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Graphic print at Versace in off-calendar fashion presentation | Instant News

Italian fashion house Versace splashed graphic prints all over its designs for its fall line on Friday, launching the collection in its own time days after Milan Fashion Week wrapped up.

Designer Donatella Versace transforms Greca brand motifs into geometric patterns, “a dynamic and immersive 3D maze”, for women’s and men’s clothing creations and in a video presentation of the line, models pose, act out scenes, and pacing in a large maze-like set.

Model Gigi Hadid looks cool, wearing a black top, skirt and coat.

The all-black outfit options followed before Versace presented trouser suits, tops, dresses, skirts, jackets and bags decorated with Greca motifs, in shades of brown, red and blue.

The release of the Versace film comes after its usual show, Milan Fashion Week, closes on Monday. Like many fashion houses, the brand, which is owned by Capri Holding, shares videos online rather than hosting regular catwalk shows due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“I’ve realized that this is the future, a new way of communicating collections,” Versace said in a statement, adding that models, like actors, bring “design” to life.

“During the filming of this show, I saw how important it is to give models time to ‘feel’ the clothes they are wearing on the runway. Despite living in a fast-paced digital era, taking this time is essential to forging genuine connections. For me this is what it is like. present and future. “

The Versace jacket has rounded shoulders while the dress is tied at the waist or with metal mesh. Her appearance is complemented by a veil and platform shoes.

For men, there are jacquard suits, jumpers, and tops embellished with Greca prints. Models also wear cropped shorts and trousers.

Versace also features a Medusa smiley scribble on its line, a play on the fashion house’s logo.

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Welcome to Gigi Hadid’s Grand Fantasy Fashion Game | Instant News

The world is at your fingertips, or at least, Gigi Hadid’s world. ModeMarch cover star has accepted his own video game to include with the cover. Hadid explores a world of digital fantasy and its challenges, whether it’s shopping for groceries to make her famous spicy vodka paste, or horseback riding in magical fields. (We also saw her floating in the sky collecting coins, and turning into a giant Amazon beauty walking around town.) The payoff? Well, Ms. Hadid opened up new levels, and in the process, got some amazing new outfits.

ModeVisual Director Samantha Adler thought of the initial idea to put Hadid in a video game in November. He asked the director Alana O’Herlihy, a friend of Hadid’s, as well as stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson to bring the project to life. For more than two months, Adler and O’Herlihy worked with a team of 3D artists around the world, including Carol Civre who oversees the world of 3D Gigi, Timo Rusall who worked on making clothes, and Wan who was responsible for making accessories.

Here, watch Hadid dive into a world of pixelated glamor. Ready, start, and hit go.


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Meet the must-have new fashion models | Instant News

Good news for everyday people: It’s easier than ever to dress like a supermodel.

Once upon a time – about a year ago – runway regulars like Emily Ratajkowski wore tops and miniskirts and, gasp, high heels.

These days all you have to do is put on a naughty t-shirt, wrap your feet in Uggs and wrap yourself in a giant coat. But today’s casual look is not without style: think more of Princess Diana competently performing duties and less Ben Affleck was desperately juggling his Dunkin order.

The new off-duty uniform “could be more strategic than it looks,” said Sophie Roche Conti of Conti Communication, the brand communications agency in New York. “There is concern for it” – unlike the early days of the lockdown, when the star completely gives up on clothes.

“Once they understand that [the pandemic] going to last a while, the crafting celebrity decided to embrace the power of the paparazzi, “added Conti.

The new look is uncompromisingly comfortable, dishabille is challenging, but rather cool. Here’s how to get it.

Crewneck T-shirt

Hailey Baldwin in a Sporty & Rich shirt.
Hailey Baldwin in a Sporty & Rich shirt.
ShotbyJuliann / BACKGRID

The classic Crewneck adds a sleek touch to the comfortable casual hoodie, and celebrities round out their look with them. Sustainable label Sporty & Rich make sweet socks with naughty aspirational slogans like “Wellness” (as seen in Hailey Baldwin) and “Be Nice: Get a Lot of Sleep.”

“It has the true Princess Diana aesthetic,” says Conti – a more refined, self-conscious workout outfit.

Sporty & Rich "Health" T-shirt

Sporty & Rich “Wellness” Sweatshirt ($ 105)

Ugg short

Irina Shayk in Ugg boots.
Irina Shayk in Ugg boots.
GC Pictures

Like going outside in sandals, but with a little more dignity. While they’re most comfortable with workout wear (check out Irina Shayk, rocking the fuchsia pair), the Ugg Ultra Mini Classic can go with anything from leather blazers to pastel tie-dye sportswear. The super-short style – which touches just below the ankle bone – has become so coveted that teenagers are taking their scissors to a more classic boot style. on TikTok.

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini ($ 139.95)

North Face jacket

Emily Ratajkowski in a North Face jacket.
Emily Ratajkowski in a North Face jacket.

The staple of this round 1990s ski slope is the du jour coat among millennial models like Emily Ratajkowski, Joan Smalls, and Bella Hadid. Flamboyant fashionistas like model-actresses Jodie Turner Smith and Jennifer Lopez love the new, bold North Face x Gucci parkas, which come in vibrant prints and colors.

North Face Nuptse Eco Jacket

North Face Nuptse Eco Jacket ($ 279)

Separate front leggings

Delilah Belle Hamlin in split-front leggings by Alo Yoga.
Delilah Belle Hamlin in split-front leggings by Alo Yoga.

Gen-Z said that skinny jeans are over, but tight leggings still reign. It seems that the moment has a gap at the bottom of the leg, as recently seen in the models of sisters Amelia Gray and Delilah Belle who are fans of the swishy Alo Yoga style.

Alo Yoga Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Leggings

Alo Yoga Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Leggings ($ 108)

Artipoppe bearer

Gigi Hadid with daughter Khai in Artipoppe's baby arms.
Gigi Hadid with daughter Khai in Artipoppe’s baby arms.

No utilitarian baby carrier fits hot moms like Shay Mitchell, Chloe Sevigny and Gigi Hadid, who have made toting into an art. Instead, they put their baby in an eco-friendly Artipoppe carrier, which comes in a series of gorgeous prints (leopard freckles, yin-yang) and starts at $ 350.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Leopard Classic Carrier

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Leopard Classic Carrier ($ 350)


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Gigi Hadid took a photo shoot for a fashion magazine cover just 10 weeks after giving birth | Instant News

Gigi Hadid has appeared on the cover Mode the March issue of the magazine. The new mother shot for the cover just 10 weeks after giving birth to her daughter Zayn Malik.

The 25-year-old looked stunning on the cover in a Prada coat, with his hair flowing down to his waist. Look at:

This is Gigi’s first solo Mode closing, says stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson putting together the look. The cover is clicked by Ethan James Green. Her hair was styled by Jimmy Paul while her makeup was done by Dick Page.

Gigi gave birth to daughter Khai Hadid in September 2020, at her home in Pennsylvania. While his family was “proud,” they looked at him “with fear.” “When you see someone doing that, you look at them a little differently. Actually I might look crazy. I am an animal woman. “

Talking about her post-pregnancy body, the model said she is in no rush to return to her previous size. “I know that I am not as small as before, but I am also a very realistic thinker. I immediately said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to take the Vogue cover shot, but I’m definitely not going to be size zero,’ I too, at this point, feel like I don’t need to go back there, “Vogue said in the interview.

The Vogue cover shoot took place in early December 2020, at a studio in Manhattan – this was the first time Gigi had left her daughter since birth, it was revealed Mode. Gigi “has no nanny, no baby nurse, no traditional celebrity crutches to be a new mom.”

“You have kids and you lie in bed together and you look up and you’re like, ‘OK, now what?’ And you ask all your friends the same question, and everyone has a different answer. And that’s when you kind of realize that everyone thinks about it for themselves, ”continued the mother.


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The Greatest Screen Fashion Editor of All Time – CR Fashion Book | Instant News

Growing up in the 1990s and 2000s, many of us dream of living incredibly slick lives as fashion editors. Dashing into fashion week with the latest style of Manolo heels, maybe we can blame this obsession on the glamorization of the Hollywood profession in film so far. While the world of fiction often has nothing to do with the trifles of real life, the clothes we see in our favorite movies are still icons forever and can be remade for any job from home look. Here, CR take a look back at some of the magazine editors’ most iconic looks in cinematography and analyze whether this outfit from the 2000s is really cool … or not.

Miranda Priestly from That The Devil Uses Prada

20th Century Fox

Miranda Priestly became one of the most iconic fictional magazine editors in cinema. Being the evil gatekeeper of the fashion industry, his style has become synonymous with cold, unattainable charm that fashion novices can’t afford – try to work in the industry for at least 20 years first! Miranda prefers a polished classic look to an eclectic street style. Her signature combination is a tailored blazer and a pencil skirt that fits the shape to conquer another day making everyone’s life at the office hell. Even though Miranda keeps up with all the latest trends, she doesn’t seem like a big fan of anything new herself. In order to fit into today’s street style, she had to adopt a more casual wardrobe option – and replace her shorts with faux fur.

Jacqueline Follet from That The Devil Uses Prada

jacqueline follet from the devil wearing prada

20th Century Fox

Editor in chief of the French edition Runway magazine and major rival Miranda Priestly naturally entered our next chart. This all-too-familiar character embodies the style of the iconic French girl we hold close to and cherish CR. While watching the tension between herself and Priestley develop at a glamorous party in Paris, don’t forget to take a note to keep up with Follet’s French chic style when you go out. When Victoria Beckham was asked what fashion item to have for a charming appearance, she said: You have to have a “nice suit.” In the case of Follet, we can definitely see it working. A sleek black blazer paired with a white shirt with pleats details and a modern sparkling clutch for a classic look with a spark that speaks to personality. We can only hope that the pandemic ends soon, so we can show off a similar look while watching ballet at the Grand Opera in Paris.

Andrea Sachs from That The Devil Uses Prada

andrea sachs from the devil wearing prada

20thCentFox / Everett Collection

Andrea Sachs shows up at the office after her drab makeup was an iconic moment for a fashion film. The “yes, I’m wearing Chanel boots” moments we all experience while watching That The Devil Uses Prada. We cheered for Sachs along her bumpy road to impress the magazine “fashion cop”, and the Chanel ensemble prepared for her by fairy godmother Nigel did just that. Thigh high leather boots, tweed black jacket and sleek haircut have become the timeless modern Cinderella look. Supermodels love Gigi Hadid and Irina Shayk run daily errands in the city and enjoy quiet walks with kids in their leather pants. In other words, these Chanel leather boots are still relevant today. Likewise with a tweed jacket, like a little black dress and red lipstick, some things just never go out of style. But that green bag? I thought (after raising an eyebrow) we could leave it in the 2000s.

andrea sachs from the devil wearing prada

20th Century Fox

Though, there’s also something to be said about old Andrea, who can’t spell “Gabbana.” The blue sweater she wore over the shirt, along with the “grandma skirt” was a look that the entire editorial team found embarrassing. Perhaps, in the 2000s, this “grandma” look did become a fashion fiasco, but not today. Fashion giants like Gucci and Miu Miu put stuff from “grandma’s chest” on all the latest runways, pre-dressed Andrea will have all the chances to be a hottie. This “wake up” hairstyle is now also seen as catwalk-chic rather than lazy. Pair the whole look with sneakers and inverted glasses from Gucci, and voila!

Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty

wilhelmina slater from ugly betty


wilhelmina slater


Wilhelmina Slater, creative director of MODE Fashion magazines are the divas we secretly admire when we watch Ugly Betty. Couldn’t possibly be more extra than Wilhelmina. That MODERumors in the hallway say that her baby girl vomited at Giorgio Armani in 1994 and she burned Jackie Kennedy’s gown with her assistant Marc as part of her cold revenge. While she’s planning some serious dramas to land her position as editor-in-chief, we can note her dazzling looks along the way. Described as the queen of classic story book villains, Wilhelmina leaves no room for error in her wardrobe. Her style can be described as classy and elitist, each item intending to elevate her personality above others. One of her best looks, the metallic dress, will still look away in 2021. Likewise, her white blazer paired with white biker leather gloves and a gold metallic skirt is the perfect look any fashion icon would wear to conquer the world today. Unpopular opinion: Wilhelmina will probably beat Miranda Priestley in this fashion marathon.

Jenna Rink from 13 Lasts 30

jenna's arena of 13 takes place at 30

Columbia / Pinterest images

When the nerdy teenager Jenna Rink suddenly turns into a writer for her favorite fashion magazine, Calm attitude, his life suddenly turned upside down. While she may not always handle those adult responsibilities well (who did?), Her outfit always fits. While we don’t miss many of the 2000s trends, such as low-cut jeans, some items deserve a second chance. Some even went back in the 2020s. One of them is a shoulder bag. Jenna is going to make some great combinations with different shoulder bags that will now sell for thousands of dollars on vintage websites. The impromptu combination of the classic slip dress and trench that Jenna frantically created on her first day of adulthood is a true call to be “30, flirt, and thrive.” Whereas, for many people back then, the clothes were called “messy”, now nothing will blink. Who knew that 15 years later we would casually match a nightgown with a classic blazer for every occasion?

Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Man in 10 Days

andie anderson from how to lose a man in 10 days

Most important

andie anderson iconic yellow dress

Most important

Andie Anderson, guide columnist for Serenity A magazine, perhaps one of the most charismatic fiction journalists we’ve ever seen on the big screen. Whether it’s a family BBQ or a baseball game, Andie’s style is always sexy. It looks like she doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror getting ready to date Matthew McConaughey’s character, Benjamin Barry – it all comes naturally, as a simple reflection of her radiant personality. In addition to classy office attire and casual summer tops, Andie exudes her best looks at the climax of the film. The iconic yellow silk dress Andie wore to a charity event left Benjamin (and us) completely lovelorn. This simple silhouette with a sensual low back is certainly one of those timeless classics, and many of us have tried to emulate it. The famous dress was accompanied by the more iconic Tiffany walnut diamond necklace which Lady Gaga later wore to the 2019 Oscars ceremony.

Sara Melas from Hitch

sara melas and hitch from obstruction

Columbia image

Sara Melas is one of the most underrated and underrated fictional icons. Although Melas is not a fashion reporter but a tabloid columnist, her clothes look like they came straight from a fashion magazine. The total beige elegant office look – pencil skirt, cream shirt and vest – is truly another level of office style. The same can be said of the ivory office top with black lace trim. While Sara didn’t invent the wheel, she’s sure to find the right color palette to complement her warm olive skin. Looking at it, we can definitely learn a secret or two to our own office routine.


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