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The development of a country, the welfare of the people is linked to justice: Shibli – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in April 10, 2021 19:09

The development of a country, the welfare of the people is related to justice: Shibli

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Senior Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf Senator Shibli Faraz on Saturday said the development of any country and the welfare of its people is linked to provisions of justice and the rule of law without discrimination.

This was the focal point of Imran Khan’s 22-year political struggle, he tweeted.

Shibli Faraz said Imran Khan was advancing the agenda “all equal before the law”, with fortitude and determination.


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Australia’s historic ‘nut capital’, Kingaroy, is running out of nuts due to climate change | Instant News

The city of Kingaroy in Queensland is famous for its peanuts – farmers planted some of Australia’s first cash crops in 1901.

But drought and shifting rainfall patterns in the South Burnett region are changing things.

The second generation of peanut farmer, Peter Howlett, says farmers will usually be in the middle of the harvest at times like this.

“Our harvest will be ready,” he said.

Peter Howlett wonders if changing rainfall patterns are the new normal.(

ABC Countryside: Jon Daly


He said rainfall patterns during the summer growing season had delayed harvests by two months, until May or June.

“The variability becomes more and more visible as time goes by,” he said.

“My question is, is that normal?

The future looks tough

The future of Kingaroy’s peanut crop production is uncertain.

Julian Cross farms south of Kingaroy and, like many others, is a dryland farmer who relies on seasonal rainfall in the summer.

Mr Cross has not grown peanuts in two years, although he remains hopeful that normal weather patterns will return.

Historical photo of peanut production in South Burnett.
Kingaroy farmers were among the first to start growing commercial peanut crops in Australia in 1901.(

Source: Peanut Company of Australia


Mr Howlett said the absence of reliable rainfall after planting, from late December to February, increased production costs.

“We have effectively planted peanuts in two stages,” he said.

“We planted small shrubs to start with and now we are planting crops which are very late in season.”

Longer growing seasons for peanut crops meant more input costs and began to hamper winter crop production, said Howlett.

Graph showing reduced rainfall in the Queensland region.
Summer rainfall has decreased 7 percent in the Burnett area over the past 30 years.(

Source: Bureau of Meteorology


Less rainfall

Climate research suggests the trend of reduced rainfall will continue.

From 1989 to 2018 annual rainfall in the Burnett Mary region fell by 60 millimeters, or 7 percent, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s regional climate guidelines.

Kingaroy’s summer and winter rains have fallen 37 millimeters and 47mm, respectively, in the past three decades.

A factory, as seen from below, soaring up into the sky.
Kingaroy is still home to Australia’s largest peanut processing facility.(

Provided: Bega Foods


Luke Shelly, of the BOM agriculture program, said the main driver of changing rainfall patterns over much of southern Queensland is weather phenomena associated with “subtropical mountains”.

The subtropical ridge is a belt of high pressure systems that surrounds the Southern Hemisphere and sits north of Australia during winter.

In winter the ridge points north, allowing the cold front to move up from the Southern Ocean and over southern Australia before moving south in summer, creating the opposite effect.

The expansion of the tropics, caused by global warming, keeps ridges from moving north during winter, according to BOM.

‘Peanut capital’ is risky

Kingaroy is still home to Australia’s largest peanut processing facility, which was purchased by Bega Foods in 2017.

By that time, the local peanut supply had shrunk during several drought years and the main growing areas had changed.

Bega Foods general manager Adam McNamara said South Burnett nuts will account for 20 percent of Australia’s supply this season.

Pea bushes in full bloom.
The future of peanut production in Kingaroy is uncertain and farmers are considering their options.(

Provided: Carmen Brown


Irrigated crops in the Bundaberg region of North Queensland and the Brisbane Valley are rapidly replacing Kingaroy’s supply of peanuts.

Bega Foods is working to increase its peanut crop area in Queensland, particularly in South Burnett.

“You know, in terms of ensuring that our farmers are competitive with other crops, we have been increasing the price of peanuts over the last two or three years,” said McNamara.

Mr McNamara said Bega had no intention of moving its processing plant away from Kingaroy.

“We really see Kingaroy as the heart and home of the Australian nut,” he said.

Instead, growers are considering whether the plant has a future or not.

“Maybe what we had before, what we would call a good season – maybe that was an exception,” said Howlett.

Mr Howlett said he was considering different crops or using short season varieties grown at different times.


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St. Research Gallen can generate more geothermal energy in Switzerland | Instant News

The head of the geothermal well in St. Petersburg. Gallen, Switzerland (source: Geomecon GmbH)

Well integrity tests were carried out in an abandoned geothermal well drilled at St. Petersburg. Gallen, however, could actually pave the way for more geothermal development in northeastern Switzerland.

As part of research after the cessation of a geothermal project in St. Petersburg. Gallen, Switzerland, well integrity checks in wells were carried out to measure (the first time in St. Gallen’s well) a static temperature profile down to a depth of 3,700 m measured after seven years of no in-well operation. Testing was carried out by Geotec Consult and Geomecon. We report on previous scientific research.

Drilling rig on site at St. Gallen, Switzerland (source: Webcam Project website, 7 August 2013)

After the well is closed again, the data obtained is then analyzed. The expected result is an uninterrupted temperature profile and an indication of the integrity of the well to a measured depth of 3,700 m for use in S4CE by uploading data at IS-EPOS platform.

As part of the Science4Clean Energy Project, partners of St. Gallen aims to support the work of S4CE partners by indirectly determining well integrity in a simple way (existing methodology / technology) in easily accessible well sections during standard well maintenance procedures. The work was carried out at the St. Gallen field site and well in September 2020. The actions and results are described in detail in a report submitted by St. Gallen. Gallen “Measurement of well integrity at the St. field location. Gallen with a temperature profile in the coated part of the wellbore“And the related data is published on the S4CE IS-EPOS data hub in it Episode St. Gallen in February 2021.

It has been proven that even with this low-budget solution certain questions regarding good integrity (well integrity issues through damaged borehole casings) can be evaluated and answered. It concluded that the method used is a quick and easy way to properly assess integrity issues for sealed, non-pressurized, non-operational wells. Additionally, the results can be used as reference / for validation purposes by S4CE partners.

The first undisturbed temperature profile to a total vertical depth of about 3.5 km is obtained in the well “St. Gallen GT-1” and a geothermal gradient is determined which – in addition to other data – leads to a better understanding of this (subsurface) location. and could lead the way for more geothermal development in the Northeast Switzerland / St region. Gallen. The method used can be adapted for wells around the world of similar status to assess the environmental problems associated with well casing.

Source: Science4CleanEnergy, Science4CleanEnergy report September 2020


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Analysis: More games, more money, more flexibility for the NFL. | Professional | Instant News

FILE – Commissioner Roger Goodell in Super Bowl 55. The team owner on Tuesday approved his 17th game, marking the first time in 43 years the regular season was improved.

Charlie Riedel

By BARRY WILNER AP Pro Football Writer

There is never any doubt the NFL will improve its regular season schedule 17 matches after a work agreement with the players’ guild was reached a year ago. More games, more money and more flexibility for America’s most popular sport.

Likely, more injuries for people on the pitch, too, although Commissioner Roger Goodell and other league executives cite data compiled with the NFL Players’ Association showing that pre-season games are more dangerous to health and safety than important games.

There have been protests since early March 2020 and will continue from players about reconfiguring a maximum of 20 games to 17 counted and three exhibits. Their opportunities to make a strong stand against him came and went during the CBA negotiations. And union members will see their share of shareable income go up from 47% to 48.5%.

Thanks to a recent broadcast agreement that will soon generate an estimated $ 10 billion a year, payroll thresholds are set to jump in the post-pandemic season after a drop of nearly $ 16 million this year. So the players will also benefit from that.

But they were able to get more than 17 games of intrigue when it became clear that the 32 team owners were adamant in their desire to add regular season contests – just as any TV network would have more “inventory”. Fewer than three pre-season games, for example. Surely a second week of accompanying extra play would be wise. That would push the Super Bowl back two weeks instead of seven days under the format agreed to Tuesday, but the league has been eyeing playing title games on President’s Day weekend for the time being.


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Fight a fine fight | Instant News

The march was not against a specific gender but against systemic oppression. (Karachi)

On Mondays, Karachi’s Frere Hall – the city’s colonial-era building, which served as a public park – is usually nearly empty. But not March 8, 2021. The dull lawns of Karachi’s Frere Hall glowed with bright red and purple hues when hundreds of demonstrators gathered there to mark the Aurat of March 2021 (held annually to mark International Women’s Day).

Like Karachi, other cities also hold these parades which send strong and powerful messages to enforcers of patriarchal norms. “Maa ka, nani ka, dadi ka, every other fortune!” said a poster during the parade. This simple but powerful poster hints at the fact that women in our country have remained under oppression for a long time and have little or no access to voice their rights.

It was heartwarming to see hundreds of people holding red flags and singing the left wing song ‘The Internationale’. The Urdu lyrics which read “saare jahan k mehnat kashun utho k waqt aya” invites participants to wake up from their sleep and speak for their rights. With their fists in the air, hundreds of women repeated the lyrics and raised their voices against the injustices inflicted upon them. Previously, many people criticized the march for not being inclusive. It was called a special occasion for privileged people. And while that is not entirely true, the coverage received by home-based workers and other women of the working class this time around shows that women from all households organize their homes to reclaim space and celebrate a day close to their hearts.

“We don’t want ‘development’ to be accompanied by ‘destruction’,” said one woman while protesting the eviction of fishermen in the country’s coastal areas. Troubles, which remained buried under another sensational news, took center stage at the parade. In all fairness, it’s quite comforting to see a woman bring an overlooked issue to the limelight.

Protesters, from all walks of life, gathered at the parade in Karachi.

Silly Anger

In perfect and woman-friendly Pakistan, the Aurat March will be an event where participants celebrate their existence – their existence. However, in our ultra-conservative society, passionate events, held with so much love and emotional work, are marred with dangerous accusations and hatred. Participants of the Aurat March are no stranger to harsh and hateful words. However, this time, the hatred touched the height of madness when a Twitter user posted a fake video alleging that the parade participants had committed religious blasphemy.

In a country where allegations of blasphemy have led to the jailing of intelligent people and the death of a high-profile minister, the misleading video marks the beginning of a dangerous trend. Many people – even those who, by profession, are bound to verify the facts of whatever posts they share – have been found happily continuing propaganda against the demonstrators. And at that time, they half-heartedly apologized for sharing the misleading post, the damage was already done.

Calls for an ‘investigation’ into alleged ‘inappropriate’ slogans are increasing. In Islamabad, students of religious institutions protested against the participants and called for an investigation. This call also reached the doors of the country’s banned group, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), whose members also expressed outrage over the march.

That forbidden clothing would make a statement against citizens who have the right to march should come as a surprise – in a perfectly parallel world for women. In fact, the higher authorities decided to investigate the ‘controversial material’ being shared on social media. Pakistan, sadly, is an intolerant country where mass murder is the norm. Lack of support from the authorities could endanger the lives of attendees who were only present at the event, sparking patriarchy in the country.

And perhaps it was because of the ridiculous outrage that was so unreasonably exaggerated that many of the participants avoided making any comments on the matter. Powerful groups that could easily refute false propaganda also remained silent and completely abandoned the women in the country. (It is worth mentioning that at the Aurat March 2020, protesters in Islamabad had to face an angry mob who pelted participants with stones indiscriminately.)

A protester highlighted the rampant crimes against women in the country – Karachi.

Slogan ‘Controversial’

“If you find my story dirty, the society you live in is dirty.” Strong words were uttered by Saadat Hasan Manto to detractors who never missed an opportunity to criticize him for his ‘bold’ writing. Today, women in Pakistan face the same fate as Manto’s a few decades ago. Today, plaques that loudly reveal the truth of society are met with unjustifiable humiliation and anger.

In Lahore, parade organizers hung various clothes that identified the relationship between the victim of sexual violence and the perpetrator. These items also have the age of the victim at the time of the attack. From little girls to grown women, nearly every other woman has been a victim of sexual harassment. One of the banners reads an account of a nine-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her 50-year-old reciter. Instead of understanding the shocking reality of our society, extremists used the banners to spew more hatred against the marches, alleging that the banners were a direct attack on respected figures in Islam. That’s not the case!

Aurat March’s official Twitter and Facebook account, Lahore released a statement to answer all these baseless accusations, but unfortunately it didn’t work. The seeds of hatred have been planted in the minds of people who are always ready to join the anti-parade bandwagon.

It is surprising that in a country where in the first six months of 2020, more than 1,400 children were victims of sexual abuse, many people have deliberately twisted the facts to overturn the votes raised against this abuse. In the second half of last year, a woman was brutally raped in front of her children. Highway incidents are discussed throughout the country. But it is partly expected and partly disappointing to see that some are still not ready to listen to the experiences of the hundreds of thousands of women in the country who, at times, have to live with their attackers under one roof. .

Slogan about hanging clothes, Aurat March 2021 in Lahore, Pakistan (Image: Umaima Ahmed)

A Safe Place for Everyone

The controversy that has ruined the parade, however, cannot negate the fact that the parade was a successful event. From young women in college to older women, everyone gets a chance to make their voice count. It is very interesting to see women celebrating their existence. Some women use the space to dance a little bit – something completely unheard of in this part of the world. And this little happy attitude has also come under fire. However, amidst all the criticism, almost every woman broke free and celebrated the day with great enthusiasm.

And although their slogans may differ, all women speak up for women’s rights and demand that the relevant authorities listen to their demands. Tran activists also took the stage to register their protest against the brutal killing of members of the transgender community.

The streets of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad that were previously unsafe for women walking alone became, for a short time, safe places for thousands of women from various backgrounds.

Protesters at the Aurat March in Islamabad.

The March of One’s Own

Some religious institutions live under the false assumption that the Aurat March is anti-religious or talk about things only “bad girls” would talk about. The “good girl”, however, must remain silent and use all kindness. Perhaps it is for this reason that many women still think that the parade is not the true representation of the country’s women. Students and members of religious institutions also held demonstrations carrying placards that reinforce customary norms that have a slightly oppressive nuance to women.

Instead of realizing that the women marching were not against a particular gender but against systemic oppression, these demonstrators tried to negate every slogan raised in the Aurat March. However, the beauty of this day can be highlighted by the fact that demonstrators with a completely different ideology also found room to express their views.

Negative Coverage

Even before the Aurat March was inaugurated, many journalists – especially men – complained that the organizers asked the media to send only female journalists. To some, this request might sound a little overwhelming. But the videos and short clips shared by attendees on their social media show that the request has several benefits. In the now viral clip, a journalist is seen asking provocative questions from the participants and making inappropriate comments. It also shows how women are constantly harassed for saying something either about a march or a controversial topic chosen by journalists.

Until next time

What happened after the Aurat March raises questions about the sharp divisions in our society. It also highlights the fact that our country is becoming increasingly intolerable. From malicious blasphemy accusations to online harassment, participants had to deal with a lot on their own. The silence of the authorities, for that matter, is criminal.

But will that stop women from going out of their homes to speak out against the rampant injustices? I hope not! We have one more year to celebrate Women’s Day. And we can only hope that this year will help women in this country become bolder and bolder.

Seeing the little red and purple flag dancing with the wind is a sight to remember. It can only be hoped that the next year will see a stronger and more inclusive parade!


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