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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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Quads was born in Bern | MENAFN.COM | Instant News

Keystone-SDA / ts

Three boys and one girl – Katharina, Theodor, Amadeus and Samuel – each weigh 1-1.5 kg (2.2-3.3 lb) at birth, said Daniel Surbek, chief doctor of the gynecology clinic Insel Hospital.

While their mothers will be able to go home in two days, the children will stay until they weigh 2-2.5kg, he said, Friday.

The four babies were born by cesarean section at the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy. More than 20 specialist doctors and nurses care for mothers during childbirth.

Rare event

Quads was last born in Switzerland, which saw about 88,000 lives born a year, more than four years ago, the hospital said.

A study in 2011 found that the incidence of quadruplets and triplets in Switzerland had declined over the previous two decades, while triplets had increased by 40%.

There are at least three sets of triplets reported in Switzerland and no sextuplets or more. Globally, the highest number of births that survive is eight (eight times).


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Financial Advisers Recommend Open States Safely, but Openly | Instant News

Financial Advisers Recommend Open States Safely, but Openly | RiverBender.com


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The current COVID-19 pandemic has many similarities with the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-20, and many differences | Instant News

Today’s COVID-19 Pandemic Has Many Similarities to the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-20, and Many Differences Also | RiverBender.com


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Amoeba Music is not sure if it can ‘overcome the storm COVID-19’ | Instant News

Amoeba Music, arguably the most beloved record store chain in California, is in financial trouble due to the COVID-19 pandemic and contacting music fans for help.

“We have gone through many storms – 911, recession, Internet, downloading and streaming,” Amoeba Music said in a statement. “But we don’t know that we can face the storm COVID-19.

“All three of our stores have been closed since mid-March and must remain closed indefinitely. With no way to generate income, our savings are almost depleted, bills and rent will be due, and with the main commitment to our staff, which we try to keep healthy and financially healthy. “

To help alleviate financial difficulties, Amoeba Music – which has locations in Berkeley, San Francisco and Los Angeles – requested donations through GoFundMe page.

The goal is to raise $ 400,000. And, at the last check, the GoFundMe page had generated around $ 85,000.

Amoeba is also looking for other sources of funding to keep the store in business.

“We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to keep Amoeba going, and to position ourselves to play an important role in what is now a very uncertain future,” the statement, posted on the GoFundMe page, reads. “We know how much we will all need Amoeba again, this musical oasis, where we can find each other once more.

“We are exploring all possible ways of support, including federal and local grants and loans. But these funds are not guaranteed to come in, and they will not meet our short-term future needs. “

And, as such, they are looking for thousands of music lovers who shop in stores – maybe to get a good vinyl copy of the first Roxy Music album and the REM song “Green,” or find a cool and used REO Speedwagon CD. in place of bargaining – to help.

“So, we humbly ask for your help. We know that this is a very difficult and uncertain time for everyone, and we understand that there are many individuals and organizations who need it, “the statement said. “If you are in a position to help us, we will be very grateful to receive that support.

“Any contribution to this campaign will contribute to the cash resources we need to face an immediate future, to maintain our staff of more than 400 Amoebites, and to enable Amoeba to continue operations.”


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The Alton Spouse Shares a Look in Service and Business in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | Instant News

Alton Spouse Shares Look in Services and Businesses in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | RiverBender.com


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Latest: Singapore long-distance officers attack | Instant News

Latest in coronavirus pandemic. New Coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some people, especially older adults and people who are already there health problem, it can cause more illness or death.


– China, Europe shows that restarting an economy hit by a virus is not easy.

– Singapore officials report some residents have fought off officers who enforce measures to maintain a safe distance.

– Czech Republic reports no new COVID-19 deaths.

– Slovenian officials begin to reduce lock restrictions.


SINGAPORE – Singaporean officers patrolling the city state to enforce safe distance have met with some bad responses.

Minister of Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli said criminal forces had been used by recalcitrant citizens against a number of officers on the front lines.

He said a law enforcement officer was slapped Wednesday by a man who did not obey the steps to keep a safe distance, while a volunteer Ambassador Secure Distance was punched after counseling recalcitrant members of the community to properly wear a mask. He wrote in a Facebook post that these are just two cases that will be investigated by the police.

Masagos warned that such behavior was unacceptable and that action would be taken against these people. He said the authorities had prepared a mobile application for community members to mark examples of such bad behavior and send other feedback about steps to keep a safe distance.

Law enforcement officials on Thursday were given special permission and red armbands to be identified by the public.

Singapore has reported 1,167 new cases of the corona virus in the past three days to bring the count to 3,699, with 10 deaths. Most of the new cases are related to foreign workers who live in narrow dorms, which now constitute about half of the total infections.

A city state with a population of under six million has imposed a partial lockdown until May 4 and obliged people to wear masks outside their homes.


PRAGUE – No one died of COVID-19 at the Czech Republic hospital on Wednesday, the first day without death since March 23.

Seventy-five people needed intensive care at the hospital, a number that fell for the fourth day in a row.

The laboratory detected 160 new cases of people infected with the corona virus, the first time more than 100 after three days with less than one hundred cases.

A total of 6,303 people have tested positive in the Czech Republic, according to Ministry of Health figures released on Thursday, 166 have died.

Because of the relatively positive development, the government has launched a plan to gradually ease some of the restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic.


LJUBLJANA, Slovenia – Slovenia has announced the easing of some locking measures following the slowing of a number of infections with new coronaviruses in the Alpine country.

Starting this weekend, thousands of Slovenians who own vacation homes will be allowed to leave their hometown to visit property in the countryside and spend time there.

The government on Wednesday night also allowed some sports activities that did not require close contact, such as yoga, cycling or tennis.

The official Slovenian news agency, STA, said the government’s move brought about the ‘first significant’ easing of anti-virus measures in the European Union.

Authorities have said that Slovenia will carefully continue relaxation measures to ensure the situation does not worsen.

Slovenia has reported 1,248 infections in a country of 2 million people. The STA Agency said most of the 61 fatalities were residents of nursing homes.


ISLAMABAD – The International Monetary Fund warned Pakistan’s budget deficit could reach a record level of reaching 4 trillion Pakistani rupees ($ 23.7 billion) this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, which accounts for nearly 9.2% of gross domestic product.

The grim statistics set forth in the IMF report released this week, only days after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan issued a global request to the world’s richest countries and international lending institutions to provide debt assistance to developing countries, which have overcome the economy which is destroyed even further. paralyzed by a virus.

The IMF has announced that 25 countries will be given debt relief, but Pakistan is not among the 25 countries.

Pakistan on Thursday recorded 6,505 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 124 deaths. Pakistan conducts around 3,200 tests every day, a small number in the country of 220 million.


CANBERRA, Australia – Australia is planning a mediocre Parliamentary week in May with an indication that the country is facing a better corona virus pandemic than the government feared.

Parliamentary schedules are canceled a week to March and the reduced Parliament only sits for two days from passing billions of dollars in emergency economic stimulus measures. After Parliament sat down last week, MPs are not expected to convene in the national capital Canberra again before August.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday that he would discuss with the opposition and the country’s leaders arrange for lawmakers to return to Canberra for “probation weeks” in May to conduct “normal Parliamentary business.” The purpose of the trial is for Parliament to sit regularly.

Morrison told reporters: “That is an indicator we are trying to return at least to some new normal form.”

Barriers include a lack of domestic flights and most countries demand inter-state quarantine in hotels for two weeks.

Australia has recorded 6,457 COVID-19 cases, most of them infected overseas, but detection has recently slowed to less than 50 per day. The death toll reached 63 on Thursday with 42 patients in intensive care.


NATIONS – Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres urges increased efforts to prepare Africa for the expected spread of the coronavirus pandemic, warning that the continent “could end in suffering the greatest impact.”

The US chief in a video conference with the African ambassador to the United Nations in New York on Wednesday that COVID-19 “did not make Africa at all.” But like the climate crisis, he said, Africa could hurt him greatly.

Guterres said the United Nations and African countries worked together in the fight against the pandemic, and he praised the initial efforts by the government to suppress transmission, control the spread of COVID-19 and prepare their economies for the effects of the virus.

For example, the secretary general cited the rescheduling of Uganda’s social security contributions to support business, Namibia offered emergency income grants to workers who had lost their jobs, and Egypt expanded its social safety net, reduced taxes for industry and delayed taxation on agricultural land.


CANBERRA, Australia – Australia’s foreign minister said he had spoken with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the World Health Organization and agreed that international bodies needed to be reviewed, but Australia continued to support WHO’s valuable work in the Pacific.

President Donald Trump has directed his administration to freeze WHO funding, claiming that the agency did not provide adequate initial reports on the corona virus and wasted valuable US response time.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne told Seven Network television on Thursday: “We share some concerns from the United States and I think there are areas of WHO operations that really need a review.”

Australia has made several decisions about the spread of the corona virus based on its own free will health advice in front of WHO, Payne said.

“For example, in declaring coronavirus from our perspective as a pandemic, closing our borders, for example, regarding travel from Wuhan, Hubei province, from mainland China was very early and we were criticized by WHO for doing that,” Payne said. .

“Therefore, I do not think that maybe management problems in Geneva should have a negative impact on some of the excellent work that we are doing in relations with WHO in places like the Pacific and in Indonesia. Australia and New Zealand are currently in a very, very strong partnership with WHO in the Pacific outside their office in Suva to provide support to the Pacific that is truly important amid a coronavirus pandemic like this and I don’t want to see it discarded. “

Australia has contributed $ 67 million to WHO in the past two years, which is 0.75% of the organization’s total funding.


WELLINGTON, New Zealand – New Zealand reported only 15 new cases of the corona virus on Thursday when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern began outlining what restrictions were imposed over a tight four-week period that might be reduced starting next Wednesday.

MPs will make a final decision on Monday about whether to continue easing restrictions. Under Ardern’s plan, the primary school will reopen but attendance will be voluntary, and some businesses can be reopened, including drive-through restaurants and delivery. Malls and retail stores will remain closed and large gatherings are banned.

New Zealand has reported 1401 cases of COVID-19 and nine deaths. The number of new daily cases has decreased significantly over the past 11 days.


SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea has confirmed 22 more cases of corona virus during the past 24 hours, increasing the country’s total to 10,613 with 229 deaths.

New cases recorded Thursday mean that the daily increase in South Korean virus infections has been below 30 for the fourth day in a row.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement that 7,757 people had recovered and were released from quarantine.

It said 14,268 people were undergoing tests to determine whether they had contracted the virus.

Although the caseload has slowed recently, officials have warned of the possibility of “lonely spreads” with people loosening social distance.


SINGAPORE – Singapore has reported a record 447 new cases of corona virus, this is the third consecutive daily sharp nail, to increase the number to 3,699.

The number of infections has jumped 1,167 since Monday, mostly related to overcrowded dormitories housing foreign workers from Bangladesh, India and other poor Asian countries.

Despite successfully managing the first wave of infections, Singapore has ignored a large population of foreign workers living in dormitories that normally accommodate up to 20 people in a room with a shared kitchen, toilet and other facilities. Tens of thousands of workers have been quarantined in their dormitories, while some have been moved to alternative locations to reduce overcrowding.

The health ministry said in a statement late Wednesday that a significant increase in cases among foreign workers, which now accounts for about half of the total infections, was estimated to be partly due to ongoing tests at the hostel. About one fifth of the total cases were detected in one single dormitory.

The city-state with nearly six million people has imposed a partial lockdown until May 4, and requires people to wear masks outside their homes to curb the transmission of the virus. Ten people have died so far from the virus. (edited)


BEIJING – China reported 46 new cases of the virus on Thursday, 34 of which were brought from abroad, but there were no new deaths due to the outbreak.

Of the domestic cases, three were recorded in the capital Beijing, which has imposed quarantine measures and tight social distance. The other four were reported in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, where authorities rushed to stem new upheavals among Chinese citizens crossing the border from Russia.

China has now reported a total of 3,342 viral deaths among 82,341 cases. Around 3,000 people remain hospitalized with COVID-19 or under isolation and monitoring to show signs of disease or positive tests but show no symptoms.


Follow AP news coverage on the coronavirus pandemic at https://apnews.com/VirusOutbreak and https://apnews.com/UnderstandingtheOutbreak


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Pokemon Go to Offer Raids to Stay at Home to convince Players to Stay Domestic and Observe Social Distances | Instant News

Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go, is now trying to convince its players to stay at home by offering new ways to attack, add strength, and send and receive gifts at the game all from the comfort of their own homes.

(Photo: Screenshot of: Pokemon Go, Official Facebook Page)

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Pokémon Go offers attacks at home to convince players to stay indoors and observe social distance

According to the company, they have the word that “We are pleased to announce upcoming changes to Pokemon GO. In our ongoing effort to prioritize the Pokemon GO experience that can be enjoyed in individual settings and from home, you will soon be able to enjoy new features.”

When it comes to Battle Raid, you will need a Raid pass. But this time, Remote Raid Pass will be a new item and players will be able to join any type of raid battle they can see on the nearest screen or on the map by tapping on it. Only one Remote Raid Pass is needed to join each raid and this will allow players to hold a limited amount of RRP at a time.

Up to 20 players can jump on the same attack. Raid Battles that Trainers will complete with long distance raid passes will be counted for all types of research purposes or medals related to raid.

The trainer will also receive one daily bonus field research assignment every day at midnight without having to play Pokestop, and it will be different each time. This will focus on the various activities that you actually complete when at home.

It is known that sending gifts and sharing items is important to keep in touch with friends. Your Pokemon friends will help you anywhere and anytime. Soon, it will be able to bring gifts directly to you if you run out. Your Pokemon friends will be able to visit the nearest Poke stop to get more.

Niantic also said that “Right now, turning on your Pokémon can take a while. With this update, you can give all your Candy and Stardust to your Pokémon to light it to the desired CP level at once. Now you can focus more when you hone your battle skills in the GO Battle League! “

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Thank you, Coach

The company also thanked the coaches and gave them advice on the pandemic in a small message saying that “As we work to continue to improve your gaming experience, we want to thank you for your continued support. Our team is working hard to respond to feedback You, and create new and interesting gameplay that can be enjoyed both from home and when we can go out and explore together again. Please pay attention to your surroundings when playing Pokemon GO. “

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Guerrilla Gravity Goes Big with the All-new Gnarvana [First Ride Review] | Instant News

Guerilla gravity starting with a big bicycle. The first two in their enclosures available, GG / DH and Megatrail are downhill and enduro bikes, respectively, and that is the most expected type of bicycle with a brand of “gravity” in its name. Over time, they add smaller travel options, and even hardtails, but they are all made with progressive geometry and focus on decreasing.

Over the years, fans have seen an opening in the Guerrilla Gravity range. There is an empty spot at the high end of the stable for long trips. Fans speculate that it might be called MegaSmash, but that it became a moniker for Megatrail and The Smash hybrid-wheel hybrid. Others suggest something like “Warpig.” Gnarvana completes the top position well, and today, Guerrilla Gravity has an actual 29er long journey in her book.


So what distinguishes Gnarvana from The Smash? The rear ride has been increased by 15mm to 160mm, and there is a fork 20mm longer, with a total trip of 160 / 170mm R / F.

In a long headset orientation, Gnarvana has an HTA of 63.7 °, and an STA of 76.1 °. The wheelbase is also very long, and reaches 1,239mm in size 2 I, 23mm longer than The Smash. The standover height is 5mm higher, and the range is actually shorter at 11mm in Gnarvana. In long orientation, the size is 445mm.

Only three sizes – 2, 3, and 4 – are available for Gnarvana, as does Smash.

Three building kits specifically used by Guerrilla Gravity for their models are available at Gnarvana. For $ 3,895, Gnarvana comes with a RockShox Lyrik Select fork, and Deluxe Select + rear shock. Then, the SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, and the Code R brakes form a groupset.

In the rally build, Gnarvana comes with Lyrik Ultimate forks, and Fox DPX2 rear shock, with SRAM GX drivetrain, and Code RSC brakes, rounded with MKIII Stan wheels, for $ 4,795.

Building a top-of-the-line race equipped with a Fox 38 Fork Grip 2 and X2 rear shocks, along with the SRAM XO1 Eagle drivetrain, the Nine Industrial Class 300 wheels, and the SRAM Code RSC brakes for $ 6,395.

At present, the seatstay kit ($ 445) has a waiting time of 2 weeks for those who are interested in turning one of their GGs into Gnarvana. Framesets have a waiting time of 2-4 weeks, and are priced at $ 2,195, while finishes will have a lead time of 3-4 weeks, starting with the Ride build at $ 3,895.

Guerilla Gravity bikes can be ordered in direct-to-consumer style, or can be ordered through local bicycle shops in the US and Canada. They are also available through international distributors in Chile, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico and Singapore.

Control impressions

I was able to get a few rides at Gnarvana in the midst of the current level of madness. This is definitely a bike that is meant for speed, air, and a serious collision. To pay attention to how we should drive now, I give a little of each ingredient, but keep the rev-meter around 60%, well within my limits.

A week before riding Gnarvana, I drove The Smash, the 145mm 29er by GG. It was made for back-to-back testing rounds on time, and when I wrapped up my ride The SmashI brought the bicycle back to “Shredquarters,” and people at Guerrilla Gravity switched seats, rear shocks, and forks at The Smash to turn it into Gnarvana. As simple as that, it became a new bicycle. Although, it can still be an expensive change. Kit seat stay is $ 445, and new surprises are not cheap.

Blinking on Gnarvana is still recommended around 30-35%. I put around 185-190psi in the Fox DPX2 surprise to get it close to 30% sag. Gnarvana began to move and there were a number of climbing hops that were seen in open mode. Efficiency of pedaling is not as strong as The Smash and at the buff, the incline continues to replace DPX2 to the middle position to minimize the bob.

The single suspension mode available at Gnarvana is considered the “Luxury” mode on other Guerrilla Gravity bikes, and it feels like a larger kinematics version of the suspension at The Smash. You will probably find yourself dipping half into a shock stroke on a technical climb. It can provide a lot of traction, and it feels great to climb up on loose technical stuff, which probably means you are on your way to good descent and Gnarvana bread and butter. On a steep incline, I felt that I should move closer to the saddle nose to keep my weight forward.

But overall, the geometry of Gnarvana feels roomy, stable, and low. Being very impressive with how the brand has been able to load so many trips to 29-inch wheels, and still allows to feel play and agile. This is no different from Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana, and pointing down, handling is responsive with speed, easy to drive around tight corners, and still easy to aim the front end up for manual and jumping.

The suspension has the impression of being planted on offspring, and as I noticed with The Smash in Plush mode, the sensitivity of the small bumps on Gnarvana feels smooth like a roll with a smaller DPX2 air can. DPX2 is solid, but I’m sure many buyers won’t mind seeing larger air cans in Ride and Rally builds. Even so, the rear wheel clings to the ground, without hovering in the middle stroke, and on larger droplets there is an easy ride, without feeling hard.

Gnarvana is a bicycle that is easy for me to get along quickly and doesn’t have to bother much with the settings. Like other GG bikes, there are still some adjustments to the headset, and can be changed from long to short orientation, reducing effective wheelbase, range and top tube.

Consumers simply lose the ability to change the suspension mode. I did not enjoy the Smash mode on The Smash during my time with it, and appreciated the simplicity of one suspension mode that was optimized in all conditions, as was the case with Gnarvana. There is clearly one thing in Gnarvana’s mind, and that is a large and abusive offspring.

To draw some comparisons with other bikes that I have driven, and those buyers might also consider Gnarvana, Firebird Pivot and Rocky Mountain Slayer up in the same class. Both Firebird and Slayer have a stronger pedaling platform, and the geometry in both feels better for climbing. But, Slayer is a lot harder to pedal (my test Slayer is 3lbs heavier than Gnarvana), and Firebird doesn’t feel as playful or easily thrown as Gnarvana.

Closing thoughts

There will be many drivers driven by Gnarvana who have been eagerly waiting for the 29er long journey from Guerrilla Gravity to come in Bloom. It’s a lightweight, capable climber, and it won’t drain you on the way up. For gravity riders only, this is better and is an A-Scentless Apprentice which is good for shuttle riders or cyclists. After all, that was the main mission and Gnarvana was made to get to the base of the mountain as quickly as possible, eliminating all apologies.

Ride with Matt as he inspects Gnarvana in his local lane on White Farms in Colorado.


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