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Why are German roofs so steep? | Instant News

Lots of people on Internet has some really interesting questions about Germany and, so far, we’ve been investigating some of the more interesting topics: From Hitler’s love for Fanta and drinking tradition to history of royalty and some academic habits, we’ve studied some interesting aspects of German history and culture.

However, some people have more mundane questions about Germany. Well, maybe less interesting, but a little more useful or practical than we discussed earlier. Questions like, “What do people in Germany eat for breakfast?” or “Why is the roof so steep in Germany?”

Now, if you’ve ever asked either of those two questions, you’re in luck, because today we’re going to answer both.

What do Germans eat for breakfast?

A German breakfast may not be as famous as a traditional English breakfast (or fry-up) or an American breakfast which is frankly quite horrendous (in this author’s opinion) of bacon, maple syrup and pancakes. This is probably the reason why so many people are curious about what people eat after waking up in Germany.

Breakfast is considered one of the most important foods in Germany, which gives rise to the German proverb: Eat your breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king, and dinner like a man beggar (eat breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a poor man).

German breakfast usually revolves around baked goods, which is reflected in the many bakeries found on street corners and on train and metro stations across the country. Bread or rolls are usually eaten with spreads such as butter, margarine, jam, honey or Nutella which are always popular.

Meat and cheese slices are another popular bread topping, as are eggs and quark (a soft, creamy dairy product amidst yogurt and cottage cheese). Muesli with milk or yogurt, topped with fresh fruit, is also a popular complement. All of this is usually washed down with tea, coffee, orange juice or milk, depending on your preference.

Why are German roofs so steep?

On your trip to Germany, you may have noticed that many houses have very steep roofs. In fact, so many people have noticed this that it is one of the most searched questions on Google about Germany.

The answer is actually very simple. Flat roofs can run the risk of collapsing in heavy snow, which can be too much a burden for the roof to bear. The steep roof eliminates this, so it snows right away.

However, this posed another problem: because the steep roof would allow large lumps of thick snow to slide and potentially injure passers-by. To solve this, therefore, the ingenious German roof designer incorporated a small “fence” that broke the snow into small lumps and allowed the melted snow to sink in.

The steep roof also allows for more living space or attic in the house.

Now you know

So there you have it, some of the most searched questions on the internet about Germany answered. Did we miss something? Of course, everyone has their own version of the perfect breakfast, so if you have any thoughts, let us know in the comments below!


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The sky is clear and up to 25 degrees this week in Germany | Instant News

With a long Easter weekend on the horizon, Germany faces a week full of clear skies and temperatures like summer. The authorities are worried that the combination is good weather and National holiday will tempt people to go out and rest social distance measures.

Summer weather goes to Germany

After the cold air bank brought enough cold temperatures to Germany last week, this week things look very different. A high-pressure air bank from southern Europe will bring us warm temperatures to 25 degrees this week!

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), Tuesday will be illuminated by the sun in most countries, with the highest 15 degrees expected in the coastal areas of Germany and up to 23 degrees on the Upper Rhine. Only the western and northwestern parts of the country can expect cloud cover at all.

From Wednesday to Good Friday (Karfreitag), most will stay bright, with some harmless clouds sailing. Temperatures must last around 17 to 22 degrees, but heights of up to 25 degrees are possible in the southwest of the country. DWD recommends that everyone open their sunblock for the first time this year!

Lightning storm opportunities on Easter weekend

Towards Easter weekend, predictions become a bit more dangerous and more diverse. DWD painted a two-part picture on Saturday: in the north the weather tends to change, with clouds, rain and even the possibility of a storm. The temperature will still be between 11 and 18 degrees. In the south, it is likely to remain bright, with altitudes above 20 degrees.

This is very far, meteorologically, but Easter Sunday seems to be colder, with an increased risk of rain and storm. So people might struggle to find gaps in the clouds to organize their Easter egg hunt.

The authorities are urging people to stay at home, whatever the weather

The weather may beg you to leave the house, but people are urged to stay at home as much as possible, even if you get a day off work and perfect barbecue weather. Police It has been said that, so far, people have managed to resist the temptation of cloudless blue skies and stick to social distance measures.

As the weekend had just passed, which witnessed the highest hovering around the 20 degree mark, several violations were reported to have taken place in Germany, but overall the country passed the first real endurance test at home. In some places, the authorities did not take the risk and went too far to close the access roads to several places German tourist attractions and attractions.

Police in Rheingau blocked access to Eberbach Abbey, two palace and the Niederwald monument, arguing that it is not possible for visitors to meet minimum distance requirements. In Frankfurt, police said that they would use drones over the weekend to ensure there were not too many people outside and about enjoying the spring weather in the city park.

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