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Google strengthens Pixel 5 games to fight Samsung, Apple | Instant News

Pixel 5 is the phone that Google should launch in 2017, 2018 and 2019.Major equipment defects have been identified Every Pixel phone from the original Does not exist here.

In the hands-on practice on the Forbes YouTube channel, So I carefully avoid complimenting too much on the phone I held a day or two before the shoot. I have used it for less than two weeks, and the usually inevitable PixelProblem™️ has not yet appeared. Browsing groups on Reddit and Facebook say that the new Pixel 5 owners are equally satisfied with their purchases.

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Of course, it is still in its infancy. It took about a month for memory management issues in Pixel 3 to surface. Bluetooth connection issues in Pixel Buds It was not known to people until a few weeks after the release.

But the early signs are good. More than good, they are impressive.Why literally look like pedestrians, humble mobile phones stand out in a year Foldable glass is one thing? I suspect this is because Google sticks to and firmly grasps the basics. For example, the battery life of the Pixel 5 is excellent. The best I have used for a long time.

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My current battery statistics show that a full charge can last for 1 day and 9 hours, but I have been without charging for 48 hours and hardly use a few digits of battery power. My screen usage statistics-since the last full charge-show that the device has processed 4 hours and 19 minutes of screen tapping time, and the current battery level is 47%. To be conservative, I can comfortably use the dense screen for six to seven hours, including quite a few Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Rick Osterloh intervention Obviously it has paid off.

In order to achieve this goal, Google expanded the battery capacity (4080mAh) and gave up key Pixel 4 functions like the Soli radar chip, which means there is no face unlocking and gesture control. I miss the former, not the latter. The Pixel 5 is also lighter, slimmer, and has a smaller screen than before. But, most importantly, it uses a more energy-efficient processor.

From Excellent still photography and significantly improved video optionsIn terms of battery life and recyclable material design, Google doesn’t seem to damage the phone in any obvious way. This is a very low threshold, but Android enthusiasts for a long time know that a flawless Pixel phone-with camera technology and assistant functions-has always been a contender for the highest smartphone award, even with the most future competitors. The same is true for comparison. But until now, it has never reached these heights.

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Other reviewers pointed out that the Google flagship is a fairly safe and unobtrusive phone. It’s true to a certain extent, but the wow factor does exist in Google’s phones-most of it in the assistant. The new “reserve for me” feature can be taken over when you are reserved by a customer service representative, Is a genius. Like “real-time subtitles”, silent video transcription services are also included in the volume menu, duplex, call screening and other functions. The decline of future functions will bring more functions.

These are not tricks at the head or party, but innovations that can really save you real and practical time in your daily life. Smartphones were originally the ultimate convenience machines, but they have gradually become a hassle for you to waste time. Therefore, both Google and Apple have invested in “digital health” programs to help you get rid of the screen dilemma. Google’s invention made up for this imbalance to some extent.

For the Google flagship, this all happened at a new low price. It competes with the best technologies of Apple and Samsung at very low prices in still image photography, and performs well. It provides truly unique, futuristic and practical functions through Google Assistant, and firmly grasps the core elements of the mobile phone we want. I am not sure if you can ask for more.

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However, mobile phones are not without problems. The top speaker under the screen sounds terrible when playing music and can be passed through during a call. Google has not really advanced the development of its camera hardware (except for adding a new ultra-wide-angle lens), and the results of static images look very similar to previous generations of Pixel. However, most of my grip is very small. They define the device in a different way from the battery life of the Pixel 4 and different from the memory management issues of the Pixel 3.

Try my best to use Galaxy Z Fold 2, It always feels like an idyllic holiday. And, unfortunately, the vacation must end, because two weeks of indulgence is not a reality or practical way of life. Z Fold 2’s size, price, and constant demand for features are more embarrassing than the compact, lightweight, and long-lasting options offered by Google phones. Readers who have stuck to my story for many years will know that I always plump my nose for a cheap mobile phone with superior performance, because for me, it is a real value for money. Pixel phones have always promised to do this, and some of its old Nexus phones did it before ski training, but the Pixel 5 indeed Make it happen. May it continue.


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