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Italy is taking a step closer to making violence against LGBT people a hate crime | Instant News

The bill was approved in Italy’s lower house of parliament and now requires final approval from the upper house before it becomes law.

The lower house of the Italian parliament has passed an anti-discrimination bill that makes violence against LGBT people and people with disabilities, as well as misogyny, a hate crime.

Under the law – approved by 265 votes to 193, with one abstention – those convicted of such attacks run the risk of longer prison terms.

The bill now requires final approval from the upper house, where it is supported by the ruling coalition party, before it becomes law, Reuters reports.

Alessandro Zan, the LGBT politician and activist who promoted the bill, described it as “a major step forward against discrimination, hatred and violence”.

Nicola Zingaretti, leader of the center-left Partito Democratico (PD) who supports the bill, welcomed the vote as paving the way for “a more humane and civilized Italy”.

The bill, which amends existing laws punishing racist violence, hatred and discrimination, will see people convicted of the crimes face up to four years in prison.

The bill initially focused on dealing with offenses involving homotransphobia and misogyny but during hearings at the larger protection council was expanded for disabilities, with the consent of the center-right.

But the bill has faced stiff opposition for months from right-wing parties, conservative Catholic groups and the Italian Catholic Church.

One of the most controversial elements is marking the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Byphobia on May 17 with initiatives and ceremonies in Italian schools, reported Italian newspapers. Republic.

Denying that the bill would violate free speech, Zan said it would “criminalize hatred” against LGBT people and people with disabilities and punish misogyny, reports Security.

Zan said that, once the bill becomes law, “Italy will eventually become a country that accepts LGBT rights, because we are currently one of the last countries in Europe to receive social acceptance from LGBT people.”

Arcigay, Italy’s leading national gay rights organization, records more than 100 cases of hate crime and discrimination each year – according to Reuters – but over the past 25 years many attempts to enact laws punishing homophobia and transphobia have failed.


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Australia’s fa’afafine community is thriving, and they want their voices to be heard | Instant News

Latoya Hoeg has a parenting that few children can only dream of.

Instead of struggling to fit in as boys, the Samoan family embraced his differences.

“I am a sissy,” Latoya explained.

“I was just me, and my family in Samoa, when I spoke, they said, ‘fa’afafine!'”

Fa’afafine means the conduct of a woman in Samoan culture, and it is practiced in other Pacific Island countries as well.

Traditionally, they are essential to family life, performing stereotypically feminine roles such as cooking food and caring for children or the elderly.

The claim that some families of all boys will raise one or more of them as fa’afafine is still being debated. They are not necessarily effeminate and can continue to marry women.

But over time, what it means to be fa’afafine has expanded to include the transgender community.

Many of the older Christian denominations in the Pacific have welcomed the region’s gender diversity.(Facebook: Samoa Fa’afafine Association)

Latoya’s mother especially nurtures her individuality.

“They just guide them in the right way, they don’t push them into anything – and that’s our culture,” he said.

Fa’afafine is respected in Samoan society.

However, paradoxically, the LGBT community in the country faces discrimination and sodomy violating the law.

Am I still miserable?

Latoya first experienced resentment when her mother developed cancer and she was forced to move to New Zealand in the early 1980s.

Her mother warned her to cut her hair and wear men’s clothes to fit her and find a job.

It turned out that his fear was justified.

After being caught wearing mascara by her boss, Latoya brushed it off by saying she had been to a costume party.

His boss was relieved for that reason.

“I can’t stand people like that,” they said.

Then, after her mother’s death, Latoya faced a difficult choice.

“Am I still miserable and still as a man or who I am?”

But the right path was clear, and after less than two years of pretending, Latoya didn’t want to hide anymore.

“Nothing will stop me from being the real me,” he said.

Transphobia severely restricted her job prospects, so she turned to sex work to survive, both in New Zealand and after moving to Australia in 1989.

She has now lived in Australia for more than 30 years, where LGBT acceptance has been revolutionized.

But Latoya said Australia still has a long way to go in recognizing and celebrating those who are transgender as well as people of color.

“The visibility of people of color is still not very well recognized here,” he said.

“Time in sight.”

Australian feminist community

It is estimated that there are now more than 1,000 people in Australia who identify as fa’afafine, with communities concentrated in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

“It feels like it’s growing,” said Tony Fretton, who is the founder of Melbourne’s Pacific Island LGBT community, Pacifique X.

He believes the slow but growing acceptance of the importance of diversity in communities is the reason more people use the term fa’afafine.

At the pier, a line of Samoan fa'afafines are displayed in bright white formal attire with crossed sashes.
Some of the gender-diverse individuals in the Pacific do not see themselves as trans, but some do.(Facebook: Samoa Fa’afafine Association)

“People are more comfortable sharing their own gender identity,” he said.

In western culture, Tony identifies as gay, but if he were in Samoa, he would describe himself as fa’afafine.

“It’s kind of a general term that we will use,” he said.

Tony agrees it’s time for greater visibility for the fa’afafine and Pacific Islanders in general.

“Our voices are not often heard in the western LGBTIQ world,” he said.

With that passion, Latoya has taken part in the online video series The Bent Spoon, sharing his own story and cooking the Samoan dish, palusami.

Latoya Hoeg's cooking class.
Latoya wants his story to have an impact.(Provided)

Latoya hopes young people struggling with their own identity will draw inspiration from his role in the seven-episode project by Thorne Harbor Health (formerly AIDS Council Victoria), particularly in the transgender community.

“We have been sidelined for years and you can see that we are starting to become more visible,” he said.

“We are like everyone else and we need to be seen more and more accepted.”


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Boys From Brazil – POZ | Instant News

Lucas RochaCourtesy of Push / Vitor Martins

Meet three young gay men in Rio de Janeiro who have experienced very different HIV: Victor, who is HIV-negative, feels betrayed and is more than just judgmental when his new girlfriend, Henrique, reveals he has HIV. Meanwhile, Henrique becomes discouraged by the frequent denials of his status. And Ian is absolutely terrified that his HIV test has recently come back positive – although after leaving the clinic, he meets a friendly Victor, who offers to introduce Ian to someone he knows who is living with HIV: Henrique.

And so began Lucas Rocha’s fun young adult novel (YA) Where We Go From Here, recently translated into English by Scholastic imprint PUSH. Told from the alternating points of view of the three men, the story follows them as they navigate school, career, family, nightlife, love, HIV, Brazil’s health care and legal systems, and a very vengeful ex-boyfriend.

Where We Go From Here

“Where We Go From Here”Scholastics / PUSH

POZ emailed Rocha, the librarian in São Paulo, about his universal story. Our interview is lightly edited for clarity and length.

How much did you know about HIV before writing the book?

I know a few things, but I learned a lot during the whole process, especially about U = U [Undetectable Equals Untransmittable] and PrEP [pre-exposure prophylaxis]. I had the initial spark for writing Where We Go From Here after I read medical articles asking people’s current opinion of HIV and found that people were still very prejudiced. The first thing I did was look for YES novels that depicted discussions about HIV in a way that could provide hope for the future, but I didn’t find many of them, so I decided to write one.

So research is my main concern. I must be extra careful in conveying correct information and not spreading misunderstanding, incorrect and / or false terminology [ideas]. I went to a treatment center and talked to doctors and patients with infectious diseases. I also had to do a lot of rewriting after my agent, sensitivity and beta readers, my Brazilian editor, my translator, and my US editor all read the book. It is a collective work of which I am very proud.

What is the attitude in Brazil towards the HIV and LGBT population?

It all depends on how much money you have, what gender you recognize and what color your skin is. We have to talk about intersectionality when we talk about the LGBTQ + community because we get a lot of criticism from the heterosexual world, but we also have a lot of prejudice within our own community. For example, I am a gay man passing through my country, so I have to deal with some issues about it, but I know that this is not the same when compared to what black transgender women have to deal with every day.

In particular, regarding HIV, there is still a lot of prejudice in Brazil, inside and outside the LGBTQ + community. Information is available in many places, but the ghost of the AIDS epidemic is still very much alive.

Are the facts about HIV taught in schools?

There is no sex education in most Brazilian schools. All I learned about HIV when I was a child was that it was an STD [sexually transmitted disease], a term we no longer use to talk about HIV. It happened during biology class followed by some weird documentary with lots of other gruesome STD images that were more meant to frighten us and convince us that condoms and abstinence were the only way to protect. The media and families are primarily responsible for educating children about HIV, but they also lack proper education. So it’s a really bad cycle.

What is your goal for this book?

I want to tell a happy story. It is important for HIV-positive people to know that first, they are not alone, and second, that they can have beautiful and fulfilling lives. One of my main motivations is to tell a story not about survival but about growing.

Why write it from three points of view?

I want to talk about HIV with nuances, and have the voices of Ian, Victor and Henrique, each with a different perspective on HIV, help me. Those dynamics are fundamental to addressing differences in human relationships, the loneliness of HIV-positive people, the first fears that arise, the new knowledge that people have just been diagnosed with and all the things we, as a society, think about the virus and the people who live with it. Once the voices of the three of them were in my mind, creating the world around them was very organic.

Is there one character that is harder to write?

Yes! Victor is the most challenging – he’s the youngest, the luckiest, and who has to learn more. She has had her own journey to accept and understand what it means to have a relationship with an HIV-positive person, and her many prejudices and negative thoughts are very different from mine, but she also shares many of the things I use. to think in my youth.

Tell us about access to HIV health care in Brazil.

Brazil has one of the largest universal treatment programs for HIV and AIDS in the world! Many people don’t realize this, but Brazil’s public health care system is very efficient when it comes to HIV treatment, especially in a big city like Rio de Janeiro. The only thing you need is your ID card and public health card (which are free), and you can start your treatment.

Do Brazilian laws protect people living with HIV?

Yes, Brazil passed a clear law (n.12,984) in 2014 that guarantees several rights for HIV-positive people, such as the right to education and the impossibility of being fired from their job because their status and / or their positive status are disclosed if the goal is to humiliate them in public.

Your President looks a lot like President Donald Trump. Can you keep us updated on the political situation in Brazil for the LGBT and HIV population?

Jair Bolsonaro is the type of president who barks a lot and targets specific communities [distract from] other intentions. She has said that she would rather have one of her sons die in an accident than her tell him he was gay.

At the same time that he was openly talking about trash about LGBTQ + people, he passed several laws allowing landowners to spread fire through the rainforest to raise livestock. That’s the pattern. What worries me most is not the barking but the applause and support from the voters.

Jair Bolsonaro

Jair BolsonaroCC BY 2.0 / Marcos Corrêa / PR

Finally, your novel is packed with references to US pop culture. Have you visited the state, and have you turned the book into American in the process of translating?

Apart from some very specific Brazilian references, I haven’t changed much. I think some people in the United States have a tendency to see Latin America as an exotic place (there’s more than just samba, football, carnival and rainforest in Brazil), but in the end, we share a lot more than we might assume. . The Brazilian gay community loves Lady Gaga, Madonna, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Cher, as well as the US gay community, the Mexican gay community, the Bolivian gay community, etc. But we also have queens of their own, like Pabllo Vittar and Gloria Groove, who just add more good music to the mix.


RupaulInstagram / @ rupaulsdragrace

Many people in my country see the United States as the best place in the world, but that’s mainly because of cultural imperialism. I never went to the United States, but I grew up consuming a lot of TV shows, music, films, and books produced by US artists as well as from many artists around the world, and that mix has built my references as a person and as a writer.


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Germany reveals details of compensation plans for gay soldiers News | DW | Instant News

German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is working on a bill that will compensate soldiers in German Bundeswehr military who have been discriminated against for their homosexuality, RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) reported Saturday.

Citing a draft bill from the Kramp-Karrenbauer office, the RND said compensation would not take the form of social benefits. The new rules will be aimed at addressing discrimination that occurred until 2000.

The Department of Defense has announcing the arrival of such bills in early July. Specifically, these measures focus on soldiers sentenced by military courts for consensual sexual acts.

Homosexuality was illegal in Germany and in the military until the 1960s. In the early days of the Bundeswehr, which was founded in 1955, homosexual soldiers were routinely demoted or dismissed.

They were then allowed to remain in the armed forces but were not entrusted with senior roles. Only since 2000 have lesbian, gay and bisexual troops been permitted to serve openly in the Bundeswehr. Transvestite troops have been allowed to serve openly since 2014.

Read more: German gay soldier: Apologies ‘not enough’ for homophobia policy

The government is slow to make amends

To date, all past federal governments have refused to overturn previous civil rulings against homosexual soldiers, which are considered discriminatory from today’s point of view.

The Kramp-Karrenbauer proposal will overturn the previous ruling and provide an explicit rehabilitation certificate for the affected soldier.

According to the draft law, the new rules will also apply to the former East German army once.

Kramp-Karrenbauer plans to present the bill on September 17, the same day the Ministry of Defense intends to publish a new report entitled “Taboo and Tolerance – Handling Homosexuality of the German Armed Forces from 1955 to Turn of the Century.”

Read more: German cabinet approves ban on ‘conversion therapy’ gay, transgender

Jens Brandenburg, a business-friendly politician from the FDP responsible for problems in the Bundestag, called it good news. “With dishonorable dismissals and de facto work bans, Bundeswehr homosexual members have been harassed for decades,” he said.

The sentence handed down by the military court based on paragraph 175 of the Criminal Code must now be finally revoked, he added.

“We owe compensation to victims of state discrimination.”

kp / mm (dpa, epd)


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356 – SHOWBIZ Rufus Wainwright, LGBTQ film, Billy Porter, Janelle Monae – Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News Archive | Instant News

Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Rufus Wainwright, released the latest single from his anticipated new pop album, Unfollow the Rules, a noted press release. “Alone Time” is now available on all DSP and streaming services; the official companion video is on YouTube. Unfollow the Rules is scheduled to arrive via BMG on Friday, July 10. Wainwright also has an ongoing #Quarantunes series from #MusicalEverydays and #RobeRecitals, which are served daily through Instagram and its official Facebook.

Ariztical Entertainment has announced June 2 VOD and cable at the request of the release of feature film feature filmmaker Doug Spearman From Zero To I Love You, followed by a DVD release this summer, a press release noted. The film stars Scott Bailey and Darryl Stephens – the last to have been in many popular productions including Noah Arc LOGO, the Boy Culture film, the upcoming Boy Culture series and the DTLA series. The LGBT film is Spearman’s second feature, following the gay detective film Hot Guys With Guns.

OUTstream Film Fest – which will debut June 1-7 – announces its initial title arrangement, a press release noted. Two of the festival’s favorite documentaries will open and close the new film festival, with Michael Barnett’s Changing the Game opening OUTstream Film Fest and David Chorus Deep South from David Charles Rodrigues taking the Closing Night slot. The film festival focusing on LGBTQIA + will start the Pride month in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis which offers a selection of films celebrating strange films from around the world with 11 initial titles representing 10 countries. To buy tickets and tickets, visit OUTstreamFest.com/boxoffice.

In celebration of the LGBT Pride Month, the Tubi streaming service offers a variety of independent LGBT films without the need to subscribe, said a press release. Only a few of the films / series include Poison, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, Latter Days, G.B.F., Jeffrey, Lip Service, The Brandon Teena Story and After Sex, among others. see Tubi.tv .

Francis Lee, director of God’s Own Country, urged fans to boycott films on Amazon Prime, reports Gay Times magazine. Lee asked viewers in the United States not to broadcast romantic dramas that were recognized as critical on streaming services because some gay sex scenes – for some reason – were censored. According to some fans, who wrote in response to the British director, the love scene has been cut in a version that you can stream for free – but they still exist if you buy a movie through Prime Video.

Breaking Glass Pictures acquired global rights to the documentary film Pornstar Pandemic: The Guys, an intimate examination of LGBTQ adult actors and their lives during the COVID-19 quarantine, a press release noted. Directed by adult director Edward “EJ” James and produced by Breaking Glass CEO Rich Wolff, Pandstar Pandemic: The Guys will arrive July 28 on DVD and all major VOD platforms. The film will focus on actors such as Dante Colle, Pierce Paris and DeAngelo Jackson and newcomers Elijah Wilde and Jack Loft.

Dekkoo, a subscription-based streaming service dedicated to gay men, announced six winners for cash prizes in the short film competition Love and Distance, a noted press release. The Jury award is given to Italian filmmaker based in the UK, Marco De Luca, “Two Meters Apart” ( www.dekkoo.com/two-meters-apart ). Audience favorites include “Omorfia” Lucio Nieto, “James Patrick Nelson” Without Touch, “Colin Sheehan” What to Expect When You Expect, “Mariano Rodriguez Ingold” The Meeting “and Jess Darnell” I Miss You, I Miss London “(which the latter is mentioned honorably).

Pixar’s first main gay character arrives in the Disney short film, EW.com reported. Out, the latest Pixar short film released through the Disney + ‘s SparkShorts series, arrived this week with the story of Greg when he moved in with his girlfriend, Manuel. The problem is that Greg is not out for his parents, who arrive at his new door wanting to help. However, thanks to a pair of pet fairy gods, Greg knows that there may be nothing to hide after all. Earlier this year, Pixar Onward became the first feature film to include the role of LGBTQ in the form of a cyclist police officer Lena Waithe, Spector, who mentioned her boyfriend

In a new cover story about Janelle Monae for Vanity Fair, Billy Porter revealed that he had to fight for her to appear at this year’s Oscars, Out.com note down. “There were a number of different suggestions and he said, ‘I will only do it if I can have Billy,” Porter told the magazine. “He lobbied for me.” They celebrated a successful performance by enjoying cocktails at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscar parties.

VH1 announced that Grammy-winning artist Ricky Martin will be in the inaugural episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars which aired Friday, June 5, a press release noted. This global superstar will judge the queens of all the stars in the premiere where the favorite returns to open the library to read mini-challenges and crash the foundation for extravaganza variations of “Werq the World”. Martin will start a show that stops guest judges including Tessa Thompson, Madison Beer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Nicole Byer, Sarah Hyland, Tommy Dorfman, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Bebe Rexha, Jane Krakowski, Sam Richardson and Todrick Hall; they will join RuPaul and judge alongside the regular performances of Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley and Ross Mathews.

LGBT actor / singer openly Keiynan Lonsdale (The Flash; Love, Simon) plans to release his debut album, Rainbow Boy, on May 29, said Gay Times Magazine. The album is expected to include a new self-love song, “Gay Street Fighter”, where he celebrates being an LGBTQ and a demonstration for the community to stand behind him in the fight for equality. Lonsdale told the Gay Times, “Everything in life is strange – it’s just a natural way, that’s why it’s cooler and more colorful. Every look of homophobia is a reflection of someone who hasn’t done the work needed to really feel comfortable with their own complex. . sex. “

The new Broadway on Demand streaming service was launched May 17, Playbill noted. The “30 Opening Night Days” series marks the official kickoff and includes filmed presentations of Broadway titles, classes, concerts, interviews and more. Among the shows filmed on display were Broadway’s Allegiance, which made the online premiere on May 29 follow various shows in theaters; 2015 original Broadway company members, including George Takei and Telly Leung, will also take part in the virtual red carpet. Previously, Bandstand will air as part of the May 25 Memorial Day celebration. see BroadwayOnDemand.com .

On Thursday, May 28 at 6 pm CT (on YouTube), Indigo Girls will have a live conversation with their two favorites, writer Glennon Doyle and football legend Abby Wambach, a media release noted. Indigo Girls’ 16th studio album, Look Long, is out now on Rounder Records.

Actor, musician, Emmy and SAG nominated writer, co-star and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Tituss Burgess released their first official dance song, “Dance M.F.” (featuring Imani Coppola), a press release announced. Burgess said, “‘Dance M.F.’ born of the panic that I felt at the onset of the global crisis that made us all isolated. It was written for me – until I realized that it wasn’t just me who needed to hear it. “This song is available on all streaming platforms and digital retailers.

The musical stage adaptation of NBC Smash is under development for Broadway, with Steven Spielberg, Robert Greenblatt and Neil Meron as the main producers, Deadline noted. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, who wrote more than 20 songs for the 2012-13 TV series, will write the musical score, with a book written jointly by Bob Martin (The Prom; The Drowsy Chaperone) and Rick Elice (Jersey Boys; Peter and Starcatcher). Although the series – which records the development of the fictional Broadway musical Bombshell about Marilyn Monroe – only lasted two seasons on NBC, the show took a favorite afterlife, with the Broadway concert version the only night on Broadway only for 2015 Bombshell songs sold out in 15 minutes after the sale.

Producer Mark Cortale announced that the Broadway Seth Rudetsky concert series that first began in Provincetown at The Art House in 2011 will debut as a weekly virtual series titled The Seth Concert Series, according to media releases. Guided by beloved music director and Sirius XM Star Seth Rudetsky, the first event will take place on Sunday, May 31 and will feature award-winning actress Tony Kelli O’Hara; stage and screen figures Jeremy Jordan and Jessie Mueller will make headlines the next two weeks. Every weekly show will premiere Sunday night at 7 pm. CT, with the second showing Monday at 2 pm. CT; Ticket available at TheSethConcertSeries.com for $ 20 (early bird) – $ 25 each.

The LGBTQ series from Kit Williamson, Eastsiders, has been nominated for eight Daytime Emmy Awards – the most nominations from all digital series and any events on Netflix this year, according to media release Wolfe Video Press. Williamson was nominated for Outstanding Writing in the Digital Drama Series. Dangerous star Lin Shaye was nominated for Guest Achievers, and Leith M. Burke (Bosch) and attraction star Willam were both nominated in the Supporting Actor category, among other nods. (Willam was the first drag player to be nominated in the acting category at the Emmy Awards, Out.com note down. ) The fourth and final season of the series premiered on Netflix late last year.

Netflix released the first photo of the upcoming second season of The Politician, which hits the streaming service on June 19, NewNowNext.com note down. In the description for season seven episodes, the battle between Payton (played by Ben Platt) and Dede (Judith Light) continues, but it looks like Payton’s mother, Georgina (Gwyneth Paltrow), will also step into the political arena, making “important decisions that threaten to make her angry.” Creator Ryan Murphy told Collider earlier this year, “We were fortunate enough that we finished filming and editing before the coronavirus thing happened. We had seven. We finished all our episodes.” Murphy also said he said he intended to do one more season from The Politician, for a total of three seasons.

Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter will hold a Pride Summit with their two to celebrate the influence of the LGBTQ + community across music, media and entertainment, a media release announced. This year’s Pride Summit will be virtual, taking place Saturday, June 13, and held at BBTHRPrideSummit.com . The all-day event will feature interesting conversations with LGBTQ + artists that impact the media space and, for the first time, a virtual Pride Prom, which features a Pride Queen’s dragging and coronation performance contest, as well as special performances by top artists and DJ sets interactive.

Amid the global pandemic, HBO canceled a post-Emmy party this year, which was traditionally held at The Plaza at Pacific Design Center L.A., Deadline reported. The network says it is directing funds set aside for the Emmy Awards party and FYC events to make a $ 1 million donation to the Mayor’s Fund for the Los Angeles COVID-19 Emergency Crisis Fund. While the TV Academy has made changes to the Emmy Awards calendar and canceled its FYC event, the Emmet Awards Primetime ceremony remains set for September 20th.

Charli XCX announced a charity arts draw to support the LA Alliance, with all results leading to the cause, a press release noted. Artists involved in the draw include Caroline Polachek, Seth Bogart, Salam Coupons, Cherry Naked, Sara Cwynar, Timothy Luke, Allison Zuckerman, Polygon and Jon Emmony. The prize draw will include 1/1 original artwork signed by the artist and Charli XCX. Each lottery ticket ($ 10 each) comes with an instant download of handwritten letters from Charli XCX; the draw for the artwork (which represents his footprint “forever,” “claw” and “I finally understood”) will be drawn Friday, May 29. See https://charli-xcx-us.myshopify.com/products/original -art-lottery-ticket-chx.

Oprah Winfrey donated $ 12 million to organizations that helped underserved communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, CBS Chicago noted. The trick is giving money to groups in the five cities he calls home, including Chicago, which will get $ 5 million. This donation will support Live Healthy Chicago, which provides thousands of Latin and African-American family care packages, health visits and contact tracking.

The BET Awards will move forward with the 2020 edition this year – in fact, Variety noted. Celebrating the network’s 40th anniversary, and 20 years of this award airing, top stars in black entertainment, sports and philanthropy will emerge on Sunday, June 28, through “innovative techniques and content produced by artists,” said BET. The three-day BET experience, which has taken place in Los Angeles as the eve of the big night, has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is rescheduled in 2021. Nominations will be announced later on.

In an interview with SiriusXM “The Morning Mash Up,” singer Sia shared that she raised her family last year, CNN.com reported. “I actually adopted two sons last year,” he said. “They’re both 18.” The “Chandelier” singer explains that the 19-year-old boy is aging from the foster care system and expresses his love for his new sons. He also shared that most of his relationship with the famous music maker Diplo “was only spent trying not to have sex so that we would not damage our business relationships, because he was super-duper hot.”

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande released their new song, “Rain On Me,” on May 22, a press release noted. This collaboration is the second single from Lady Gaga Chromatica’s sixth studio album, which will be released Friday, May 29, through Interscope Records. Chromatica will be available in a variety of physical formats including standard CDs, vinyl in various colors and tapes in various colors.

Singer / songwriter VINCINT announced the premiere of “Be Me,” a new song written expressly for the Netflixoriginal series, Queer Eye, according to a press release. The song – seduced by a series of cryptic social media posts from VINCINT, Netflix and the cast of Queer Eye – can be heard now in the official trailer for the fifth season of Queer Eye, installed in the hometown of VINCINT in Philadelphia and set to premier globally through Netflix on the day Friday, June 5. “Be Me” follows the release of VINCINT’s debut EP, The Feeling, available now via the BEGINNING for streaming and download. The snippet is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WechPJGpqS8.

The Charlize Theron film The Old Guard will debut on Netflix on Friday, July 10, a press release noted. Based on the graphic novel series Greg Rucka, the film tells the story of a group of mercenaries who are closely united – led by Andy, played by Theron – with a mysterious inability to die. When teams are recruited to carry out emergency missions and their extraordinary abilities are suddenly exposed, it is up to Andy and Nile (KiKi Layne), the newest warriors to join their ranks, to help the group eliminate the threat of those who are trying to imitate and monetize their forces in a way whatever is needed.

Ellen DeGeneres was reportedly “at the end of the rope” when several allegations surfaced that he was looking down on guests, treating staff badly and holding grudges against other comics, LGBTQ Nation noted. In 2016, comedian Kathy Griffin did not subtly accuse DeGeneres of treating him and Joan Rivers badly, saying DeGeneres “has a bad trait known to all Hollywood.” Recently, he rebooted Ellen’s program at his home to comply with coronavirus prevention measures, but his staff accused him of using a non-union contractor while leaving them in the dark about the status of their work.

Quibi debuted the trailer of the new musical comedy series, Royalty, created by Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor / songwriter Darren Criss, a press release announced. Royalty is a satirical story about the songwriter behind the world’s biggest songs. On Friday, June 12, Republic Records will release the series’s original soundtrack, marking the first major label release for the Quibi show. see Quibi.com .

HBO has a documentary about the early 80s University of Southern California women’s basketball team called Women of Troy, HBO.com was announced. The powerhouse forces – including Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper, twins Paula and Pam McGee, and head coach Linda Sharp, and who won consecutive NCAA titles in 1983 and 1984 – garnered unprecedented media coverage at the time, and became the first college women’s team in history to be invited to the White House. See HBO.com/documentaries/women-of-troy.

As Greenleaf OWN approaches its fifth and final season, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and Lionsgate have developed the megachurch spin-off drama, from creator and executive producer Craig Wright, Deadline reported. Wright and Winfrey imagined from the beginning of the series that the story would last for five seasons, with Wright contemplating a spin-off. In addition, the network announced Greenleaf’s final season will premiere Tuesday, June 23.

CBS submitted a two-year extension for the daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful, through the broadcast season 2021-22, Deadline noted. Taken for seasons 34 and 35, The Bold and the Beautiful joins with CBS colleagues The Young and the Restless, which, in January, were updated until 2024. The Bold and the Beautiful – the most watched daytime drama in the US is produced in world – set in Los Angeles and combining elements of high fashion, glamor, honor, romance, passion and family.

Stars from the iconic soap opera All My Children (AMC) almost came to people’s homes as part of the ongoing #UnitedAtHome Entertainment Weekly series, the publication announced. During AMC Week, which starts on May 26, EW will bring almost 30 cast members to the screen, including Susan Lucci, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Josh Duhamel and many more. The week-long event is also for a reason, with the cast of AMC choosing to support Feeding America, which places food on the table of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the country; those who want to donate can visit EW.com/allmychildrenreunion.

On his Instagram account, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Milan Christopher posted a photo of himself and transgender girlfriend Lauryn England dating, BET.com note down. “That is something about the way he looks at me dating the night with my sister,” wrote England with a photo posted on her account. Christopher appeared on the reality program during the second season with his ex-girlfriend Miles Brock – the first LGBT couple on the VH1 reality show, according to the outlet. Christopher was outright bisexual, but Brock was a closed rapper who was afraid of what the industry and his family were thinking.

In Texas, the Southlake Department of Public Safety (DPS) fiddled with Lisa Loeb’s 90s hit lyrics “Stay” for the coronavirus pandemic, Southlake Style noted. However, through the Cameo app, Southlake DPS was able to attract Loeb’s attention and make him sing a version of their song. “Why didn’t I think of the lyrics?” Loeb asked after singing the “Stay at Home” version of his song. “They fit the music. Stay at home, stay safe.”

The psychological thriller of the Emmy and Golden Globe nominees of The Alienist returned with a new season titled The Alienist: Angel of Darkness premiered Sunday, July 26, a press release noted. Based on author Caleb Carr’s best-selling novel The Angel of Darkness, the cast of The Alienist plays Daniel Brühl (Rush), Luke Evans (Midway) and Dakota Fanning (Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood) will reunite next season.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Xscape member Kandi Burruss (as Night Angel) won the Golden Mask at the Fox The Masked Singer – becoming the first woman to win the title, People.com note down. “For a long time, I really stopped singing by myself because you got negative feedback and it kinda messed up your head,” the mother of three told the judge after taking off the purple mask. “But thank you.” Runners-up are singer Jesse McCartney (Turtle) and rapper / actor Bow Wow (Frog).

Brian May of Queen revealed to his followers that, in a gardening accident this month, he suffered a heart attack, USA Today noted. Overcoming “the truth about what happened” because “people sort of fabricate stories,” May shared in an Instagram video that he has a tear in “gluteus maximus,” but the problem doesn’t stop there. After diagnosing a tear, “no other test was done,” May said. A week later, he still used “severe painkillers” and experienced serious pain, so he returned for a second MRI that showed highly compressed sciatic nerves.

Wendy Williams took a break from daytime talk shows due to symptoms of fatigue surrounding Graves’ disease, Variety reported. The return date has not been set at this time. Williams first announced to his viewers that he was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in early 2018; disease is a condition that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid.

Doja Cat refused to participate in online racist conversations, CNN.com note down. The famous singer responded to Twitter hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty. Hash appeared after a song released in 2015 titled “Dindu Nuffin” reappeared. (The title of the song refers to racist slurs used to mock victims of police brutality.) “I have been using public chat rooms to socialize since I was a child,” a statement from the singer read. “I shouldn’t have been on those chatroom sites, but I personally have never been involved in racist conversations. I apologize to everyone I offended.”

Speaking of Doja, fellow rapper Azealia Banks launched a scathing attack on Nicki Minaj for collaborating with Doja, noted The Independent. Among other things, Banks said, “Another thing that I find funny, Nicki, is for all the mouths you have for Cardi B to talk about black women, now you’re silent because you got your little number one with this white bi … Now I seeing it again, you’re just jealous of Cardi [B]. You’re just jealous because he has more swag than you. “

Rapper / actor 50 Cent jumped on social media to overcome the attacks of an Australian street painter who has created countless mash-up murals as other public figures, XXL said. The rapper responded to the artist Lushsux’s claim that he was beaten for creating works of art he made from 50. “The artist gets [fist emoji] in [face emoji] it’s not me, I don’t do that. #STARZ #BMF, “50 wrote in a brief description of a photo showing an unfinished rapper’s mural as Oprah Winfrey. In another post, 50 distributed a completed mural version, sending the best wishes to street artists.

A New York photographer has sued actress Jennifer Hudson and her company for allegedly seizing her photo and posting it on social media, Page Six said. Fernando Ramales snapped at the Dreamgirls star wearing a colorful pink blazer and thigh-high stiletto, according to lawsuits. A news site bought the picture and ran the news on December 21, 2019. A few days later, the same photo was posted on the Hudson Instagram page – with the watermark rubbed. Ramales wants up to $ 175,000 plus attorneys’ fees for alleged copyright infringement.

In a new interview with People, stylist Stacy London opened up about her journey from her days at TLC. “Dating is not on the cards for me at all,” Londonsaid said of the meeting of girlfriend and musician Cat Yezbak at the fundraiser for the election of governor Cynthia Nixon in the summer of 2018. “My father was very ill, and he was a top priority. It was not because I was not thinks Cat is extraordinary, or cool, or cute; I’m just not in that mindset. “While Yezbak never met London’s father, Herbert (who died the same year he met Yezbak), London hoped he could do it. “They will like each other,” said London.

Kendall Jenner completed a lawsuit related to her involvement with the 2017 Fyre Festival which brought disaster, Page Six said. Supermodel agreed to pay $ 90,000 to promote a failed music festival on a deleted Instagram post. Jenner, 24, was sued in August 2019 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. in New York by Gregory Messer, who restored funds for creditors who lost money investing in festivals.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest “did not have a stroke” during the event’s finals, according to a statement from his representative provided specifically for PEOPLE, EW.com note down. At one point, Seacrest’s right eye suddenly appeared gloomy and his speech was slightly slurred when he moved to reveal Top 2. Work from home – where he hosted a singing competition the past few weeks and continued to do his daily radio shows and co-hosting Live With Kelly and Ryan – Seacrest keeps the event going, but many pay attention, expressing concern on social media. (Seacrest then mentions fatigue for physical change.) Just Sam has been named the winner.

Imperial actor Bryshere Gray is a “nuisance renter” who clogs up the toilet with a condom and lets his dog poop indoors, according to a lawsuit filed by Chicago landlords last month, The Chicago Tribune noted. Vinod Venugopal and Payal Shah sued Gray for $ 33,120, and they accused him of causing problems soon after he signed a contract for the West Loop condominium in August 2019.


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