Doing Business Index’,” he added.

SAPM on Revenue further adds that now business-related people only need to file one sales tax return instead of multiple returns. He further said that this step will help simplify the taxation system and procedures. He expressed his commitment that other problems currently existing between FBR and the provincial revenue authority would soon be resolved, which in turn would provide convenience to the business world. The chairman of the FBR said that the facilitation of this MoU would make it easier for taxpayers and would lead to simplification of the tax system and related procedures. SAPM on Revenue congratulates the chairman of FBR, head of the Provincial Revenue Authority, and the FBR Policy Wing Team on achieving this significant milestone.


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E&T dept enhances online portals | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh Customs and Taxation (E&T) Department is in the process of further enhancing the online tax payment system so that taxpayers can smoothly generate all their challenges and submit taxes through the portal.

Director General of E&T and Narcotics Control Sindh Muneer Ahmed Zardari said the excise and taxation department is paying special attention to the problems faced by the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) as it contributes a large portion of revenue to the E&T department.

He spoke at the meeting during his visit to KCCI.

KCCI Senior VP Saqib Goodluck said the E&T department is the main revenue collection body of the Sindh government, which collects property taxes, professional taxes, infrastructure taxes, registration fees and motor vehicle taxes, hotel taxes, excise, cotton fees and entertainment duties but taxpayers are always faced problems in filing this tax due to complicated procedures and excessive documentation that had to be simplified.


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The Poussin painting stolen by the Nazis found in Italy, returned to its Jewish owners | Instant News

A painting by French master Nicolas Poussin, stolen by Nazi soldiers from French Jewish owners in 1944, has been found in Italy and returned to its rightful owner, Italian police said on Thursday.

An oil painting of the 17th century Baroque painter, entitled “Lot with his two daughters serving him drinks”, was confiscated from the home of an antiques dealer near Padua.

Measuring 120 by 150 cm (47 by 59 inches), it was stolen during World War II when German soldiers occupied the house of a Jewish owner at Poitiers in western France, Italian police specializing in cultural heritage said in a press release.

The owners began searching for their stolen property after the war in 1946.

The work was listed in 1947 in the “Directory of property plundered in France during the war 1939-1945” published by the French restitution bureau.

The investigation was launched again last year when the heirs, a 98-year-old Swiss woman and a 65-year-old American man, filed a complaint through their Italian lawyer.

The whereabouts of the painting were not known until 2017 when it was brought to Italy from France by an Italian antiques dealer, who sent it to Belgium for display, police said.

Two years later, another antiques dealer from Milan, whom the police say is the original owner, sent the work to an international art exhibition in Maastricht in the Netherlands.

There, a Dutch art expert recognized him from an official list of French art stolen during the war.

The painting was found inside the dealer house and returned to its rightful owner, police said.

Artwork plundered by Nazi invaders during the war continues to be found around the world, often causing protracted court battles to return the work to its rightful owner.


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Germany sues 100 year old Nazi concentration camp guards | Instant News

A 100-year-old former concentration camp guard has been charged with involvement in 3,518 murders as Germany races to bring surviving Nazi staff to justice, prosecutors told AFP Monday.

The man was accused of “knowingly and willingly” of assisting in the murder of prisoners at the Sachsenhausen camp in Oranienburg, north of Berlin, between 1942 and 1945.

Germany, Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany

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He was deemed fit for trial despite his age, the public prosecutor’s office in the city of Neuruppin confirmed after the story was reported by broadcaster NDR.

The case comes days after German prosecutors charged a former secretary at a Nazi concentration camp with involvement in the murder of 10,000 people, in the first case in years of a woman.

The 95-year-old defendant had worked at the Stutthof camp near Danzig, now Gdansk, in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Germany has been hunting down former Nazi staff since the 2011 sentence of former guard John Demjanjuk on the grounds that he served as part of the Nazi killing machine set a legal precedent.

Germany, Sachsenhausen concentration campGermany, Sachsenhausen concentration camp

Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany

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Since then, courts have convicted several convictions on that basis, not for murder or atrocities directly related to the accused individual.

Among those brought to trial late were Oskar Groening, an accountant at Auschwitz, and Reinhold Hanning, a former SS guard at the same camp. Both were convicted of involvement in the mass murder at the age of 94 but died before they could be jailed.

Former Nazi concentration camp guard Bruno Dey was convicted at the age of 93Former Nazi concentration camp guard Bruno Dey was convicted at the age of 93

Former Nazi concentration camp guard Bruno Dey was convicted last year at the age of 93

(Photo: AP)

In the latest verdict, the former SS guard, Bruno Dey, was found guilty at the age of 93 and sentenced to two years probation.

A case was filed against another former guard at Stutthof in July for involvement in the murders of several hundred people.


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