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45 international navies gather in Karachi for AMAN-21 | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistan Navy hosts 45 international navies for the AMAN-21 Naval Exercise from 11-17 February to hone a collaborative response to a global maritime domain riddled with traditional and non-traditional challenges

This was officially announced on Monday at Pakistan Naval Fleet Headquarters, Karachi by Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf, Pakistan Fleet Commander, during a media conference. Exercise AMAN is the seventh multinational naval exercise organized by Pakistan on a strategic west Indian Ocean agreement linking Africa, Middle East, South Asia across strategic SLOCs with critical chokepoints. With the slogan ‘Together for Peace’, AMAN-21 is conducted every two years by the Pakistan Navy to project a gentle image of Pakistan. The exercise contributes to regional peace and stability, a resolution against terrorism in the maritime domain, collaboration to safeguard a safe and sustainable maritime domain, and most importantly, to increase interoperability between regional and extra-regional navies.

Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf said Pakistan remained steadfast in fighting the forces of terror and tyranny at countless sacrifices and losses. He said the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had added another dimension to an already complex security environment. However, timely and right leadership decisions have stabilized us. Pakistan remains a responsible country and will continue to play its role amidst various challenges. Like other maritime countries, Pakistan has a big share in the maritime domain. Our interest in safer and crime-free seas is rooted in three striking realities: First, our extraordinary reliance on the sea for trade, secondly the operationalization of the CPEC project; and lastly, our strategic location straddles global energy highways.

Cumulatively, this fact makes maritime stability an important agenda for our national security. As we truly believe in the centuries-old dictum that ‘The seas are united while the Land divides’, Pakistan considers that maritime security is not only important for itself but also for all other countries whose prosperity and progress are deeply tied to the sea, said the Fleet commander. Pakistan it.

When operating together, we must recognize that the contemporary global maritime environment remains fraught with traditional and non-traditional challenges that require a collaborative response by a friendly navy. No country alone can deal with the various threats that exist or new threats that arise every day.

The Pakistan Fleet Commander also highlighted that the Pakistan Navy strongly believes in the concept of having Collaborative Maritime Security and therefore has been actively participating in Maritime Operations and Counter-Piracy together with other partner navies since 2004.Since 2018, the Pakistan Navy carries out Regional Maritime Security Patrols, where our ships are continuously in important marine areas in the Indian Ocean Territory to contribute to maintaining order at sea. The AMAN platform provides a huge opportunity for participants to design the contours of this collective response. In this regard, Exercise AMAN-21 is an effort to foster regional friendship, enhance interoperability, and demonstrate ‘united determination against various threats.

With 45 countries including rivals US, Russia, China, Turkey and navies participating from Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and around the world, Aman has become the work of Collaborative Maritime Security which is the Scarlet Thread to ensure peace and stability in the region. . 135 observers also visited Karachi for a full week to review the port and sea phase of Aman -21. The International Maritime Conference is another major event to be held during a multinational exercise. The navy participates with surface and air assets, Special Operations Forces, marine teams and senior officers. Port activities will include seminars, discussions, demonstrations and international meetings. The sea phase will have anti-piracy, counterterrorism, cannon fire and search & rescue tactical maneuvers. The hallmark of the marine phase and Exercise AMAN – 21 is the International Fleet Review, witnessed by national and foreign officials.

Admiral Naveed Ashraf also emphasized that Exercise AMAN-21 will provide a common forum for sharing information, mutual understanding and identifying areas of common interest for all participating navies to achieve common goals of maintaining stability, peace and prosperity. He added that the exercise is a reflection that the state can play a constructive role in building new relationships, building innovative relationships and strengthening existing ones. The admiral also underlined that Exercise AMAN is about bridging the gap and enabling it to operate together in pursuit of common goals and that effective media coverage will project the real essence of the exercise equivalent to its theme ‘Together for Peace’ and the contribution of the Pakistan Navy in promoting peace at sea.


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Pakistani players gathered in Karachi ahead of the first Test | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistani players are expected to start the final leg of training for the upcoming series of two Tests against visiting South Africa from Thursday (tomorrow) after going through the Covid-19 testing protocol.

With the first tests taking place here at the National Stadium starting January 26, Pakistani players have gathered in Karachi and are undergoing another round of Covid-19 testing.

A total of 10 players from the team’s 20 members, together with the squad’s coaching and support staff and family members arrived via chartered flights from Lahore to Karachi. The other ten people immediately joined them at the team hotel.

Abid Ali, Imran Butt, Azhar Ali, Babar Azam, Faheem Ashraf, Mohammad Rizwan, Yasir Shah, Haris Rauf, Hasan Ali and Shaheen Shah Afridi were on chartered flights while Abdullah Shafique, Fawad Alam, Kamran Ghulam, Salman Ali Agha, Saud Shakeel , Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Rizwan, Nauman Ali, Sajid Khan and Tabish Khan are already in Karachi.

After arriving at the team hotel in Karachi, all the players underwent another round of Covid-19 testing at the team hotel, after which, everyone was isolated. The players will remain isolated until they come back with negative results.

The players will be able to start their training at the National Stadium starting Thursday after they finish the test.


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Police oversee Billy TK’s controversial ‘freedom rally’ outside the beehive | Instant News

Police and security were on standby this afternoon, as nearly 100 protesters gathered outside Parliament for a “demonstration of freedom,” led by controversial political figure Billy Te Kahika.

Te Kahika is flanked by her personal security, which she brings to the protest.

Among the many signs – the most critical of the Government, the lockdown and the United Nations – are Donald Trump’s flags.

One of the protesters said he was "love Trump" and the rally was on a number of issues.  Photo / wall of Jason
One of the protesters said he “loves Trump” and the rally was about a number of issues. Photo / wall of Jason

One protester told the Herald this morning that they “love Trump” – which appears to be a sentiment shared among a number of gathered.

Others at the protest carried the pink “Women for Trump” flag.

Before the protests began, Māori board chairman Matthew Tukaki labeled it an “alt-right, this is pro-Trump” event that had nothing to do with freedom.

Nonetheless, neither Te Kahika nor any of the speakers mentioned Trump, impeachment or anything to do with US politics.

Their comments were mostly aimed at the Government – objecting to the lockdown and questioning the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Clinical trials for vaccines are underway – medical officials around the world have urged people to get Covid-19 vaccinated to protect against the spread of the virus.

Te Kahika co-chairs the Advance NZ party, which won 1 percent of the total votes in the 2020 elections.

In light of last week’s raid of the US Capitol and the arrest of someone who broke a window in the New Zealand Parliament with an ax yesterday, there has been increased security at the protest.

Protesters started gathering outside Parliament for a 'freedom rally' this afternoon.  Photo / Jason Walls
Protesters started gathering outside Parliament for a ‘freedom rally’ this afternoon. Photo / Jason Walls

Parliamentary security is enforced and there are police officers scattered around the Parliament grounds.

A police spokesman said they had been informed of the planned protest at the beehive, and were in contact with protest organizers.

“The role of the police is to ensure security and enforce the law, while recognizing the legal right to protest.”

They added that the police would recognize the legal right to protest, but were “ready to respond to any issues that arise”.

But Te Kahika brought his own security following him as he spoke to his supporters, and stood by as he spoke.

The protests were peaceful and non-violent – but speakers made a number of comments about Covid-19 that have been widely debunked.

After a few speeches their microphone battery ran out of power so they had to use megaphones a lot.

This is not the first rally organized by Te Kahika – his supporters did so in Auckland earlier this week.

Like today’s Wellington rally, there are a number of Trump flags.

Protests outside the New Zealand Parliament are ongoing.  Photo / Jason Walls
Protests outside the New Zealand Parliament are ongoing. Photo / Jason Walls

That’s why Tukaki labeled the rally: “alt-right, pro-Trump, with nothing to do with freedom.”

“New Zealand is a country that stands out around the world today, we have freedom of movement in the face of the global pandemic, we can move freely across our countries.

“You can still go to the tangi and the funeral, you can still go see your moko who was just born in the hospital. You can still celebrate the 70th birthday.

“So what exactly are they talking about?”

In a Facebook post, Te Kahika asked his supporters to: “Stand together and fight a dangerous, unnecessary and illegal lockdown”.


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Those who used to criticize each other now gather in Larkana: Shibli – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in December 27, 2020 11:49

Prime Minister Imran Khan is loyal to the people of Pakistan: Shibli

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Minister of Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz said on Sunday that the agenda of opposition parties is only to protect their interests and that old enemies have now gathered in one place.

In a series of tweets, the minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was loyal to the Pakistani people and he would continue his fight against those who plundered the country.

Shibli Faraz said those who criticized each other in the past are now gathering in Larkana to show people their real faces.


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‘Those who consider themselves political gods have gathered against PM Imran’ – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in November 28, 2020 15:59

Asad Umar said the opposition was doing politics over the corona virus situation.

SUKKUR (Dunya News) – Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar said those who consider themselves political gods have gathered to fight Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Asad Umar spoke to media in Sukkur on Saturday and said the opposition was doing politics over the coronavirus situation and urged political opponents to protect the lives of their workers as their own.

He said the federal government would fully cooperate to resolve the Sindh issue, and development packages would be announced for Sukkur and North Sindh. The Sindh people will also soon see a change, he added.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) follows the COVID-19 standard operating procedure (SOP) and does not hold rallies, he said, adding that the opposition could also hold ceremonies following the coronavirus protocol.


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