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Airbus PIA attempted to land without landing gear in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: The new PIA airbus PK8303 footage which crashed on 22 May 2020 in Karachi has established that the aircraft landed on the runway at least four times in the first attempt but the landing gear did not open, causing the fuselage especially the engines to suffer severe damage from scratching the runway.

Exclusive footage run by Geo News reporter Tariq Abul Hassan establishes what the CAA and national airlines previously denied, that the landing gear was not opened during the attempted landing. The footage raises more questions about the role of air traffic controllers and of course cockpit crew as pilots in the tragedy.

Video captured by the CAA runway 69 video camera determined that within three seconds the PIA airbus skidded on the runway four times, before finally taking off again. Based on new footage, the aircraft successfully landed on the runway four times at 2:33:34, 2: 33:35, 2:33:38 and the fourth time at 2:33:40. The abrasive contact with the ground and the engine that triggers frictional sparks can also be seen in the new video. The landing gearless trial also proved that on approaching from the Model Colony, the airbus crashed on the 69 landing lane far ahead of the scheduled meeting point, almost in the middle after the ATC and VIP Terminals, leaving little. runway ahead to achieve a safe landing, except that there is a large “Katcha” path from loose ground ahead. According to the preliminary CAA report, “the landing gear was opened when the aircraft was 10 NM from the airport. But because the airplane is flying at a higher altitude than required for optimal landing, the wheels are pulled to allow the plane to descend at a very high speed and finally when the plane lands, the wheels do not open. “

According to aviation experts, “under systemic and automatic safety mechanisms if the plane is traveling at 250-260 mph, the landing gear does not open. “Overspeed was thought to be the reason the wheels did not drop on landing and as a result the engine scratched hard on the runway, a visible sign of the runway. This is understood to have damaged the engine, the engine oil compartment and the fuel pipe both of which not only leaked, but dangerous engine oil mixed with fuel. “Together the three are believed to have slowed the plane from ascending altitude to turning back to the runway. It follows Mayday’s pilots and communications that both engines have failed, ”the experts agreed.

While the CAA and PIA are still working to finalize and conclude the report, disturbing questions plague the thought that if such a terrible tragedy could be avoided. The basic question is why did the plane get at a higher altitude during its approach to the runway? “Why doesn’t the pilot know that the landing gear doesn’t open when descending? Did the pilot and the co-pilot choose to ignore the cockpit alarm warning about the landing gear status? Did the alarm actually work? When the plane has landed despite many obstacles and engine failure. with the runway and sparks flying out, why would air traffic controllers let the plane take off and direct the pilot to try another approach Was the pilot notified of a touch down abrasive by air traffic controllers ?, seen in the footage of the CAA runway. , why the pilot agency PALPA was not part of the investigation As pilots they could explain the entire episode about aircraft airworthiness and cockpit conditions to guide the investigation Honest answers to these questions alone will determine whether the loss of life and country’s reputation can be prevented and just another disaster can be avoided.


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Gears Tactics: My City Overview | Instant News

When Gears Tactics first announced back at E3 2018, which felt like 10 years ago, I was excited. I have never thought about it until then, but Gears of War seems suitable for a turn-based strategy game, similar to XCOM. It turned out that I was really excited. Gears of War, with big dudes and creepy monsters, is the perfect match for this type of game.

There is no way to talk about it Gears Tactics without at least mentioning XCOM, one of the most loved strategy game franchises of all time. XCOM is what should be compared to all turn-based tactical strategy games forever. They are the rules. And yes, at a glance, Tactics has a lot in common with the popular alien invasion simulator. You move small armies of troops on various levels, one at a time, using cover and altitude to avoid or ambush enemies. You can put a soldier in surveillance, make them observe an area, ready to fire when the enemy enters their line of sight. You can even customize soldiers in both games, name them after friends and dress them in different colored armor. You might be wrong Tactics as reskinning from XCOM.

But this is a very different game in many interesting ways.

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The biggest difference between Gears Tactics and another strategy game is how fast and aggressive the game is turned from turn to turn. Tactics, developed by Splash Damage and The Coalition’s main studio franchise, want you to hide less and push forward. It communicates this in part by empowering your character to be aggressive. Every soldier in the game can execute enemies, shoot many times in one round, move and shoot, take large weapons and use grenades.

Focus of Tactics in a land battle. There is no map of the world where you plan attacks, no council you have to talk to every few hours to get more funds, and no headquarters building. It’s all about going to war and fighting. The wounded soldier returned to full health at the end of each mission, without stopping or waiting. What is here is slim, mean, and very pleasant.

Tactics set about a decade before the first Gears the game, when a talented soldier named Gabe Diaz becomes disappointed with COG, the army and the government of all Gears fighters are part of. He hides as a mechanic in an army motorcycle pool, but an old veteran named Sid, with orders from the COG leader, comes to him on a mission to take Ukkon, a smart Grasshopper leader who is responsible for creating many of the most evil monster players ever encountered in this series . Diaz is known for having a great tactical mind, and that is what this mission needs. This mission is lacking in staff, so Gabe and Sid have to dredge mini troops to confront Ukkon and stop their evil plans.

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This is a classic story about fighting underdogs who work together, learn to trust each other, and eventually become stronger as a united group. And it works. It also explains why you are recruiting random soldiers and why you don’t immediately have great weapons. The game follows Gabe’s loop and an army of soldiers and civilians who grow up working together to get more supplies, track Ukkon and stop it and its evil plans.

The mission loop is fine at first but a little boring in the end. Each chapter consists of about half a dozen missions and side missions, although there are slight variations for them. About halfway through the game, I stopped discovering new types of missions and new areas. In the end, you have done many of the same types of missions. I began to feel tired from keeping stock drops or blowing up Locust supplies. Fortunately, this fight is so good that it’s not a violator.

This might get me into trouble, but I need to say this: I like it XCOM but I feel the fight is too hard and annoying to really enjoy. I know some people have just read that and have scrolled down to comments to shout at me. I do not hate XCOM, but I’ve never finished a game, and I often get upset about how many games you want to fight for.

Gears Tactics different. Combat isn’t just about being nimble and faster, deadly, and aggressive. There are moments here and there that force me to really slow down and take the time, but most missions can be played aggressively. I like it. Fighting is faster and more focused on offense. For one, all the soldiers enter Tactics can shoot and move several times in one round, assuming they have enough action points. This opens a number of possible options. Charge forward, but save one of your three action points and you can save yourself from a deadly attack. Or maybe you take a shot and miss. Well, now you can move up and try again, closer and with a higher chance of hitting. This is a small change from XCOM, where only certain soldiers can move and shoot in one round after getting a special increase, but that immediately makes the game feel more flexible. This also allows the developer to throw more enemies at you because you can shoot more of them per turn. So get ready for a big horde of baddies, little things that bother monkeys from before Gears game.

Tactics also gives you rewards for taking risks and getting out of protection. You can drop enemies in this game, like in Gears of War old games, which means the fallen baddies can be helped by their friends if you don’t finish them off. You can shoot them, which is sometimes a smart move, but you can also ask the army to crash and execute the enemy. This gives all members of your squad bonus action points. As you level up soldiers and find better equipment and weapons, you can start to make combos that are more complex and fun. For example: one soldier executes an enemy, which gives everyone free movement, which is used by your medical personnel to heal your scouts, who uses bonus points and increases damage from heal to run over another baddie, which they execute and bring the whole team more points action and …. Well, you see how this works.

More and more I play Tactics, the more I am reminded of different turn-based strategy games: Mario + Rabbids: Battle Kingdom. One of my favorite things in the game is how you can reflect enemies when using pipes and other characters to improve your movement. If you are skilled enough and the battle is set correctly, you can make very complex combos. That is good. Gears Tactics feels the same. I feel like I’m always planning various ways to get the most out of my money per turn. Or like I’m building a Rube Golberg saw and bullet machine.

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Tactics handle the genre’s overwatch mechanics very well. Like other games, overwatch allows you to position a soldier so they will shoot at enemies who move to their line of sight. But at Tactics, Overwatch is more flexible and can be used to manage complex movements and large-scale ambushes. When you place a soldier under surveillance, they emit a blue holographic cone, which you can direct. You can overlap multiple cones, so that, if a large enemy like Boomer enters, it will be torn to pieces. Or you can adjust their distance at different angles and distances to deal with large waves of enemies that don’t need 100 bullets to be killed. Enemy Overwatch works the same way, letting you dodge around enemies and their overwatch red cones to enter and capture them in the blindspot. It feels like exploitation, but AI does it too, so stay tuned.

Speaking of which, AI is really fine. They have never felt too smart or too stupid. I always had fun fighting them, and I never felt like they were cheating or making many mistakes.

Gears Tactics New character cast features, which are also heroes played in the game: Sid, Gabe, and Mikayla. I also got access to the pre-order character, Thrashball Augustus Cole. The Cole Train is very good, even if its involvement in this game does not make canonical sense. Whatever, Cole’s train runs with whole wheat, baby! This hero character, including Cole, can die, but if they do, you fail in his mission.

You can also build a large list of snipers, rifle scouts, medics, heavy weapons experts, and assault soldiers. These guys and girls are made randomly and can be fully customized and renamed. They can also die, but the mission does not end if they do. At first, I felt connected to my first few recruits. But the game continues to give me a lot of new warriors who level up, and it’s getting harder and harder to use older and less powerful troops. These regular troops can be used up and difficult to attach. They are just, gears in a war machine, if you want.

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Even though it’s playing it’s very different, Tactics looks, sounds and often feels like Gears of WarFor example, when you kill several larger enemies, such as Boomers or Theron Guards, they drop the same powerful weapons dropped by deadly enemies in longer games. Just like they did in the main Gears the game, enemies will sometimes appear through popping holes. This e-hole must be plugged in with a grenade. If you don’t throw in nade in this hole, enemies will continue to flow, like in Gears of War. Many small details are also correct. The saw sounds right, the reload looks the same, the enemy behaves the same, and even some big boss of the enemy Gears of War appeared on Tactics. This boss fight is some of the best levels in the game.

If you love Gears of War, what I do, stories, worlds, and details are all there. But if you have never played it Gears game or barely care about the series, nothing to disturb. You might not get some subtle references that appear in the story, but none of them are important for this story. Likewise, do not know how the world Gears work won’t hurt you, like Tactics does a thorough job explaining most of its mechanics and features.

There is only one classic element from before Gears lost game from Tactics: Multiplayer. There are no online games or competitive games. Also there is no Horde mode. He left Gears Tactics Feel barebones compared to other games in the series. I can’t help but want to share this game with a friend. Chainsawing Locust is always better with a friend.

Two years removed from the surprise announcement, Gears Tactics is creative success. Even though he doesn’t have multiplayer and has too many missions, his aggressive battle and dedication to translating all the details from Gears of War be an impressive tactical game. This is not deception or reskin XCOM. This is something great that stands alone.


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