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COVID testing set to play bigger role in international travel – WHO expert | Instant News

By Stephanie Nebehay, Emma FargeGENEVA (Reuters) – COVID tests are expected to be used more widely in international travel than quarantines, the chairman of the World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee said on Friday. Didier Houssin, chairman of the World Health Organization independent expert group advising WHO on the COVID-19 pandemic, said it was important for the UN agency to provide further guidance on the safety of international air travel. It certainly makes things easier given all the efforts that have been made by airlines and airports, ”Houssin said at a press conference. “There is no zero risk”. “It is therefore a compromise that countries must make, the risk of a traveler arriving and potentially starting another chain of transmission, against the An obvious advantage of allowing travel from a social and economic point of view”, “He said.” You can add tests and different measures to it. We are reviewing this at this time. We will publish more guidance for countries in terms of risk management processes very soon. Ryan said that an international team of scientists led by WHO had held its first virtual meeting with Chinese counterparts regarding joint investigations into the origin of the novel. “We fully expect the team to deploy on the ground,” he said, without giving any delay. Ryan warned that it was difficult to do scientific work on the origin of the virus in a “politically intoxicated” environment. “We are scientists. We want the best possible scientific results generating the best possible evidence for the origin of this disease, ”he said. Additional reports by Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi; written by Stephanie Nebehay and Nick Macfie; Edited by Hugh Lawson and Catherine Evans.

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You’re Not Playing Soccer, But You’re Just Two Games Out of First Place on NFC East. | Instant News

We need to talk about Eastern NFC. Yes: we do this every season, but this year, it’s been very worrying. I’m not really sure what we watched. I’m not sure it’s football.

All options must be considered. It’s not just for us. We need to consider the welfare of our friends who support the soccer team in the haunted house that is damaged which is NFC East. They may all be ready for a big life change. They will thank you for any suggested alternatives. They can take a break, find other hobbies, …


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Brazil saw 508 new deaths from COVID-19, 22,282 new cases | Instant News

FILE PHOTO: A health worker carries out a PCR test on student Raiany Cristina da Silva at the Almir Pereira Bahia Reverendo public school in Taboao da Serra, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil October 15, 2020. REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – Brazil recorded 508 new deaths from COVID-19 and 22,282 new cases of the coronavirus, the Health Ministry said on Friday.

Brazil has so far had more than 5.5 million confirmed cases of the virus and nearly 160,000 deaths, official data show.

Reporting by Pedro Fonseca; Edited by Leslie Adler


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Italy’s daily number of coronavirus cases is 26,831, a new record | Instant News

A medical worker helps a colleague to write his name on personal protective equipment before entering the intensive care unit for coronavirus (COVID-19) at the San Filippo Neri hospital in Rome, Italy, 29 October 2020. REUTERS / Yara Nardi

ROME (Reuters) – Italy recorded 26,831 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours, the health ministry said on Thursday, the highest daily tally since the start of the health crisis and up from a previous record of 24,991 posted on Wednesday.

The ministry also reported 217 COVID-related deaths compared to 205 the previous day.

A total of 38,122 people have now died in Italy from the coronavirus, while 616,595 cases of the disease have been registered to date.

The northern region of Lombardy, which is centered in Italy’s financial capital Milan, remains the hardest-hit region, reporting 7,339 new cases on Thursday compared to 7,558 on Wednesday. The southern Campania region was the second worst affected, with 3,103 cases.

Reporting by Angelo Amante; Edited by Crispian Balmer


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New Zealand voted to legalize euthanasia but not marijuana | Instant News

New Zealanders have voted to legalize euthanasia in a binding referendum

With about 83% of the votes counted, New Zealanders firmly supported the act of euthanasia with 65% of the vote in favor and 34% against.

Proponents of the drug approval were frustrated that Ardern would not disclose how he intended to vote ahead of the October 17 vote. Many believe that support from Ardern could increase support for the move, but he said he wanted to leave the decision up to New Zealanders. Ardern said Friday after the results were released that he had voted for both referendums.

Conservative MP Nick Smith, from the opposition National Party, welcomed the early results of cannabis.

“This is a victory of common sense. “Research shows marijuana causes mental health problems, reduces motivation and educational attainment, and increases road and workplace deaths,” he said. New Zealanders have rightly concluded that legalizing recreational marijuana will normalize it, make it more available, increase its use and cause more harm. “

But liberal lawmaker Chlöe Swarbrick, from the Greens, said they had long assumed that the polls would close and they needed to wait until the special votes were counted.

“We have said from the start that this will always depend on the turnout. We have a record number of special votes, so I’m still optimistic, “he said.” New Zealand has had very mature and growing conversations about the country’s drug laws and we’ve grown a lot in the last three years. . “

Proponents argue that doing so will reduce profits for the gangs and increase the social and legal outcomes for the indigenous Maori.

The euthanasia measures, which will also allow assisted suicide and take effect in November 2021, will apply to adults who have a terminal illness, are likely to die within six months, and endure “unbearable” suffering. Other countries that allow some forms of euthanasia include the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Belgium and Colombia.

“This is a victory for all of New Zealand as we become a more compassionate and humane society,” said MP David Seymour, of the ACT Libertarian Party. “Thousands of New Zealanders who may suffer excruciating deaths will have choice, dignity, control and autonomy over their own bodies, protected by the rule of law.”

But Dr. John Kleinsman, an ethicist for New Zealand Catholic Bishops, said the vote put vulnerable people on a dangerous path. He said the choice of euthanasia alone would be a burden and pressure for many sick people and their families, as well as for health workers and religious workers.

Marijuana sizes allow people to buy up to 14 grams (0.5 ounces) a day and grow two crops. It is a non-binding vote, so if voters approve it, a law must be passed to implement it. Ardern has pledged to respect the results and propose the law, if necessary.

Other countries that have legalized or decriminalized recreational marijuana include Canada, South Africa, Uruguay, Georgia, plus a number of US states.


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