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Specifications, features and prices-Technology News, Firstpost | Instant News

OnePlus announced two new Nord models on Monday: N10 5G and Nord N100. Although most OnePlus is high-end models, the Nord series is sold as an affordable smartphone series. These phones have not yet been launched in India, but the specifications of the products are available through the UK page dedicated to the new models.of Webpage display The price of OnePlus N10 5G is 329 pounds (about 30,600 rupees). The product has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded to 512 GB via a microSD card.

OnePlus N10

After 30 minutes of charging, Warp Charge 30T can guarantee “all-weather power supply”. This model has a 90 Hz smooth display and dual speakers.

N10 5G supports 5G and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 chipset and eight-core CPU. The main camera has 64 million pixels of power and can be set up with four cameras at the same time. The other lenses are a 119-degree ultra-wide-angle camera, a macro lens and a monochrome lens.

The model will be available in Midnight Ice color variants in the UK.

On the other hand, the company is doing its best to capture the mid-range market with its OnePlus N100.of UK page The price of the product is 179 pounds. It offers a 5,000 mAh battery, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage at a very impressive price.according to Technology Portal 91 mobileIf you see its launch here, the device is priced at 15,000 rupees in India.

The back of the N100 is equipped with a 6.52-inch screen, dual speakers and triple cameras. The main camera is a 13 MP main camera, and the other lenses are composed of a macro lens and a portrait camera. It also has 18W fast charging and will be available in Midnight Frost colors.


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AMD RX 6000 price, release date, specifications: comparison with Nvidia RTX 3080 | Instant News

AMD RX 6000 is about to be launched and is regarded as the next generation graphics card of Radeon Team. But can the new gaming accessories match the Nvidia RTX 3080?

(Photo: Screenshot of @GraphicallyChal’s Twitter post)
The release of AMD RX 6000 is here! Can it compete with Nvidia RTX 3080?This is their specification

AMD will hold a live event on October 28, but has not yet determined the exact release date of the product. The company’s upcoming announcement may provide important details on the RX 6000 series cards, RDNA 2 architecture and Big Navi.

AMD RX 6000 specifications

AMD RX 6000, also known as RDNA 2 or Navi 2X, can be used in Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.It can support variable rate shading for game consoles, mesh shaders, real-time ray tracing and 4K resolution, according to reports PC gamers.

The release of AMD RX 6000 is here! Can it compete with Nvidia RTX 3080?This is their specification

(Photo: Screenshot of @ademsfr’s Twitter post)
The release of AMD RX 6000 is here! Can it compete with Nvidia RTX 3080?This is their specification

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The latest rumors circulating on the Internet indicate that the graphics card can perform operations similar to Ti-a.

It is currently regarded as a competitor to Nvidia RTX 3080. AMD RX 6000 is a high-end GPU that can push competition to the highest point of Nvidia, forcing competitors to adjust the prices of their RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090.

Since its price has not yet been announced, it should be expected that the price of the RX 6000 will range from $399 to $699, which is obviously cheaper than the AMD RTX 3080.

However, despite its encouraging specifications, it is not yet certain whether the next-generation graphics cards can be compared to Nvidia’s RTX 30 series.

Is Nvidia RTX 3080 still the best graphics card?

On the other hand, Nvidia RTX 3080 still maintains the top position of the best available graphics card. You can buy this premium gaming accessory directly from Nvidia for $699.

according to Thomas HardwareAccording to previous reports, it is 33% faster than RTX 2080 Ti, 57% faster than RTX 2080 Super, and 60% faster than RTX 2080 FE. Like the AMD RX 6000, it can also run at 4K ultra-high settings to make your gaming experience even better.

However, you still need to buy a high-end CPU to get a complete 3080 experience. It also has a GA102 chip, which is Nvidia’s first GPU that uses Samsung’s 8N process to achieve single-digit display in lithography.

Although powerful due to its high-end features, AMD RX 6000 may still have other specifications, which will be confirmed in the upcoming live stream.

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Action against illegal points of sale animals | Instant News

Lahore:Commissioner of the division of Asifa Lahore Bilal Maliha led officers ÁL to take tough measures against the illegal sale points of sacrificial animals.

He said that all the actions recommended by the concerned departments in respect of Covid-19 will be implemented in spirit and letter in 12 locations of Lahore. He said that Deputy Commissioner will check the quality and the provision of all services and activities in the field of sales. He said that the number of sacrificial animals at the time of sale will be conducted by area, point of sale and places for animals to be allocated in accordance with the SOP.

He said the temperature of each person will be checked before entering the sale items. He also asked the staff to put all the machines in the field for discharge of storm water during the rains. He said LWMC full support will be given to the purity of ID.

He said this while chairing the various meetings of the organization Monsoon and sacrificial points of sale of animals in the city. The Danish DC Afzal, WASA MD Sayed appropriate Zahid Aziz and other officers also attended the meetings.


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This artist used Snapchat glasses to make a time machine | Instant News

Lucas Rizzotto created his own

Lucas Rizzotto created his own “time machine” by using Snapchat glasses to record a year’s life.
Screenshots: Lucas Rizzotto (other)

Time travel is one of the fascinating things. Although time travel is not yet possible (thank God, as if humans need another way to mess things up), this creator decided to do the next best thing: use Snapchat Spectacles 3 to photograph life for a year and create a virtual Real time machine.

On Friday, Lucas Rizzotto, a virtual reality and augmented reality artist, aired a YouTube video for the first time. This video shows how he went through the process of making a “time machine” in real life. The time machine brings him back to the past year, which is the entire time in his life recorded with glasses, Snapchat camera glasses Record at 60 fps in 3D format. It is not a normal year. Rizzotto recorded a year of living as a “digital nomad” and recorded his travels in different countries of the world.

Friday’s video is the first episode of the series that Rizzotto wants to make, Lucas builds the future, Where he uses futuristic techniques or concepts to construct “crazy things” in each plot.

Rizzotto’s thought immediately reminded me Harry Potter, The silver spinning bowl, used by Harry and Dumbledore to explore Voldemort’s past as if it were a movie. Rizzotto also compared it with Minority Report.

Rizzotto built his own time machine in VR and executed the project in three main stages: control panel, memory finder and time travel effect.

According to Rizzotto, the control panel is essentially a user interface. At the same time, the memory finder is a program that can find the correct memory to play based on the date you placed in the control panel. Finally, time travel special effects are all “bells and whistles” designed to revitalize the entire VR experience, because Rizzotto doesn’t want it to be just a direct playback of video shot with glasses.

When he finally finished making his own VR time machine, Rizzotto sat in a comfortable chair with blankets and pillows, and reviewed his memory of the past year. His joy and energy are pleasing to the eye, as are the memory and VR effects of the time machine.

At that moment, Rizzotto thought deeply about himself, which I think would be beneficial to anyone watching the video. In today’s world, we often judge ourselves severely and only see our shortcomings, but we rarely spend time to stop and only appreciate who we are.

“I wake up many days, I don’t like the people I see in the mirror, I don’t like the way he talks, his thoughts, what he looks like,” Rizotto said in the video. “I don’t like who that person is, but looking at myself from a distance gives me a new perspective. It makes me appreciate myself as an independent person, and using the time machine makes me realize that I like what I am looking at. Human. Of course, he is not perfect, but he is very good, thoughtful and smart. It took me time to build a time machine to see all this and see my own self-worth.”

Gizmodo told Rizzotto about the process of making time machines and videos through Twitter direct messages. We are particularly curious about where he has time to do these things and his idea of ​​people using inventions like his invention. For clarity, this interview has been edited and organized.

Gizmodo: Are you a full-time YouTuber? Or is this something you do in your free time?

Rizotto: Not a YouTuber at all. Before, I have made some videos to share some of the things I created and teach people something, but there has never been such a thing. But the idea of ​​making this series began to emerge on me, and I wanted to see if I could accept the challenge. Therefore, I regard this as a pilot! Usually, I’m just an independent VR/AR creative, usually with the title I posted on Quest”Where to go.

But I always like to try new things and challenge myself. So I did this and told myself that if the video gets 100,000 views and 10,000 subscribers, I will try for a whole year. We are about to exceed the threshold!

Gizmodo: It seems that you have to do a lot of coding to make the project work properly. Do you have a coding background?

Rizotto: In the past three years, I did teach it to myself! But before that, the technical background was zero.

Gizmodo: Would you say this makes the project more challenging?

Rizotto: A bit! To be honest, its storytelling aspect is the really challenging part for me. How do you convey these really complex ideas in a way that is very interesting, easy for ordinary people to understand, and still has some practical artistic value/originalness? After two years of coding, if you are persistent enough, then you are almost enough to understand how to get rid of most troubles.

Gizmodo: Well, you have done a great job telling stories. To be honest, at first I thought “brother is a very long video”, but when I watched it, time passed really fast! I think this is how you know you have created a good story.

Rizotto: Thank you. I’m always surprised [at] How could the chaotic production not show haha. Most of the video is improvised, but future videos will be better!

Gizmodo: Therefore, after watching the video, I learned that building the memory finder was the most difficult part of the project. Is that right? Is it because of the original metadata problem, or because you are not sure what to do at first?

Rizotto: On several levels, this is more difficult for me. Mainly because I have never really done anything to deal with large amounts of data before, so it feels like I am moving from a kid’s pool to the central Pacific. Metadata is just the icing on the cake. Combining these two with anxiety, you will encounter problems.

Gizmodo: But hey, you did it!

Rizotto: Interestingly, the hard drive of the project in May failed and I almost lost everything.

Gizmodo: God. How did you get it back?

Rizotto: I bowed my knees to Twitter for help, and Hive’s mind helped me solve this problem. It was a very bad day, but hey, it made the story better.

Gizmodo: Speaking of hard drives, how much do you end up using?

Rizotto: The real answer is 204! Four actual 2TB hard drives and 200 junk hard drives were added to produce a significant effect.

Gizmodo: On the other hand, what do you need for your one-year trip? Have you been to many places in a year?

Rizotto:Yes! 2019 is the year I started living as a digital nomad, so I switch countries to many places every few weeks. This is the actual situation that started me to record my life. I miss a goldfish, and I don’t want to forget everything I saw and what happened to me.

So I started recording it, and the more I did, the more I liked it.

Gizmodo: Have you taken a full year off, or are you working remotely for your company or customer?

Rizotto: As an independent developer, I am developing my own things remotely. I only try to sign a contract when absolutely necessary, so I always do what I am most passionate about.

Gizmodo: So how many cameras did you try before deciding on Snapchat glasses?

Rizotto: I tried GoPro And I did try to put something together, but it was so annoying and compelling. [The] The moment I tried on the glasses, it attracted me.

Gizmodo: If the glasses only take one minute at a time, how do you create your own experience? Does this mean that you have hundreds or maybe more than a thousand videos every day?

Rizzotto: Yes, everything is divided into chunks. [The] The file will be automatically transferred to my phone via Bluetooth, saved to a local drive, and deleted from the phone at the end of the day.

Gizmodo: So, do you have to press records throughout the day? Or will the glasses automatically record and split the video?

Rizzotto: My answer here is not simple, which is why I did not use it as the core of the video, haha. The answer is both. I did find a way to make it automatically record, but I encountered the problem of overheating of the glasses. Sometimes I do something manually. Therefore, my way of describing the video is that I try my best to record as much content as possible.

Gizmodo: Does Snapchat contribute or support your project in any way?

Rizotto: No, this is all I have, but I did tell them about the project in recent months, and we have been chatting on and off. I think this is the most interesting thing someone has done to their product.

Gizmodo: very good! I’m glad they at least solved the metadata problem for you.

Rizotto: Yes, the simplicity of the solution is interesting. This is something that programmers often experience.

Gizmodo: You talked about this fact a bit in the video to understand that life in the past may be worrying. When you mention this in the video, the first thing I think of is when people think of people who no longer live, from relatives to ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, and how similar things stop them from moving forward. Have you considered all this?

Rizotto: Yes, actually many. Anything that connects us with people no longer around can stop us from moving forward. Objects, photos, memories, etc. Therefore, I think the project may not introduce any unique aspects, not just more intense ones. Back in time, I can indeed spend time with people who are no longer together. To be honest, I just feel grateful to feel their presence again.

However, how this affects the relationship between people and sadness is a very important topic and may need to be focused on

So basically: yes, I thought about it from the first day. But this is also a big problem, I think I can’t solve it yet. I need to think more.

Gizmodo: What do you want people to take away from your video?

Rizotto:Ton. If we deal with the impossible from a new perspective, then we can build the impossible. This technology can sometimes be scary, it can provide us with new ways to understand ourselves and grow into humans. And, we should be more friendly to our past, present and future selves, always remember, whether you notice or not, these three always work together.

with [what] I said in the video, “Visiting your past can bring you an unforgettable miracle in your life.”


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