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Sony’s Xperia 1 Mark III may be a major mobile product making a comeback | Instant News

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in the past few years, Sony phones landed in the United States like lead balloons.Its phone doesn’t Get a lot of support from the carrier or the room on the retail shelf. But with the emergence of the new Xperia 1 Mark III, Sony may make a comeback.

This Xperia 1 III has Sony’s iconic minimalist style, but Equipped with the world’s first mobile phone variable telephoto camera, and The first 4K HDR OLED mobile display with 120Hz refresh rate.

The bottom telephoto camera uses a periscope design with a moving element that can switch between the focal length of 70mm and 105mm.

The bottom telephoto camera uses a periscope design with a moving element that can switch between the focal length of 70mm and 105mm.
image: Sony

The new variable telephoto camera of Xperia 1 III marks a major advancement in smartphone photography, because Sony can use 2.9x zoom (70mm) and 4x zoom (105mm) to provide 2.9x zoom (70mm) and 4x zoom ( 105mm) instead of using multiple cameras to provide different focal lengths. A single camera sensor, which relies on moving optical elements to switch between two zoom ranges at will.Unfortunately, Xperia 1 III still can’t zoom between these two focal lengths like on traditional cameras with typical zoom lenses, but for people who are worried about the ever-increasing size of smartphone camera modules, Sony’s implementation suggests more Elegant and refined support method Wide zoom.

Most importantly, by drawing on industry-leading technology,By tracking its usage on the Alpha mirrorless, Sony now supports real-time Eye AF on all rear cams (12-MP main lens) of Xperia 1 III, 12 MP telephoto, 12 MP ultra wide-angle and additional time-of-flight depth sensor), continuous shooting speeds up to 20 fps.

The illustration of the article titled Xperia 1 Mark III may be a big opportunity for Sony's major mobile phone to make a comeback

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Sony even redesigned its camera app to give users more control over photo settings, while also adding a new simplified shooting mode to prevent people from getting overwhelmed when they just want to take photos quickly.

When you want to view photos and videos, the 6.5-inch OLED display of Xperia 1 Mark III has 120Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution, and supports HDR, 10-bit color and the tuning function of Sony Bravia TV, which should provide the best Viewing experience Samsung handphone. Similar to Sony as Xperia Pro, You can even connect Xperia 1 III to some cameras with an HDMI to USB-C cable and use the phone as an external monitor.

The illustration of the article titled Xperia 1 Mark III may be a big opportunity for Sony's major mobile phone to make a comeback

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Xperia 1 III is equipped with High-level specifications, Including Snapdragon 888 chip, 12GB RAM, at least 256GB storage space and side-mounted fingerprint sensor, in addition to 3.5mm audio jack and microSD card slot and other functions, the latter is Something Samsung chopped off on recent Galaxy S phones. Sony even includes a convenient dedicated shutter button that can really bring home the phone’s camera function.

This is a size comparison between Xperia 5 III (front) and Xperia 1 III (rear).

This is a size comparison between Xperia 5 III (front) and Xperia 1 III (rear).
image: Sony

Although audio is often overlooked on mobile phonesSony said Xperia 1 III front stereo speakers accounted for 40% Louder than before, while also supporting The new 360 Reality audio and spatial audio are designed to provide a richer and more immersive listening experience. Oops, Sony even comes with a 4,500 mAh battery (measured by Sony’s standards) and a faster 30W Wired charging, including Qi wireless and reverse wireless charging functions.

I haven’t had a chance to check out Experience Xperia 1 III in person, and the more I learn, the more excited I am about Sony’s next flagship mobile device. When I was looking for something in a high-end phone, it ticked almost all the boxes, and even came with things such as a headphone jack, while other well-known brands such as Samsung, OnePlus, etc. have been declining recently.And, as Sony integrates more technologies from other gadgets departments, it really makes Sony feel like it can finally be in it. Xperia 1 Mark III. (However, I still hope to see more influence from the PlayStation team.)

in case You like the overall design and specifications of the Xperia 1 Mark III, but want to use a more compact product. Sony also announced the Xperia 5 Mark III, which is almost the same phone (minus the variable telephoto camera). But there is a Smaller 6-inch screen.

The illustration of the article titled Xperia 1 Mark III may be a big opportunity for Sony's major mobile phone to make a comeback

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Currently, my only concern is that even when Snapdragon 888 technically supports Xperia 1 III, even on Verizon (which is Sony’s preferred carrier in the US), Xperia 1 III only supports 5G below 6Ghz, but MmWave 5G is not supported. For unlocked models on other operators, Xperia 1 III is limited to 4G LTE, which could be a major blow to anyone planning to use a mobile phone for more than two years, and may also harm general retail availability.

Unfortunately, Sony has not announced the specific price or listing information of Xperia 1 Mark III or Xperia 5 Mark III, but you can bet that I will keep staring at me.


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Google will close the Google Shopping app for iOS and Android | Instant News

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If you want to use the Google Shopping app to shop on iOS or Android, you’d better switch to the web version. According to reports, Google will close its “shopping” application within a few weeks.

Found a hint that the axe is coming XDA developers Thursday was coded with a code in the latest version of the Google Shopping app, which allows users to shop in thousands of stores and use their Google accounts to buy goods.The news was later confirmed 9to5Google, Which means that the application will turn black, but will continue to work until June. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Google Shopping is about to disappear.This Web version And the “Shopping” tab in Google search will still be activated.

A Google spokesperson told 9to5Google: “In the next few weeks, we will no longer support the shopping application.” “All the features that the application provides to users can be found on the “Shopping” tab. We will continue to work on the “Shopping” tab. The “Shopping” tab and other Google interfaces (including Google apps) are built into features that make it easy for people to discover and buy products they like.”

The media reported that some users who upgraded to version 59 of the Google Shopping app received a message informing them that the app was unavailable in recent days.

The message read: “The app is currently unavailable, but you can continue shopping on shopping.google.com.”

Given that the web version is almost the same as the app, there is not much to mourn here, which is really surprising considering that it is Google. I am still disappointed by the demise of Google Hangouts and confused as to which Google product is the right choice. (Although there is a guide).

Are you hit by Google Shopping app news? do not be afraid.Will definitely remember it here Killed by GoogleSo far, this large technology giant has decided to record 227 applications, services and hardware.


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We let the monkeys play the “Pong” game | Instant News

Neuralink, secret Neuroscience Startup Company The company co-founded by Elon Musk is now quieter than ever.That is, until this week’s release A youtube video A monkey appeared playing a classic video game pingpong Use its thoughts.

The narrator said that the video star Pager is a 9-year-old macaque. About six weeks ago, Neuralink was implanted on both sides of his brain.Obviously, he likes pingpong.

However, before he learned how to play the game with his head, the researchers first asked him to use the joystick. Whenever he moved the cursor on the screen to some bright spot on the screen, he would use the “delicious banana” through the straw. Smoothie” rewarded him. A grid.

When he manipulated the joystick and happily sipped his smoothie, the Neuralink device in his brain recorded his brain activity and monitored more than 2,000 electrodes implanted in Pager’s motor cortex. These electrodes control the movement of the hands and arms. movement. Researchers can also pair with mobile phones via Bluetooth to interact with these devices in real time.

Then, the Neuralink data is input into the “decoder algorithm” to train it to predict Pager’s expected hand movements in real time based on the information of the triggering neuron. After a short calibration time, the decoder has a good understanding of Pager’s neural model and no longer needs a joystick. The narrator said that even if the connection was disconnected, Pager still continued to move the cursor with his thoughts.Then he seems to be playing the so-called game MindPong No joystick can be seen.

“Monkeys are actually using brain chips to play video games telepathically!” Musk said A tweet Share the video on Thursday.

Since then, more than 4 million people have watched the video, and it has become one of the top ten popular videos on YouTube.If you are interested, Neuralink also shared A video Shows what the raw data behind Pager’s neural activity looks like when Pager is busy with the game.

Musk then discussed the future plans of Neuralink equipment in China. Series of tweets, Echoing the video narration, the ultimate goal of this technology is to enable paralyzed people to operate their computers or phones through their brains.

Musk wrote that the initial version of the device “will enable paralyzed people to use smartphones faster than thumb users.” “Later versions will be able to transfer signals from the brain’s neural chain to the body’s motor/sensory neuron clusters. Nerve chain so that paraplegics can walk again.”

As early as August, Neuralink showed a live demonstration of the Neuralink implant, although On the pig Instead of monkeys.

“It’s like a Fitbit on a skull with tiny wires on it,” Musk said at the time.

Musk has a close relationshipEvoked a series of science fiction-like uses Neuralink’s research Since its establishment in 2017, the company’s services have ranged from more practical examples, such as the treatment of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and depression, as well as the above-mentioned mobility aids for paralyzed people, to wonderful attempts, which are enhanced Our trivial human brain functions, so we can happily coexist with our ultimate AI overlord.

However, before all this happens, Neuralink needs to skip a series of regulatory challenges if it wants to get the opportunity to become a medical device approved for use in humans. In July, Musk announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designated Neuralink as “Breakthrough Device” It can quickly track the status of its federal review process. At least considering the government’s pace of glacialization of these things, at least it can be done. It may take years or even decades before any major progress is made in the law.

At the same time, maybe Neuralink can teach Pager to play more games with his own mind. I think that if the next one is not part of the Donkey Kong series, they will miss a huge opportunity. Even better: Ape escape.


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According to reports, Reddit is cooking its own club-style voice chat function | Instant News

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Rumors say that the homepage of the Internet may be the latest online platform to build social audio features in voice-only chat applications club.

A person familiar with the matter said on Friday that Reddit is quietly incorporating voice chats run by the host into the platform. Can be mixed and matched report. In an interview with the media, the source said that the development of this function is confidential and is still in the early stages.

If this voice chat feature does come to light, it is likely to be launched under Reddit’s “power-ups” banner, the company launched a plan last year to experiment with new subscription-based features for a single subreddit.

In its Initial announcement, Reddit lists several examples of these features, which are called power-on features, such as “capable of uploading and streaming high-definition quality video”, “video file limit doubled” and “embedded GIF in comments”, etc. . After the members of Subreddit purchase a monthly power-on subscription, Subreddit can release these privileges, and the minimum threshold of each community is determined by its size.

At that time, Reddit made it clear that it wanted to hear user suggestions.

Reddit said in its August announcement: “The new experiment will help create a framework that allows us to add a’nice to have’ feature to subreddit.” After getting input from the early testing community, more features will be added.”

GAbout all the buzz Social audio service these days, I suspect that “voice chat” scores very high in the suggestion list.in spite of I can Learn why Reddit might want to keep it secret now Given how it was messed up Try to introduce chat room last year. TLDR: Reddit launched this feature almost without warning, and the idea of ​​review seems to be zero, because subreddit mods cannot opt ​​out or control chat. It was a disaster.

Reddit did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment, but we will definitely update this blog after it is updated.

Time will tell whether this audio chat boom is overwhelming, but it is obvious that the landscape is rapidly becoming crowded. Since its launch in March 2020, Clubhouse has inspired several imitators, with Twitter, LinkedIn, relaxationAnd TikTok’s parent company, Byte beating, According to reports, everyone is eager to operate through their audio chat function. Facebook also Start beta testing it Clubhouse clone, a web-based Q&A platform, This is the hotline this week.


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Hackers released the phone numbers and other data of 533M Facebook users | Instant News

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If you have a Facebook account, you probably should be vigilant in the near future.One New report It is pointed out that hackers have released the private information of more than 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries/regions, including phone numbers, birthdays, and locations online for free.

according to Inside story, The hacker was part of a low-level hacker forum and posted the information on Saturday. According to reports, the exposed information also includes Facebook ID, full name, resume, and in some cases email address. It is said that the data accessed is from 2019. Insider said the leaked data included information about 32 million users in the United States, 11 million users in the United Kingdom, and 6 million users in India.

The store reviewed samples of the leaked data and verified a series of records “by matching the phone numbers of known Facebook users with the IDs listed in the data set.” Insider also confirmed the accuracy of the data by entering the exposed email address in Facebook’s password reset function, which displays part of the user’s phone number.

Gizmodo contacted Facebook to confirm the report, but we have not received a response as of press time. The company told Insider that because it fixed a vulnerability in 2019, the data was deleted.

The fact that the data seems to be obtained through crawling is destined to irritate some of Facebook’s nerves. Facebook has been angry about crawling incidents in the past.The most notorious scratching incident is Cambridge Analytica scandal, The analytics company collected user data from millions of users without investigation and used it to predict and influence users in public opinion surveys.

Liz Bourgeois, director of strategic response communications at Facebook, repeated this On twitter on Saturday.

She said: “This is old data previously reported in 2019. We discovered and fixed this issue in August 2019,”

Although Facebook seems to be trying to use the 2019 time hook to minimize the impact of the leak, Insider explained that bad actors can still cause damage to old data. Alon Gal, co-founder and CTO of Israeli cybercrime intelligence company Hudson RockTell the media that a database of this size will allow criminals to use the data to carry out social engineering attacks or hacking attacks.

According to industry insiders, Gal was the first to discover leaked Facebook data on Saturday. However, this was not the first time he knew of the existence of a database. January, Gal issued an alert to the hacker who created the Telegram bot, which allows people to find the phone number of a specific Facebook account for a fee through leaked data sets.Gal knew motherboard At the time, this confirmed the legitimacy of the data.

The cybersecurity expert said that Facebook is currently unable to help users because the data already exists, except to let them know that it happened and tell them to watch out for fraud.

However, there are still some unresolved problems. Even if the data comes from 2019, what does this really mean for users? Allegedly, Insider can now match the phone number in the leaked data set with the ID. In fact, I know friends who have had the same phone number for ten years. What can users do in this situation? Do they need to do anything?

These are the questions I asked in 2021. I don’t care if the data comes from 2019.


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