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A highly contagious British strain is found in Southern California | Instant News

A mutated and more contagious strain of the coronavirus that raised deep concern when it emerged in Britain has arrived in California, Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday.

San Diego County officials said tests showed a Residents aged 30 years are affected by the tension in the first confirmed case of the variant in California, one day after the sequence was found on American soil for the first time in Colorado. The Southern Californian did not make the trip recently, officials said – a sign that despite efforts to contain the mutation in Europe, it may have spread locally.

Governor Gavin Newsom announced the news during a virtual meeting with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

There is no sign that the mutant strain is causing more severe cases of the disease, Fauci and other infectious disease experts say, and early indications are that it can be contained with emerging vaccines.

But the more contagious strains can cause more infections and deaths when the virus reaches those most susceptible to it. And the surge in COVID-19 patients could exacerbate the strain on an already taxed medical system, making it more likely for people to die from the virus if overwhelmed hospitals can’t provide the care patients need.

The precautions people should take to prevent the spread of the newest strains are the same ones that have been recommended by officials for months in the fight against the coronavirus – wearing a face covering and avoiding contact with people from outside your home.

“If we keep doing these things – no matter how contagious the virus is – it will go away,” said John Swartzberg, emeritus clinical professor of infectious diseases and vaccination at Berkeley Public Health. “Don’t change anything, just do what you should have been doing.”

Fauci said new mutations and strains of the virus are expected during the pandemic.

“I’m not surprised you have cases and possibly more cases in California. We will likely see reports from other states, “Fauci said. “I don’t think Californians should think this is anything strange.”

Coronaviruses are RNA viruses, and such viruses “make a living by mutating,” Fauci said. Most mutations don’t change how the virus works, but “every once in a while, you get a mutation that affects how the virus functions.”

“It appears,” Fauci said, “from what we learned from the UK and what we will learn here that these mutations actually make the virus better at passing from one person to another.”

Researchers aren’t sure exactly why this is, says Swartzberg. One of the main suspects is the “spike” protein in the virus, which may have mutated to make it easier to bind to potential host cells. Mutations can also cause the infected person to shed more virus.

The bottom line, says Swartzberg, is “people (who are infected) are more likely to pass it on to other people.”


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California has identified the first case of a new Covid strain discovered in the UK, Newsom said | Instant News

In this June 30, 2020 photo file, Governor Gavin Newsom removes his face mask before giving the latest news during a visit to Pittsburg, California.

Pedroncelli Rich | AP

California health officials have identified the state’s first case of a new and more contagious strain Covid-19 which was first discovered in Great Britain.

The patient is a 30-year-old man in San Diego County who started showing symptoms on Sunday, county officials confirmed on Wednesday.

“I don’t think Californians should feel that this is anything strange. This is something to be expected,” said White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci Wednesday during a live question and answer session with California Governor Gavin Newsom. Fauci said other states will likely identify their own cases of the new strain soon.

San Diego County superintendent Nathan Fletcher said the patient was tested for Covid-19 on Tuesday morning. Since he did not travel, state officials believe there are other cases in the county with a new strain, Fletcher told a news conference after Newsom uncovered the case.

Fletcher urged residents to follow public health orders over the next few days to prevent further pressure on the district hospital, which is seeing “tremendous tension” from the Covid-19 attack patient.

On Tuesday, Colorado health officials confirmed the country’s first case of the corona virus variant B.1.1.7. During a press conference Wednesday, Colorado Governor Jared Polis said the state was investigating a possible second case of the new strain.

Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Wednesday morning said that the new strains could add to the pressure to state hospitals, which are already overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.

Dr Henry Walke, the agency’s Covid incident manager, said the new variant appeared to spread “more easily and quickly than other strains,” but did not appear to make people sicker or increase the risk of death.

One very concerning aspect of the Colorado case is that the patient did not travel, “indicating this variant was transmitted person to person in the United States, “Walke told reporters by conference phone.

Some good news: The new variant doesn’t appear to make the vaccine any less effective nor does it appear to complicate diagnosis with existing tests, Fauci told Newsom. The UK also found that people who had been infected with the previous strain of Covid-19 did not appear to be reinfected with the new variant.

What researchers still need to determine is whether the new strains might be resistant to treatment with monoclonal antibodies, which have been successful in helping some patients recover from the disease, Fauci said. Unlike vaccines, which trigger an immune response that attacks different parts of the virus, monoclonal antibodies attack a very specific component, said the country’s leading infectious disease expert.

Has monoclonal antibodies shows promising benefits if the virus was caught quite early. President Donald Trump is credited Regenerontreatment to make her feel better “soon” when he became infected and was finally admitted to the hospital with Covid-19 in early October.

“So that’s what we know now, but we are following this very carefully,” Fauci said, adding that they were examining tensions at the National Institutes of Health and a number of laboratories around the country.

– CNBC Want fire and Amanda Macias contributed to this report.


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India confirmed the British variant in 6 people who returned recently | Instant News

NEW DELHI – India has found six people who returned from Britain in recent weeks to be infected with a new variant of the coronavirus.

The health ministry in a statement on Tuesday said that the six patients were isolated and fellow travelers were being tracked. Close contacts of infected patients are also placed under quarantine.

India previously suspended flights to and from the UK until the end of the year, as the new variant “spreads and develops rapidly”.

India on Tuesday reported 16,432 new cases of the virus in all, bringing the total to 10.22 million infections and 148,153 deaths. India is expected to start a vaccination program for about 300 million people early next month.



Bill Trump signed the bill combining $ 900 billion in COVID-19 aid with $ 1.4 trillion in spending and other billions of pending bills.

House strongly voted to increase the COVID-19 aid check to $ 2,000, fulfilling Trump’s request, but the Senate outcome is uncertain

– ‘Surge on the wave’ filled the hospital California, where the virus restrictions will most likely be extended

5th candidate reaching final stage testing in the US, an important step in getting enough vaccines to protect the world

Mexico allows private companies to buy, distribute vaccines after questions about centralized control arise

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ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s civil aviation authority has extended the ban on passenger flights from Britain for a week in an effort to avoid the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus.

The ban came into effect last week after Europe and other countries suspended air travel from Britain due to a new and apparently more contagious variant of the coronavirus in Britain.

In a statement, the Civil Aviation Authority said the ban on passenger flights from the UK would remain in effect until January 4.

Under government orders, Pakistani nationals traveling to the UK are allowed to return home as long as their COVID-19 test is negative.

On Tuesday, Pakistan reported 1,776 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 63 deaths in the past 24 hours.

There have been 9,992 deaths among 475,085 cases of COVID-19 since February, when the first infection was detected in the country.


SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea says more than 40 coronavirus patients have died in the past 24 hours, the highest daily number since the pandemic began.

Officials also reported 1,046 new confirmed coronavirus infections on Tuesday, bringing the total caseload to 58,725, with 859 deaths.

The previous South Korean daily high for deaths from COVID-19 was 24, reported on December 21 and December 22.

Some observers say the jump in deaths reflects an increase in cluster infections in nursing homes and long-term care centers where older people with underlying health problems live.


BEIJING – China has reported seven new cases of coronavirus infection in Beijing, where authorities have ordered testing of hundreds of thousands of residents.

Cases have accumulated mostly in villages on Beijing’s northeastern edge, but authorities are wary of any spread in the capital that could harm claims it has all but a local spread of the virus.

City authorities have urged residents not to leave the city during the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays. China has canceled large gatherings such as sporting events and temple fairs. Cinemas, libraries and museums operate at 75% capacity. The government also prohibits business travel.


LOS ANGELES – California officials say hospitalizations for COVID-19 have stabilized in some parts of the state but are still weighing on hospitals elsewhere, and Governor Gavin Newsom warns of a new spike in coronavirus cases after a strenuous holiday trip that deviates from recommendations to avoid meeting.

ICU units in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley have no remaining capacity. Newsom said the country was preparing for a spike in new cases by setting up hospital beds in arenas, schools and tents, even though the state is struggling to regulate them.

California regularly breaks records for the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19, while officials say the model used for planning predicts hospitalizations to more than double in the next month from about 20,000 to more than 50,000.


FRANKFORT, Ky. – The governor of Kentucky said the state hopes to start the next phase of its coronavirus vaccination program in early February and will target emergency responders, educators and people aged 70 and over.

Governor Andy Beshear said Monday that more than 26,000 doses of the vaccine have been given in Kentucky so far.

Health care workers along with residents and staff in long-term care facilities are at the top of the list to receive vaccinations in the first phase. The next designated groups are those aged 70 and over, school personnel and first responders such as police and firefighters.

The governor said the target date for the second phase would be around February 1, although that could be “plus or minus a week.” He said officials expected it would take most of February to vaccinate the groups.


ATLANTA – More than 4,000 people in Georgia have been hospitalized with COVID-19, and officials say hospital admissions are increasing at a pace that raises questions about the health system’s ability to handle demand.

The numbers increased again on Monday when Governor Brian Kemp highlighted the launch of vaccinations for nursing home employees, starting in the Gainesville nursing home.

The state has entered the top 20 for most new cases per capita in the past 14 days as infection rates have decreased in the Midwest and increased in the South.

The Northeast Georgia Health System is a four-hospital system based in Gainesville that continues to see an increasing number of COVID-19 patients. It has put beds in the gym to treat people with milder cases, but Dr. John Delzell said they were “basically in capacity” and operations were put on hold.


KIRKLAND, Wash. – Residents and staff members at a nursing home in the Seattle area that had the first deadly COVID-19 outbreak in the United States began receiving the vaccine on Monday.

The first deaths associated with the Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington, were reported in late February, and more than 40 people connected to the facility later died from the coronavirus. The Seattle Times reported that Monday was the first day long-care facilities were able to receive the vaccine under a federal partnership with CVS and Walgreens, which handles injections for most of the state’s about 4,000 long-term care facilities.

Together with healthcare workers, Washington state has recommended that residents of nursing homes receive the vaccine first, followed by residents of assisted living facilities, adult family homes and other places of care.


LOS ANGELES – A cruise ship without passengers will visit the Port of Los Angeles in the coming weeks as a step toward resuming future services by the industry, which has been shut down by the coronavirus pandemic.

The port said visits for fuel, supplies and services were part of an operation to rebuild ships in US waters as a precondition for meeting federal regulations in order to resume future voyages.

Ships from Princess Cruises, Holland America and the Norwegian Cruise Line will dock periodically at the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal from this week to 2021.

The cruise ship has been suspended since March.

The Port of Los Angeles saw 93 cruise cancellations, or more than 70% of total cruise ships, this year.

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California, Oregon, Washington State Post Virus Travel Advisories | Instant News

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – The governors of California, Oregon and Washington issued travel advisories on Friday urging people entering or returning from their states to self-quarantine for slow the spread of the coronavirus, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said. . The advisories urge people to avoid non-essential out-of-state travel, ask people to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving from another state or country, and encourage residents to stay on. up, according to a statement. “California has just passed a sobering threshold. – one million cases of COVID-19 – with no signs of the virus slowing down,” Newsom wrote. “The increase in cases is adding pressure on our hospital systems and threatens the lives of the elderly, essential workers and vulnerable Californians. ” Oregon Governor Kate Brown said in a video on social media Thursday: “If we don’t act immediately, we will soon reach a rupture.” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued a similar warning “We need to rethink the time spent with people outside our homes right now, including Thanksgiving and the December holidays,” he wrote on social media. “It’s temporary. We’ll get back to normal. But for now, it’s just too dangerous to get together.” On Monday, San Francisco and 10 other Bay Area health workers issued a joint advisory, urging residents to self-quarantine for two weeks if they leave the area, especially if I have traveled on a plane or train where people were not wearing masks at all times. Some counties say also that the recommendation also applies to persons traveling to the region from outside the region.

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Governor Newsom promises more protection for core workers killed in California exceeds 8000 | Instant News

Governor Gavin Newsom swore more protection for regular workers on Friday, releases new security guide for employers and promise to work on new legislation at the state level.

In some cases of the coronavirus in the state exceed 425,000, the Governor said he hopes for the latter decrees is intended to help those most at risk of infection and spread of the virus. COVID-19 killed 8,027 people in California on Thursday.

According to The Los Angeles times’ tracker, 150 deaths were recorded on Wednesday, more than any other day during the four months of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the level of hospitalization and the number of people tested positive for the virus have been growth trend in the 14-day state average, according to health authorities. However, said Newsome, these prices rise more slowly than earlier this month.

The number of hospitalizations, walking a daily average of 14 days, increased by 9%, said Friday the news. Growth over the last 14 days average, reported earlier this month, was 28%.

In California, the massive outbreak has disproportionately impacted people with different skin color, particularly Latinos, that most of the people working in important jobs, such as food, construction, agricultural work and manual labor, said Newsome.

According to government data, 93% of farmers, 78% of the construction workforce and 69% of Latino chefs, making up the vast majority in several key industries.

“The epidemic in the West, especially among the Latinx community. … They’re both urban experts and rural agricultural areas,” Dr. George Rutherford, an epidemiologist and infectious diseases at the University of California at San Francisco, told Los Angeles Times. “There’s a huge amount of gear in southern California, particularly in orange County and Los Angeles”.

Newsome did not announce any public health or other concrete efforts to give more protection for core workers, but actively speaks about the need for more legislation in this direction.

“Let’s talk about preventive measures,” Newsom said, adding that it’s important to help people, particularly employees, will be able to isolate.

The state offers subsidies to the hotel — which was presented to homeless Californians at greater risk and healthcare workers to main workers, said Newsome.

He told reporters that he will work together with the Legislature “hand in glove” to provide guaranteed paid sick leave for those infected with the coronavirus and other to Express other means of protection.

With some relief at the state and Federal levels to expire, such as the $600 increase in unemployment benefits, said the news you need to start working on other laws or government orders to ensure economic survival among Californians.

“Many of these things expire in August, September,” said Newsom, explaining that he described as “the need to resume more vigorous conversation” with the Federal government.

The government cooperates with the U.S. government on other efforts to assist such as Roomkey project, the initiative for the placement of homeless Californians at risk of falling sick or dying from the virus. But Newsome said he wants to focus on how to help essential workers, calling mass state agricultural industry as particularly high risk.

“We must do more to support some 626,000 working cultures that come into this state and live here year round in California,” said Newsom.

In Monterey, said Newsome, state officials worked on “housing and the harvest partnership” which gave farmers access to space for workers to self-isolate.


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