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PTI activists staged a demonstration of solidarity with the PM | Instant News

BAHAWALPUR: Hundreds of PTI activists rallied on Sunday to express solidarity with Prime Minister Imran Khan to secure a vote of confidence in the National Assembly.

The President of the Regent of PTI and former PP-272 ticket holder Malik Muhammad Asgher Joiya led the action.

PTI women activists and members of the wing of PTI Perempuan also attended the action. The demonstration started from Chowk Fawara and the participants marched through the Circular Road and reached the Fareed Gate where they raised slogans in favor of Imran Khan.

Participants held placards and banners bearing slogans in support of the government.

Joiya and the head of the PTI Kota organization Adeel Aslam and others addressed the participants.

Meanwhile in Bahawalnagar Tiger Force also held PTI solidarity actions from Sutlej Park to Syed Rafique Shah Chowk. Participants raised slogans in support of Imran Khan.

TWO DEAD IN ROAD ACCIDENTS: Two motorcyclists were killed in an accident on a road near Adda Suiwala Bahawalnagar.

According to Rescue-1122 Bahawalnagar, Muhammad Tahir and his cousin Adnan were moving on a motorbike when a jeep hit them, leaving them dead on the spot.

YOUTH ELECTRICITY: A teenager was electrocuted on his wedding day on Sunday.

Shakeel Ahmad from Donga Bonga, Bahawalnagar, was electrocuted while repairing a musical instrument and suffered a fatal electric shock.


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PSP will hold an action at Sohrab Goth to show its strength in the Pashtun community | Instant News

The Pak-Sarzameen party has announced it will hold a rally in Sohrab Goth on February 28 to demonstrate its strength in the city’s Pashtun community.

PSP chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal said on Wednesday the demonstration would reject ethnic hate politics and unite permanent residents from various ethnic communities.

“The PSP will thwart any evil tactics to create divisions and clashes among brothers from different ethnic backgrounds,” he said while addressing a press conference at Pakistan House, the party secretariat.

He claims the PSP has emerged as a stronger political force than the so-called winner of the 2018 general election. “People from all walks of life are joining PSP in large numbers on a regular basis.”

Kamal also announced the launch of a protest against the “controversial 2017 census” by blocking a main road in Liaquatabad on Friday. He said the prime minister could not solve the problem of the sixth national census carried out in 2017. “But he also must not miscalculate the population of Karachi. Let it be controversial, “said the PSP leader. “If it is not resolved, we will surround the Governor’s building and hold an action there. An accurate census is our generation’s business, ”he said.

He also criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for “legitimizing political bribery” by distributing funds between the MNA and the MPA for sewerage. “Standing on a platform before becoming prime minister, Imran Khan, used to say that the MPA and MNA’s job is to make laws, and declare development funds as political bribes.”

Criticizing the Pakistan People’s Party for “ethnic hate politics”, Kamal said engaging in ethnic politics was easy, but he realized that the consequences of such politics were deadly and deadly. “PPP abuses the rights of Karachi and Hyderabad residents by closing the doors to jobs. PPP also oppressed Sindhi, from Larkana to Thar, ”he accused.

Kamal said the Sindh government did not hold a local government vote in the province, making excuses for the “2017 census results”. “We urge the Supreme Court to reject the Sindh government’s statement and pressure them to hold a local government vote without delay.”

More than 150,000 representatives of local bodies have been repatriated in the country, and the provincial government which has seized all power and resources is looking for an excuse not to hold elections, he said. In the press, Karachi Abdul Rehman Dawi businessman and his colleagues announced they were joining PSP.


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Fazl arrives in Karachi to throw a party | Instant News

KARACHI: Chairman Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl and chairman of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Maulana Fazlur Rehman arrived here on Saturday to mobilize the party to attend the opposition alliance rally in Hyderabad on February 9.

Maulana will also visit the families of former prime ministers Mir Zafarullah Jamali and Sardar Sherbaz Mazari to offer their condolences for their deaths.

To the media, Fazl said the massive demonstration by the PDM across the country showed that the public expressed no confidence in the PTI government.

Opposition parties will strongly reject the passing of a law aimed at holding a Senate vote by open ballot, he said, adding: “Presidential regulations show that the elected government will undermine the parliamentary system.”

Maulana said, “The people have rejected the fake PTI government which reached the corridors of power with a stolen mandate. Our party only demands the supremacy of democracy and the constitution”. He added that the PDM will start an anti-government march to Islamabad next month and the alliance’s component parties will finalize the plan. He said failed government policies had led to the abandonment of the Kashmiri people.

Fazl will leave today afternoon for his visit to various Sindh districts in rallies from Quaidabad, party spokesman Sami Swati told The News.


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The ‘peace rally’ reaches Gwadar | Instant News


Determined to promote peace and friendship, a group of 45 cyclists and 50 vehicles reached Gwadar on Saturday after completing the 650 km journey, which starts in Karachi.

Bring PakistanThe national flag, the vehicle collection arrived in Gwadar while traveling through the beautiful beaches of Kund Malir, Ormara and Pasni.

This rally is a major effort to show the world the unmatched beauty of Pakistan and its breathtaking views of its coastline from hundreds of kilometers.

The first phase of the rally was attended by 50 motorcyclists, originating from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, taking Mai Kolachi Road to head to Balochistan.

And in the second phase, 50 cars also follow the same route to Gwadar.

Upon arrival, the City Government and the community warmly welcomed the rally participants while announcing them Pakistan Zindabad slogan.

Motorcyclists carrying national flags entering the port city were the main attraction of the protests.

A contingent of folk dancers also appeared on the streets to greet the rally participants in their own style.

On the way to Gwadar, participants in the general meeting stopped at various places and met local residents and danced to the song. Pakistani Dil’s Dil.

Participants are arranged to play cricket matches with the Gwadar team at the newly constructed Cricket stadium and also stage a Pakistan rally at Marine Drive Gwadar.

Peaceful protesters will leave for Karachi on Sunday.


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Karachi to Gwadar Peace Rally begins | Instant News

KARACHI: The efforts and sacrifices of the Pakistani security forces have paid off as Karachi to the Gwadar Peace Rally starts on Friday. Pakistan, with Balochistan in particular, has shown promising signs of law and order restoration, as the demonstrations, which included 50 motorcyclists and many cars, initiated demonstrations on Friday morning from Karachi. In the first phase, a motorbike troupe including fans from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad departed from Clifton for Gwadar carrying a message of peace and love with them. In the second phase, 50 cars raced from the Boat Basin Clifton to Gwadar. The participants who had been wearing their vehicles with green flags drove towards the destination Gwadar.

Endowed with passion, the rally participants showed great passion when they reached the Hub. The authorities and local people welcomed them warmly, while they received a similar welcome on the way of Kund Malir, Ormara and Pasni. As of Friday night, the protests had covered a distance of 650 kilometers.

The rally is an extraordinary attempt to spread to the world about Pakistan’s natural beauty and hundreds of miles of turquoise beaches along with boulder mountains.

The rally will be warmly welcomed in Gwadar on Saturday (today) where rally participants will mingle with Gwadar residents to enjoy the natural beauty and hospitality of the local youth of the newly developed port city. On Sundays, participants will return to Karachi.


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